Monday, July 29, 2013

Diamond Lash

28 July 2013

Last day to work at Taka Watsons for Diamond Lash so I put on a little more eye makeup.

Bought the Maybelline Dream Matt Powder which is only available in Watsons. I like how light it is. The promoter gave me an eyeshadow as free gift too.

Rushed home after work to shower and off to meet KZ and Ranga at JEM.

Chilled at Starbucks with a slice of Chocolate Amer and Green Tea Cream.

27 July 2013

First day working at Taka Watsons for Diamond Lash. And before I start work, I dropped by NARS @ Tangs to get the regular size lip gloss Gold Digger at $38.

 After putting on Diamond Lash in Romance Eye

Sales was good, something to be happy about.

Monday, July 22, 2013

From Now On, I'm 25

20 July 2013

I am officially 25, another major milestone I thought.

Met Dare Association for beer at The Pit. The garlic fries was a must.

Chilled till about midnight and had window shopping at Cold Storage before heading to CBTL to chill.

Once again, the night was ended with lots of laughter.

21 July 2013

Met the ladies for last minute lunch at Hans before heading to Aviary KTV. It was cheaper than Teo Heng but the songs weren't that updated.

YJ joined in by surprising with a birthday cake. Although I kind of expected something like this, didn't think that YJ would really appear.

Sang for a good 5 hours and headed for dinner at JCube Canton Paradise. Not sure how much it was in total but I think it was quite worth it. The dim sum were great. The only bad thing was the fried rice which was a little tough.

 Egg Tarts

 Char Siew Fried Pastry

 Carrot Cake

 Fried Shrimp in Beancurd Skin

 Xiao Long Bao

 Fried Shrimp Paste Chicken

 Combination of 3 Meat: Pork Belly, Braised Duck and Steamed Chicken

 Kai Lan in Soya Sauce

 Yang Chow Fried Rice

Ee Fun Noodle

YJ passed us the souvenirs which she got from Genting if I am not wrong. Aren't they adorable?

The Front

The Back

 HM, SF, WF, Mine & WX

Had a quick walk in JEM before 10pm.

Home at about 11pm, wash up then met someone to collect my birthday present. After all, he made the decision to get me a polaroid camera.

Friday, July 19, 2013

L'EGERE Aqua CC Cream

L'egere is a brand widely recommended by the cosmetic surgeons especially to patients who needs sheer coverage.

Here's how I use the Aqua CC Cream (purple packaging) and other products to achieve light coverage. I didn't use concealer but's the CC Cream is good enough to hide the darker area on my under eye.

 Sunblock, L'egere Aqua CC Cream, L'egere Magic CC Cream, ZA Two-Way Cake

L'egere Aqua CC Cream, L'egere Magic CC Cream

This would be a good alternative for everyday wear. The L'egere Aqua CC Cream is light and easy to apply. Its texture is slightly watery which makes it easy to blend. I shall try the L'egere Magic CC Cream next time.

I bought the new Diamond Lash falsies which is under Jcosmeland. You can find it in Watsons which is selling at $23.90 for a box of 5 pairs. The green series are the most natural ones which is good for everyday wear.

I will be at Takashimaya Watsons coming weekend to promote Diamond Lash so do pop by if you are interested to check out the promotions we may have.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Toasted Marshmallow Ice-Cream Sandwich

I fancy a little treat when my mouth gets itchy. How about a toasted marshmallow ice-cream sandwich from The Ice Cream Cookie & Co.?

Taste the sweetness in your mouth.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Eats and Party

14 July 2013

Worked at West Coast Market in the morning, the last day.

Went home for lunch then to Gardenails for gelish classic manicure + classic pedicure. It has been so long since I last pamper my nails. Cost a total of $73 which I thought was worth it.

Had ice-cream at Swensen's with relatives. It's "The Rock".

Visited maternal grandfather altogether. I am guilty that I haven't been visiting him.

13 July 2013

Worked at West Coast Market to promote newspaper subscription in the morning.

Had a quick lunch at home and off to collect the desserts I ordered from The Ice Cream & Cookie Co. Keep a lookout for the photos.

Multi-Wear Blouse from The Stage Walk

Pumps from Tangs, brand is Martina Pink

Thanks to our dear Ranga, we got passes to the Class 95 event at The Oasis Changi City Point for their listeners.

There was free flow of drinks and food. The best part, we get to drink from 1 bar to another. A total of 4 bars by the way. At the end of it, we got high and non-stop laughing.

We end the event with a picture with Glenn Ong and Jean Danker.

And just a random picture of me taken by KZ. I look like I am sleeping.

We were thinking of where to chill and thanks to my suggestion, we went for bak kut teh at Founder's. It has been long since we last went there together.

We were thinking of where to chill and thanks to my suggestion, we went for bak kut teh at Founder's. It has been long since we last went there together.

Cabbed to CBTL Holland Village to meet Ama. Chilled till 2am.

12 July 2013

Had dinner with the ladies at JCube Itacho Sushi. We invited the boyfriends along but only 2 turned up.

We had quite a spread but I only took a few photos as I was busy eating.

Steamed Egg with Crab

California Handroll

Fried Shrimp

Fried Gyozya

Walked over to JEM CBTL to chill for a while and discuss our plans for the following weekend.

Left for home at midnight.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Despicable Me 2

10 July 2013

Met Dare Association for light dinner at PS The Soup Spoon. I merely had brownie with ice-cream as I wanted to save my stomach for salted popcorn.

Watched "Despicable Me 2" which was a really good laugh to end the day. The only disappointing thing is that Ama and KZ wasn't able to get the collectible cup as it was sold out.

Monday, July 8, 2013

GSS Shopping

07 July 2013

Woke up earlier than a weekday and had breakfast with mum at Mac.

Did grocery shopping at Fairprice Finest and helped to prepare lunch.

Played pool with CJZ at WCRC and lost again. Treated him to dessert at market.

Such a Sunday only happens once in a blue moon.

06 July 2013

GSS has started for some time and I only began shopping now.

Went for a complimentary makeover by Make Up Store since it was my birthday month. I have been their member for a number of years and I really like the selection of eye shadows they have.

In the midst of the makeover, I started getting cold sweat, palpitations and eventually blackout. If I was standing, I could have fainted. Not sure what is the reason but I guess I need to go for a body checkout soon. Still feeling bad from scaring the make up artist.

Anyway, this is how I looked at the end of the makeover.

I looked kind of fake

I bought quite a number of products from them. I spent a total of about $113 after using the vouchers and birthday discount.

Eye Shadows: Vanilla and Powdery Nut

Eye Liner: Darkest Shadow

Eye & Lip Make Up Remover

Walked to Marina Square and bought 2 basic tops from Zara at $19.90 each. I realised that the are only available when there's a sale so I must get 2 of different colours.

Home at 6pm then out to meet Dare Association at Blooie's Roadhouse. We ordered food and frozen raspberry margarita to share.

Ama shared the giga pudding which she made. It was sweet and can be a filling dessert.

Chilled at CBTL then and made plans for Halloween. Can't wait for the party again!

05 July 2013

It was impromptu to meet KZ after work since she was near my workplace.

Chilled at TCC with just a slice of cake and drink till late.