Monday, October 27, 2014

Review: Black Paint

I haven't been taking care of my face well recently that I found peeling skin, blackheads and whiteheads. And I found a saver named Black Paint from Japan.

Black Paint is an organic skincare brand, established in Kyoto 15 years ago by Miyuki Maeda. She found the formula to solve skin problems rooting from skin pores. The products are made from natural and organic materials which are blended from more than 100 types of plant oils, more than 50 types of essential oils and Kishu Binchotan Charcoal. It is known to have powerful beauty effects.

Look what's in the box?

It's time to start the cleansing and caring process while I talked about the individual products.

The Black Paint Soap is handmade using a high-grade white charcoal named Kishu Binchotan Charcoal. It cleans pores and removes oil and dirt gently and thoroughly. The thing I like best is that it doubles as a make up remover which means I only have to clean my face including my eyes once. It also nourishes skin with 23 types of plant oils, amino acids, silk powder and vitamins in honey and brown sugar.

Before I start cleansing, this was my nude make up of the day.

1) Remove the packaging of Black Paint Soap and put it into a bowl.

2) Add warm water of about 40C, making sure the soap is soaked in it. If you add hotter water, just be more careful and don't add too much. Add tap water to it to put the temperature down.

3) When the surface of the top has turned buttery or texture of black sesame paste (in about 40 seconds), you can start using it on your face. Try to use all melted sides of the soap as it will preserve the soap and its usability during drying.

4) For hard to reach areas like sides of the nose and eye area, I would use my fingers.

5) Massage your face for a minute to allow the charcoal particles in the soap water to sip into the pores and adhere to whiteheads and oil deposits for more effective cleansing.

6) Rinse face with warm water and massage gently. Try not to use too much force as it will cut off partially exposed comedones which will be removed later.

7) Dry the soap naturally on an open dish in an airy place.

Here's my face after cleansing. No eye make up remover or facial wipes were used at all.

The Black Paint Soap really removes my full face make up including the eyeliner and eyeshadow. Although it did get quite messy with the soap dripping and wasting a fair bit of it. I did got a bit of the soap into my eye but it didn't make my eyes red and stinging pain. This shows how gentle it is. 

After cleansing and partially exposing the comedones, we need to remove them using the Black Konjac Sponge. It is made from konjac fiber kneaded with the same charcoal in the Black Paint Soap and other minerals that enhance absorption ability, remove excess oil and dead skin cells delicately.

1) Soak the Black Konjac Sponge in warm water for 3 to 5 mins until it's completely soft.

2) Squeeze out the excess water in the sponge but do not twist it.

3) Massage face with the sponge in a circular motion to extract the partially exposed comedones.

4) Rinse the sponge thoroughly and use both palms to press out as much water as possible. Hang the sponge by the white spring in an airy place to dry.

Here's how I look like after using the Black Konjac Sponge. Don't you agree that my face looks brighter?

First step is to use pore-minimizing toner toner. Best Water contains 30 types of minerals that deeply penetrates the skin to nourish and help restore skin's natural barrer to prevent moisture loss. It also prevents wrinkles due to dryness.

1) Pump 3 to 5 times of Best Water onto palm and use fingers to pat onto skin. Add a bit of pressure using palm for better absorption.

Here's look how I look after applying the Best Water.

2) For dryer areas like jawline and forehead, it is advisable to apply Best Water on facial paper and use as a mask twice a week. I put it on for 5-10mins.

Now we need a Lotion named Oil Water Rose. It is a 2-layer emulsion with the top layer made of Damask Rose Oil, Argon Oil, Olive Oil and 8 types of plant oils which improve fine lines, wrinkles and other aging signs. The bottom layer is Damask Rose Water which contains extra vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to skin. 

1) Shake the bottle vigorously for at least 20 times until the 2 layers have been mixed well to become a milky solution like the picture below.

2) Pump 3 to 5 times onto palm and use fingers to apply onto face.

Here's how I look after using the Oil Water Rose. By now, my face is already smooth that even I can't help but to use my palm to feel it continuously.

Last but not least, I applied the moisturizer Water Cream. It contains Morocco's Argan Oil which improves skin metabolism and promotes moisture retention. Combined with  different types of flower oil and polymeric silicon, it forms a protective veil against external environment. It is also scented with Lavender Oil and calms you down at the same time. Water Cream can be used this as a make up base too.

1) Take a pearl-sized amount of Water Cream and spread onto face

2) You may realize formation of water droplets while application. That's how hydrating it is.

The texture of the Water Cream feels light on the water and gives a slight cooling sensation.

Here's how I look after using all the Black Paint products. I must say I am impressed with how well the products work for me.

I do agree there are a lot of steps to take but trust me, you would be thankful that you did in the long run. 

Black Paint and SampleStore is now having a contest for 3 lucky winners to win a trial set (worth $120). SImply click on the visual below for more information and Good Luck!

Black Paint products are available at Takashimaya B1, Isetan Westgate B2 and the
Black Paint Soap (120g) - $49.90
Black Konjac Sponge - $14.90
Best Water (100ml) - $59.90
Oil Water Rose (100ml) - $49.90

Friday, October 17, 2014

Review: ClearSK® V-Face Shaper

Recently, I have been getting my face shaped to a sharper jawline without any injections or needle. 

ClearSK® is known for their treatment V-Face Shaper and it's the first of such treatment in Singapore. The best part of all, it's quick, painless and non-invasive. 

Allow me to explain the technology behind the ClearSK® V-Face Shaper. It uses the combination of RF (Radiofrequency) and Focused Ultrasound waves to breakdown fats around the face and jawline, thus you get a shaper jawline. Even if you don't have extra fats on your face, you do get firmer skin. No one wants a saggy face like a bulldog.

Let's take a look at how the aesthetics centre looks like first.

The interior does look futuristic and scientific right? They also showcase their own range of skincare products so you can explore in case you are waiting to be served.

So what does the ClearSK® V-face Shaper involves? The therapist will first gently cleanse your face and neck, followed by application of a layer of vaseline to run the roller smoothly.

It felt like a warm face massage and it was so comfortable that I dozed off. I do feel slight warmth during the treatment but at any time if you do feel that the heat is a little too much, you can inform the therapist to make adjustments.

This is my face after using the machine for the first time. Immediately after the treatment, I do feel that my face is tighter on the jawline. Please read on and I will show you my before and after 2 treatments.

After which, the therapist will put on a facial mask on you. It is quite cold but the therapist would inform you before placing it on your face.  And yes, I can sleep for another 10-15 mins.

Last step, it's the basic skincare regimen of toner, moisturizer and sunblock before you leave the centre.

The whole treatment including cleansing takes 40 mins so you can make use of your lunchtime. No worries of downtime as well.

This is what you have been waiting for after 3 sessions.

The most significant difference that I can is that my cheeks are more defined now, especially on the right side. Now I don't need that much bronzer below my cheeks. My laughing lines appear to be less visible, must be due to the effects of firming.

It is recommended to have at least 12 treatments of ClearSK® V-Face Shaper to maintain its effectiveness. 

Rating from a scale of 1 - 10, here's how I rate the treatment.

Service - 9 (All is good except that appointment usually doesn't start on time)

Treatment Effectivess - 8 (Skin does feel firmer but not very significant sharpness on my jawline, probably because I don't have much fats on my face to burn)

Ambience - 10

With compliments from ClearSK, I also received a voucher for doctor's consultation of skin analysis at CSK Laser Aesthetics. Thank you, ClearSK for the wonderful treatments.