Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Stomach

Had hotcakes for breakfast with mum at 10am. The morning queue was exceptionally long.

Back home and slacked till 2pm.

Met KZ and off to 1-Caramel at Rochester to meet Ama and Nicholas for brunch. Ordered a $12  "BLT Wrap". Taste good and served warm.

Chilled till 5pm and got a ride home from Nicholas.

Slacked till 7pm and off for dinner at Warung Lele. Ordered quite a feast for 4 of us.

Ayam Penyet Idola

Yellow Ginger Rice

Kailan Tiram

Kangkong Sambal Balacan

Cereal Prawns

My favourite dish is the kangkong. The gravy was really thick and flavourful unlike some of those zi char.

The yellowginger rice was fragrant, don't imagine it as spicy and yucky. It's just $0.20 more than plain rice.

The crispy bites alongside ayam penyet was good just like the cereal in the cereal prawns.  The chicken was tender and the crispy skin? Needless to say.

The lime juice was not too sour. I finished half a glass before I was half full.

The bill came up to about $64 which I feel is worth for money. Really filling.

Dinner at Ah Yat Seafood

29 June 2012

Skipped lunch and only had soy bean.

 My new BeBe dress

Back home and put on makeup. Used the Summer eye makeup from Make Up Store. A different combination to play with colours. The metallic water spring eye pencil was intense.

Met WF at Clementi Mall and down to Outram Park. Took a cab to Ah Yat Seafood at UE Square (River Wing).

WX reached before us. Waited for the rest to arrive. Here's what for our dinner.

Sichuan Chicken

Lobster Soup with Pumpkin and Shark's Fin

Pan-fried Fish Fillet

Salted Egg Prawn

Braised Ee-fu Noodle

Bird's Nest in Almond Cream

No favourite dish for me. Average taste and definitely can't compare to Jumbo. I still miss the pumpkin soup.

Walked to Robertson Place but only ended up standing at the atrium talking.

SF went to meet her friends and the rest of us got a ride from WX's boyfriend. I accompanied YJ to go to NTUC Fairprice then send her to the taxi stand.

Home past midnight.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Fan of Dr. JiaJia

28 June 2012

Spent my afternoon watching Dr. JiaJia's Youtube videos. Very entertaining and of course, he is adorable. I am now his fan, ho seh bo?

Went to Watsons office supposedly to collect my $20 voucher but somehow my name wasn't in the list although I received the e-mail. Left empty-handed but they were prompt in resolving the issue. Shortly they called me to verify and I will be receiving it through mail.

Went to Ion Orchard to get the 2 of the Ice Cream (not edible) from Strip. It was on promotion, $80 excl. GST for 2.

Walked to Taka to get my long time craved $3 ham sandwich from St. Leaven. The bread has all along been a little tough to bite but the other ingredients were still good as before. Sat outside the event area munching with a bottle of green tea.

Took a cab to meet someone near his place. Didn't get a chance to talk much as he was happily sharing his business trip at India. Yes, it could still be a bad experience even if you stay in a 5-star hotel.

Back home at 8pm.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Watercress with Pork Ribs Soup

25 June 2012

Found one of the best food in ABC market. Watercress with pork ribs soup. Cost me $3.50 but it opened my appetite after been sick for the weekend.

Went shopping for stationery at Big Bookshop. Now it has been renamed to Clementi Book Centre.

Received the Dove serum sample from Nuffnang.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Down With Flu

Spent my Sunday in bed sleeping. Thanks to flu, I hardly ate anything filling.

Falling sick is just terrible. Worse than a busy day.

23 June 2012

Don't my eyes look scary?

Went for an outdoor photoshoot at Fort Canning. After posing for less than 30mins, I got dizzy. Followed by nausea, palpitations and lastly vomiting. I kind of spoilt the photoshoot.

Took a cab home, shower and slept before my hair was dry.

22 June 2012

Received the rainbow knitted top and nautical cardigan I bought from The Stage Walk. I am always into knitted wear despite the hot weather in Singapore.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lunch at Harbourfront Banquet

Had lunch with the ladies at Harbourfront Banquet. 7-pc Yong Tau Foo including rice cost me $4.30. The soup was not bad.

Went into Vivocity BeBe to take a peep and they do carry the striped dress too. Tempted.

It was 2:20pm when I was back in office. Did some work and knock off sharply.

Had $2 chicken rice from Ananas. It lasted me about 2 hours and the soup has herbal taste. I will try the $2 chicken cutlet rice with mayonnise next time.

Back home, had shower and to Clementi Mall.

Bought undies from BHG Hush Puppies. $13 for a box of 5.

And also, the L'oreal lipstick which I have been eyeing on. Thanks to Watsons for the 20% discount and the $1 rebate.

I Know You Can Be Sweet

20 June 2012

Had green bean soup for lunch. The start of my liquid lunch.

Went to meet someone during lunchtime. The weather was just too hot. Someone was sweet enough to wipe the sweat on my face. I know you can be sweet.

Went home for dinner. Mum cooked laksa again. I must say, this is one of the best dishes so far. Finished my portion including the gravy.

Went for facial. Waited for at least 20mins till my turn, thanks to the lady before me who was late.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lunch at Vivocity

19 June 2012

Met WX and SF for lunch at Vivocity Asian Kitchen. I was running to the restaurant because I missed my bus and I only reached at about 1pm. So I had no chance to go to BeBe. Had Sour and Spicy Soup with rice. Cost me $8.20 excl. GST.

Left for office at 1:30pm. Missed my bus again. Was sweating under the sun like I was working out in the gym.

Went to gym after work for BodyJam. Really good workout with the dance instructor Ana.

Home at 8pm.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Am My Own Bartender

Went shopping alone at Orchard. Yes, that sounds like I am going to have a big hole in my pocket.

First stop at Ion Orchard BeBe. Got stuck in there for almost 2 hours. Tried a few bodycon dresses as below but I only bought two which cost me $268 in total after using a $20 voucher. And so, I have decided to cut down on my weekday lunch. Maybe just a fruit juice or a dessert.

Look best in this among the rest and so it's mine

The lines made me look plumper

Not too bad in this but still uncomparable to the first dress

Still tempted to get this

Bought this dress in blue

Went to Kinokuniya and was tempted to get the $8.90 Entertainment magazine with the Twilight cast as cover. But I didn't get it in the end since I know I can find tonnes of pictures online.

Went for a complimentary facial at Ngee Ann City New York Skin Solution. Had the collagen facial done and spent $60 to get the eye care kit. My face is now more V-shaped and firmer but I still can't bear to part with my money to get the package.

Went to Tampopo for dinner. Had the original kyushu ramen and chawamushi. The chawamishi is good but the ramen kept making me drink water. Maybe it was too flavourful for me. Food was served promptly because of the timing which I went.

Back home at 7pm and went to NTUC Fairprice to get large limes and tonic water. Decided to be my own bartender for Sunday night.

Made 2 drinks from the Cointreau sample I got from the Ladies Night at Clarke Quay. First was the Cointreau Caipirinha which was refreshing. I used juice of a lime, 2 cl Cointreau and the rest was crushed ice (not very crushed actually).  Second drink was Cointreau Bubbles. I made it using juice of a lime, about 120ml tonic water, 2 cl Cointreau and the rest were crushed ice. I still prefer the Caipirinha but the alcohol strength is higher.

Not bad for a Sunday right?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

SilkyGirl Make Me Over Workshop

Left home as early as 9am on a Saturday to attend Silkygirl's Make Me Over Workshop at SMU. Miss Audrey Quek was our trainer. A little bit of background about her, she's a former Miss Singapore World (if I didn't remember it wrong) and now she has her own image consultancy.

There were about 30 of us, 5 at a table. The main product of the workshop was the 2-way CC foundation. I applied it using a wedge (wet it if you want a matte finish) after applying liquid foundation. Another way is to use a foundation brush to apply. I like the flawless finish and it doesn't make my makeup look flaky.

Next was to draw our eyebrows. I was the model for it as my eyebrows were thin. It's true that thick eyebrows will make you look younger.

We had refreshments before the 2nd half of the workshop. There were mini sandwiches, aglio olio, prawn siew mai, chicken yakitori and chocolate eclair.

The workshop continued with application of eye makeup. Look at the variety of eye shadow palettes we get to play with. I picked the 2nd palette on the left which is silver and light blue. As for the eyeliner, I picked Funky Eyelights Pencil in Ever Green to match my maxi dress bought from Quiche.

Finished off with blusher and lipstick. Everyone walked away with a goodie bag worth $60. And what's inside? The 2-way CC foundation, Duo Eye Shadow in Silver Star, Blushing Trio, Funky Eyelights Pencil in Ever Green and Glossy Trio Lip Gloss.

This is how I looked after the workshop. So much better.

Headed to Suntec City Quiche to collect my altered dresses and back home.

Had dinner with CJZ at Subway and off to coffee time with Ranga, LL and KZ.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Thursday Night At Vivocity

14 June 2012

Went to Vivocity after work to meet WX and WF for dinner. Realised I have been going Vivocity weekly.

Bought a pair of nude pumps from Charles & Keith. Cost me $41.90.Wore it immediately and threw away the pair of sandals I was wearing.

Went Sephora and bought their house brand $23 liquid concealer and $25 concealer brush. Was tempted to spend up to $50 to get their 6-palettes makeup kit at $48 but I guess I won't use all of the eyeshadow colours so I erased that temptation.

Had dinner at Marche. Just a $6.40 rostti with sour cream was good enough.

While the both of them were in the restroom, I was peeping into Quiche looking at their last 2 days sale. Yes, I was tempted but I resisted to even walk into the shop. Knowing $$ will leave my pocket for sure.

Headed to Earle Swensens for ice-cream. Had a banana split with rocky road, chocolate peanut buttercup and o' fashioned vanilla. The lighting doesn't make the dessert appetising at all.

Bought the Ah Yat Seafood $35-for-8-course-meal deal from All Deals Asia. I already can't wait for the premium birdnest and the sharks' fin on 29th June.

Chilled till about 10:30pm.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lime and Sour Plum Drink

11 June 2012

Had economic rice with lime and sour plum drink. Everyone should try this refreshing drink. Shiok!

Only knocked off at almost 6pm yesterday so CSX had to wait for me after her window shopping at the baby products warehouse.

Walked to Queensway Shopping Centre for dinner. $3 Curry chicken with rice and $2 cup corn.

Bought the latest edition of Man Utd Jersey for Father's Day present. Shared with siblings and bro-in-law.

Home at 8pm.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shopping at Quiche

Went for brazilian waxing at Strip Paragon.

Met G for lunch at Daikokuya. Mini shotsu shio ramen which was pork based soy sauce soup. Cost $8.90 and it was very flavourful.

Went Suntec City as G wanted to go to PC Show. I went shopping at Quiche instead. Bought a short dress and a maxi dress at $79.90 as the maxi dress was on 50% discount. Got to wait for a week till I collect them after alteration.

Walked through Marina Square on the way home and saw someone working. First time to knock onto him.

Had Mac for dinner with CJZ.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

28 Black Promotion

Worked for 28 Black at Pioneer Mall 7-Eleven today.

Feet didn't hurt me as much as I expected.

Had zi char dinner with siblings. Kailan with Garlic, Prawn Paste Chicken and Salted Vegetable Soup.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Zi Char with the Ladies

Met the ladies for dinner at YJ's family's zi char stall. This is an annual event, I would say.

Had sambal kang kong, hot plate beancurd, cereal prawns and sotongs, salted egg york with minced pork and herbal chicken. The salted egg york with minced pork was a new try and not as salty as I thought. My favourite was of course cereal prawns or rather the cereal.

Had souvenirs bought by WF from Taiwan. A pretty pouch which is very versatile and it fits perfectly for my Samsung Galaxy Ace. Got "tai yang bing" as well.

Received the samples of Lactacyd Extra Moisturizing Feminine Wash. The good thing about sample size products? I keep them for travel to lighten my luggage.

Just won $20 Watsons voucher. Lady Luck, you are back!