Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hasel & Gretel

29 Jan 2013

After the KL trip, I kept thinking of the Benefit They're Real! Mascara and the Urban Decay Naked Palette. And so, since I needed to go to Bugis+, I decided to head to Sephora.

The mascara was $32 and the eyeshadow palette with an eye primer was $80. I found online shops selling at better prices but I guess it's safer to buy at Sephora. I wouldn't want to buy a cracked palette of eyeshadows.

Shall put them to good use and do a review.

Thanks to Fuji Xerox, I attended their networking session cum movie night with SF.

Dig into their buffet dinner although it wasn't fantastic.

Watched "Hansel & Gretel". There were bloody scenes and a witch's nude scene. Not a bad movie just that I was almost the whole time worrying about blood scenes.

Bought a pair of grey skinny jeans at $19.90 from Uniqlo too.

Home at 10pm.

Monday, January 28, 2013

3D2N in KL

25 Jan 2013

I am back from KL with LL and KZ. It was a good trip and you are about to know why.

Met the ladies for zi char at Clementi. Stuffed ourselves with food as the portions were bigger than expected.

Chilled at Mac till 11:30pm. 

Couldn't sleep at night, not sure it's is me being too excited for the KL trip or the cappuccino I had. 

26 Jan 2013

Shared a cab with LL and KZ to Changi Airport, check-in and had breakfast.

The girls were crazy for shopping and began at 6am when the shops were opened. LL bought a Longchamp immediately.

Had a foot massage done using the uPhoria at the sitting area while waiting for the gates to open.

We were the noisy ones in the plane as expected.

Reached KL in less than an hour and took the transport to The Westin. It's about an hour's bus journey.

Checked in at the hotel. Didn't take pictures of the view as it was not fantastic.

 Lift Lobby

Rested a while and off for lunch. The tom yum seafood soup was bad, not worth spending my time talking about it.

Explored the vicinity with a cup of green tea cream from Starbucks.

Facing The Westin was Pavilion, a luxury shopping mall with shops like Coach, Burberry, Gucci, Prada and Hermes.

The Marriot was in between The Westin and a Starhill Development with LV and Sephora. The prices don't differ much compared to Singapore's.

Had our massage done at Thai Odyssey. 45min foot massage and 15min half body massage cost us about RM80. The very first time I fell asleep during a foot massage.

It began to rain and I suggested a brilliant idea that was to go for karaoke at Red Box. It was about RM40/pax for 4 hours including 2 drinks.

Walked to a nearby IT mall similar to our Sim Lim Square. KZ bought a pink polaroid camera at RM219 which was a steal.

Met Ranga for dinner at Fahrenheit88 Sakae Sushi since he popped by KL. Started imitating dumping whatever leftover into a pot.

Back to The Westin to shower and rest for our Day 2 in KL.

26 Jan 2013

Woke up at 10am and had breakfast at Pavilion Ben's.

The big menu outside Ben's

Had earl grey tea and Chicken Fillet Burger with Fries.  It was very filling and not bad. Wanted to try their desserts but my stomach can't hold anymore.

Shopped at Pavilion, trying to look for a key pendent at Tiffany & Co. The ones I liked are too expensive. The ones I could afford were too big and not worth it at all.

Walked to Fahrenheit88 again but this time to do our hair at A-Saloon which was recommended by KZ.

3 of us had scalp treatment and hair ends moisturized. In addition,  LL had her hair ends dyed, KZ had her hair roots touched up and I had my hair highlighted using Platinum Ash. I spent RM396 in total.

Walked back to Pavilion and bought a RM20 toy for Beorn.

Waited for KZ's aunt to bring us around while LL went to Chinatown for her food hunt.

Twin Tower

Had dinner at Beancurd Restaurant which sells vegetarian dishes and groceries. They have more variety of frozen mock meat compared to Singapore.

Back to The Westin to meet LL and off to drinking.

Settled at Qba which is just at the basement of The Westin

Had Caipirinha and 3 bottles of Heineken. The pretzel was addictive and we at least had 1 bowl each.

We were kind of high when we went back to the hotel room and guess what? We went down to Qba for the second time. I even danced salsa with one of the waiters. 

When we went back to the room, we were singing at the top of our lungs and laughing like crazy women. It should be about 2am at that time.

The next thing I know, it was morning already.

27 Jan 2013

Woke up at 9am, still trying to recall what happened last night.

Had breakfast at a nearby coffeeshop. Chee cheong fan and yong tau foo cost me only RM10.

Went to Parkson which was a big departmental store like Tangs. The girls tried 2 products from Benefit which were They're Real Mascara and Five One One highlighter, blusher and bronzer.
In order to save money, we went to Sephora thinking we could get a 10% discount but we only won points.

Back to The Westin to pack up and took our transport to airport.

Had lunch at Mac and rushed to the gates. Took a nap on the plane but the foul gas kept waking us up.

Back at Changi Airport in an hour, did window-shopping again and dinner at Crystal Jade.

Denim Bodycon Dress bought from Ohvola

Ordered the Shark's Bone Soup with Asparagus and Seafood. It came with crispy rice but I felt the combination was weird.

Home sweet home at 8:30pm.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ziplock Bags at Ikea

Before I leave for KL tomorrow morning, I am going to blog first.

Had lunch at Ikea today and did shopping for .... ZIPLOCK BAGS! They are really cheap and durable (I hope).

The big ones for 30/box at $5.50 and small ones for 50/box at $3.90. I consider this as cheap and are especially good for travel use. Big ones for dirty laundry and small ones for my necessities.

I kept counting down to the trip with KZ and LL. I bet I can't sleep well tonight.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ice-Cream at Swensen's

21 Jan 2013

Was on leave and spent time with family or rather with my nephew. Throwing him in the air is like working out using a dumbbell.

Had ice-cream at Swensen's since mum was craving for the Durian Supreme for some time. I feel like a Tai-Tai again.

Nutty Mighty

Went to Watsons to try the Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo. Probably because it's a tester product that's why it's doesn't seen that usable. I didn't buy it although it's on a promotional price of $12.90. 

Grocery shopping at NTUC before heading home.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

IPL Brazilian

19 Jan 2013

Finally I had my first session of IPL Brazilian done after buying the package a year. Painless and hoping for good effects on those hair.

Walked down to Cineleisure to watch "The Impossible". Free movie since I used the Cathay movie pass. The movie was touching, I didn't cry merely wet eyes.

Walked to Ion Orchard and got chinese desserts back home. I still feel that the closure of Xiao Bang Wang was a pity.

Window shopped at Sephora and Swaroski. Pretty proud of forgetting for not buying anything.

Home at 7pm.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Almost Ready for CNY

15 Jan 2013

Won a set of goodies from MyFatPocket's Friday Freebies contest and collected it from their office.

Here's what I got from Inner Desire. You can check out their FB as they sell swimwear, nightwear, intimate apparel and ready wear.

Beautiful bikini in a box isn't it?

I am gonna call KZ, SF, HM and Winnie as the Karaoke Gang. Easier for me to mention them.

Met them at Winnie's place as she shared her recent stories with us. Not to forget about the goodies that she got from Taiwan.

Chilled till 1am.

12 Jan 2013

I decided to perm my hair again but this time at Salon Vim @ Bugis. Spent $220+ for perm and treatment. I know it's a sum and I do feel the heartache.

Here's a before and after picture for you to judge if it's worth it.

Before anything is done

While waiting for the curls to set

Final look

Left for home and it was already close to 8pm.

11 Jan 2013

Was on half day leave and spent the afternoon pampering myself.

Had a classic strawberry chunkies scrub done at Spa Esprit Dempsey. Spacious room and excellent service. Instantly hype up when I enter the room.

Was served a cup of ginger tea and cookies. How sweet are they right? The ginger tea was the best I had.

 And also, I bought a scrub named "Line Eraser" which was made of lavender, geranium and some others which I can't remember.

Time for high tea with KZ at House. Not a variety of selections, I considered it as average. The salted cookies were good and they served my favourite ginger tea too.

Had a good time window-shopping at DFS with KZ. Got to save money for the KL trip next week and I can't wait!

Off to meet Dare Association for ice-cream at Serene Centre. The chendol ice-cream and ReservO were disappointing.

On the way leaving, Nicholas took a ride on the mini ferris wheel. Just can't grow up.

Nicholas left early while the rest of us chilled at CBTL Holland Village. The Passionfruit Guava Tea Latte tasted horrible like antibiotic so I am warning you not to taste it.

Received the ASOS dress which I ordered from Qoo10.

Ending this long post with a picture of Beorn again.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Beauty Matsuri Day Out with QiuQiu

10 Jan 2013

I was at the Beauty Matsuri Day Out with QiuQiu at Shiseido's office. Each of us has our personalized name card too.

Started with Senka skincare products. I got confused with the different products, oil-based and water-based.

Followed by make up using Majolica Majorca's Chapter 35: Circus Ecstasy. A new brand to me. The mascara Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo was good but the gel eyeliner Trick on Liner wasn't that easy to apply. I made a mess out of it so I rather not post close up photos of my eye make up.

After applying Skin Lingerie Pore Cover

The last part of the workshop was hairstyling using Ma Chérie I love the Hair Shower for Wavy Hair. Bought it since there's $2 off for all Ma Chérie products. The original price is $17.90.



QiuQiu appeared towards the end of the workshop and of course, I would grab my chance to take a photo with her. The first time I saw her was in Aug 2011 for a ChurpChurp event and gosh, I didn't know she was actually sitting beside me.

There was a $5 sale for selected Majolica Majorca products and I bought an eyeshadow palette.

At the end of the workshop, there was a lucky draw for the limited edition honey hair fragrance. which it's not available for sale in SG. And guess what? Your lucky lady here won it. Every drop is expensive ok?

Not forgetting the goodie bag which all of us got.

It was a great workshop and having fun was the most important.