Monday, February 28, 2011

Finally... Double-sided eyelid tape

Went to meet an ex-colleague for lunch, has been some time since we catch up.

Headed for my manicure and pedicure. Got my nails painted nude.

Had $2 chicken rice for late lunch at Chinatown then to Queensway Shopping Centre. Had curry chicken and rice again. True that the standard has dropped and the curry was very little. Lunch was really heavy and dinner can be skipped.

Took a bus to the new house to meet mum and grandmother. Bought plug extension and finally received the double-sided eyelid tape I ordered from Gmarket. Took me a month to receive.

Gym tomorrow morning and more packing of stuff to do.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Picnic With Dare Association

Went picnic with Dare Association at East Coast Park. All of us except Nicholas went by train and bus.

Each of us brought some food or drinks. Ranga brought cakes from Bengawan Solo, Ama brought cinnamon melts, LL brought egg mayo sandwiches, KZ brought vietnamese spring rolls, Nicholas brought drinks while I brought crackers.

The goodies we brought

After sitting for a while enjoying food and the breeze, there was a drizzle. We packed our stuff into Nicholas's car then to rent vehicles.

Ranga and Nicholas rented bicycles, LL brought her own roller blades while KZ, Ama and myself rented the tribikes. Cost me $10/hour but worth the fun and exercise.

Never to miss a good photo of the sporty people

Had enough fun for an hour then rested under the shade before returning the vehicles.

Complain princess resting

Each of us had a plate of snow ice to cool ourselves after under the sun for hours.

Slacked at Coffee Bean till 5:30pm. Ama waited for her parents while the rest of us hopped into Nicholas's car.

I alighted first and back home to shower. Took an hour nap then dinner with siblings. Had fish slice bee hoon then to the new house.

Back home then off to meet someone for a while.

After much exercise today, I am going to get quality sleep tonight.

Hands-on Shopping

Went down to ICA to settle some stuff then to meet LL at PS.

Settled our contact lenses for the Freshlook contest. Chose gray Freshlook Colourblends, something new for me. Shall collect them next week.

Bought a cardigan from G2000. Only paid $5.10 for it since I used my points to redeem.

Met KZ at the bus stop then to Popeyes for lunch. The usual 2-piece chicken meal.

Walked from the Cathay to Tangs. Bought the new Lancome perfume named "Tresor in Love", got a free body lotion too.

Walked to Far East Plaza. Thanks to LL who brought an umbrella if not I had to be in the rain.

Bought a casual dress at 20% discount, realized that it has been long since I really go on a shopping spree.

Grocery shopping at Cold Storage. We were like aunties carrying the plastic bags.

KZ had her wanton mee for dinner while LL and I had ours at Mos Burger.

Picnic with Dare Association in about 10 hours. Just hope that the weather would be good.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Still Job Hunting

Went gym yesterday after work. Had 2 cookies before workout. Spotted Glenn Ong, he looked fitter than I thought.

After an hour of exercise, had my shower and took a bus home after work. My mobile phone is now a mode of entertainment when I am travelling.

Usual work today. Had $0.80 beehoon, thanks to colleague who helped me to buy. It's the cheapest lunch.

Went to get curtains with mum and CSX after work. Had a turkey breast sandwich at Subway. Been long time since the 3 of us sat down to talk. Dropped the last 1/4 of the sandwich on the floor as I wasn't holding the sandwich stable enough. What a waste of food.

Last day of work tomorrow, again. Still hunting for a job.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Soon I Will Be Unemployed

Went for facial yesterday after work. Only managed to get a nap while on mask.

Met Winnie, KZ and Nicholas at pool centre. Spent about 2 hours there playing.

KZ, Nicholas and I left for supper at Pasir Panjang. Had a plain prata and an onion prata.

Home sweet home past midnight.

Went to Recruit Express this morning. Hopefully I will be hearing news from them within the next few days. If not I would really have to consider what I was offered.

3 more days till I am unemployed. Gym session tomorrow after work.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My New Handphone

Woke up at 9:30am. Without having breakfast, I went to ICA then to Plaza Singapura. Wanted to re-contract my mobile line but the M1 outlet only sells iPhone.

Collected my movie ticket to "No Strings Attached" then had lunch at Popeye.

Went to Paragon by bus to settle my mobile line. My passport was needed for verification but it was left at home. Previously I called to ask if I need to bring my passport but I was told that it was not needed as I have IC collection slip. Still couldn't re-contract.

Took a cab home to get my passport then to The Cathay to catch my movie. "No Strings Attached" is a great movie with laughter, don't expect lots of intimate scenes. The movie made me teared, rarely would this happen to me.

Walked back to Paragon to settle my mobile line. Finally re-contract after queuing for more than 2 hours. Spent my waiting time playing "Angry Bird" and "Sally's Spa" with their displayed iPhone. Got a Samsung Galaxy Ace which is like a fake iPhone. The functions and even the design is similar.

Took a bus home and met CJZ for dinner at Subway.

Wanted to get a casing for my new handphone but needed to wait for about a month for the supplier to deliver. Wait again.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Where's My Credit Card?

Had a mini birthday celebration for a colleague. It was set up by the rest to prank the birthday girl. Enjoyed a slice of the strawberry shortcake from Four Leaves.

Had $3 chicken rice at Clementi Food Centre, checked out M1 mobile deals and headed home. Still have no idea which handphone to get. Now I'm using an old school phone which effectively raises my blood pressure.

Still waiting desperately for my credit card replacement. I am getting broke. When exactly is the courier coming?

Have another virtual boyfriend in It Girl named Derrick who is a veterinary nurse. Whatever it is, the guy is still untouchable.

Have Popeye for lunch, watch movie "No Strings Attached" and get a new handphone tomorrow. I'm going to spend some time alone.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Light Headedness

Work's as usual. Nothing special except that I broke a small glass bottle of powder. Not considered as a hassle to clear.

Went to gym again after work. After merely 30mins of training with the trainer, I felt light-headedness. See how weak I am?

Got a ride home by someone. Home at 8pm.

My handphone is really making me crazy. I need to get a new one this week. The model? Yet to decide.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bad, Very Bad

Oh great! All the bad things come together. From losing my pouch of cards including IC to my handphone going haywire. I just want everything to be smooth and it's that difficult.

Realised that my pouch of cards was missing this morning before heading to work. Went to police post to report with mum then to POSB to replace my ATM card. Down to ICA to replace my IC and need to wait for a month. There goes $100, so heartbroken.

Back to workplace at 2:30pm. No mood but still have to work. May these 2 weeks pass quickly, I need my break.

Really hope my luck will return in time and let me strike Toto.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Company CNY Lunch

Had company CNY lunch in office. Catering from Delihub and Lo Hei. Third time I had Lo Hei, a little sick of it.

Colleagues have found out about my resignation from the higher management. Yes, I do feel a little guilty but I can't regret for this decision I have made.

Went to gym after work. My flats were soaked with rain water, thanks to the downpour. Disgusted by it.

Had Subway for dinner then back home at 8pm.

Song of the day: On and on- Agnes

Monday, February 14, 2011

I Am Number Four

Happy Valentine's Day

Have tendered resignation letter to supervisor, last day would be 25th Feb. Both supervisors did persuade me to stay since I was coping well and apparently quite efficient. Yet to tell colleagues because I felt a little guilty, they have been very kind and helpful. Even got a Ferraro Rocher from one of them as Valentine's Day gift. My only Valentine's Day gift, sadly.

Back home after knock off and off to Cineleisure. Movie preview of "I Am Number Four" with CSX. A thriller and I did suffer from a few shocks. I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars.

Back home by bus after movie. Online for a while, playing It Girl. Received a virtual bouquet of roses wirth 99 hearts from Roberto, my 4-day virtual boyfriend.

Will be hitting the gym tomorrow after work.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Day At Jurong Point

Met Jac at Clementi then to Jurong Point.

Had ice-cream at Haagen-Daaz then went window shopping.

Met an ex-colleague to collect my Gucci card case and some souvenirs from her.

Went back to Jurong Point for window-shopping. Finally rested our legs at Mos Burger while waiting for WX.

Headed for dinner at New York New York. Had penne with half chicken in cream sauce, couldn't finish it again.

Left for home at 8pm.

Won movie tickets to "I Am Number Four" for tomorrow. I wanted to go gym to spend this Valentine's Day and now I am forced to go out watching couples holding bouquets. Why can't I get things as I wish?

Red Wedges

Met Ranga, LL and KZ for coffee at WCP last night. Had to settle for The Coffee Bean since Starbucks was closing. Had a cup of cafe caramel.

Went for supper at about midnight. I only had a small plate of $3.50 kangkong belachan and didn't finish it.

Took a cab home at about 2:30am. Had diarrhea twice in the middle of the night, must be the cafe caramel.

Met KZ to go Fitness FIrst this afternoon. Saw my trainer there too. Left for Vivocity at 7pm.

Had dinner at Aoba Ramen. Pricing is like Ajisen Ramen. Didn't finish my portion again.

Bought a pair of wedges from Charles & Keith. Starting to love red.

Had coffee at Starbucks, usual gossiping. Took a cab home at midnight.

Playing It Girl on Facebook again. I have my virtual boyfriend Roberto to spend Valentine's Day with.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Complaints At Work

Dreamt of Robert Pattinson again. Can't recall what happened.

Had to complain about work. The chemical smell in the lab clinged onto me and my belongings. Even my handphone pouch carries this smell, constantly I get reminded of work. Now I am considering of changing job again. I just got a feeling that I lost weight again.

Left workplace at 5:10pm and back home for dinner.

Off to meet Dare Association at WCP for cofffee.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Contest: Win Movie Tickets To "I Am Number Four"

Just participated in the "Where Is Number Four?" contest on Facebook. Want to win movie tickets and movie premiums. Contest is simple, just watch the trailer, read up the synopsis and answer the 7 questions. You will end up with the final question that is to answer the word you see on the map.

Catch "I Am Number Four" Movie starting from 24th February 2011 and join the official Disney Studios Singapore Facebook & Twitter page!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

127 Hours

Usual day like yesterday except that I had urgent things to do and kept me in workplace till 5:30pm.

Rushed back home to shower then off to GWC.

Watched "127 Hours" with G at the Gala Premier. Missed the first 0.5hour of the movie because I thought the movie began at 7:30pm. There were one or two bloody scenes, not much lines for the male lead. Movie is based on a true story. If I were the lead, I think I would probably die in the canyon after 3 days. More of a mental torture for me.

Home at 9pm with a tired mind.

Monday, February 7, 2011

First Day At New Workplace

First day of work at a new workplace. Working as a perfumery assistant now.

Most of my colleagues are ladies so low chance of meeting the right guy.

Had lunch with colleagues. Chinese economic rice since I didn't have appetite and had no sense of hunger.

Continued to work, walking in and out, climbing high and low to look for stuff. This explains why I feel that time flies so fast.

Knocked off at 5:15pm. Was already on the bus home then I realised that I left my handphone in the office. Ran a bus stop's distance back to workplace and thank goodness my supervisor help me to keep it in the drawer. So much for the first day of work.

Back home to shower and off to the new house for Lo Hei. As long as everyone is healthy and happy, that's good enough.

Before and After

Card Games

Went to Nicholas's house yesterday for poker and mahjong. His soccer friends and seconday schools friends were there too.

Waited for KZ to reach and some of us started playing Blackjack and In Between. The pot of money grew really big till about $100. Lucky for me, I won about $10.

Until Winnie and her friend arrived, we played Mahjong. Game ended at about 10:30pm, won another $10.

Took a bus home, had my shower and knocked out.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Street Jazz

Woke up at 8:30am. Not to go visiting but to go gym.

Reach Fitness First Paragon at about 10am. Ran a while on the treadmill then to the Street Jazz group exercise. It was not bad, learnt another set of dance steps. I have to keep myself going for next week.

Had my shower then window-shopped in Paragon. Spotted the Gucci card case which I saw on their UK website. Hopefully my ex-colleague who's in Europe managed to find it if not I would be spending S$220 to buy it locally 2 weeks later.

Had a stick of pork with asparagus and a stick of chicken of Yakitori before going for brazillian waxing at Strip.

Took a bus to Holland Village to collect my contact lens. Wanted to eat Katong Laksa but the shop was still closed for CNY. Had lunch at Sushi Tei instead. Salmon don and california handroll.

Home at 3pm. One of my youngest cousins just taught me a few emoticons in Facebook Chat, now I have to play Pet Society together with them. Got to continue my Viwawa Sushido.

Kiki in Chinese Costume

Can't wait for mahjong tomorrow afternoon.

Friday, February 4, 2011

CNY Day 1

Finally, CNY is here which means my red packets are here.

Visiting at paternal's side in the late morning. Only took photos of CJZ with one of the cousins and parents. Had CNY goodies, as usual.

Went back home in the early afternoon. In less than 5mins when I was home, I was sitting at the mahjong table. I was told to sit, not that I really wanted to. In the end, just like last year, I lost again. $15 this time compared to last year's +$70.

Had steamboat dinner at grandmother's place, starting to hate steamboat.

Played Blackjack. I was the banker most of the time. If not for aunt's generousity, I would have lost another $50. Not sure if I won or lost, my intuition tells me I won a little.

Back home to shower then off to new house to sleep. CJZ treated Mac for supper since he won $20 from me.

Had a hard time fixing the internet connection only to realise that the signal was not even activated by Starhub. CJZ wasted his effort to move his desktop in the end. In the middle of the night, I called Starhub to check again. Numerous times I have called in the past 2 weeks. Indeed, the signal was not activated. The staff told me different stories and who was I supposed to believe? Oh gosh, just activate it for me for free since it's your mistake.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Last Day In SingHealth

Went to office and cover reception. Anyway it's just half day and it's my last day. Farewell to my fellow colleagues and thankful for the friends I have made. Still couldn't hold my tears when I hugged them goodbye. Just by typing this few sentences made my eyes wet. Keeping their blessings with me and shall meet them when I return to SGH for my O&G appointment.

Back home for steamboat lunch. Yes, it's is vegetarian. CJZ finished about of the mock abalone we had.

Took a nap, had my shower then went to maternal grandmother's house. Hanged around with relatives and watched 三国. What a movie to watch right?

Had steamboat dinner then watched Channel U at 7:30pm. Going to continue watching TV and countdown.

Wishing everyone a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Training At Fitness First

Went out for late lunch with colleagues. Fish and chips at Manhattan Fish Market. Had to rush as some colleagues need to be back in office in an hour.

Went to Fitness First Mapletree after work. A session with the female trainer. After the fitness test, I seriously think I am weak. Only my flexibility is better. I need toned arms and core body. I am now suffering from aching in arms.

On the bus journey home, I smell fried chicken. You don't know how hungry I was at that time. Only had the thought of alighting for prata but not when I am alone. Home at 9:30pm.

Tomorrow will be my last day at the current workplace.