Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Body is Down

Totally lack of updates as I fell sick past few days and were suffering from side effects. I am praying hard everything goes well in Kuantan this coming holiday.

23 March 2013

Went for a site meeting at Orchard then off for lunch at Itacho Sushi Ion Orchard.

Ordered a california handroll and lobster salmon sushi too. Cost me less than $20 for a good meal.

Bought the Benefit Fake Up concealer at $38. Hopefully it works well on my eye area.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trash Bag Shoot

Received a few pictures from the shoot with Antony. Do take a look here. Meanwhile here's a picture of me wearing an outfit made of trash bag.

Can't wait for the Kuantan trip happening next weekend!

Monday, March 18, 2013

6-Day Work Week

17 March 2013

Brought mum out shopping at town.

First stop was Far East Plaza then to Ion Orchard. Bought a pair of shorts at $24.90 from Uniqlo.

Went to attend Clinique's Even Better Hands-On Workshop at The Sevin, Loft Tangs. It was a small class of about 10 of us.

The beauty trainer was Grace. Began with skincare techniques followed by makeup techniques.

Here's how I looked like at the end of the workshop.

Had dinner with mum at Cedele Wheelock Place. Below's a picture of the Mushroom Aglio Olio I had. It wasn't oily and the garlic wasn't too strong.

Back home to shower and off to meet Dare Association at CBTL Holland V.

Chilled till past midnight after shopping at Cold Storage.

16 March 2013

Worked at MBS for Eco-Products International Fair 2013 with 3 other girls.

Work was easy but my feet was aching from standing.

Had lunch at Toast Box. A simple peanut butter thick toast set cost me $6.70.

Knocked off at 6pm and home for dinner.

15 March 2013

Went to collect my prize at Triumph's SG office located near Marymount.

Had dinner at Holland V, laksa with otah. Sinful, yes it is.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Voluntary Work?

Decided to simplify my blog's outlook. Now it's neater, don't you agree?

Have met Jac on Tuesday and Wednesday night. We took turns to accompany each other for dinner. The conversations with her brought me to thinking of doing voluntary work to help other families who are in need. I can't help financially but I can help mentally and physcially. I will see about that.

Won something from Triumph International Singaporee's Facebook but I have no idea what it is. Will be collecting the prize after work.

Weekdays have been hectic so I am excited for the weekend. Will be attending Clinique's Even Better Hands-on Workshop at Tangs on Sunday afternoon. Skincare is important, always.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend with Friends

10 Mar 2013

Had lunch at Itacho Sushi Ion Orchard, told ya I will be back. Although I was alone, it was still a satisfying meal.

Here's what I ordered, chawamushi with crab, california handroll, unagi sushi, salmon sashimi and salmon lobster roll (new). Spent $20.80 in total.

Bought the pair of nude heels which I eyed yesterday at H&M. Thanks to the CapitaVoucher I won from Lactacyd, I only paid $29 for the pair lovely premium leather heels.

Walked into Mango, tried 2 dresses which I pretty like but I didn't buy as the smaller sizes were sold out. So I save $98.

Had dinner with mum at Mac, back home and watched 犀利人妻.

09 Mar 2013

Met Dare Association for movie session at Cineleisure. Watched Oz The Great and Powerful. Considerably amount of laughter, a good movie I would say. There should be a serial to it.

Window-shopped at H&M where Ranga and Ama bought clothes.

Had dinner at Popeyes The Cathay. The mashed potato volume is lesser than the outlet at 313 Somerset.

Went to meet someone after that and got a lift home.

08 Mar 2013

Went for my last dose of cervical vaccination at SBCC Clementi. Waited for more than half an hour even though I made an appointment.

Rushed to meet HM and YJ for dinner at The Asian Kitchen Vivocity. Had Veg and Meat Wanton Noodle which was quite good. Thanks to HM for the treat.

Chilled at the roof park for HTHT till 11:30pm.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DIY Teppanyaki

05 Mar 2013

Went for a job briefing at Wheelock Place then dinner with Jac at Ion Orchard.

Her choice to go DIY Teppanyaki. It was my first time. Sorry for zero pictures of food.

Ordered the chicken teppanyaki which cost $11.90. Comes with salad, miso soup, rice and chicken.

Jac had chicken sukiyaki which was considered a big portion. Free refill for the soup and also cost $11.90.

It was a filling meal for my stomach but I smell so bbq leaving the restaurant.

Might go back again if I have the craving since it's affordable.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend With Good Food

03 Mar 2013

Rested at home while I can before another busy week.

Had dinner with Ranga and KZ at Itacho Sushi JCube.

The prices were lower than Sakae Sushi and better quantity too. Not stingy with their ingredients at all. One of my favourite japanese restaurants now.

 Chawamushi with Crab at $4.20

 Salmon Sashimi

California Handroll

Chilled at Starbucks with a Java Chip. The McCafe Java Chip actually tasted better and it's cheaper.

Thanks to Ranga and KZ for buying the coach tickets to our Kuantan trip with Ama late this month. Can't wait for the getaway!

02 Mar 2013

Bye February and Hello March! Please make this month better for me.

Photoshoot with Antony and Alycia as the MUA. I always enjoy working with them. Stay tune for the photos later this week.

Went The Star Vista with family. Had Porn's for lunch then back home.

 Thai Roselle with Lime

 Tom Yam Soup with Prawn

Olive Fried Rice

Golden Tapioca with Coconut Milk

Friday, March 1, 2013


28 Feb 2013

It was a busy but fruitful day.

Was with Fiona and a group of models from Fiona's Models, Talents and Events Management to attend Enneagram course by James Leong. You can read more about him and the course here.

Of course, I made some friends but it wasn't easy because of my personality.

I know I am for sure a Type 5 after looking at the Enneagram. Prefer hanging out 1-to-1 instead of a group, more of an observer, use my brain more than my heart, think before I do.

Some of us had supper (or rather dinner) together at Swee Choon. The hau kar and XLB were the best I thought. Had too much food that there were leftover for takeaway.

Shared a cab with a new friend back home.