Monday, November 26, 2012

Apple Boyfriend

25 Nov 2012

I have ditched my Samsung boyfriend and chosen to be with Apple boyfriend. I know I am not loyal but have you any idea it's bored to stay with one for 4 years? Change is good, I know.

Spent my afternoon watching 名媛望族. My HK drama addiction is back.

Met KZ and Ranga for dinner at Bukit Timah. Supposed to be desserts but we ended up at a food centre then to Mac.

Chilled till 11pm.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Secret of Light

23 Nov 2012

Attended the Guerlain "Secret of Light" makeup workshop at Reebonz Space with KZ.

We were totally turned on by the amount of luxury bags showcased. Really looking forward to shop our hearts up but that's not the main purpose of being there.

The workshop was considered fast compared to the other workshops which I have attended. I quite like the cream eyeshadow palette but didn't buy it.

Got the Meteorites Perles 02 at 20% off. You can build up to 10 layers and your makeup don't look thick.

Each of us also brought back a Blush 4 Eclats too.

Left at 9pm and chilled at TCC for hours.

Left for home at 2am.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Online Shopping

19 Nov 2012

Received the 2 mystery bags which I bought from ClubCouture earlier. The 2 skirts can't fit me which made me face the fact that I have gained weight.

Made nephew hold the mini lolipop while he's asleep.

And also, I bought a Burberry Medium Smoked Check Tote Bag in Raspberry. A really good price from Chantique Bagz so I am a very happy customer of them. I probably won't even bother patronizing the stores anymore.

Now, shopping is 24/7.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Meet Up with Cen Cen

18 Nov 2012


Met the ladies to discuss about our Christmas celebration. Wore the dress which I bought from ClubCouture through the mustery bag.

Lunch at FEP. It's thai bee hoon again.

Chilled at Old Town White Coffee after window shopping.

Walked to Ion Orchard and got the comfy pant leggings at Uniqlo for $39.90.

Off to Taka for christmas present ideas and dinner at KFC. It was good time reminiscing the secondary school times.

Got the Lactacyd pH 3.5 promotional pack. Tried it and really like the scent.

Next stop for shopping at Wisma. Got an active top and jogging pants at $34.94 from Cotton Body after 30% discount. Good deal wasn't it?

Home at 10:30pm with a shopping bag.

17 Nov 2012

Went for a photoshoot at Marymount, back home then to town.

Met HM first at H&M for window shopping. Snap shot of the furry waistcoat which cost $39.90.

Went to Paragon Soup Restaurant to get a table for 4 while waiting for SF and Cen Cen.

Ordered the cheapest set meal for 4 comprising of chicken with ginger sauce, baby kailan with dang gui, double boiled soup of the day, sweet and sour pork with cherry tomatoes, fish slices and yang chow fried rice.

My favourites would be the fish slices and the sweet and sour pork with cherry tomatoes. The pork was cripsy on the outisde.

Chilled at Robert Timms for coffee. Winnie and KZ joined us too.

While Cen Cen left, the rest of us headed to Neverland for beer till late.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


12 Nov 2012

Received the clothes that I ordered. It's always exciting to open up parcels.

Got the Donna Cut-Out Knit Dress from Lexi Lyla. I just kind of wonder if I am able to fit it after weight gain.

And also, the $15 mystery bag from ClubCouture. This was more exciting because I won't know I would be receiving. Just like a birthday present.

The experience shopping with ClubCouture was good. Good customer service, quality apparel and the website was user-friendly.

I will be sure to snap OOTD when I wear them.

13 Nov 2012

Met G to chill at Sentosa. The weather was cloudy and so I didn't get a tan. I didn't want to anyway so thanks to the weather for saving me.

A quite morning reading newspapers and putting on my bikini.

Went for lunch at Zion Food Centre. Had $4 wanton mee, I am greedy right? I was so lucky that I was their last customer. I like the soup but noodles were a little dry.

Back to Vivocity and met WX for window shopping. Snap a picture of the christmas decoration at the atrium.

It happened to be World Kindness Day. Guess what? I spotted QiuQiu and Yam Ah Mee.I have no idea why I was so happy when I saw Yam Ah Mee.

Had dinner at Marche. Savory Crepe with Ham, Deep-fried Calamari and Root Beer. Sumptous and filling meal.

Home at 8pm.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunday Shopping with Mum

11 Nov 2012

It's time to bring mum out to town again since christmas lightings are up.

Went to collect the Estee Lauder's latest foundation sample at Robinsons Centrepoint. Such a cute bottle.

Had lunch at Marche 313 Somerset. Rostti, mushrooms, bussel sprouts, espresso ice-cream and crepe of the week.That's what I called good lunch.

Window shopping at H&M. Very tempted to get a white flurry waistcoat at $39.90. Still considering.

Went to Paragon where there's sale of christmas ornaments and christmas trees. Too bad my family doesn't celebrate christmas.

Bought a clutch/sling bag at Pazzion Wisma Atria. Cost me $63 but I really like the snake skin texture.

Off to Ion Orchard and guess what? We saw someone working at the atrium. Gosh, I thought I saw the wrong person again. I was wearing this same pink top the other time when I thought I saw him at Cineleisure. This cursed top.

Had desserts at 味香园. So fully packed but we managed to get 2 high seats.

Home at 5pm, had dinner and off to collect the waxing kit which I ordered from Qoo10. I shall review it later this time when I lay my hands on it.

Ending a picture of Beorn Goh which I took this morning.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cosmo Charity Blow Out

10 Nov 2012

Went to Cosmo Charity Blow Out at Evolve Salon @ Liang Court.

Had a hair wash and blow dry. Not just that, I brought back shampoo, conditioiner and hair treatment mask. Too much liquid to carry.

Went to Girlhairdo at Penisula Shopping Centre. Bought the hair tool kit and also the comb. Total at $24.80 which I thought was worth it. So now, I can't wait for me hair to grow long.

Headed to Marina Square to catch "Pitch Perfect" starring Anna Kendrick. Good movie with bits of laughter. I didn't know acapella could be this fun.

Back home at 6pm.

09 Nov 2012

Collected Colour Vue Twilight contact lenses at Straits Optical. Cost me $80 for a pair which can last for 3 months.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Char Grill Bar

05 Nov 2012

Mint Green sleeveless dress from The Stage Walk

Finally I managed to catch up with the Channel 8 dramas. Hoping to find websites which allow me to watch HK drama cause I have missed out far too much.

04 Nov 2012

It was stay home weekend for me. Looking after my nephew and spending time with family.

Went for pilates at gym. As usual, went back home with body ache.

Had dinner with siblings at Char Grill Bar. One of my favourites was their Black Pepper Chicken Chop. The meat was tender and not too hot for me. Cost me $6.50 and it's not very filling for me.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Long Friday Night

02 Nov 2012

Met WX and her bf to go to WF's grandma's wake.

After waiting for a long time, finally SF and HM reached. I headed to meet Dare Association at WCP and received Nicholas's wedding invitation card.

Back to meet the ladies and SF sent YJ and HM to nearby train station.

Had bak chor mee for supper with SF at Clementi Kopitiam. Chilled till almost 2am.

Here's pictures of my nephew again. He's now 1.5mths old.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Chesed Tape


Got this black dress from The Chesed Tape and here I am wearing it for a photoshoot.

The fabric is light, good for work and casual. Personally, I like simple designs and if you find it too plain, match it with accessories like watch or bangle.

There are 2 silver military buttons on the shoulder, one on each shoulder too.

It's selling at $26 and do check out their Facebook for other apparel too.