Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day 4 in Taiwan

20 July 2014

Finally we get to sleep till late morning after days of rushing and waking up early.

While waiting for the rest at hotel lobby

Skipped hotel breakfast and went straight for lunch at Ding Tai Fung near Zhongxiao Dunhua. Their dishes are same as what we have in Singapore but the flavours were not as strong as ours including vinegar.

Went shopping at the underground mall from Zhongxiao Dunhua to Zhongxiao Fuxing. Bought at least 3 tops and they were reasonably-priced and of good quality.

WF, HM and I walked to Sogo to check out some stuff while the rest continued to shop at the underground mall.

We met at Zhongxiao Fuxing train station to return to Ximending. We bought Ah Zhong Mee Sua, chicken cutlet, tea leaf egg, sweet potato and milk tea for feasting in hotel room. It was a simple pleasure.

I bought contact lenses, lunch bag and a bagpack in Ximending too. The Acuvue Define lenses are about $30/box which is way cheaper than the optical retail shops in Singapore.

Went to Partyworld KTV at 11:30pm and we had a big KTV room and our own restroom which we don't get to enjoy in Singapore for that kind of price.

The ladies surprised me at about 12am with a tiramisu, millefeuille and the navy blue long cardigan which SF and I eyed on at Wu Fen Pu. I was in a shock for a long time.

Left for East Dragon Hotel at about 2:30am with eyes still wide awake.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 3 in Taiwan

Cingjing is well-know for its mountainous scenic view and SF recommended us to watch the sunrise.

We woke up at 5am to catch the sunrise without even washing up. Waited till about 5:45am then we finally see the spectacular sunrise. You do realise that their sky at 5:45am is like Singapore's 7am.

Went back to sleep after watching the sunrise.

Woke up at about 8am to have breakfast which was inclusive. From what I could remember, we had salad, sunny side up, butter roll and toast.

We headed to a few points at Taroko National Park to take photos and there were quite a lot cyclists too. 

I think my eyes just rejuvenated from the blue sky and green land.

Enough of sightseeing, it's time to leave Cingjing for Taipei.

We had a quick lunch at Puli then to East Dragon Hotel, Ximending thanks to Jason. He has been really helpful and friendly. He even contacted us when we were in Taipei the next day to see if we were doing fine.

Check-in at East Dragon in the evening and I shared a room with WF and YJ. 

All of us headed to a nearby Japanese restaurant for dinner.

 HM's Fried Rice before frying

 My Tonkatsu Ramen

Travelled to Wu Fen Pu for shopping.

I bought a pair of slippers, tops for nephews and leggings for my therapist at Strip.

Took a cab back to East Dragon with WF since we were already dead beat.

We were a little hungry then so bought snacks to hotel room to enjoy while watching TV programme.

Lights out at about 1am.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 2 in Taiwan

18 July 2014

Woke up at 7:30am to have breakfast which had not much selection.

With the help of our hired driver Jason, we went to fetch YJ from Taichung HSR station.

It was a really scenic journey to get to Cinjing and the weather began to feel cold as we travel uphill.

We went to Sun Moon Lake but only 4 of us went on the island hopping.

The first island we landed sold the famous Ah Ma's Tea Leaf Egg. I think it's over-rated and not even close to Family Mart's.

Singing Performance on the Island

The next island we landed had shops selling souvenirs and food. And yes, I had tea leaf egg from family mart again.

 Assamu Red Tea with Ice-Cream


The tasty chicken drumstick with glutinous rice and spring onion

Headed back to the harbour where we came from to meet HM and SF.

We continued to go uphill to go Wen Wu Temple. This is where my camera's battery died on me.

We bought chopsticks from the store in the temple as souvenirs.

Next stop is the Cingjing farm where we were so close to nature and sheep. And yes, there's admission fee.

Next stop was the Swiss Garden where we freeze ourselves in the cold mist to take pictures of flowers and windmill.

Finally, we could check-in at Starry Minsu to unpack our luggage. The 6 of us shared a room and toilet. They provide warmers just below the pillows but we didn't use. We did not open any windows or the gate so it was pretty stuffy.

Time for steamboat dinner which is included for all. As you can see, mostly are vegetables. The soup base was a little sour, not so much to my liking for steamboat.

We spent the rest of the night watching TV programmes and HTHT before lights out.