Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mini Birthday At De Coders

29th March

Work has been increasing and doing OT is like normal. Working days have changed, Tuesday to Saturday. I would be blogging less frequently.

Had a mini celebration for KZ at De Coders with Jafar, Zee and LL. I had a waffle with Cookies & Cream ice-cream, waffle was a little hard to cut though. Played fishing game and old maid while waiting for our food served.

Left for home at 10pm. Took a nap then to meet someone.

Finally I could sleep at midnight.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Appetising Sunday

Met the ladies at Far East Plaza yesterday. SF was sick so couldn't join us.

Had wanton noodles for lunch while waiting for HM and WX to arrive. Jac and WF were like forced to eat wanton mee because they had no better choices.

Window-shopping in Far East Plaza but bought nothing which was a good thing.

Went to Ion Orchard for ice-cream from Marvellous Cream. Thanks to WF for her craving for tiramisu.

Right away, we went to Wheelock Place for dinner. Ordered mushroom ham from NYDC. We were like eating for the entire day.

Walked backed to Ion Orchard and back home at 8pm.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Second Day At MBS Hotel

26th March

Got awoken by the rest to go to the Sky Park at 9am. Changed into bikini and off to Sky Park.

The water was too cold so I didn't dare to get into the water.

Went to the hot pool again. It's seriously relaxing. Stayed into the steaming room for a while too. Helped each other to scrub backs. Had my shower then to the juice bar.

The juice bar was a good and quiet place to chill. LL and KZ could have slept on the sofa if I arrived any later. Found some nuts at the bar and LL took a handful of walnuts to save herself from hunger.

Back to the hotel room and Nicholas was sleeping soundly. While the rest took turns to shower, I was eating chips and my chocolate cream roll for breakfast.

Soon after everyone was clean and fresh, they went back to sleep again. For me? I was using LL's laptop to surf the internet for games and shopping.

Checked out at 1pm and Nicholas drove us to IMM for lunch.

We had Ichiban Sushi, a good lunch to wake us up.

Bought a pair of flip flops at Word of Sports and returned the pair I was wearing to KZ.

Home sweet home at 3pm.

KZ's Birthday Celebration at MBS Hotel

25 March

Went to boss's place to do my data entry. Left at 1pm for home.

Had a quick bite then off to taxi stand to wait for Dare Association.

Nicholas drove us there while KZ met us at MBS Hotel. KZ's brother was with us too. We were all excited to see our room at level 24.

Below are views from our hotel room.

Not forgetting pictures of our room.

Painting at the doorstep

Spacious Bathroom

The specially shaped bathtub

After enough exploration of the room, we started watching whatever TV programmes we could find. Eating chips to fill our hunger while waiting for our dinner prepared by KZ's parents.

We got bored and decided to explore the Sky Park.

Unlucky of me, an impolite tourist stepped on my flip flops and it was broken. She only turned back, looked at me and continued walking. Tried to control and avoid flaring up at such an occassion. Had to walk back to hotel room bare-footed.

Had dinner in the hotel room together with KZ's family and relatives. There were fishballs, vegetables, fried noodles, chicken wings and so on. Ama came to join us too.

Sang KZ a birthday song and cake-cutting.

The photo was in front of the cake on purpose

Fully concentrated on wishing

After cake-cutting, KZ's family and relatives left for the Sky Park while we presented our birthday present to her.

Put her on a chair, blindfolded her and allowed the male stripper into the hotel room. I was video-ing the entire process but from time to time I couldn't help but to laugh so the video can cause quite a bit of dizziness. Anyway, the stripper wasn't so attractive to us so we were quite disappointed.

We went to Sky Park again. This time we were there to enjoy the infinity pool. Only KZ, Nicholas and myself got into the cold water. LL and Ranga were accompanying Ama.

KZ and I went to the hot pool at Level 55 too. Really enjoyed getting 'cooked' by the 40degrees water.

Had my shower while LL enjoyed the hot pool for a while.

Back to the hotel room and slacked for a while. 

Headed out to Gluttons Bay for supper. We had satay, chicken wings, sambal stingray and more.

Walked to Marina Square 7-Eleven to get ice cubes and our breakfast. Ama headed home while the rest  went back to hotel room.

Prepared the items I need to prepare the alcohol drinks.  I only had 4 shots and got a little high. Even LL and KZ commented that the alcohol was quite strong.

My preparation

After enough drinking, we decided to turn in for the long day. Lights off at about 2:30am.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Starting New Job Soon

Have moved into my new house yesterday. Can't believe I actually had to make 4 trips to bring over about half of my belongings. Yet to unpack everything and I am out of storage space.

Went for a job interview this morning. Will be starting work on Thursday. Flexible working hours and best of all, I can work from home.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday At Bukit Indah

Was supposed to reach JE MRT Station at 9am but I woke up at 8:45am when LL sms-ed me. Panicking but I wasn't the latest, KZ was.

Went Bukit Indah with LL, KZ and Ranga. Had our breakfast at Old Town White Coffee Tesco and shopping thereafter.

Bought myself a RM29.90 bath towel.

After much shopping at Tesco till we were bored, we decided to go Jasco. Along the way, we stepped into a sales office.

Saw a lot of floor plans of bungalows. We got really excited and consulted the prices of the properties. One of which was more than 2000 sq feet with 5 rooms and 5 bathrooms, cost RM888,000. We were doing the calculation of how much we were to pay if we share a bungalow. Seriously, land is so much cheaper in Malaysia compared in Singapore.

Reached Jasco and time for grocery shopping. Bought 2 packs of vegetarian instant noodles, hard to find this brand locally.

Took a cab to Gelang Patah for seafood dinner. Ordered yam ring, sambal kangkong, shark's fin, cereal prawn, deep fried beancurd and steamed groupa. Cost us about RM40/pax.

Took the Causeway Link back to Jurong East. Had a chat while the rest were enjoying their cold drinks.

Home at 9:30pm and I need to finish packing my stuff before the movers are here tomorrow morning. Will be staying in the new place from tomorrow.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

MBS Hotel and Sky Park

Was supposed to be attending the Starbucks 40th Anniversary at One Fullerton yesterday but ended up at MBS Hotel.

Met KZ first so she could bring me to the Sky Park. The sun was really blazing and I couldn't take off my sunglasses. Enjoyed the high tea at The Club too.

Waited for Ranga to arrive and we had a sneak at one of the junior suites. It was really spacious, especially the bath tub.

Went back to the Sky Park for a tour by KZ. It was not just windy but cold. Not to forget the number of people there too.

The night view of the city

Next week would be our turn to spend a night there. Thanks to KZ's birthday.

Had our dinner at Coffee Bean MBS. Aglio Olio and Hot Double Chocolate. Chilled till 11pm and took a bus home.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Shopping... and Shopping

Went to meet an ex-colleague and her friend at Taka for lunch. Had wanton mee from Crystal Jade.

Went into Fashion Lab at Wisma Atria and I bought a green dress. Yes, I bought a rather exotic colour dress at $19.

Went to Isetan and bought a pair of UV sunglasses at $12.

Walked to Ion Orchard for coffee. Enjoyed a cup of regular vanilla latte and rested my tired legs.

Continued shopping at Far East Plaza but it's window-shopping this time.

Took a bus to Chinatown to collect the Brands Inner Essence then to OG. I have to say that the woman apparel there are really for old girls.

Took a bus to Raffles City. Had dinner at The Food Place then continued shopping. Bought 2 cute t-shirts from a push cart at $30.

Walked to Suntec City to meet ex-colleague's husband then to Carrefour. Almost bought shorts again.

Got a lift home. Home sweet home at 10pm.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life Is Short

Went to gym in the afternoon. After these few weeks of break, I really found my love handle growing. Got to work on it which means I need to hit the gym more Life Is Shortoften.

Had a glazed old fashion and a tall green tea cream for late lunch at Starbucks. Back home at 4:30pm.

Just finished watching 非诚勿扰 2, a china production starring Ge You and Shu Qi. The ending was touching enough to make me cry. I am like an ice cube, not easy to make me weep. The movie just reminded me that life is short.

Meeting an ex-colleague and her friend tomorrow. Hopefully I won't be shopping.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Red Riding Hood

Went to Isetan M.A.C. again to get another colour of the lip conditioner. I should really start dressing up before leaving my doorsteps.

Walked to Tangs and got a new handbag. Been eyeing on it when I was at Tangs Vivocity.

Walked to Cineleisure to collect my movie ticket for "Red Riding Hood". Lunch at BK then to movie, alone again.

The storyline was confusing, I was guessing who could be the wolf throughout the movie. I got it wrong, anyway. Quite a few blood scenes too.

Walked to Taka to buy an extra firm pillow, in preparation for my new bed.

Took a bus to my new house. Met mum for dinner at Ya Kun. Had kaya peanut toast set.

Home sweet home at 7pm.

Watched 最强喜事, a HK comedy movie. It's worth my time watching.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Young Again

Woke up at 10am, had breakfast and off to Orchard.

Bought 2 limited edition lip conditioner from M.A.C. Isetan then $4 chicken rice for lunch at Far East Plaza. Bought a cup of iced yuan yang before going for haircut and rebonding.

Cost me $120 but outcome was good. Thought I looked like a student after all the curls were gone.

Walked to Tangs, bought a $47 Braun hair dryer and a $199 Novita garment steamer. To be delivered for free to my new house.

Walked to Sephora Ion Orchard. Went to M.A.C. again, this time I bought another product from the Wonderwoman series. A $60 mineralized palette with a bronzer, hightlighter and blusher. I am crazily spending on cosmetics.

Controlling myself not to spend more so I better head home.

Back home for dinner and continue my Cityville addiction.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wonderwoman Makeover

Went Vivocity with mum today. Had cakes and coffee from Secret Recipe for lunch. Window shopping at Tangs to look for bedsheet and quilt.

Went for the Wonderwoman makeover at M.A.C. The makeup artist Andy taught me how to use green eyeshadow for a day look. I have always avoid looking green in makeup but no more now. Use the $120 to purchase a brush, eyeshadow palette and eyeshadow base. Hopefully the limited edition lip balm is still in stock so I can get it tomorrow.

Had desserts at Honeymoon, almond with beancurd. Finished it really fast because I was so hungry.

Took a cab to Ikea to look for bed frame and bed sheets. Had a hotdog before continuing to shop.

Mum bought 2 single bed frames, a purple blanket, 2 single fitted sheets, 2 pillows and 2 pillowcases. It was about $520.

Took a Space cab home, mum found herself enjoying in the spacious cab. Had dinner at Subway, her first time having Vege Delite.

Home sweet home at 7pm.

Tomorrow might be the day when I decided to have a hair cut and rebonding. If so, I shall get another pillow at Taka.

Eye For Beauty Challenge

Met LL at Clementi MRT and off to 313 Somerset for the Eye For Beauty Challenge.

We had wanton mee for lunch then to Make Up Store. Waited for about 5mins and it was my turn. Had merely 10mins of time to complete eye makeup, it's tough especially when I was unfamiliar with the products I was supplied. The products were to match the Freshlook gray colourblends which I chose. Pretty happy with the one day lenses.

Shall wait patiently for the photos taken. Bought a face mist and a dusty smoke eyeliner too. Glad that the eyeliner can be used as an eyeshadow and doesn't really smudge after a day.

While LL left for home, I went to an ex-colleague's house warming at Boon Lay.

Gave a diamond ice mould which I bought from Tangs as the gift. Had my lunch there too. It was catering from Stamford, quality food I would say. Played with the kids around, felt like a day in childcare centre.

Left the place at about 5pm for WCP.

Met LL, KZ and Ranga at Coffee Bean then to Popular. Had dinner at the food centre, chicken rice.

Back to WCP and slacked at Starbucks. Had a cup of green tea latte till Starbucks closed. Had to remove my contact lenses in between.

Left for home at 11pm.

Makeover at M.A.C. tomorrow afternoon. Looking forward to getting a Wonderwoman look.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Excited For Tomorrow

Went gym in the morning, back home for lunch then to NUH for second interview. Need to wait till next week for news.

Met Jac at Raffles Place to meet an agent then walked to Funan IT Mall.

Had pastamania for lunch then took a train back Clementi. Back home to shower and off to meet someone now.

Tomorrow's the Freshlook Eye for Beauty Challenge which I am partnering with LL. Wondering how it would turn out.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shopping At Bugis

Went to an interview at NUH. Till now, I still do not know the title of the position. Waiting for news again to know if I am shortlisted for the second interview.

Took a cab home specially, hoping to be able to see my piano for the last time. However, it was gone by the time I reached home. Mum has decided to sell it away since we are moving house soon and the most of the internal parts of the piano has aged greatly. Soon, I will be over it.

Went Bugis with CSX to meet cousin. I slept throughout the bus journey again.

Had pastamania for late lunch then off to shopping at Bugis Village. Bought myself a pair of denim shorts and a tank top. Helped cousin to choose clothes suitable for her to wear to polytechnic. She spent $118 on a dress, 2 belts, 3 tops, 3 bottoms, a bag and a pair of sneakers. That's really a lot.

Walked to Bugis Junction at 6pm. While cousin left for home, CSX and myself had dinner at Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao. Ordered xiao long bao, har kau, steamed chicken soup, fried vegetables with garlic and sweet and spicy chicken. Spent $56 in total. Couldn't finish the food again.

Bought myself a Wonder Woman cap which cost me about $39. Pondering if I should get the pink Superman cap.

Took a bus home, spent my time playing Angry Birds. Home at 9pm.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In Town With LL

Went to Beauty Emporium for the free browgraphy and lashgraphy by BrowHaus Training Academy. Below's the below and after. Only my eyebrow is obviously darkened.

Before and After

Went to Plaza Singapura for lunch at Mac while waiting for LL.

Collected our Freshlook One-Day ColourBlends lenses for the contest on Saturday then walked to Ion Orchard.

Bought CSX's caramel popcorn from Cornery and LL bought her flats from Rubi. Had our high tea from Awfully Chocolate.

Walked to Far East Plaza for a cup of iced yuan yang. Did a temporary tattoo on my upper back, cost me $12. People who had tattoo before will know that mine is a fake as the colour is much darker.

Walked to Wisma so LL could buy nail polish from The Face Shop.

Walked to Cineleisure and LL bought earrings. She's on a shopping spree when I am not.

To Somerset MRT station to board the train home.

Another interview at NUH tomorrow morning. Somehow I wish I wouldn't be selected for the job. Still wondering why didn't I reject it in the first place.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Meet Up With Jac

Went to collect $20 CapitaVoucher at Raffles City then walked to Riverwalk to meet Jac.

Took a bus to Taka, had corn soup then to Recruit Express. Hopefully I am shortlisted for something. So far only an interview at NUH on Monday.

Had late lunch at Tampopo and bought a pair of black pumps from Pretty Fit.

Walked to Ion Orchard, tried looking for the black gel eyeliner at Make Up Forever but to no avail. Had high tea at TCC, wasted quite a bit of food.

Home sweet home at 7pm.

Hitting the gym tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gossip Session with Dare Association

Just reached home from meeting Dare Association.

Had Mac for dinner at Serene Centre with LL and KZ. Ranga came to join us and Nicholas was the latest. For being the latest, we pranked him by telling him that the meeting was cancelled since we weren't available. In 5mins, all of us appeared behind him in Island Creamery. Gave him a shock.

Had 3 scoops of ice-cream, Milo Ping Pong, Cookies and Cream and Fresh Banana. Cost me $6.50.

Had our usual gossip session and always ended up with great laughter.

Got a lift home by Nicholas. Home sweet home at 11pm.

Continued with job hunting tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shopping At Tangs

Woke up at 9am, prepared and off to gym.

There's only like 3 people in the entire gym so I had all the equipment to use. Work out till 11am, had my shower and off to Vivocity.

Bought a house-warming gift from Tangs, had my lunch at JPot (had my craving for Bak Kut Teh) and bought 2 pairs of heels from Tangs (to be prepared for work).

My $26.84 lunch

Finally, a pair of beige heels

Took a bus home, had a nap then off to buy groceries with mum. Saw a secondary classmate, Guan Teck, at Clementi too.

Don't ask ne what I will be doing tomorrow because I have no idea. This is Tai-tai life.