Sunday, October 28, 2018

Dubai - Day 4

14 April 2018

Woke up early again and off to the dessert.

We joined the Arabian Adventures tour for the sand dune and our tour guide was Rahim. There were 4 other tourists who joined us.

Before heading to the dessert, the tyres had to be deflated.

The ride was fun like a roller coaster and we spotted gazelles. There were supposed to be oryx too but we weren't that lucky.

Stopped by a point for photo-taking.

I do look very happy when my feet is off the smoking hot sand. No joke.

You can go for sandboarding but my feet was almost 'cooked' and I can't climb up. Please wear covered shoes if you intend to go to the desert.

Camel riding for the first time was interesting. Instead of moving up and down, it was left and right.

Breakfast consisting of muffin, croissant, fruits and a drink was prepared for us.

Back to hotel to wash up and it was time to leave.

We stored our luggages at Dubai International Airport at 40 DHR for 12 hours so that we can head to the Gold Souk.

We took the metro to Al Ras and walked to the Gold Souk. It was scorching hot to have to walk on the streets.

We merely had lunch in a small restaurant, bought souvenirs and walked around.

Back to Dubai International Airport to get a drink and rest before leaving for Singapore.

What I missed most about Dubai? The comfortable car rides that brings me to sleep.

Dubai - Day 3

13 April 2018

Finally I could sleep in till 9.00am.

Woke up to hotel breakfast, glad that they offer slightly different dishes day to day.

Went up to 43rd Level to see the pool and jacuzzi but it was disappointing. It was more like a kids pool.

Back to hotel room to rest before heading to Burj Khalifa. We lost our way while walking from Dubai Mall but we managed to catch the fountain show in the day.

We reserved afternoon tea, a window table for 2 at At.Mosphere which cost us 515 DHR each. Yes it is that expensive to eat at Level 122.

The atmosphere was welcoming but warm because of the sun.

We couldn't finish the desserts and it was a pity.

I got to say that service was good, Alex sure served us well and I could have requested for a wefie.

Back to hotel to get changed and took the hotel shuttle to Mall of the Emirates.

There were lesser shops compared to Dubai Mall. We had dinner at Common Grounds which was awful according to my friend who had the Bimbibap.

Took the metro back to Financial Centre and walked back to hotel.

Dubai - Day 2

12 April 2018

Joined the City Tour and Ferrari World organized by Arabian Adventures. 

Our tour guide was nicknamed Chubby and he sure brought us laughter and taught us much about Dubai.

We stopped by a mosque to meet the rest of the tour group. Beautiful architecture and well-maintained.

Our first stop was to Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

Dress code for ladies were strict. I was wearing black trousers, long sleeve blouse up to wrist and a scarf around my head.

Plenty of tourists so it was hard to take photos without presence of human beings.

Our next stop was to Ferrari World.

Along the way, we passed by Emirates Palace Hotel which is 1.0 km in length, imagine how huge it is.

Chubby told us that a rich man is building a property of 1.5 km in length to beat the Emirates Palace Hotel. Wealthy people makes me wonder where their money comes from.

We also passed by several beach palaces which made us felt so insignificant. You got to see the palaces for yourself. There are only 2 kinds of citizens in Dubai, the rich and the very rich.

We arrived at Ferrari World at about 1:30pm and had about 3 hours to spend.

Had Pad Thai for lunch at IL PODIO. Portion was big again and the noodles were a bit tough.

Our first ride was Viaggio in Italia which brought us to Italy attractions. Although they mentioned that it was a simulator, don't expect it to be thrilling. We were rather disappointed.

Next was Galleria Ferrari which showcased the Ferrari models. If you love Ferrari, you would love it here as you get to be up close with the luxury cars.

We went on a 4D ride Speed of Magic. This is a little more thrilling compared to Viaggio in Italia but still far from USS's Transformers The Ride.

Time was almost up by then so we went to the souvenir shop near the entrance but nothing makes us want to splurge.

We headed to Dubai Mall again but this time we managed to do some shopping. The shops at Dubai Mall have high ceiling and they are generally bigger than those in Singapore.

I brought 2 t-shirts from GAP and lingerie from Victoria Secret. There is a wide selection of lingerie, accessories and bodycare products. I would have bought more if I had more time.

Saw Burj Khalifa and caught the majestic Fountain Show.

We had light dinner at Laduree before returning to hotel.

Dubai - Day 1

11 April 2018

I guess this is my trip of the year. If not for the promotional fares by Singapore Airlines, it might never occur to me that I would be going to Dubai.

My trip usually starts days before I fly because I would be shopping on iShopChangi, comparing prices and finding new products. I just had to check-out and collect on my day of departure or arrival. Saves my time and unnecessary walking.

So what did I buy this time? I purchased the Bioderma Sensibio H20 consisting of 3 sizes at $46.90, Hera Black Cushion No. 21 Duo Set at $114.50 and Shiseido Future Solution Lx Total Radiance Loose Powder at $89.00. In addition, there was a promotion code that I used for 9% discount. Totally worth it and it was cheaper than in Tangs 12% Rebate Programme.

I also purchased the limited edition Jo Malone Sakura Cherry Blossom at $194.00 at the pop-up store. Got this free engraving of my name done on the acrylic keychain.

Departed for Dubai International Airport at 3.00pm.

Thank goodness the flight wasn't full but there was a Vietnam tour group giving disturbances before and after flight. The inflight meal wasn't fantastic but still, I finished everything except for the bread.

Caught the movie "The Greatest Showman" in flight and into sleep mode.

Arrived at Dubai International Airport at 6:30pm. Immigration clearance didn't take long as we rushed to be before the Vietnam tour group.

There are 2 types of taxi, Toyota or the more luxurious choice Lexus. Generally, tourists were recommended Lexus which is about twice the fare of Toyota. Their Toyota taxis are actually more comfortable and spacious than our Comfort Delgro so there isn't a need to splurge on Lexus. Seriously, the journeys on their taxis or vans are so much more comfortable and good for naps.

Our next 3 nights are spent in Emirates Grand Hotel which is walking distance to Financial Centre Metro Station. We got a free upgrade to the Premium Suite and were so happy that we screamed in the lift.

Let me show you the suite.

After settling down, we took the metro to Dubai Mall which is just 1 station away. It costed us 6 DHR each. It is more expensive compared to Singapore.

If you intend to walk to Dubai Mall from the Dubai Mall / Burj Khalifa Metro Station, let me warn you about the number of travelators that you have to walk.

Dubai Mall is the biggest shopping mall in Dubai and has the designer brands that you can think of and have not heard of. If you are in the era when Singapore's Wisma Atria has an aquarium, Dubai Mall has a way bigger version.

Had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory which had at least 200 seats. I had Rigatoni in Tomato Sauce and the portion can feed 3 of me. Highly recommended that you share the main dish. My friend tried the Original Cheesecake which was really good. Prices are on the higher side.

Took the metro back to hotel and had an early rest.