Friday, August 25, 2017

Referral Program for UberEATS Motocycle Delivery Partner

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Friday, August 4, 2017

Solution to Dreadful Laundry-Drying

If you have ever used bamboo poles to hang dry your laundry, you would understand how I used to feel when my mother seeks help. Where I used to stay, we had to hang laundry out of the kitchen window to dry at the soonest. Here are the steps I used to take to complete the task.The main point is that your arms and core had to be strong enough.

1) Using 2 hands, hold up the bamboo pole with 5 pieces of damp clothes. Imagine the weight of bedsheets and jeans.
2) Walk to the window, push the bamboo pole out of the window.
2) Pull the heavy bamboo pole in to fit the closer end to you right into the small round holder.

Credits to
I have seen my neighbours dropping a bamboo pole of clothes right to the ground level, thankfully no one was hurt. Imagine someone was hit or the neighbours' laundry was affected.

Thankfully, those days were gone for me. 

Although the newer HDB flats have better laundry systems, somehow the household can't hang too many clothes to dry so the frequency of washing clothes is still high. It ends up using more effort, water and electricity to work the washing machine. 

And when the rainy days are here, it takes a longer time for the clothes to dry fully and dirty laundry starts to build up.

The solution to all these issues has been found by Steigen, a company founded by homeowners who were searching for the best innovative solutions for their homes. From Year 2013 till date, they have sold over 10,000 products in 3 countries.

I had the opportunity to visit their showroom today and was pretty amazed by their products.

From left to right: Flexi, UV, Solar and Solar S

Let me introduce EXALT+ Solar which has the fastest drying speed among the 4 models. Believe it or not, it can dry t-shirt and jeans within 1-2 hours based on normal weather. This is especially good when you have ran out of clothes to pack for your vacation which is starting in hours. Or worse, you are rushing back to Tekong for your training but your military uniform is still damp.

The above model is the EXALT+ Solar which consists of 2 sets of fans and 2 sets of heater. It can drop down to a maximum of 1.2-meter and extended to 2.27-meter. The installation space required is 1.4-meter x 0.8-meter which is about the space you need for an average washing machine.

The mechanism uses side-folding scissor and stainless steel cables. The poles for extension are reinforced to support large textiles like bedsheet without warping.

If you are worried of wasting electricity, not to worry as they are set to auto turnoff after 2 hours. Besides, each cycle of drying only costs $0.25 as compared to $1.40 using a tumble dryer. You merely need a normal lighting point power for installation as the system is very energy efficient.

The stylish model uses full LED and is operated by a remote control which looks like below. Not to be terrified, the picture shows 4 remote controls for 4 different automated laundry systems. You only need 1 remote control for 1 system and they are battery-operated.

The EXALT+ Solar has a colossal capacity of 35kg which is more than enough for household washing machines which is perhaps a maximum of 10kg. That means, you can dry 3 loads of laundry each time. And that's if you need to wash 3 loads of laundry at one time.

It is suitable for condo yards, balcony, glass canopy of penthouse, high-ceiling condo, HDB BTO and HDB resale. False ceilings are suitable too. If you are worried, you are welcome to contact them for a free on-site assessment.

I have made a video of how the other bloggers had a hands-on with the Steigen automated laundry systems.

Good news! Steigen is now offering $50 off if you enter STEIGEN50 upon checkout via this link.

Do check out their website here or Facebook for more details. You can also visit their showroom or retailers nation-wide.

UberEats Walker in Clementi - Part 1

So I have stopped being a UberEats Walker for months and yesterday, I decided to get online again. This time, in Clementi where I am familiar.

I was online from 8:30pm at the Clementi Central fountain and playing Pokemon Go.

About 10 minutes later, I received and accepted a delivery request from Pezzo at Clementi Mall. Immediately walked towards it to collect.

After collection, I swiped to reveal the destination which is at Blk 338 Clementi Ave 2. This is always the scariest part as I will find out how far I got to walk.

I didn't follow the directions by the GPS since I know the shortcuts by walking through the void decks. One lesson that I learnt is not to always GPS. Most of the times it tells me to go by the road and that means I spend time waiting for the green man at traffic lights under the Sun.

Below is the breakdown of my earnings for the one and only trip. Not too bad I guess and it was windy during some parts of the journey. It is indeed better to deliver at night, at least the weather is cooler.

The Boost is for completion of 5 trips by this Sunday which means I still have 3 more days, fingers crossed.

If you are looking to be a UberEATS Walker like me, do key in my referral code: XINYIC176UE to earn an extra $100 upon completion of 50 trips. Good luck!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Belated Birthday High Tea at Shangri-La Hotel

30 July 2017

After living for 29 years, it was my first time to step into Shangri-La Hotel. The ground level was huge and allow me to say, the ambience was great. Any staff who you walked past would be greeting you. This is a 5-star hotel.

My dear friends reserved a table for 3 at The Rose Varanda, located at Level 2.

The sunlight was shining behind me, pardon me for the poor lighting. Scones were served promptly after we had sat down.

Yes, another poorly taken photo.

Let me give my opinion on the food selection.

Each person is entitled to a free choice of tea. I picked Lily of the Field.

My favourites were the Broccoli Quinoa Salad and the Tomato Cream Soup. I had 2 servings of both dishes.

It was an international selection which is not bad. We had salads, sashimi, sushi, dim sum, Chinese and Western cooked dishes and desserts like Vanilla Creme Brulee, Mango Ice-Cream, Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Fondue and Strawberry Tart.

The staff sang me a Birthday song and took a group photo for us using Polaroid camera.

The Chocolate Birthday Cake was good but we were too full to finish it.

Overall, we had a good time and were really full.

Thank you, ladies for the Shangri-La high tea experience.