Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Won $20 Carlo Rino Voucher

Won a $20 Carlo Rino voucher from their X'mas Rewards app. Now I have another chance to spend for CNY.

Met someone yesterday at lunchtime. Had chicken rice (again) for lunch.

Back home after work and had dinner at BK with siblings. They should really switch back the bread for Spicy Tendercrisp. The taste would be much better than now.

2 more weeks to shopping in BKK.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Evening Gown Fitting

Went for facial at noon then to IMM.

Had McSpicy Value Meal for lunch then meet family to go to E Bridal.

Watched CSX changed gowns and I selected one grey evening gown.

Had dinner at Kopitiam then got a ride home by uncle at 8pm.

Received photos from the photoshoot at Palawan Beach. There's more here.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas with the Ladies

Woke up at 10am+ but still reluctant to wash up. Dragged till 2pm until we finally checked out.

Had late lunch at Ding Tai Fung Raffles City. Egg fried rice and xiao long bao.

Shopped around and only bought 100g of Taiwan mandarin peel at $2.

Took a bus home with SF and WF.

Home at 5pm. Lots of washing to do then dinner at Subway with CJZ.

Facial appointment and evening gown fitting tomorrow.

Christmas Eve with the Ladies

Merry Christmas to all!

I just got back from hotel stay with the ladies. Thanks to them, I don't have to sing Eason Chan's "Lonely Christmas".

24 Dec 2011

Supposedly to go for brazilian waxing at Strip Raffles City but my appointment got mixed up so had to cancel it. Ended up shopping for photo albums at Precious Thots and a hoodie from Aerospace. Really liked the $49.90 hoodie.

Met the ladies at 2pm and walked to Conrad Centennial. Here's our room looked like for paying $330/night. Spacious room and bathroom with a good view of the fountain.

Dropped off our bags and off to late lunch/early dinner at Xing Wang. Ordered a spicy minced pork rice which wasn't spicy at all.

Walked to Suntec City Mall to get log cake, food and Heineken. It was a long walk if you were to take the linkway.

Back to hotel room to place our stuff. Played card games while waiting for YJ to arrive. While WF went to fetch YJ, the rest of us had to stay at the lobby while waiting for HM to hide her christmas presents to us.

We took lots of photos with different facial expressions, exercising our face muscles. Took photos with the christmas trees too.

Christmas Tree of Bears

Back to hotel room after half an hour to have supper. Thanks to YJ and her parents for the sumptous supper.

Cut the log cake into 6 big slices but half of it was wasted.

Log Cake from Polar

Time for christmas present exchange after shower. Played the 'Left and Right" game to know whose present we will be receiving. YJ got my present and I got WF's present. YJ gave each of us a L'occitane rose lip gloss, WF gave us Herseys chocolate and WX gave each of us a cookie. HM bought each of us a usb thumbdrive from HK which were the presents she hid in the room to make us find. Forgotten to mention that I was the loser, couldn't find my present and had to do a forfeit.

Continued with card games and drinking. WX's and YJ's faces were red most of the time. Had my forfeit by allowing them to draw on my face and 'dress' me up. Wait till you see the pictures but I have to say, they have been very lenient.

Lights out at 5am.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Nauseous Again

Went gym after work yesterday. Only had crackers and milo for dinner.

Met someone at late night or rather early morning.

Finally, the auntie at office is back. At least time flies faster this way.

Felt a little nauseous on the way home. Only had a 'ang ku kueh' before I took an hour nap to ease my discomfort.

Had dinner at Ramen Ten with CJZ.

Got to pack my bag for tomorrow's hotel stay at Conrad Centennial with the ladies.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Rainy Monday

Have received photos from the last bridal shoot I had. Check out the link.

The rain in the morning made me walked in dirty wet pumps. Totally disgusting.

Busy day at work today that I had hardly anytime to relax especially in the afternoon. Without auntie been around, I panicked.

Only had Chwee Kueh for lunch but good enough that I don't feel hungry at the end of the day.

Few more days to Christmas but yet to feel the festive mood.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Present for Myself

Went out with grandma, mum and aunt to Jurong West then to Clementi. Been busy on the phone all afternoon trying to find things out for CSX.

Had late lunch at food court then did light shopping.

Decided to buy the Carlo Rino tote from BHG. If not for the 20%, I wouldn't have bought it for myself as a Christmas present.

Watching "Alvin & The Chipmunks" now.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Train Disruption

Haven't been blogging lately as I have been busy.

Had a pretty long day thanks to the train disruption between Newton and Marina Bay.

Went to AMK to get office keys and documents for Monday at 12:15pm. Got stuck in the MRT shuttle for more than an hour to travel from AMK to Orchard.

Waited for another 20mins for bus 111 to get to my previous workplace and it was raining cats and dogs.

Finally reached Queenstown at 3:15pm and back to Clementi.

Played pool with CJZ and his friends. Had dinner at BK and finally back home to rest.

Eyeing on that $136 Carlo Rino tote. Shall make up my mind tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lunch at Bukit Merah Village Food Centre

Had lunch at Bukit Merah Village Food Centre. The $3.50 nasi padang with curry chicken, bittergourd and beansprouts was not bad.

Walked to Queensway Shopping Centre to run errands then back to office. For this time, I didn't have curry chicken.

Will be going gym after work tomorrow again. I am trying to lose that 2kg.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Leaving Home for the 4th Time

Went pool with CJZ yesterday afternoon. Played 5 rounds and won 3. He has improved a lot.

Back home then to Clementi Mall. Had soy bean and red bean pancake for late lunch.

Back home and went out again. Had to buy a handphone charger as the old charger's port was loose in less than a year. Not going to use Samsung after this phone. The Samsung store sells it at $38 but I only got it at $15 from a handphone store.

Forth time in a day I am leaving my house. Went to meet someone at Suntec and as expected, I went there and got a lift home.

Home at 10:30pm.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Advance Christmas With Dare Association

Met Dare Association yesterday for buffet dinner and christmas exchange. Budget was $5 for the present so we had to crack our brains.

Bought a set of 6 glasses from Ikea and Nicholas got my present. I got Ranga's handmade present of brownies. Really thick chocolately taste. He got us each a notebook with wrote a personal message.

Walked to West Coast Plaza to buy beer and snacks.

Chilled at Nicholas's place to watch "Scream 4" but he fell asleep as expected. The movie got us bored and ended up gossiping from FB.

Home at 2:30am.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Time to Start Saving Money

Went gym after work yesterday. Have been trying to save money and eating really affordable food like $1.50 for a pack of vegetarian kway teow for lunch.

Bought Hersey's Cookies & Cream chocolate, a can of Heineken and L'oreal shampoo.

Cooked instant noodles for dinner, had my lager beer while watching "Gossip Girl" and off to sleep.

Can't wait for dinner buffet at Sakura today with Dare Association.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Have Gained (Back My) Weight

Time has been flying really slow in December. I just wish it would be faster.

Went gym after work at 5pm. Has been like 2 weeks since I last had a workout. And indeed, I have gained back my weight to 48kg.

Had last minute dinner with Jac. Had chicken rice at Clementi Market then to Mos Burger for ice milk tea. Got some tempting Hersey's Cookies & Cream Chocolate from her.

Home at 9:30pm.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Bridal Photos

03 Dec 2011

Have received some photos from the bridal photoshoot on Saturday. Here's a peek and for the rest, visit My Photobucket.

04 Dec 2011

Went for another bridal photoshoot at TPY yesterday. Here's what I got so far from the makeup artist Xavier.

The beautiful hairdo

I even had polaroid photos taken but forgotten to bring them back.

Photoshoot ended at 7pm and rushed to a survey. Easy money but I was feeling naseous. Didn't have time for lunch and dinner.

Had to call a cab home as I had difficulty flaging for a cab at 9pm and the taxi queue at TPY was long.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bridal Photoshoot

Woke up at 6:30am to prepare to go out for bridal photoshoot. See, I still work on a weekend but this is something I enjoy doing so no grumble.

Had makeup and hairdo done at Viva Gown then to Mount Vernon Park for photoshoot. Started with a white bridal gown. The big green park will be closed soon for development. There were really big and green trees on the big grassland.

Went to Fort Canning with a blue evening gown. I have to say, the gown was stunning. Wait till you see the photos and you will fully understand. Changed to a yellow evening gown after much shooting. Hairdo was also changed. It began to rain soon after so had to shoot indoor instead.

Left for very late lunch at Park Mall. It was already 3:30pm then. Had korean cuisine and had a lift home by the photographer and his wife who owns Viva Gown. Realy nice and sweet couple.

Another bridal shoot tomorrow afternoon at TPY. Yes, it will be the second time I get 'married' for this weekend.

Friday, December 2, 2011

First Days At Armourflex

Just started on my new job as office administrator yesterday at Amourflex. Have been adapting well and learning new things. Colleagues and boss have been helpful so I should count myself lucky.I am going to tell myself to stay on this job for a long time.

Weather has been changing and the rain is unpredictable. Will observe and see if the bridal shoot can proceed tomorrow.