Friday, July 29, 2011

Freshlook® Ambassador Contest

Have you ever had any of these questions below?

"Do I look good wearing this pair of coloured contact lenses?"
"Which coloured contact lenses suits my makeup today?" 
"Are you sure I don't look weird with this eye colour?"

If you answered "Yes" in any of those questions, no more worries as I have found you a saviour.  Freshlook® has came up with  Freshlook® Color Studio for you to experience a different eye colour. At the same time, you may participate in the FreshLook® Ambassador Contest  and win yourself a trip for 2 to Milan, Italy!

If you are only looking into having bigger eyes, give Freshlook®  Illuminate a try. I have been using this and can skip using an eyeliner since I have hidden double eyelids.

I prefer a natural colour for an everyday look so I tried Freshlook® Pure Hazel. Do vote for me by searching for my first name "Xinyi"!

You're A Discovery

Work has been hectic these days. Can't wait for my rest day.

Got a shock last night realising that someone was in a video I found. Have been thinking about it up till now and tossing in bed last night. Yet to confront someone about it. I really wonder how much more things I have to discover.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dessert At Cedele

Met Dare Association for dinner at FEP yesterday. Had a cheap $3 you mian but ended up spending $13 for dessert at Cedele.

Ordered a banana chocolate espresso cake and a green tea latte. The cake tasted good. Starbuck's green tea latte tasted much better.

Home sweet home at 10:30pm.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Was having diarrhea yesterday morning. Must be due to the chilli from the chicken rice the day before.

Forgotten to eat lunch again. Was overwhelmed with work that I didn't hear my stomach growling.

Met someone at his place before going home. Weather was too hot and I kept sweating. This was much worse than a workout at the gym.

Home at 4pm and continued to work from work while having dinner. Was reading forums about SIA Cabin Crew Requirement. Probably going to give it a try at their next intake.

Down to Ramen Ten at 9:30pm for supper with CSX. 1-for-1 white plate after 9pm.

Back home and measured my body temperature for no reason. I was only 35.2C last night, that's how cold-blooded I am.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Belated Birthday Celebration

Went Paragon Make Up Store for my complimentary makeover yesterday, Had a nude makeup done. Bought their sport foundation and velvet cream.

Met the ladies for my belated birthday celebration. Had lunch at Pastamania West Coast Plaza then to Elfie Star for Kinect.

Played Dance Central, Dance Evolution, Rockband 3 and The Michael Jackson Experience for 3 hours. Addicted to playing guitar on Rockband 3.

Had Zi Char for dinner. Sambal kangkong, deep-fried prawns with salted egg, hotplate beancurd, yam ring and deep-fried honey chicken.

Decided to have ice-cream for dessert so headed to Fat Cow Ice-cream. We were the only customers. 5 of us shared 3 scoops of ice-cream flavoured earl grey, cookie monster and strawberry shortcake. $6.90 was worth it.

Our chat was mainly about relationships. It was never not a topic.

Took a bus home at 11pm.

Friday, July 22, 2011

22 + 1 Years Old

It was my 23rd Birthday yesterday. Like a normal weekday, I had to work but it was well-spent.

Had lunch with boss at Robertson Walk. Japanese cuisine, our favourite. She even bought me a necklace and some goodies when she went Bangkok. Got my favourite seaweed as well.

Dropped off at Outram Park and was on the way home until someone called.

Ended up taking a cab to his place. As usual, after I agitated him for a few days, he treats me better. Suspiciously better this time. Had to answer his questions like I am a suspect.

Took a cab home with my packs of food and continued to work.

Met Dare Association for dinner and ice-cream. KZ and I shared a smoked salmon sandwich from Spinelli. It was not bad.

Waited for Ama and Ranga at Mac for them to have dinner then to Island Creamery. Blew my raspberry ice-cream birthday cake. Had a tough time cutting the cake so left it to Ama and NIcholas for the work.

Home sweet home at 11pm.

3D Sex and Zen

20 July

Met KZ at Vivocity after work to watch preview of "3D Sex and Zen" since I won the tickets.

The movie had more bloody scenes than sexual scenes. Don't expect that you will see lots of private body parts. I think too much effects were used and even if the movie wasn't 3D, rating won't be affected.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Went Kbox with the ladies yesterday evening at Mount Faber Safra. $8 nett worth of 5-hours singing.

Got a ride home by SF. Lights out at 2am.

Met G this morning near his place. We rarely get to meet that early due to work.

Accompanied him to go for BMW test drive. Well, quality means money. It probably takes me a lifetime to save that amount of money to buy a luxury car.

Down to Orchard and back home at 1pm.

Had a cup of soy bean milk for lunch while working from home.

Happiness is what I am truly looking for.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My New Watch

Although it's a Sunday, I still willingly work at home. Trying to avoid work pile up this week.

Bought a new watch from City Chain. I actually reserved a Soveil Titus watch yesterday but after a second look today, I chose Angel Heart. It's new Japanese brand which City Chain just started to market their products early this year.

Well, if I have a little bit more money, I would get the similar design watch from Sheen Casio. Perhaps till I get my pay check for this month.

They definitely put in effort to package

Red is my new black

It's time for positive attitude.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Shopaholic

Went gym in the morning then time for shopping. Bought lingerie from Marks & Spencer which I thought was quite a deal.

Headed from Paragon to Tangs to Far East Plaza. Had my lunch at Pastamania, healthy Aglio Olio with crispy garlic bread.

Bought a pair of pumps from Covet and a black evening dress from Kai.

Walked over to Wisma for more shopping. Bought a dress, a blouse and a cardigan from G2000. Hopefully I am lucky enough to win an iPad 2. I am a huge fan of Aldo so how could I miss the sale? Bought a pair of heels and a shawl since I have the birthday discount.

Had enough of shopping and headed time with bags of stuff.

Dinner with mum at Clementi Mall and reserved a watch at CIty Chain. 3 days to consider seriously.

Just did DIY manicure at home which is good end to a long day.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


In a week's time, I will be another year older.  Think of it at another angle, age is just a number attached to you.

Went to gym yesterday afternoon. Yes, you are right that I went gym in the middle of work. I don't like to be in a crowd

Had a quick bite from Cedele and off to my weekly workout. It's a relaxation to sit in the steam room.

Met someone after which. The journey to his place was another workout. I just don't know why his cars kept breaking down.

Bought a cup of fruit juice home as part of my daily routine.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Celebrating G's Birthday

Did a bit of work at home in the morning and off to meet G in town.

Went to birthday boy's apartment then to have char kway tiao for late lunch. Always taste good when it's hot.

Went Vivocity to shop for a while then home sweet home. It was a simple but relaxing day.

Bridal Photoshoot

Went for a bridal photoshoot at Makeup Artist On Call yesterday. I was excited about it.

Wore 3 different gowns, different makeup and hairstyle for each. The moment the veil was placed on my head, I tried very hard to control my smile. Took photos outdoor as well.

Back to the studio for a change of theme and finally the photoshoot ended at 8pm. Can't wait for the photos to be ready.

Went for Korean BBQ Dinner which was the makeup artist's treat.

Home at 9pm.

Beatrice's 21st Birthday

Met KZ at Clementi and off to attend Beatrice's birthday party at Fullerton Bay Hotel yesterday. The hotel charges were really sky high.

We stayed in the hotel room together with Beatrice's friends. Watched some disgusting horror movie on HBO.

Had snacks, alcohol and Tiramisu birthday cake. The Royce champagne chocolate was the best.

Chilled then 3am and shared a cab home.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Had a meeting with boss yesterday morning and she bought me porridge for lunch, some kueh kueh for snack. The ondeh ondeh was good.

Met someone since he came to look for me. He had to wait since I was busy.

Left workplace at 5:30pm, booked my movie ticket on the train and rushed home.

Had a bowl of rice and off to JP to watch "Transformers: Dark of the Moon". Alone, as usual. Finished a regular popcorn and large drink. Had to run to the restroom towards the end of the movie.

Home at 10:30pm.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wish Bean

Had late posts as I had no internet connection at home until tomorrow evening. A change of service provider.

Was crazy about the Mr. Bean soft toys. I meant the soya bean shop not the comedy. They had 3 different designs which are named Love Bean, Luck Bean and Wish Bean. Looked around different outlets to find all 3 designs and finally got them. I know it's so unlike me to own soft toys.

It's Wish Bean

Monday, July 4, 2011

Batam Trip Day 2

Woke up at 8:15am to wash up and have bufffet breakfast.

With the cheongfan

Queued for a long time for 2 plates of cheongfan. Worse of all was that my butt got molested by an uncle behind me. When I said molested, I don't mean it was an accident according to his "I-can't-open-my-eyes" look.

Rushed to get hot dim sum when we saw the dim sum trolley. People from all angles attacked the trolley. You will think you are in Singapore.

Went to the souvenir store and eyed on a bag. Decided to go back there after hotel check out.

Took a quick shower and packed my stuff. Sat on the bed watching "Miss USA 2011" to pass time.

Checked out at 12:30pm then bought the bag at RP170000. It's my loot of the trip.

Waited for the tour guide for about an hour. In the end she didn't appear but another tour guide came to the rescue.

Reached the ferry terminal and helped to take care of our bags with HM.

On board Waterfront 2 at 2:20pm. Slept on the ferry and ended up with stiff neck.

HM went home while the rest of us had dinner at Pastamania.

Shared a cab home and surprisingly the cab driver was father of one of our JTSS juniors.

Home sweet home at 6:30pm.

Batam Trip Day 1

Went Batam with the ladies for the weekend.

Reached Harbourfront Centre at 8:30am to collect white cards and boarding passes. Had Mac breakfast before checking in. Took Pacific Ferry which was of lower standard than Waterfront.

Arrived at Sekupang Terminal at 11am with excitment.

Waited on the coach for probably an hour for everyone to board. And our nightmare just began. A PRC family sat beside us and one of their kids sat beside me. It could have been alright if he could just sit quietly instead of playing with the foldable seat. If I had to bear with it for an hour more, I would have ended up in concussion.

Had a sample Kueh Lapis which the tour guide was promoting. $25 for 1kg of it was expensive.
Went for an hour massage at Universal Reflexology which was so-so. No time for scrub and body wrap, sadly.
Had lunch at Golden Prawn again. The dishes were of small portion and the taste was not comparable to Singapore's. Just another disappointing meal.

Went for shopping on the street. Bought a packet of coconut biscuits and a batik pouch. The rest bought lots of crackers and Bintang beer.

Spotted an old bus which you won't see in Singapore

Headed to BCS for more shopping. HM bought yakult and lots of goodies. WF and WX bought hair accessories. Got takeaway dinner from a restaurant.

Finally reached the hotel at about 7pm. Yes, it's Harmoni One again.

Shared a deluxe room with HM. You can be sure our room will be very well-maintained.

Had dinner in the room which SF, WF and WX shared. Time for hawaiian chicken pizza.

Back to room to have a shower then to their room again. Had my chicken abalone cup noodle then we had a hotel tour.

I did this on purpose, obviously

Hotel lobby

Played games back in the hotel room. Ended up a little hungry and ordered room service. Had curry chicken with rice and the rest shared too. HM was already asleep when we were eating like hungry ghosts

Had Bintang beer which we bought and played games to finish them. The 4 of us went crazy in the room. Had 2 small packs of peanuts which was the hotel's complimentary. We tried to aim the peanut shells into the bin but failed badly.

Heart of peanuts

Back to room to sleep. Had a chat with HM for about half an hour and I dozed off.