Friday, September 30, 2011

My Turning Point in Life

My life's turning point is here.

Went to the gynae yesterday and got bad news. Tried very hard to be strong but still had to break down in the clinic. Had to thank mum for insisting to accompany me.

Mood is going to be badly affected for the next few days, at least. I don't know how I would survive the G2000 Style Icon tomorrow.

For my own good, I need to get out and clear my mind of emotional stress. I would probably take a long break or at least not a mind-taxing temporary job.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Luggage

Received some photos from the samba photoshoot. I know you will think of the local movie "881". I thought it was a red pineapple on my head. More photos here.

Went for my facial yesterday then to IMM with mum to buy a luggage for my BKK trip next month. Spent $91 on an "American Tourister" luggage and $25 on a TSA lock.

Had a peanut butter toast set at the HK restaurant but tasted awful.

Took a cab home, prepared and off to an event briefing.

Home at 8pm with a tired mind.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Samba Photoshoot

Went for a samba costume photoshoot in the morning at Studio Hub. Big studio and the photographers were fun people. Looking forward to the pictures.

Went to gym at Paragon since I don't have time to go tomorrow.

Took a bus to Mount Faber Safra to meet KZ for karaoke. Long time since I sang my heart out.

Sang till 7pm and had dinner at Porn's. Can't finish the big bowl of green curry with chicken.

Took a cab to Vivocity for a drink at Coffee Bean. Chilled till 10pm.

Waited for a cab at Harbourfront for about an hour to get home.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Good Lunch? Bad Lunch?

Received the photos from the electric guitar shoot. Do take a look here.

Credits to eyecaptured fotografie

Had lunch with bosses yesterday at Commonwealth Food Centre. The $4 seafood crispy egg noodle was one of the best I had. It was really crispy.

As for today's lunch, was pathetic. Only had a hotdog bun and a lor mai kai. Only had 2 slices of cream roll for dinner now. My boss said I lost weight, indeed I had because I haven't been eating regularly like I used to. Probably have been overworked too.

Was supposed to go for my dermatologist appointment this morning but decided not to. Why waste my money when I know the medication doesn't work on me? If my hair fall is serious, then I am just prepared to go bald.

Looking forward to Saturday morning to try the samba costume for a photoshoot.

Monday, September 19, 2011

2 Photohoots in a Day

Woke up at 8am to preapre for a guitar photoshoot.

It was more of a gothic theme so I had to put thick black eyeliner. I don't know if it should turn out like below when I closed my eyes when I opened, I thought I looked fine.

Photoshoot ended at noon and went to Marina Square for lunch. Ate set lunch at Pizza Hut which cost me $11.65. Had a cup of green tea latte to pass time.

Walked at Citylink Mall and went into Mintmark. With every purchase of silver jewellery or handbag, you can purchase a limited edition car model at $48. It was really cool. I didn't decide to buy on the spot so I went for my second photoshoot first.

Met the photographer at Outram Park and went to Studio M. The hotel has very nice concept like a duplex studio. The room was very small but a different experience compared to normal hotels. Forgot to take photos of the room.

Photoshoot ended in an hour and I left for Citylink Mall again. Bought another silver ring and the car model from Mintmark. Colour is like Ferrai Red. The car front, boot and doors can be opened. The cutest thing? The wheels will turn when you turn the steering wheel.

Rushed to Jurong Point to meet an ex-colleague for dinner. Has been quite sometime since I met her but glad to know that everything's well. Ate at Thai Express. Had green curry with chicken and a cup of lime juice.

Shared 2 maple syrup belgian waffles which surprisingly, tasted good. Cost $1.90 per set which comes with 2 waffles.

Window-shopped and was looking for a good luggage. Spotted one from Hush Puppies at about $79. Shall think about it for next 2 days and make a decision.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Horlicks McFlurry

17 September

Had dinner with Jac at The Central after knock off at 8:15pm yesterday.

Back home to shower and met KZ and LL at Mac. Wanted to eat the Horlicks McFlurry but out of stock.

Chilled till almost midnight and back home.

18 September

Went gym at Paragon in the afternoon. Had a cup of soy bean milk (that's lunch) and took a bus home.

Got down at Gleneagles and got a lift home by someone. I shall wait and see if it's true that he really bought something for me at HK.

Home at 4pm. Had a cup of detox tea with lots of sugar to reduce sour. Got to continue with my HK drama while enjoying a Horlicks McFlurry.

2 photoshoots tomorrow. It's going to be another tiring day.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

If Singapore is a person, who will she be?

Have you ever thought, “If Singapore is a person, who will she be?”

For me, I have been looking at Cozycot's 100 Most Inspiring Real Women and decided to choose Andrea Claire.

Many of us probably have not heard of her (at least I don't) but she's definitely worth all of us to look up to.

Andrea Claire is a freelance celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist. And yes, having a freelance job is not easy as you will be constantly on the lookout for assignments, competing with other capable people. Therefore, she must have been working real hard to achieve what she has own today. She was a single parent, raising her 3 girls and now has remarried. She could do all these by her independence and positive mindset. Now that she has found happiness, it's now all worthwhile.

After we have gained independence, Singapore have came a long way to be who we are today. We have progressed so much. Not just growing in size from land reclamation, we are the world's top five busiest port. We have to thank our ancestors who built today's Singapore and it's now our turn to make Singapore an even better place for our children to live in.

Visit  and like the ciNE65 Facebook fanpage at to see what others had said about Singapore!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Quays & Tell

This is the first week when I am will be working at Riverside Point from 6pm till late on Thursdays - Saturdays. Not sure if I should stay till 11pm like yesterday.

The location is at former Wine Garage, adjacent to Brewerkz. Bar is named "Quays & Tell". It's quite cool to have a bar like this with river view.

We have created a new menu of drinks namely like The Wink, Cuban Manhattan and Dam-Sel. Just too bad that we couldn't have food.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chalet Girl

Rushed to Ion Orchard after work yesterday. Bought the new La Senza Prestige VIP Card at $29. Used this card to buy the set of nightwear which I was eyeing 2 days ago, 2 nail polishes and a lip gloss.

Watched "Chalet Girl" with KZ at Shaw Lido. Got a tote bag with the first issue of Cosmoplitan Singapore, Origins facial voucher and a notebook. Finished a regular-sized popcorn by myself. Ed Westrick is not bad-looking based on his cool image.

Walked to FEP for dinner. Chee chiong fun with prawn at $3.50.

Home at 11pm.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Lingerie Shopping

Put on the grey-coloured contacts lenses, Harley Davidson top and Levis jeans and I am ready to go.

Met KZ and WF at FEP for lunch. $3.50 wanton mee and done.

Walked to Tangs for lingerie shopping. Saw a set of turqoise lingerie from Versailles at 60% off. Cost about $85 which was totally worth it but still hesitating.

Walked to Ion Orchard and continue with lingerie shopping at La Senza. Saw a set of nightwear at $95. Still considering if it's worth it after the discount.

High tea at TCC with a cup of Mocha Villa. Thanks to WF for the treat.

Walked over to Shaw Lido for WF to buy movie tickets. KZ and I also bought tickets to Chalet Girl for Tuesday. It's a girls-only sneak preview. There will be a goodie bag for all attendees and a chance to win a watch with Swaroski crystals. Praying hard my luck is back.

Dinner at Paragon Ding Tai Fung. Fried rice with egg and XLB.

Home at 11pm.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Travelling = Tiring

Today was really a tough day.

Went to workplace for an hour, took a cab to Boon Keng to handle the shipment. And who knows that it was delayed? In order to save time, I took a bus to Bugis Junction for a delivery and walked to Funan with a McFlurry to collect namecards. Walked back to Bugis Junction to take a bus back to Boon Keng. Had to stay in the light drizzle to check the shipment before storage. Took a cab back to workplace and had to 'entertain' the cab driver.

It was already 3:30pm when I was back at workplace. Only get to enjoy a small glass of ginger ale which was imported.

Rushed to get the paperwork done and finish my other boss's work.

In conclusion, travelling = tiring.

Watching "Horrible Bosses", lots of rough language but not bad for a laugh.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Forty Hands

Had lunch with bosses at Tiong Bahru at a cafe named Forty Hands. It was packed with people at lunchtime.

Ordered a truffle mushroom sandwich and iced chocolate. $9 for the sandwich and $6.50 for the drink. The sandwich is big enough for me to split it into 2 meals. A good try for a vegetarian.

Back to reality. Back to work.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Coffee with Rhum Ice-Cream

Went to Bugis Junction Soyato today with boss. Sampled the coffee with rhum ice-cream. Rich flavour for coffee lovers.

Went to BHG Lancome to get 7-day trial for Visionaire. You can register here to get samples too. Bought a $80 BB base with SPF 50 for everyday foundation.

Home at 5pm and continued to work.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Stayed home watching "Planet of the Apes" yesterday. Only stayed at home slacking all Saturday.

Went for full body massage and body scrub at Monz today. Then went to gym at One Raffles Quay. Only spent half an hour for a workout and rushed home.

Was supposed to go for my facial but had it postponed.

Met G at town and went to H&M without queuing. Thanks to his trick, we didn't have to join the long queue. Seriously, nothing in the shop caught my attention although the apparels were cheap. Prices were comparable to Cotton On. According to my observation, only the young girls were their customers.

Back home at 7:30pm for dinner.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Food Traveller

Met KZ and Ranga yesterday for late dinner and supper. Collected our BKK tickets and travel voucher at Harbourfront, waited for a very long time for the travel insurance.

Took the train to Farrer Park and then a cab to Balestier for Founder's Bak Kut Teh. Woohoo...

Not enough for a full stomach? We took 2 buses to get to Holland Village for Haagen-Dazs ice-cream at midnight. Even the floor manager recongnized us from the fondue order 2 weeks ago. Ordered our own selection.

Shared a cab home with our filled happiness.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Detox Tea

Made a pot of detox tea last night. Kind of regret buying it as it tasted really sour. I had to add sugar to it to make it drinkable.

Before adding water

Now it's a cup of 'bloody' tea

Met someone early morning when the sun was not to be seen. Really reluctant to wake up.

Had a nightmare again. Tsunamis and hurricanes. Couldn't really open my eyes to wake up. Mind was too tired.