Sunday, April 29, 2012

My New Love: Quiche

27 April 2012

Went to Northpoint again after work. This time to get another Carlo Rino bag using the $50 voucher.

Rushed home for dinner.

28 April 2012

Started wearing another pair of coloured contact lens. It's Freshlook Amethyst.

Met HM for shopping at City Hall. Walked from Raffles City to Suntec City Mall. Had dinner at Mac. $4.50 Spicy McNuggets Meal with a hot fudge sundae.

Continued to shop and got stuck in Quiche. Had a hard time deciding which maxi dress to pick. The retail assistant asked,"Has anyone said you looked like a famous celebrity?". My answer, "Huh? No one has said that." Anyone, I finally picked one that has cheetah prints which was actually my second choice but I am still thinking of my first choice which has bohemian details. I shall count on my luck.

Got a ride home by someone at 10pm+.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

4-day Bio-Essence Whitening Challenge

Went around Singapore in the evening.

Went to L. D. Waxson at Hougang to collect the 4-day trial kit to participate in the Bio-Essence whitening challenge.

The first 4 products on the left are of trial size. From the left, we have the cleansing foam, softener (toner), day cream, night cream and the whitening serum which is full size. The main focus is of course the whitening serum which is proven to lighten pigmentation like freckles. I do have freckles on my upper cheek area.

Will be trying these products for 4 days and will be back in their office to review the results.

Went to Northpoint after which to collect Carlo Rino vouchers worth $80. And guess what? I bought a sling bag at $115. Still contemplating whether to get another one which will cost me $160 after using the $50 voucher.

Back home at 10pm. Will be sleeping well tonight.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Handbag

Went for BodyJam again. A bit lethargic today probably because I didn't get something to eat before that.

Received my handbag bought from Gmarket. Finally after almost 3 weeks.

Monday, April 23, 2012

My Pants/Thick Leggings Has Arrived

Received the pair of pants (thick leggings) from Gmarket. It has 2 pockets at the back. Material is good but the length is a little long for me. I waited almost 3 weeks to receive it.

Eagerly waiting for my 3 dresses and 1 handbag.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wanton Mee at Redhill

21 April 2012

Went to gym and happened to knock into SF and her cousin.

BodyJam was great. Made me sweat till my hair was wet. It really felt good knowing I could dance.

Had XXL crispy chicken for dinner at Clemeti Mall.

22 April 2012

Went for a photoshoot at Changi Airport. Here's a peek at one of the outfits. A white cat wig.

Took a lift from the photographer to Redhill and had my favourite wanton mee at Redhill Blk 75. I swear it's way better than Crystal Jade or Pontian.

Met someone for a while and back home at 2pm. Watched "The Hunger Games". Who says it's comparable to Twilight? It's way not better.

Dinner with CJZ at Mac.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Went for waxing at Strip @ Wheelock. Unexpectedly, I signed up the IPL package. I am too obessed with getting rid of hair. Got to finish my waxing package meanwhile.

Onboard "Battleship" at Shaw Lido. The theatre was less than 50% full. Had a great time eating salted popcorn for the 2 hours. It's my addiction. Anyway, the movie was great. You can stay excited for 1.5hrs.

Home at 9:30pm.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sad Sakura Buffet

Received my dress from Gmarket. Seller is "Pretty Summer". I placed my order on 13th April and got it yesterday. Fast delivery although it was normal postage.

Was supposed to be buffet for 7 but ended up for 5.

Anyway, there was lesser variety and no-longer-the-same-standard dishes. The chawamushi was weird with a prawn head and 2 beans on it. The station for fried vegetables was gone. The fried dou miao they had was quite oily and for 2 plates that I ate, the vegetables weren't fully cooked. The root beer I had turned out to be some weird colourless drink. Only the laksa, tempura and prawns were not bad. That's how sad it is. I would rather go to Buffet Town.

Discussed about our next overseas trip to Langkawi. Hopefully it will happened in October, I miss the lok-lok and ramly burger.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rocky Road

Met KZ and Ranga after their dinner.

Had ice-cream at Baskin Robbins. A $5 value scoop of Rocky Road for me.

Spotted a 40-year old couple cuddling. This is definitely disgusting and everyone else were peeping at them. Apparently, they seems to enjoy the attention.

Chilled till 10pm.

Sakura buffet dinner with Dare Association tomorrow. Finally, 7 of us can all make it.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Free Braised Egg

Dreamt of the sky dropping ice. And apparently I was in some cold European country. Too scary that I was hiding under a table in a hotel room. Woke up really tired in reality. Must have been the Sumatra earthquake.

Bought chicken rice for lunch and the uncle was so nice to give me a braised egg for free. The assistant mumbled some stuff which I didn't catch and so I didn't respond. Only realised it when I was back in office to eat it.

Had a busy afternoon that I worked overtime.

Home at 6:30pm.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gmarket Shopping

Went for BodyJam yesterday. Another great dance class by the instructor Ana.

Spent a little time on Gmarket shopping. Bought a $28.80 black sling bag. Expecting its arrival in 3 weeks. Now I am tempted to buy another bag.

Felt an earthquake for about 5mins in office. I thought it was me feeling giddy.

Looking forward to watching "Battleship".

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Shopping At Clementi Mall

Thanks to the period and menstrual cramp, I had a bloody Sunday.

Had chicken rice for lunch and hot fudge sundae for dessert. Went shopping at Clementi Mall. Yes, shopping alone can cause a big hole in my pocket.

Bought a sleeveless top and a leather skirt from Osmose. Cost me $58.80.

Bought 3 sets of lingerie from the BHG fair. $42 for 3 sets, that's very worthwhile I thought.

Back home wanting to watch "On Call 36小时" but the file was corrupted. This HK drama serial triggered my genes to go back into science. Decided to watch "那些年,我们一起追的女孩". It was touching for the last 15mins. Didn't waste my time.

I must have been thinking of you too much to be dreaming of you.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Guys Gone Missing

05 April 2012

Met HM last night for HTHT. Where have all the good guys gone? Probably some other women or even men's possession.

Home at 10:30pm.

06 April 2012

Loitered in Orchard looking for food. I was a little hungry but still picky. Wanted to have hokkien prawn mee at Food Republic but it was closed for renovation. Ended up at Sakae Sushi for salmon don and chawamushi. There aren't so much choices after all.

Went for a 2-hour photoshoot at Newton then headed home at 9:30pm.

Probably making a trip to JCube tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Edited "Home"

Have finally moved into the new renovated office. Enough of the dust.

Have been feeling down lately and so I edited the lyrics of "Home".

This ain't home, really.
Where I know I must leave.
Where nightmares wait for me,
Where my tears will start to flow.

This ain't home, sadly.
As my eyes can tell me.
This is where I just feel alone.
For this is where I feel I'm cold

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Saturday with Dare Association

31 March 2012

Went to watch "Bel Ami" at PS alone, yes alone again. Not a fantastic movie and there were no subtitles so I had to pay 100% attention.

Wanted to get a haircut at Chapter 2 unfortunately it was fully booked. Not willing to give up, I walked to 313 Somerset heading for the salons. Heatwave was fully booked too so I ended up at Salon Vim.

The senior hair stylist Stephanie recommended me the hairstyle which fulfilled the hair length I wanted. And boom, short bob. And yes, I walked out of the house with long hair and ended home with really short hair.

I am quite confident of my new look and so decided to queue for the Singapore Roxy Girl compeitition at OC. Got video-ed to do a short interview while queuing.

Queued for an hour just to get my photos taken. Had to make KZ entertain herself.

Apparently I don't look so good in pictures.

Got a goodie bag for joining the competition and hoping I can win the 4-day Bali trip.

Took a bus to MBS with KZ. Too bad the buffet dinner was too expensive so we had a change of plan by going to Carousel. The buffet was freaking $103 in case you wonder.

Waited for the rest to arrive but Ama, KZ and I started the buffet before everyone was present. Out of all the food there, I had the salmon sahimi the most. The creme brulee was great too. As for the carbonara pasta, Buffet Town is still better.

Due to the Earth Hour, we spent an hour eating in darkness. Chilled till 10pm+ and off to Holland V with the rest except Nicholas and his sis.

Had drinks at Barossa. Moscow Mule for me. My eyes were starting to get dry, thanks to the contact lens. Had to close my eyes from time to time.

Home at 2am.

G2000 Spring/Summer Fashion Show

30 March 2012

Won 2 tickets to G2000's Spring/Summer fashion show and I had HM to join me.

Had our photo taken and an express makeover by Guerlain makeup artists.

I know I look fat in that top

After an express makeover

Redeemed the goddie bag at their outlet and had a quick shopping. Bought a knitted bluose at $29 after using the $20 voucher.

Headed for dinner at KFC then window-shopping. Resisted the temptation to buy a pair of $159 Aldo heels.

Walked to Marina Square at about 9:30pm. Window-shopping for heels but to no avail.

Home at 11pm.