Monday, May 30, 2011

Mall to Mall

Went to gym in the morning. Had a good time in the steam.

Walk to Taka and bought a cardigan from G2000.

Over to Ion Orchard to get a ring from Mintmark. Spent $39 on it.

Had a quick lunch at Sakae Sushi then to brazilian waxing at Strip.

Took a train to Clementi and met mum for shopping at Clementi Mall.

Bought lingerie from BHG. I shouldn't have spent again.

Gossiping At ECP

Met Ranga and KZ at Clementi MRT then to PS.

Had heavy lunch at Carl's Jr which cost me $12.10 for a chicken club burger combo.

Took a bus to ECP. Each of us bought a drink from Coffee Bean and sat on the high stone at the beach.

Our usual gossip session but at an unusual location. We had to complain about work to relieve our stress.

Had a drive home by KZ's parents. Home sweet home at 8pm.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dinner With The Ladies

Met the ladies for yesterday's dinner. Had a long time deciding of where to eat and finally ended up at Ajisen Taka.

Discussed about our Batam trip in July. Now I am really looking forward to the massage and the hotel stay.

Had a bowl of seafood ramen and shared the side dishes. Completed dinner at 9pm and walked around Wisma.

Settled down at Starbucks for strawberry and soy frappucino. We kind of forced the couple at the sofa seats to leave by choosing the seats next to them.

Chatted till 11pm and took group photos before leaving.

Shared a cab home. Home sweet home at 11:45pm.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lunch At CMPB

Had lunch with bosses at CMPB which is at Dempsey Hill. It's a restaurant with ambience suitable for couples I feel.

We ordered a wagyu beef burger, aglio olio and truffle giant prawns to share, Just aglio olio cost $16. Expensive lunch I thought, luckily it was a treat. Also shared a cup of mojito.

One of my bosses gave me a packet of famous egg rolls which she bought from HK. I have already opened a pack of it to enjoy.

To think of it, where to find boss or bosses who treats and cooks your lunch right? Even if we weren't eating at Dempsey Hill today, I would be having poached salmon prepared by my other boss yesterday.

Went into a furniture store "Asiatique". Lots of expensive wooden furniture like petrified wood pieces. Spending hundreds of dollars on a chair? Not me.

Boss drove by Ridley Road where the rich would stay. 6 cars own by a family, don't they feel it's too much to spend? 5 red Ferrari parked in a row, that's really hot.

It was already 3:30pm by the time I was back to work.

Knocked off at 5:45pm and went to meet someone.

Home sweet home for dinner at 7pm.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Busy Monday

Went for facial yesterday noon then to Dempsey. Had a cup of ice-cream at Ben & Jerry's.

Headed to Browhaus Academy for lashgraphy and browgraphy. Had a upper lip threading while waiting too.

Fell asleep during the treatment as expected.

Rushed to Fort Canning for a photoshoot. Theme was 'Lost", a rather dark theme.

Left for home after photoshoot. Met someone for a while and headed home at 10:30pm.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Long, Long Saturday

Went to the gym yesterday morning. Only workout for 0.5 hour then for a quick shower.

Took a bus to Vivocity and had lunch at JPot. Ordered bak kut teh as the soup base with enoki mushroom, vegetables, yong tau foo combination and the pork ball. It was a very full and fulfilling lunch.

Went to shop for plastic storage containers at Daiso. Bought 4 containers, a dust roller and its spare tape. Glad that I only spent $12 on all these.

Home sweet home at 3pm. Did a bit of work and went to Clementi Mall with mum and dad. Had ice-cream at Baskin Robbins. You don't know how happy I was when I found out that the shop is opened.

Back home again for dinner.

Went to Winnie's place for mahjong with Beatrice and HM. Lost $8.

Home at 4am.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Buffet Dinner At Sakura

Met Dare Association yesterday for dinner.

It was really impromptu that we decided on Sakura buffet at West Coast.

I had lots of shishamo like 10 of it? Not forgetting salmon sashimi. Had 2 plates of Dou Miao too. We were tried to trick KZ to eat the chocolate-coated sausage but failed. Ended up that all of us had a bite of it.

We were the last customers to leave the restaurant at 9:30pm.

Home at 10pm.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Home-Cooked Dinner

Probably due to my boss's influence, I decided to help mum to cook dinner.

Went down to NTUC Finest with mum to buy groceries. Bought another box of granola in case I have no time for dinner for the next 2 weeks or so.

I only washed and cut the baby kailan and mixed the salad. Salad was made of green apple cubes, cucumber cubes, strawberries, purple cabbage and cornflakes.

Healthy salad

Fried baby kailan with oyster sauce

Vegetarian rendang chicken

Whisky Live Singapore

Went to help boss at Whisky Live Singapore held at Fullerton Bay Hotel. Reached the venue at 10:30am.

Our table was at a corner with a good view of the hotel.

My job there was to promote the rhum we carried and make sure that the things were in place.

Had fried rice and that little bit of corn soup. The fried rice is almost literally fried rice with few pieces of hotdog. If I were right, lunch was prepared by the hotel.

Went to Cold Storage to get lime and to boss's place to get more rhum. Don't have to take bus or train so that's fine with me.

Had fried rice again and curry chicken for dinner. And again, should be prepared by the hotel.

The crowd from the public started from 6pm. I started to drink from then. I didn't have too much just that the drinks were all in front of me so it's really convenient to make myself a drink.

Left the hotel at 11:30pm after the packing. Home at about midnight.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Getaway Trip In Making

Met the ladies yesterday evening after I was done with work.

Had Hor Fun for dinner then we went to SF's house. Had lots of fun and laughter with her niece. Discussed about our getaway trip and concluded that we could only go in July.

Left SF's house at 10pm and off to meet KZ and Ranga at WCP.

Had a cup of mocha latte at Coffee Bean, chatted till about 1:30am and ended up at Xin Wang.

Had fried dumplings and hot soy bean for supper.

Home sweet home at 2:30am.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day working at Fullerton Bay Hotel. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Had a crazy morning working and moving things. The humidity added the frustration.

Went to Bugis Junction to drop off some stuff for boss then to Funan IT Mall to collect namecards and buy ink cartridge. Always have errands to run.

Had Subway (again) for lunch at 2:30pm. Wanted to eat at Pizza Hut but I had no time to enjoy a good meal. Part of the reason why I am losing weight.

Bought a handphone casing before heading home. Yet to find time to watch "Fast & Furious 5".

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just Another Rest Day

Went to the dentist yesterday morning. Just the normal cleaning and polishing.

Went to have $2 chicken rice for lunch at Chinatown. Always like their chilli.

Headed to Deniznailz for my monthly manicure and pedicure. Wanted to go for lunch at JPot but didn't have time. Shall find time next week for it.

Took a bus to Fitness First. Has been almost 2 weeks since I last went to the gym. Had late lunch at Subway.

Home sweet home at 4pm.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jolin Tsai's Concert

Went to Clementi Town Sec Sch to vote at 8:30am yesterday. Worked from home till 2:30pm, took a nap for an hour then prepared to go out.

Went to Jolin Tsai's concert with KZ yesterday evening at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The concert began with DJ Daniel playing the music which I guess most of us don't really enjoy for that half an hour.

Finally Jolin appeared on the stage at 8:30pm. She really has the stamina and energy to dance for 2.5 hours. Impressive isn't she? Didn't waste money to go for her concert.

Concert ended at 11pm. KZ and I then took a bus to Geylang and transfered to another bus to get to Clarke Quay.

Met Ranga and LL. Had late dinner at Hooters then went for a drink. Was watching the election results and we got agitated knowing that PAP won most of the seats. It was just weird that so many people were complaining about PAP yet they still vote for them.

Took NR8 home. Totally knocked out at 4am.

I'm so not looking forward to next week. Got to make serious considerations about work.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Focus Group

Went to attend a focus group at Insight Asia yesterday. A group of 9 of us talking about our experiences with contact lens. It's my first time involved in a focus group but it was fun and I was paid. What could be better right?

Home at 10pm. Took a shower, ate grapes for dinner while watching Channel U till 11pm then off to meet someone.

Home again at 11:30pm.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Water For Elephants

02 May 2011

Went to PS to catch sneak preview of "Water For Elephants". If not for Robert Pattinson, I may not be watching it. It turned out that the movie was quite touching, not wasted.

Took a walk down Orchard Road. Had takoyaki at Taka, bought 2 almond danish and back home.

Wtiness a car accident near Botanic Garden. Everyone on the bus who saw it was in shock. I would only feel worried for the kids in the car.

Met mum at Clementi Mall to buy pillows and home sweet home.

Just changed my gold bedsheet to red bedsheet. Realised that I lacked of a pillowcase. Called John Little Jurong Point and not sure whether the promoter of Akemi understood me. I am going to hunt it down tomorrow. No matter at Jurong Point or Orchard. Perfectionist I am.

Spanish Cuisine For The First Time

01 May 2010

Although it was Labour Day, I still went to work.

Went to boss's place to help him with lime-cutting and brought the stuff to a spanish restaurant named "Bilbao" in 111 Somerset.

It turned out to be not really work but chilling with the people.

Tried their food and drinks which were really unqiue to me. It was my first time having spanish cuisine. Their dried ham was really amazing, very different from the normal ham you see in supermarkets. Had a glass of white wine and another refreshing cocktail "Sangrila". Turned me a little tipsy on a Sunday afternoon.

Headed to gym at 3:30pm with my head floating. I guess it was the best excuse to make myself awake.

Left for home at 5pm. Had a bit of dinner and turned in at 7:30pm. Had a good sleep till the next day morning.