Monday, May 27, 2013

My Favourite Laneige Products

What comes to your mind when I mention Laneige? I ask myself the same question and it's definitely the Water Sleeping Pack_EX which my friends (both male and female) have been telling me.

And so, I decided to give it a shot and see if it works on my rather dry skin. The Water Sleeping Pack_EX is supposed to hydrate and brighten the skin while you are sleeping. You might be thinking, "Why do I even need to brighten my skin when I am sleeping?" But don't you want to look even better when you put on make up the next morning? And your make up can last longer if you did prep your skin enough.

Water Sleeping Pack_EX also contains Sleepscent™  which lets you sleep better and relax your mind. There's also beauty tips in the packaging on how to relax your facial muscles.

The texture is gel-like and light on the skin. One great thing I like about skin hydration products, there's a cooling sensation on the skin. 

 I shall stop blabbering and show you how to apply Water Sleeping Pack_EX

1) Wash your face and apply toner

2) Take about 2.5cm in diameter of the Water Sleeping Pack_EX and dot on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.

3) Spread the product evenly on your skin in outwards motion. Remember to use your third and ring finger.

I am feeling my cool skin

Here's a Before & After photo of me. My forehead and cheeks are brighten up and pores are less visible. I use the back of my palm to feel my jaw area and it's smoother.

4) Time to sleep! Gd night.

The morning has awaken so has my skin. Time to wash up and put on make up for work. Let's use the Snow BB Soothing Cushion for foundation. I am using No.21 Natural Beige.

The packaging comes with the refill too! You never know when you have run out of foundation and they have solved your problem, how thoughtful of them!

Snow BB Soothing Cushion has SPF 50 PA+++, is sweat-proof (you can still look good throughout your workout), soothing (cooling effect on the skin upon application) and has whitening effect (combination of make up and skin care).

Here's how to apply the foundation.

1) Tap the puff onto the cushion of foundation

2) Smooth it onto your face and pat lightly. You can repeat for better coverage as it won't cake.

Here's a Before & After picture. Skin tone is even and redness at the nose tip and cheeks has been concealed. I thought I look ok even without concealer.

Laneige offers free lifetime membership so who doesn't want it? Plus, you can accumulate points to redeem products. I am in for it!

Fast & Furious 6

26th May 2013

Was working for Nestle gift redemption again. At TPY Hub in the morning to replace a sick staff and at Lot 1 in the evening.

I didn't make myself tired enough and went to catch "Fast & Furious 6" at JCube.

The movie was blasting with excitement (as expected) and bits of humour. And also, the crew has started filming for the next serial before the 6th was even released in theaters.

Home at 11pm.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Batam Getaway

19 May 2013

Woke up at 8:30am and had hotel breakfast. There wasn't a variety to choose from and it wasn't fantastic.

Back to chill in room and played Saboteur till 1pm.

Check-out and went to Batam Centre. We chilled at Starbucks while Nicholas and Sharon left earlier. Had a cup of Venti Vanilla Blended Cream at less than S$8.

Went to Matahari, a department store in Batam Centre, bought 2 sets of reasonably-priced lingerie.

Had lunch at an Indonesian restaurant. The food was cheap and good. Each of us only paid for this satisfying meal.  I love the sambal kangkong.

Sambal Tempeh

 Sambal Kangkong

Fried Catfish

Beancake Satay

Walked to Batam Centre Ferry Terminal and time to depart for Singapore.

Reached Singapore at 7:30pm and home sweet home.

18 May 2013

Met Ama for breakfast at Harbourfront Mac then to meet Ranga and KZ at the ferry terminal.

Boarded the ferry at 8:50am with excitement.

Arrived at Batam Centre Ferry Terminal by 8:50am their time. Managed to check-in early at the orange-y Harris Hotel.

Shared room with KZ and here's how it looks like.

Relaxed for a while and off to Batam Centre for lunch. Had A&W for our first meal in Batam. I ordered root beer float and ice-cream waffle with chocolate sauce. Cost me about S$5 only for a happy meal.

Did shopping at their hypermart. Bought beer, crackers and also Hada Labo products. Believe it or not, they actually sell Hada Labo products and they were so cheap. A tube of the moisturizing facial wash cost merely S$3.

Back to the hotel room to chill our beer and off to The Spa Secret which is just behind Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre. I picked Balinese Aromatic Spa which cost S$72 consisting of Foot Bath, Body Cleansing, Body Massage, Body Scrub, Steam Bath, Body Polish, Jacuzzi and V-Ratus Treatment. Totally worth it.

Walked to Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre for shopping. Tried this prawn pancake which was not bad other than the fried skin was too thick.

 I bought half size kueh lapis at 65,000 Rupiah. Chilled at J. Co while waiting for Nicholas and Sharon.

Had Nasi Padang for dinner. See the number of dishes we had. From sotong, beef, green chilli, omelette to vegetables Can't remember how much we paid for it but I believe there are better Nasi Padang in the area.

While Nicholas and Sharon went for their massage, we went back to hotel room to shower.

Gathered in our room to play Saboteur. Had beer and played till about 2:30am.

Lights out into deep sleep.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Himalaya Hair Loss Cream

15 May 2013

After giving voluntary tuition at Jurong West, I headed to Clementi Mall to get my hair trimmed for $10 at QB House The dead ends are gone but my hair is still in a bad shape. I guess I have to wait for months till the hair length is good enough for perming.

Bought the Himalaya hair loss cream. It was on sale and cost me $15.95 at Watsons. After shampoo, just need to massage the mustard-coloured cream onto scalp. If necessary, rinse in the morning.

I shall observe again in 3 months to see if it truly works. All I want is to have less obvious hair line and no baldness at the top of my head.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

20% Storewide Discount At Sephora

14 May 2013

Impromptu shopping at Vivocity Sephora with KZ since there was storewide 20% discount. Bought the home brand concealer (original price $23) and the Laneige Sleeping Pack (original price $45) which comes with a free travel size water bank essence. 

Coincidentally met Nicholas's youngest sister in the shop and had dinner together with Nicholas and his younger sister at Marche.

Had the savory crepe of the day of mixed veg, mixed cheese and forest ham.

Got a lift home, thanks to Nicholas and his siblings.

I really can't wait for the Batam trip this weekend! I need a getaway!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

12 May 2013

Shared with brother to get mum a small bouquet of flowers. The last minute decision wasn't so bad.

Brought mum to town since she wants to do shopping.

Had high tea at Secret Recipe. A slice of chocolate banana and a glass of mocha frappe for me. Mum had the Durian Durian cake which was not bad.

Walked all the way from Plaza Singapura to 313 Somerset for dinner at Marche. Rosti and ginger beer for me.

Continued walking towards Tangs. Bought a pair of Martina Pink pumps at 50% off which cost me $49.50. I love this brand as the pumps don't give me blisters and they are of good quality.

Took a bus home and totally slept through the journey.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Grumpy Lately

08 May 2013

I have been lazy with putting on makeup to work. Only do it when I feel like it.

Reached Jurong West late as I took bus 197 all the way into Jurong East Bus Interchange instead of transferring to bus 198. Luckily, I remember there is bus 334 to Jurong West.

Gave voluntary tuition till almost 10pm.

Had really late dinner at home and concussed on the bed. Mum has been complaining that I have been overworking, I know but that's the only way to keep me from having bad thoughts.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Work and More Work

05 May 2013

Worked at Bukit Panjang Plaza in the morning then Jurong Point in the evening.

It wasn't easy to tolerate the customers' complaints when it wasn't my fault. I did what I could.

Dead beat at the end of the time.

04 May 2013

Worked for Nestle redemption at Plaza 888. It was so warm despite the rain.

Back home for lunch, slacked, slept and left for City Square.

Check-in at Park Royal at Kitchener Road. And since I had the room to myself for 2 hours, I walked out to get fries and mocha frappe. It felt like heaven to eat and watch TV on the bed.

Left for home at 10pm+.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Labour Day with Food

29 April 2013

Went to TBP Subway for lunch and along the way, I make a trip to 18 Jalan Membina #01-06 to get my favourite egg tarts from Leung San Hong Kong Pastries. Each cost $1.10. They used to have a outlet at Chinatown but have closed down due to high rental.

30 April 2013

First time meeting Dare Association for a weekday lunch. We decided on Vivocity Marche since most of us are working nearby.

Had the crepe of the day with a scoop of Caramelita and a bottle of root beer.

It was already 2:30pm when I was back in office.

Met KZ and Ranga at Holland V Starbucks. While we were waiting for Ama, we saw Adam Chen twice.

After Ama reached, we began to decide when to head for supper.

Called Swee Choon and since there wasn't a crowd, we cabbed there with excitement.

We didn't have to wait at all. Here's what we ordered, custard egg yolk bun, chee cheong fun, Sichuan spicy fish, fried prawn roll, xiao long bao, Portuguese egg tart, drunken chicken, mee sua kueh and black fungus with cucumber.

We paid about $16 per pax for a satisfying meal.

Went shopping at Mustafa Centre again. We never seems to have enough of Mustafa Centre.

This time, I only bought axe oil at $1.10.

Home at 5am with my eyes half closed.

01 May 2013

Went for Yin Yoga, 1.5 hour class of endurance. Now I have having pain in my neck and inner thighs.

Anyway, I have decided to cancel my FitnessFirst membership so this month will be the last time I am talking about gym.