Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dinner at Chir Chir

16 Feb 2016

It has been quite some time since I heard of Chir Chir's opening in Singapore and I finally patronized with my colleagues yesterday.

We had a full pint of draft beer with cream to share. I think the Korean CASS beer is much lighter than Heineken.

Here comes the appetisers.

The Mango Salad was average. The fresh mango wasn't sweet enough and they were quite soft. I was surprised to find olives in the salad.

I prefer the Cajun Chicken Salad which has tender pieces of fried chicken. There were olives too.

The main dishes were all about chicken.

This has got to be favourite way of cooking chicken. Seriously, KFC's standard is nowhere near. The skin was still crispy and meat was still warm even after 30mins on the table, I can't tell you I satisfied I was with the juiciness and tenderness of the meat. Thumbs up for Crispy Fried Chicken!

This is the Garlicy Roasted Chicken which was just as juicy and tender as the fried chicken. There were oven-baked egg, baked potato and salsa sauce served along with the fragrant chicken. Garlic lovers would enjoy this.

If you have been researching about Chir Chir, surely you have seen this dish named Snow Nest. The chicken tenders were juicy and meant to dip into the rich creamy sauce. If you like it sweet, add some cream to it. This was a hot favourite among us.

We spent about $23/pax and we think it was worth it. My suggestion is to go with a group so that you can order different dishes to try. I would definitely be back for more chicken.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

That One Bad Shopping Experience at Lexi Lyla

I am about to share my bad experience on a recent purchase on Lexi Lyla. I was a returning customer by the way.

02 Oct 2015
I made a purchase for 4 items of which the Brynn Embroidery Tunic Dress was a backorder. It costed S$42.00 and you can go to this link if you are wondering how it looks like.

12 Oct 2015
I still have not received my items thus I contacted them regarding shipping. Within an hour, they replied that the Brynn Embroidery Tunic Dress is expected to reach them in end Oct 2015. Since it is just another 2 weeks, I decided to wait.

11 Nov 2015
I was informed that the shipment of the item from their overseas supplier has been delayed. I was given a choice to get a refund or continue to wait for the shipment. Since I wasn't in a hurry, I decided to continue waiting.

Another month passed.

16 Dec 2015
I decided to check on the status of the shipment again. In less than 24 hours, I was informed that they will ask for a refund from their overseas supplier and will refund me accordingly. Thus, I continue to wait patiently just that this time I am waiting for the money.

11 Nov 2015
3 weeks passed and I still haven't got the refund. I decided to chase again. There wasn't any reply so I sent another message on 26 Jan 2016. I was getting really impatient.

01 Feb 2016
I dropped a comment on their recent Facebook post on their collection, hoping they will really look into my case. I also read that they deleted a customer's comment without resolving the issue for her.

04 Feb 2016
They have not given any explanation what took the refund this long and didn't even bother to reply me. Seriously, is it that difficult to refund S$42.00 when you are selling collection after collection of apparel?

I screenshot the messages I sent and received from them for you to judge the situation. Whether I would still be receiving the refund, I learnt my lesson.. It was so easy for me to pay you but you couldn't do it the same for me.

Update as of 17 Feb 2016

I finally received the refund for the item today and got an e-mail apology for the delay.