Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advance Christmas Presents

Today is officially the last day working for 2 bosses. Tomorrow will be a new start.

Had lunch with boss, both of us thought of the wanton mee at Redhill. It's really one of the best I had so I guess I would be going back to patronize.

Back home continue to work.

Participated in the Laurier contest and won myself Adidas goods. Was too excited that I went straight down to the outlet at Robinson 77 at 6pm upon receiving the letter.

Here's what I won: a bag, cap, water bottle and $50 Adidas voucher.

And I used the $50 voucher on the spot since I can enjoy 30% on all merchandise in the outlet. And here's what I bought: a dry fit tee and a cap for myself, a waist bag for someone. That shall be his christmas present. The stuff are way cheaper than what you see in normal outlets. For example, the cap only cost me $25 without 30% discount.

Home at 8pm after happy christmas shopping at Adidas. Thanks to Laurier for the christmas presents!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

At Town with Mum

Stayed home to work from 9:30am to 3pm. Non-stop that I don't have time for lunch

Went to Essence Studio with mum to look at the fanily photos taken last week. Most of them are really well-taken just that it's pricey to get them printed in an album. At the very least, we still get a complimentary 5" x 7" capture. Will be going back in a month to collect it.

Walked to Taka Cedele for high tea. Ordered a slice of red velvet cake, raspberry and almond scone and blueberry and walnut muffin to share.

Strolled to Tangs to allow mum to look at the christmas lights then to ION Orchard.

Home at 8pm and instant noodles for dinner.

Sentosa > Bugis > Expo

27 Nov 2011

Had a photoshoot at Palawan Beach. It was ballet theme but I don't have ballet background so I really have difficulty with most poses. However, I still look forward to a few good pictures.

Had Subway for brunch, thanks to the photographer for the treat.

Met Jac to go Middle Road to get wrapping paper. She really spent a lot just on the paper.

Had desserts at Bugis Junction while deciding to go back Clementi or to hang around while waiting for someone.

Back to Clementi with Jac and headed home.

Reached home for less than half an hour and off to Expo.

Had a california handroll at Changi City Point then to meet someone. I did find myself dumb to go all the way to the far end of Singapore and still ended up being drove home right away.

Home at 10pm and had supper with CJZ at Mac.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Parties Just Began

25 Nov 2011

Worked at a private party at MINDEF Bukit Gombak. Met 2 models, Michelle and Janet, to take a cab to the venue.

Simple job scope, to serve beer, mingle and to collect the used pints. Good money, I must say. I worked for only 4 hours and earned more than what I earned a day working 8 hours in an office.

Sang karaoke with 2 guys and a few of the models. Ya, I still earn money from singing karaoke enjoying myself. Sang "今天你要嫁給我" twice with 2 different guys. I was thinking, "我到底要嫁几次?"

Shared a cab with Janet and Zeris to Bukit Batok and took a train home.

26 Nov 2011

Met KZ at Raffles Hotel for Dior Christmas Party at 11am. There were more 'tai-tais' and mature women at the event.

Got a goodie bag with trial size products.

Had refreshments while waiting for event to start.

Event started with a makeover demo followed by a runway. They were really tall and slim models. Had a talk by an image consultant. She presented really well and got us in action too. Below are some tips to share.

Finally it's shopping time. KZ and I got individual photos taken at the event. I looked really tanned from the photo especially if you were to compare me with KZ. I thought the placement of my fingers were too 'witch-y'.

Bought a Rouge lipstick, spending only $4 since I utilised the $40 voucher.

Had refreshments again while waiting for the lucky draw. There were a few ladies who won more than once. Sadly (I have to say), the Dior timepiece, which worth more than $3000, went into a older lady's hands.

Left the event at 2:30pm for MBS. It was raining so we just had to take a cab for convenience.

Bought the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack from That CD Shop. It came with a small poster.

Window-shopping and had ice-cream at Cold Rock while waiting for the rain to stop. We thought there was no sheltered way to get to LV so we waited. Felt like dummies when we exited LV to realise that it's connected to the LV in MBS.

Took a cab (again) to 313 Somerset for dinner. Wanted to have Marche but the queue was too long. Ended up at Ding Tai Feng.

Shared Xiao Long Bao and ordered egg fried rice for myself.

Chilled at Coffee Bean till 9:15pm with a small toffee cocoa.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1

24 Nov 2011

Went for dental appointment, got my teeth checked and polished.

Back home then to facial.

Down to town for rest of the day. Had Mac for lunch outside Shaw Lido. It's scary to see the pigeons fighting for food. They flocked over your head to get to the table of leftover food.

Had full leg waxing done at Pink Parlour then back to Shaw Lido to catch "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1".

Much more intimacy compared to the previous movies. And the scene when Bella gave birth was bloody. I am on the lookout for the soundtrack.

Went to Clementi, had pork porridge with egg for dinner. Went to library to browse magazines. Knocked into SF at Clementi Mall.

Received the gown fitting pictures. Below are some pictures to share.

My favourite of all

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Family Photoshoot

20 Nov 2011

Went pool with CJZ at WCRC. Had to use the VIP room as there' was an event.

Played 5 rounds in an hour and won all. Despite that, I know my skill didn't remain the same standard but got worsed.

Back home and spent the entire day watching HK drama.

21 Nov 2011

Went for family photoshoot at Essence Studio. It was through the G2000 Style Icon when I heard of them.

It was a fun and never-had-before experience for the family. WIll be reviewing the photos on Tuesday.

Went to Happy Realm for dinner. It has been years since we went there together.

Went Vivocity with mum and CSX. Bought 2 tops from G2000, a sweater and a woollen blouse. I am their regular customer.

Rested at Secret Recipe and took a bus home. Kept dozing in the bus looking ugly.

Home at 7pm.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

PURE Club Party

19 Nov 2011

Went to attend PURE Club Party at Vivocity Make Up Store. Had a simple makeover done using their Winter products. And of course, I bought cosmetics again.

For some reason, I can't rotate the photo. Here's what I bought, limited edition retractable powder brush, Silver Soil Eyeliner, Pink Dream Eyeliner, Myth Eyeshadow, Kiss Me On The Cheeks Blusher, Blotting Powder and Lip Plump.

Bought a pair of flip flops from M)phosis, $17.30. Enough of shopping, time for good food.

Headed to my favourite steamboat restaurant JPot. Ordered laksa bee hoon, yong tau foo combination, JPot Pork Ball, enoki mushroom and bak kut teh as soup base.

Bought my favourite seaweed from the Japanese and Korean fair by Cold Storage. Now I know Novena Square Cold Storage sell them too.

Home at 6pm. Did my mask and eye spa and got to turn in early tonight.

The Sweetest Bird's Nest

17 Nov 2011

Met Nicholas and KZ for dinner at JP New York New York. Had Penne with Half Chicken in Alfredo Sauce. Thanks to Nicholas for the dinner.

Window-shopping while Nicholas had to wait for his photos being developed.

Almost bought iPod Nano from NuBox but I still can't part with $208.

Shared 10 durian puffs from Durian Empire. Set on a bench outside Jean Yip watching people walked by.

Had a lift home thanks to Nicholas.

18 Nov 2011

Was working at home in the morning until someone texted me to meet him.

Dropped off some stuff at boss's office and went to meet someone. Surprisingly, he gave me bird's nest for no reason. Well, the sweetest bird's nest.

Back home to work until evening to meet KZ at town. Registered and paid to attend Dior's Gold Christmas party. Looking forward to it.

Had korean cuisine for dinner at FEP. The seafood fried rice was quite salty. I had to drink 2 glasses of cold korean tea.

Walked to Shaw Lido, bought my ticket to watch Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 on 24 Nov. I rather watch this movie alone, seriously.

Bought hot chocolate and sat at Shaw Lido's lobby area. Spotted numerous gay couples, heartbreaking it is for the ladies isn't it?

Home at 00:30am.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

画壁 = Bore

Have signed a job offer as an office adminstrator. Will be starting work on 01 Dec.

Watched 画壁 yesterday but I find it bored. Wasted my time. I should have just concentrated on watching Gossip Girl or 法证先锋3.

Going for a fitting for a bridal / evening gown shoot at Yew Tee. Shall take a few pictures if I have the chance.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Waiting To Start On My New Job

13 Nov 2011

Head to gym at Fusionpolis, my weekly routine. Spent most of the time cycling.

Met Jac at Starbucks Holland Village. Thanks to flu, I wasted half a cup of toffee nut latte and a bite of old fashioned glazed donut.

Went CJZ for dinner. The fish slice soup was too salty for me. Reminded me of the taste in the mouth when I am about to vomit.

14 Nov 2011

Met someone in the afternoon before going for my second interview. I don't know what's with him about finding out what I put in that paper bag.

Took a cab to my future workplace (I already knew I would be offered the position) for a second interview. Will start work from 01 Dec.

Went to FEP Pink Parlour to have my nails done. Was watching "Salt" while been treated like a princess.

Had wanton mee for late lunch. Realised that Scotts Square just opened. Window-shopping then to Dempsey.

Had a double belgium waffle at Ben & Jerry. The Chunky Monkey ice-cream was not bad. Considered this as dinner.

Went for browgraphy and lashgraphy at BrowHaus Academy. My brows are now darker and can ignore drawing them for probably 2 weeks.

Spot photos of myself from the Pink Ribbon Party. Here's two of them. I know my hair is very messy. Anyway, for more photos, visit here or Pink Parlour's FB page.

Friday, November 11, 2011

New Python-Skin Purse

From today till I found a new job, I will be most of the time working from home. One advantage is that I save on transportation.

Had lunch with boss at Dempsey Jumbo. The pumpkin soup was delicious. There were enoki mushroom, scallop and prawn in it. It may cost $10 a bowl but I feel it's worth it. Shared a plate of spinach beancurd (also with plenty of mushrooms) and a small plate of cod fish. Didn't know that we could get so full.

Worked at boss's place and she gave me a python-skin purse she got from Bali. I know it might be hair-standing to most people but I thought it's really unique. The texture is not rough or spikey at all, in fact it's really smooth. Can't describe how happy I was.

Left for home to continue working.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Real Steel

Went to gym yesterday morning. Rushed to Bugis Street wanting to get the flip flops that I always wear but couldn't locate the shop.

Rushed back to Shaw Lido to watch "Real Steel". I know I am very slow in following the latest movies. Had popcorn for lunch.

Back at Clementi at 5:30pm and bought a blue maxi dress, $35.90. I have been eyeing it for days.

Stayed home to watch HK drama and met someone at night.

Had Mac for supper and totally knocked out in bed.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dinner at Mayim Chinese Cuisine

04 Nov 2011

Helped boss to do the video again. Yes, soon you will see me on Youtube. I am looking forward to see the final video too.

Knocked off at 4pm and went back home.

Prepared and off to meet the ladies for dinner. Had cold cut trio at Subway Harbourfront.

Bought 2 chicken wings from Old Chang Kee as I was not full from the sandwich. Chilled and had our picnic at Vivocity Sky Garden. Watched the fireworks at USS at 9pm.

As it started to drizzle, we moved to MacDonald Harbourfront and knocked into Yoke Leng and gang.

Discussed our plans for Christmas and finally booked a 2D1N hotel stay at Link Hotel. Now we are all looking forward to Christmas eve.

05 Nov 2011

Got 2 presents from my boss after she came back from her Bali trip.

Benefit's Sugarbomb

Had a family dinner to celebrate grandmother's birthday at Mayim Chinese Cuisine which is in Westmall. Had a "Gui Fen Ji Mian" which is like steamed chicken with noodles. Only the chicken was tender but the noodles and the sauce tasted awful.

Home at 10pm.

Photoshoot at Hotel 81 Bencoolen tomorrow morning. Planning to go gym and to Bugis Village to get my slippers.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Me Doing Sales?

Went for my interview at 11am. It went off very smoothly and it was very comforting talking to the interviewer. He suggested that I should do sales since I could carry off myself well, does that mean being a real estate agent will work for me? Whether or not, I will wait for news to see if it's required to go for second interview. And meanwhile, I need to decide if this is what I want to do.

Ran errands again, had curry chicken at Queensway Shopping Centre and walked back office in the drizzle.

Did a demo video to teach people how to prepare for "The Flirt". It''s an alcoholic drink using rhum, lime and coffee. I tried to memorize the script in 30mins but failed. Will have to do it again tomorrow. Felt like I am in a cookshow. Worked till 7pm and back home for dinner.

Shall go for a jewellery casting tomorrow evening (hopefully I can make it) before meeting the ladies for dinner.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Interviews Upcoming

Back to work yesterday although I was still in holiday mood.

Ran some errands after work and back home to watch HK drama till 11pm.

Met someone last night. Well, it has been more than 3 weeks since we last met.

Went to Recruit Express to fill out my form and go through an interview. Hopefully I can start on my new job soon.

Used my lunchtime to go brazilian waxing at Holland Village and had Katong laksa for lunch. Felt really good to have something spicy on a raining day.

Back to work at 2:15pm and left for NUH at 6:30pm to visit grandfather.

Had an egg d'vine sandwich at Delifrance and home at 8:30pm.

Going for an interview tomorrow morning at Kewalram House. Shall have curry chicken at Queensway Shopping Centre for lunch.