Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ladies Night at Clarke Quay

Here I am sacrificing my beauty sleep at 11pm to blog about the event I just attended with KZ.

It was Ladies Night at Clarke Quay organized by Elle, BeBe, Burberry, Aveda, Cointreau and Carlo Rino. This time was held at Aquanova, located just beside the fountain.

We arrived early at about 6:20pm and there was already a queue at the registration.

The venue was decorated with balloons and lighting was ok. At least not that dark that I couldn't snap a proper picture. There were male models walking around to mingle too.

There were 2 stations for manicure and pedicure and a station for spray tattoo.

Had drinks and refreshments (or rather dinner) prepared by Aquanova. The drink was made using Cointreau, the picture of it as below. I remember 'playing' with it when I was working for my ex-boss. As for the refreshments, they were yummy. The buffalo wings were spicy and served hot. The onion rings were addictive as I could see KZ kept popping them into her mouth. The vietnamese spring rolls were crispy. Only the chicken yakitori were so-so.

Emcee for the event was Bobby Tonelli. It began with fashion show by Carlo Rino, followed by an acoustic band performance. Ended with fashion show by BeBe.

Got a goodie bag upon leaving at 9:30pm and here's what inside.

Will be attending the ZA Cosmetic Workshop at Orchard Building tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Japanese Snacks

Boss is back from Japan and yes, he got me a lot snacks considering I am the only one in office.

The one on the left should be made of wheat and sesame seeds and deep fried together. That's all I can figure out from the Japanese words.

The one on the right is made of chicken, soya beans and wheat (again). It is pan-fried like pancakes. I definitely can't bring this home to share with family so will enjoy it all alone.

The one on the left is made of seaweed, soya beans and wheat (again again). It was stated "Fresh is Best", I kind of wonder for this product.

The last snack is obviously crispy crabbies. They look like tiny crabs suffering from acne problem. I am going to make your hair stand before I end this post.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Potluck with Dare Association

26 May 2012

Had dinner potluck at Nicholas's place yesterday. Happened to meet LL in bus so as expected, we were the first to reach.

Was watching "Your Highness" and chatting while waiting for the rest to arrive.

KZ finally reached and prepared smoked duck salad for appetizer.

We had a dish with mushrooms, potatoes and Ikea meatballs prepared by Nicholas's maid.

Mac & Cheese prepared by Ama. Not so cheezy so I wasn't scared of eating it. Realised that I forgotten to take a photo of it.

LL bought bbq chicken,seaweed chicken, wasabi and crispy chicken.

Ranga reached at 6:30pm with his bruschetta. I only had it with chickpea. Sorry for the poor resolution photo from my phone.

After enough food, we had rose champagne sponsored by KZ.

Watched "Mirrors" on Channel 5. Quite a thriller.

I left at midnight to catch my last bus while the rest stayed on.

27 May 2012

Went to catch "Dark Shadows" at JP. Oh well, how could Barnabas Collins be comparable to Edward Cullen?

Had early dinner at NYNY. A cup of hot chocolate velvet which was really thick and half chicken with penne in alfredo. I was just too full that I felt bloated. Couldn't shop anyway so headed straight home.

Took a 2-hour nap and yes, I think I am having indigestion. Regret being greedy.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

2nd Friday at Brotzeit

Met WX for lunch at Queensway Mac yesterday. Timing was a bit rush but we still managed to get our stomachs filled.

I walked back to office while WX took a cab.

Rushed to Harbourfront Pastamania for Aglio Olio. Had a quick dinner and off to Vivocity.

At Vivocity Quiche, I saw the retail assistant who I bought the maxi dresses from at Suntec City Mall. Felt like I just met an old friend.

Had a bit of time to shop. Bought a pair of black strappy heels from Charles & Keith. Cost me $53.90.

Worked at Brotzeit to promote 28 Black just like last week. Will be there for the next 3 weeks. I am much more experienced this time and sold pretty well.

Had a mango lager from the restaurant manager after work. Something different and probably a favourite for those who likes sweet.

Home at about midnight.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Want to Win Make Up Store Goodies?

Work has been quite hectic lately. It should be a good thing since I can expect to lose weight.

Will be working for the next few Fridays and Saturdays for 28 Black. Spot me at Brotzeit Vivocity! And I can't wait for the potluck on Saturday with Dare Association.

Want to win the below Make Up Store goodies worth $140? Visit this site for 3 simple steps to win this giveaway!

Picture taken from

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Clio Special Pack

Went for BodyJam with trainer Jaclyn. She reminded me of our local singer Kelly Poon (contestant for the Superstar). Great class with her and Angie.

Bought the Clio Special Pack at $32.90 which includes a mascara and 2 Gelpresso eyeliners (purple and black). Glad that the outlet at Clementi Mall has the stock came in today.

Close up of the items

Received the 2 lace tops which I ordered from Qoo10 (formerly known as Gmarket). Glad that the lace was nicely done, at least doesn't look cheap.

Totally didn't know that Employment Pass Online (EP Online) only operates 8am-8pm on weekdays. Why would a website need to rest for 12 hours?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Picnic at Marina Barrage

20 May 2012

Went Marina Barrage for picnic with the ladies. HM brought her guinea pig named Cookie too.

The weather was fine and quite breezy. Sorry for the blur pictures, thanks to the old digital camera.

Food glorious food

We had sandwiches (tuna, egg mayo, ham and cheese), japanese salads, cup corn, hotdogs (pepper, cheese and original), crabsticks, prawns wrapped in cabbage, chwee kueh, siew mai, red bean buns, strawberries, kiwi, apple, green apple and grapes. Yes, it was too much for 6 of us.

HM brought her Cookie out on the grass. And yes, it was very active and kept HM busy.

Picture of Cookie snapped by YJ's friend, Hanzhen

In the evening, there were lots of kites and people of course. The weather turned really sunny and my back was burnt.

WF and SF hiding in the shade

We left for City Hall at 6:30pm. Had light dinner at Chopsticks by The Asian Kitchen. HM ordered her own dinner while the rest of us shared 2 bowls of hot and sour soup and village tofu.

Headed for ice-cream at Cold Stone. Had peanut butter perfect. Sweet and salty. Chilled till 10:30pm.

Back home for a good shower and met someone. Couldn't join for the HK trip as I couldn't take leave for a week.

21 May 2012

Thanks to the photographer Phoa, I knew I appeared on The Straits Times for the Bio-Essence ad for the 4x Anti-fighter. And so, mum went to get a copy of it too.

Had a busy morning but afternoon was slack. And boss will be on leave soon, I supposed this week should be very manageable.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Clio Makeup Workshop

18 May 2012

Worked for 28 Black yesterday night at Vivocity Brotzeit.

The most tiring thing was walking and standing with heels for 4 hours.

Home at 11:30pm and fell into deep sleep.

19 May 2012

Attended the Clio Makeup Workshop at Hotel Rendevous.

Received the goodie bag and had light refreshments while waiting for the workshop to begin.

Products in the goodie bag

There were lots of testers placed on each table for us to sample. There were 3 brands of products which were Clio, Skin79 and PeriPera.

Workshop began with speech from Starasia's staff and finally a makeup demostration.

The makeup artist was very humorous and kept us staying attentive. Lots of tips from him and this was the most impactful, "The first point which you place the eyeshadow on will have the strongest colour."

Here's how I look after I did my makeup in the workshop. I used the brown and beige Gelpresso eyeliner. It was easy to glide the eyeliner onto my eyelid and eyelid tape.

The workshop ended at 1:30pm and I walked to Plaza Singapura for a light lunch or rather dessert. The steamed egg with ginger was bad. The first taste of it was enough to leave a bad impression. Too much ginger and it was not sweet but 'spicy'.

Bought a dress from G2000 using the $50 e-voucher which I redeemed from the G2K Access on their FaceBook. Spent $49 on it.

Took a bus home and had a great nap.

When I reached home, my eye makeup was still good. The eyeliner didn't smudge or fade and so, I was impressed. Good for a change of brand.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lao Ban Soya Beancurd

13 May 2012

Had "Lao Ban Dou Hua" almond soya beancurd for breakfast. The legendary soya beancurd which everyone is talking about. My review on it? It was sweet and the almond taste wasn't that strong. So if you don't really hate almonds, it will still be edible to you. I expected it to be better actually.

Went for an indoor photoshoot in the afternoon and back home to change.

Had dinner with CSX and her husband.

15 May 2012

Went for dental appointment at Clementi Dental. Seen by Ms. Soh who helped me to clean and polish my teeth. Somehow we are just like friends. We can talk about hairstyle, earring and fashion (of course in between when my teeth is not undergoing any treatment). Had a tooth filling done by Dr. Lim who is Ms. Soh's mum. All done in less than 30mins.

Rushed off to meet Dare Association for ice-cream. Met Nicholas and KZ first and we took a long route to reach KAP. Ama and Ranga were already done with dinner then.

Chilled at Island Creamery. Spent $4.50 on a double scoop of cookies 'n' creme and fresh banana. Their prices are more affordable compared to Ben & Jerry. Had a discussion about the Langkawi trip in Oct. So looking forward to the lok-lok and having my own cabin for 4 days.

Went down to Cold Storage as KZ and Ama had grocery shopping to do.

Had a lift home, thanks to Nicholas.

16 May 2012

Had a slack afternoon so I was watching Michelle Phan's videos on YouTube. Here's what I learnt which I thought is interesting. Saves money too!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bio Essence 4x Anti-Dark Fighter

Went to attend the Bio Essence event at Bugis Junction today. I was one of the 100+ participants who took part in the 4-day challenge of the 4x Anti-Dark Fighter. Almost all of us were dressed in white which we told to do so.

Had my polariod picture taken, filled up my testimonial and did the skin analysis again. It is obvious that one of the freckles at my cheek area has faded and more dispersed.

Played a part in their filming of their upcoming TVC for this product. Soon you will see me on TV.

Brought 2 products home, the hydration sleeping mask and White and Firm Double Action Serum. 

Home at 4pm+.

There will be more of such makeup and skincare events which I will be attending. Clio Beauty Workshop on 19th May and ZA New Cosmetic Launch on 31st May. This month should be exciting.

Friday, May 11, 2012

CSX's Mini Birthday Celebration

Had a mini 21st birthday celebration for CSX at home and mum bought dinner from Happy Realm.

Ice-cream cake from Swensens

Bio Essence event at Bugis Junction tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

How About A Cupcake?

Went for 2 castings yesterday at Outram Park. Thankfully, I got confirmed for one of them so I will be working on a few Saturdays for May and June.

Rushed to Quiche at Suntec City to collect my 3 altered maxi dresses. Yes, I did spend quite an amount on them but I really feel that it was well-spent.

Back home at about 8pm. Mee Sua for dinner.

Got a homemade cupcake from neighbouring office today. Cupcakes aren't my type of pastries actually. This was not too sweet and the amount of cream to go with it was just right. Realised that I left out the hearts behind the cupcake in the picture.

Starting to get a headache. Praying hard that my immune system won't fail on me. Turning in early.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Business

Had a busy day in office. Rushed through the entire morning that I only had lunch at 1:30pm. Considering that I usually have lunch at 12:30pm.

Finally received the last item I bought from Gmarket over the month but it won't be the last item I will be buying from them. Because I have already have items in my cart. I intend to wear this  blouse as a 3/4 sleeve shirt like I saw it from the seller's page.

Back home for dinner and time for desserts at Mac.

Will be going for BodyJam tomorrow and a casting on Wednesday.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A "Date" with CJZ

Had a "date" with CJZ at Vivocity.

Hang around GV for an hour thinking there would be a long queue for the 60 free movie tickets redemption. Wasted my time as there were only 30 people in the queue. The tickets are sponsored by Adidas by the way. And expected, it's showing "The Avengers". I have watched it online yesterday so I already know what's going on.

Bought popcorn combo and jumbo hotdog to eat while watching. Cost me $10. There were a few laughing scenes other than just action.

Had steamboat dinner at JPot, my favourite streamboat restaurant. We ordered enoki mushroom, "tang o" (a type of green vegetable), marinated chicken, 2 jumbo meatball, rice, thick laksa noodle, bittergourd with fish paste, chicken sausage with cheese and bak kut teh as soup. Spent about $42 in total for a good meal.

Spotted Mark Lee and family in the restaurant too. Saw him on Star Awards last week and this week, I saw him in real person.

Home at 8:15pm.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Skin Allergy

Suffered from skin allergy in the morning. I still have no idea what I am allgeric to. Realised it when I was about to alight from the bus. The best part? I didn't bring my medicine. Luckily it went off on its own before lunch time.

Received a skirt (finally) I bought from Gmarket. Took me almost a month to receive it. The material is a little stretchable and not thick.

Met HM and WF for dinner at Ichiban Boshi. Had don don gozen but couldn't finish it.

Walked to the roof garden at Clementi Heights for HTHT till about 10pm. Managed to get home before the rain started.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shopping at City Hall

Went shopping alone at City Hall. It's starting to be my favourite shopping heaven.

My first stop? Quiche at Suntec City Mall. The sales assistants were very friendly. Surprisingly, I clicked very well with one of them named Brenda.

Presenting ... the maxi dresses in the shop that caught my eyes. The first was what I had my eyes on the previous time when I went with HM. The one I got was in black not brown. Thanks to the sales assistant who whatsapp me the image on Monday. Really good service wasn't it?

The second was this toga dress which gave me a Romanian feel. The prints were a little indian but that's fine.

Colour true to picture above

It's not black, it's supposed to be brown

Next is this python-like dress. Low cut and quite bare on upper back. Didn't get this as I couldn't think of any occassion to wear.
Reminds you of python?

Next is something a girl will wear to the beach. I didn't get this too as I thought the prints are quite common.

Bought the first 2 dresses ultimately. Got their lifetime membership. Thumbs up for their good service and attitude. Shall wait till I collect the dresses after alteration.

Walked back to Raffles City and staight to Steve Madden. I was eyeing on this pair of wedges previously and finally own them today. Was considering between the 2 colours coral and navy but decided on navy as it's much easier to match the clothes in my wardrobe. 15% discount for their Spring/Summer collection.

Stood having a Cold Cut Trio for dinner since there were no seats in Subway.

Took the train to Kent Ridge. Met CJZ to go to NUH to do visiting.

Home at 6pm, took my shower and second dinner at MOS Burger.