Thursday, February 28, 2013

Acuvue TruEye

Been so busy lately with work that I have no time to blog.

Went to get 3-day samples for Acuvue TruEye at Eye Master located in West Coast Plaza.

I was very glad with the comfort of the contact lenses. No dryness for me and no need to use eye drops at all even wearing them for 10 hours. The only bad thing is that they don't enhance my eyes.

I managed to find a website EyeFeelGood that supplies contact lenses much cheaper than the retail shops. You can make bulk purchase and save quite a bit. Yet to purchase from them but I believe they are trustworthy.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hacker Alert

24 Feb 2013

My hotmail got hacked this morning. Spent hours rectifying. The hacker tried to steal my money but thank goodness my Paypal account was not fully set up.

Went for manicure and pedicure at Gardenails again. Had my nails mailed in pastel colours this time.

23 Feb 2013

Went for a workout at FitnessFirst The Cathay and had my body fat measured. I still have about 4kg of fat to burn to get the perfect proportion.

Had lunch at Pastamania, took the chance to use the Capitavoucher.

Back home to prepare and went to Warung Lele for company dinner. The foreign workers' appetites are not to be underestimated. Had many times of refill for almost 35 of us.

Headed to Ikea to meet Dare Association. Had chicken wing and 2 slices of chocolate almond cake.

Chilled at Barossa Holland Village for beer and garlic fries (merely mixed garlic powder in the fries batter). The Pit's garlic fries is still my favourite. Now I am missing it.

Home at about 2am.

22 Feb 2013

Met someone and packed lunch at my favourite wanton mee near Lengkong Bahru. It didn't tasted as good. Not sure if it was because takeaway or standard has dropped.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Haircut at Komachi the Hair Cult

19 Feb 2013

Thanks to Cosmopolitan, I won a haircut at Komachi the Hair Cult at International Building.

The japanese intl. artisitc director served me and he was very friendly. Here's how I looked like now. If this hairstyle is easy for me to manage, I will consider patronizing them again.

Collected the Freshkon Dezigner contact lenses at Optical 88 which I won. It's orange solitaire this time.

At Citylink mall, I bought a pretty umbrella from ans. It's a new shop I believe. It cost $38.90 but a good umbrella can last for a long long time. I did think of getting the raincoat but it's too troublesome and double the price of this umbrella. Imagine how panic I can get when my bus has arrived and I am still wearing my raincoat.

CSX managed to help me to buy the Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush, like finally. It's $39.

Closer look of the brush

We will be selling setting up our own flea market at our place on 02 March 2013. There will be new and second-hand stuff like apparels, bags, cosmetics and skincare products. Prices ranging from $1-$10. Do contact me if you are interested to drop by.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

CNY Dinner at Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

17 Feb 2013

Went for yoga class in the afternoon then to Westmall to meet Dare Association. Prema even brought Sanuska along.

Had aglio olio at Pastamania then chilled at CBTL.

Dinner at Sakae Sushi. Their standards were definitely not as good and choices of sushi has dropped.

16 Feb 2013

Had CNY dinner with family and some relatives at Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant located in Quality Hotel.

Ordered the set dinner for 10 pax which cost $518++. Can't exactly recall what the dishes are.

 Yusheng with Salmon and Abalone

 Herbal Soup

 Nonya Fish

 Beef Rendang

 XO Fried Rice

 Yam Ball with Pandan or Green Tea

Green Tea Pudding

The portions were big and we takeaway quite a bit of food. As for taste, I felt it was average and not oily.

Ending with a picture of Beorn in the limousine cab.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Upside Down

13 Feb 2013

Headed to workplace for merely 2 hours and back home.

Went for Yin Yoga and Subway for lunch.

Back home again then off to meet someone before I go for a movie.

Met HM for dinner at KFC then to catch the preview of "Upside Down" starring Jim Sturgess (cute guy btw) and Kirsten Dunst. Thanks to Cozycot for the tickets! It's really sad to know that the characters part for 10 years before seeing each other again.

Sat outside The Mandarin Gallery with the cold wind blowing against us. Watching couples walking past us with flowers and balloons in hand.

11 Feb 2013

It was quiet at home so I brought mum out for ice-cream at Swensen's. She hardly gets a break with my nephew around.

The Rock

Ama cartoon-ed us and here's how all of us looked like. Spot me!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Snake-y Year

11 Feb 2013

It should be a stay-home CNY Day 2 for me. But for Beorn, he's all well-dressed up for visiting.

10 Feb 2013

HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! Been telling my friends not to eat too much 'snake' at work.

Went visiting at paternal's side in the afternoon then to maternal's side.

Of course, blackjack is not to be missed. Won $18 which is better than losing.

Had a filling steamboat then supper at Mac with siblings.

09 Feb 2013

Had steamboat at home. Yes, it may be vegetarian but it's pretty good.

08 Feb 2013

Boss gave me half day leave but I stayed in office till 3pm to wait for the downpour to end.

Went to Sephora Vivocity and stucked there for 2 hours shopping for Urban Decay products.

Here's what I bought.

 Naked Basics at $42

 Blackout eyeshadow and Bordello eyeshadow at $30 each

 Newest Liquid Foundation at $63

Eyeshadow Blending Brush

And for what I have bought, I received a goodie bag for spending $180 and above.

Had a scope of peanut butter ice-cream from Ben & Jerry's, thanks to the voucher from Ama.

Went to Super Star K for korean BBQ dinner with Dare Association.

Here's the spread. 

We were all served with a tray of sauces and taste enhancers.

The steamed egg was free and you can always want another round of it. We had 2 rounds of it.

The smoked duck was excellent. Tender, not tough like I expected. I am not a fan of meat so you can guess that this was really good. It wasn't cheap anyway.

The spicy chicken lived up to its name. Wrapped it in a lettuce with onions to make it easier for me.

We also had beef, cut into cubes. Although I had it fully cooked, it was not hard to chew. That proves they used good beef.

Not to forget the alcohol we had. Rice wine as recommended by KZ and Soju requested by Ama. The rice was average but the Soju was like alcohol diluted in water. Forgotten to snap a picture of the Soju.

We spent about $42 per person. Rather expensive I thought.

Had desserts at Fluffy which was located opposite Super Star K. $6 Strawberry Snow Ice for me.
Butterflies surrounded us

Walked to Chinatown to digest our food and get into CNY mood. Unfortunately, it was too crowded so we left for Holland Village.

Had Matcha Green Tea Ice Blended. Similar to Starbucks Green Tea Cream but still not as good.

Chilled till past 2am.

Received the strawberry sponge curlers which I purchased from Qoo10. Cost me $1.90/a pack of 6. They are not so easy to use and remember not to use too much force if not the sponge would tear. The best method was to use on slightly wet hair and sleep on it according to what I read. I tend to twist and turn when asleep so the sponges do drop off.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

CNY Preparation

06 Feb 2013

Took half day leave to pamper myself again.

Had facial done at Ja'zz Spa.

Had classic manicure and pedicure done at Gardenails. Since CNY is coming, I had my nails painted gold. A little surprised that not many people chose gold nails for this festive season.

And also, got the China Glaze Holiday Cherry Cuticle Oil as a gift.

Already made another appointment to go back in late Feb for another round of manicure and pedicure.

05 Feb 2013

One of my office neighbours was so kind to give me a box of cookies which she made. She even had it sealed using gold tape. The green pea cookies were my favourite.

And also, I received the earrings which I purchased from Jewelry of Lav. Unique and sweet designs. They are handmade by the way. Great for CNY and Valentine's Day.