Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lunch at Whole Earth

14 Nov 2015

Ever since I have stopped working on weekends, I have more time with family and accompany my mum out for lunch.

Recently I checked out a vegetarian restaurant at Tanjong Pagar which have pretty good reviews. Whole Earth is conveniently located with just 5 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT. They serve vegetarian dishes without onion and garlic which is fantastic for my mum.

Here are the dishes we ordered.

Healthy Wolfberry Soup

The herb Codonopsis Pilosula aka Dang Shen was added into the soup. It is light and the small portion ($9.00) is enough for 2 pax. 

Olive Fried Rice

We opt for this rather than white rice since we came all the way here. Fragrant, filling for 2 and best to eat while it is hot.

Oats with Tofu

I like anything with fried oats so this has got to be my favourite dish. I can just eat this with white rice and I will feel like the happiest soul. The tofu is cripsy on the outside and soft on the inside. Even the curry leaves taste so good. Yes there is a few slices of chilli padi but it is hardly spicy.

Mango with Tamarind Fish

My mum likes this dish the most. The appetising sweet and sour gravy is especially good with white rice. The green thin slices garnish are green mango, not cucumber. The fish have been deep fried then served with the gravy. 

We spent about $65 including a hot cup of lemongrass drink and soft drink. Maybe a little on the pricey side but I would definitely be back to try other dishes.