Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Being a UberEATS Walker in Singapore - Part 3

I am thankful for the views for my previous posts on "Being a UberEATS Walker in Singapore" and was surprised that I actually received questions.

Just an update for any interested UberEATS Walker to-be, I have stopped working as a UberEATS Walker after serving Buona Vista area. I still do receive updates from UberEATS about the fare structure and service areas so I guess I should just share what I know.

Below is the service area for UberEATS drivers, here's the map for you to refer.

As for UberEATS Walkers, below is the current service area which has expanded to Bukit Timah and Kallang. I took a screenshot of it on 05 June 2017 morning which shows the Boost.

Maybe I should consider getting back on this flexible but sweaty job.

The hotspots are still Tanjong Pagar, Raffles Place and Star Vista according to UberEATS. I actually do feel that Orchard and Somerset are more popular with the amount of private housing there. By the way, do take note that you have to inform the security guard at the condominiums before entering. I was questioned once by a security guard for trespassing.

One huge thing that I am looking forward to is the expansion of the UberEATS Walker service area to Jurong. As I stay in the western part of Singapore, I can work for perhaps a few hours in the evening when I am available.

UberEATS still have promotions to attract walkers to work for them. For this week starting from 28 May 2017, if you can meet 80% acceptance rate and 70% completion rate based on 25 trips, you can unlock the Gold Achievement Bonus of $25. Not sure if this is really attractive. That's about what i can share for now.

Updated on 19 June 2017
The requirement for the $25 Gold Achievement Bonus for this week remains.