Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Bali - Day 3

19 April 2019

Met our driver at 9am to go on the Bali Swing.

We took the less exciting option which is also the cheaper option. Swings are limited I believe.

You can also take photos in the bird's nest like my friend did.

Our next stop was to Sang Spa for a relaxing massage. Be sure to book appointment as they are quite popular.

I paid about SGD40 for a massage and body scrub which was really worth it compared to Singapore.

We had lunch at a restaurant opened by a previous chef at Naughty Nuri since we were on the way to Tanah Lot.

When we arrived at Tanah Lot, the attraction was filled with tourists and I saw rubbish everywhere.

The tides were high if you notice in the below picture.

We headed to The Lawn at Canggu Beach, thinking to chill and have dinner there but sadly we had to be put on the waiting list.

We decided to just chill on the beach instead.

We met our driver to return to the hotel for dinner.

Ended up having tandoori as there wasn't a lot of choices in the hotel. It was then when I learnt how a geeko sounds like. I still find it amusing till now.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Bali - Day 2

18 April 2019

Had hotel buffet breakfast, not a wide selection I would say.

Picked up by our driver and headed to Tanah Lot.

Spotted plenty of greenery along the way due to the plantations. So comforting and pleasing to the eyes.

It was about 1.5 hr drive from Ubud to Ulun Danu Bratan Temple which is located on the north of Bali.

Plenty of tourists and there was a festival on that day. Despite that, you can definitely feel the serenity of this scenic spot.

Our next spot was the famous Hantara Gate which is nearby. There is entrance / photo-taking fee of RP300,000 for foreigners.

The queue for photo-taking was so long even though they restrict 10mins per pax. It just felt like forever under the sun. After queueing for an hour, we decided to follow some of the tourists by standing at the side and played with angles to take photo.

The next spot was Waterfall Breeze Eco CafĂ© overlooking Golden Valley Waterfall. Our driver couldn't find parking for this cafe therefore we trekked from the side access point. Probably 1 km away with slopes and uneven paths.

The recommended parking spot is as pointed below and you just have to take an easier trek about 200m away to the main access point. We actually took the trekking route from the "Red Coral" which was really far.

We had a late lunch at the cafe, don't expect a great menu, just enjoy the scenery. The owner was very friendly and provide us with wifi for us to contact our driver. Our wifi egg connection was almost non-existent in the area.

We headed back to Ubud which is another 1.5 hr journey.

We alighted near Ubud Palace and walked to Lovster for dinner.

The bread was buttery and crispy. The lobster wasn't sweet like I expected but the amount of mayonnaise was generous.

Headed back to villa at about 9pm for another dip in the tub.

Bali - Day 1

17 April 2019

Departed Singapore Changi Airport by Garuda Indonesia at 11:50am. The aircraft was a Boeing 737-800 which is really small with only 3 seats on left and right aisle.

We arrived at Ngurah Rai Airport at about 2:30pm and met our driver Nyoman. You can click on his name to be directed to his FB to request for a quote.

Our first meal in Bali was at Ayam Tilang Lunak Malioboro which is just 5 mins from the airport. The 1/2 chicken was so crispy that the small bones can be eaten even if you wear dentures.

Finally it's time to make our way to Kupu Kupu Barong Villas & Tree Spa by L'occitane in Ubud. A big thank you to L'occitane Singapore for the wonderful prize.

The drive was about 1.5hr and we were talking almost the entire journey.

We were greeted warmly by the staff and we were surprised that we had a butler.

The bird is real

The sun began to set when we check-in and as I blogged now, I realized that I didn't save the villa photos I uploaded on Instagram. We were staying in the Duplex Pool Villa 1 facing the forest and could see a tiny part of Agung River.

After settling down for a while, we got dressed up for dinner at Bridges. Prices were affordable and service was really good.

My main fish was seared salmon came with wasabi potato and lightly-torched miso paste. Delicious and the portion was perfect.

I picked poached pear with coconut sorbet was dessert. Average I would say.

It costed me less than S$40 for an affordable fine dining meal with good ambience.

We returned to our villa at about 9pm.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Promo Codes for Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines have released some games for you to unlock promo codes and I have been playing last week. My main aim was for Denpasar (Bali) but not sure if there isn't or I have yet to unlock it. Please do share with me if you have it.

Sharing with you what I have got so far.

Prices for return tickets are as follows but note that you have to book by 02 January 2019 and pay using MasterCard. Travel period is 7 February 2019 to 13 June 2019.
  1. Kota Kinabalu use <208TOBKI> - $208
  2. Medan use <158TOKNO> - $158
  3. Lombok use <268TOLOP> - $268
  4. Ho Chi Minh City use <188TOSGN> - $188
  5. Surabaya use <188TOSUB> - $188

Monday, November 19, 2018

Changi Wizarding World

Being quite a Potterhead, I had to make a visit to the Changi Wizarding World to get the Gryffindor scarf which is only available in public areas from 16 - 18 November. Thank goodness I bought the Slytherin scarf when I was in USJ last year.

The decorations were only at T2 and T3. If you are looking for the fastest way to get to robe fitting, you can follow what I did.

You have to take 3 photos of yourself at the following event areas in T3 then post them on either Facebook, Instagram, Weibo or WeChat using #ChangiWizardingWorld.

Diagon Alley

Hogsmeade Village

Grand Staircase

We managed to catch the Snow and Light show while going exploring the decorations.

The next step is to return to the Diagon Alley event area to register yourself for either of the 2 activities or the Surprise Giveaway which I feel that the prizes aren't attractive unless you are in a rush of time. Do note that you need to present your social media post with your NRIC and download the iChangi app.

For the 2 activities, you can choose either:
Set A: Robes Fitting + Wand Challenge
Set B: Quaffle Toss + Niffler Challenge Game

I picked Set A since I get to dress up as a wizard and have the GIF e-mailed to me.

After registration, I got the house stickers which I don't know what I can use them for yet.

You do not have to really queue at the robes fitting because the staff would be calling out queue numbers. Just stand by outside the activity area with your ticket.

They have robes for the kids too so do check before you put on cause I was one of those who only realised after I put it on.

Each registrant gets to take 4 shots for the GIF so for example my friend and I would get 8 shots in total.

I must say that the background was a spoiler and we should have stood closer to the camera.

We didn't go for the wand challenge since it was just playing with the wand in front of the mirror.

Time to talk about merchandise which can only be bought at T3 event area next to Hogsmeade Village. The stuff aren't cheap and not interesting enough to me.

So how to get the Gryffindor scarf? First criteria, you have to be a Changi Rewards member. Second criteria, purchase $60 worth of anything at the public area in a single receipt. For supermarket, you will have to accumulate $120. Signing up as a Changi Rewards member is free so why not?

I bought the Sulwhasoo Cleansing Foam Ex Duo at $61.90 from the Sulwhasoo counter at public area and headed to B2 event area with my receipt, promotion paper (given with receipt) and my Changi Rewards e-card. I spent an additional $15.00 to get my long-awaited Gryffindor scarf.

If you are looking to get into Christmas mood, you do not necessarily have to be at Orchard now. Changi Airport is a good place to chill, shop and dine. I am starting to appreciate our airport as I traveled around the world.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Dubai - Day 4

14 April 2018

Woke up early again and off to the dessert.

We joined the Arabian Adventures tour for the sand dune and our tour guide was Rahim. There were 4 other tourists who joined us.

Before heading to the dessert, the tyres had to be deflated.

The ride was fun like a roller coaster and we spotted gazelles. There were supposed to be oryx too but we weren't that lucky.

Stopped by a point for photo-taking.

I do look very happy when my feet is off the smoking hot sand. No joke.

You can go for sandboarding but my feet was almost 'cooked' and I can't climb up. Please wear covered shoes if you intend to go to the desert.

Camel riding for the first time was interesting. Instead of moving up and down, it was left and right.

Breakfast consisting of muffin, croissant, fruits and a drink was prepared for us.

Back to hotel to wash up and it was time to leave.

We stored our luggages at Dubai International Airport at 40 DHR for 12 hours so that we can head to the Gold Souk.

We took the metro to Al Ras and walked to the Gold Souk. It was scorching hot to have to walk on the streets.

We merely had lunch in a small restaurant, bought souvenirs and walked around.

Back to Dubai International Airport to get a drink and rest before leaving for Singapore.

What I missed most about Dubai? The comfortable car rides that brings me to sleep.

Dubai - Day 3

13 April 2018

Finally I could sleep in till 9.00am.

Woke up to hotel breakfast, glad that they offer slightly different dishes day to day.

Went up to 43rd Level to see the pool and jacuzzi but it was disappointing. It was more like a kids pool.

Back to hotel room to rest before heading to Burj Khalifa. We lost our way while walking from Dubai Mall but we managed to catch the fountain show in the day.

We reserved afternoon tea, a window table for 2 at At.Mosphere which cost us 515 DHR each. Yes it is that expensive to eat at Level 122.

The atmosphere was welcoming but warm because of the sun.

We couldn't finish the desserts and it was a pity.

I got to say that service was good, Alex sure served us well and I could have requested for a wefie.

Back to hotel to get changed and took the hotel shuttle to Mall of the Emirates.

There were lesser shops compared to Dubai Mall. We had dinner at Common Grounds which was awful according to my friend who had the Bimbibap.

Took the metro back to Financial Centre and walked back to hotel.