Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year


Tried to tie braids but unsuccessful

Holiday mood so I was in no mood to work even for that half day. Had ice-cream and crackers before leaving office.

Went to have ramen with 2 colleagues at Robertson Quay. It's that same big bowl of ramen with lots of cabbage and beansprouts. I only managed to finish half of it this time.

While waiting for colleague's boyfriend, we window-shopped at Liang Court. Went to Audio House and Kinokuniya.Not forgetting that I bought an OPI nail polish named "My Private Jet". Cost me $18.90.

Colleague's boyfriend picked us up and off to Downtown East for bowling.

I was the last for both games but it's alright. Till now, the muscles between my fingers still hurt.

Went to Costa East Pasir Ris chalet for a colleague's daughter's birthday party. Played Wii and had dinner while waiting for cake-cutting.

The 1-year old birthday girl, Kristeva

Birthday girl with her parents

Left the chalet for home at 9pm. Thanks to colleague and her boyfriend for the ride back Clementi.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Present For Myself

Went Vivocity to meet KZ. Bought myself 2 sets of pyjamas at La Senza since it's 55% discount for 2 sets. Sat down at Harbourfront Starbucks for coffee, Toffee Nut Frap.

Accompanied KZ to International Plaza for interview.While waiting for her, I window-shopped then realised there's actually nice office wear in the little shops. Finally had no place to spend my waiting time, ended up sitting at the bus stop.

Went to Orchard after KZ was done. Walked from Taka to Paragon. Bought myself a Christmas present using my bonus. A Gucci Wallet with heart-shaped interlocking double G. Cost me $630. Spotted it in Reebonz sale but didn't buy it at that time. I think I am addicted to Gucci.

Had dinner at Waraku Heeren. Bacon, yolk and asparagus soup pasta. Too creamy that I couldn't finish the entire bowl.

Left for home at 9pm. Back to work tomorrow.

Monday, December 27, 2010

In Ciba Vision Illuminate Calendar 2011

I am in Ciba Vision Illuminate Calendar 2011. Although my picture's really small in the calendar, mine's not the smallest. Spot me on the calendar for 21st July, that's my birthday.

Woke up at 11:30am today. Such a good quality sleep.

Had laksa bought by dad. That's brunch actually.

Packed a cardboard of stuff. The amount of skincare products I have can last me for years. Seriously, where did all these stuff came from? I predict I will need at least 3 more boxes to store just all the other stuff exluding clothes and footwear.

Went for facial at 4pm. Got praised for my good complexion, that's the results of good genes and doing skincare.

Had packed dinner at home while watching HK drama.

Still on leave tomorrow, how should I spend the day?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

2nd Day Of Christmas

Woke up at 8am for buffet breakfast. It was quite a spread and service was good.

Explored the hotel after a full stomach.

Restaurant & Cafe where we had breakfast

The spectacular rooftop with swimming pool

Back to the hotel room to pack our stuff. Grabbed the chance to snap more photos before my unwilling goodbye.

2nd Level Lobby

Corridor to my hotel room

Checked out at 11:30am and took the transport back to Harbour Bay Hotel @ Amir to meet the rest.

Walked to Harbour Bay Mall for shopping and lunch. Bought myself clothes from Polo, a slim fit dress and 2 polo tee. Can't resist the 50% sale. Bought mum some red packets printed with rabbits. Had an avocado chocolate milkshake, honey roasted chicken thigh and chocolate ice-cream cone.

Manged to snap a photo of my colleague's daughter

Boarded the ferry to depart Batam at 2:45pm. Had to sit with my colleague's son since he was persistent.

Back in Singapore at about 4pm. How I wish the trip was extended.

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Guess how I celebrated Christmas Eve? I was with a colleague/ friend having late dinner (or rather supper) at West Coast. It was a last-minute thing discussed on MSN that night at 10:30pm. We had bbq stingray, oyster omelette and a half of a Morrocan chicken. My stomach was fully filled which helped me to sleep.

How I celebrated Christmas? I went Batam for a 2D1N getaway with my colleagues and their families. Met at the cruise centre at 8am and boarded a ferry to Batam.

Half of the journey, I was busy entertaining my colleague's 4-year old son. And from then, I became the nanny.

Once we reached Batam, we went to get our boarding passes for departure on the next day. Wanted an evening departure but ferry tickets were fully sold. Had to pick an afternoon timing,

Headed to Mustika Ratu for massage. I had a detoxifying massage and spa. Love the hydro spa, felt like I was floating in the sea been pushed by the tides. I am now lighter in complexion and skin feels smoother. Even my colleague's son asked me why my thighs were so smooth.The treatment cost about S$71, to me it is worthwhile.

Went to our designated hotel, Harbour Bay Hotel @ Amir at 3pm but the rooms were not ready yet. Therefore we took transport to Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre.

Had our lunch at A&W. Sadly, I didn't drink the root beer float as the machine was in trouble. Had their 2-piece chicken set and no waffle ice-cream for me this time.

Spotted a Mickey Mouse mascot and got my colleague's son to pose with 'it'.

Finally it's time for shopping. Walked around and got myself a blouse in one of their departmental store named Matahari. Cost me about S$20. Grocery shopping at their hypermarket. I bought orange juice, a cup noodle and a pack of seaweed Lays.

Went to Golden Prawn for dinner. It was claimed to sell the freshest seafood but probably because of the season, the seafood wasn't that fantastic. We ordered garlic kailan, hotplate beancurd, vegetable soup. cereal prawns, butter prawns, steamed fish and chilli crab. Not sure about the cost.

Coincidentally, we knocked into a colleague from another department with his wife. The world is really small.

While watching for our transport to pick us back to the hotel, we witnessed fireworks. It was definitely a surprise.

You must be thinking our hotel rooms should be prepared by now but wrong. There were no rooms for the 9 of us. We were making noise at the reception for about half an hour. We booked the rooms weeks ago but they didn't hold the rooms for us. You can't blame Christmas for your poor management.

In the end, the hotel gave us 2 junior suites which allowed 6 to stay. The rest of us had to stay in another hotel. One of the staff brought us to Kolekta Hotel, a 2-star hotel. The executive deluxe rooms they gave us were like motel rooms. Spooky and the flooring made my hair stand. We immediately rejected the rooms without even stepping in.

Out of no choice, the staff had to put us in Harmoni One Hotel which was at Batam Center. It's a 4-star hotel and the lobby was huge. The hotel was themed Romanian and we love the architecture. Shall show you the photos at the next post.

We were given 2 superior rooms and I occupied one by myself. Can't help smiling when I entered the room. I had twin beds which I put them together to get a Queen-sized bed.

Had my shower then went to my colleague's room. Had instant noodles and a can of Carlsberg.

Watched a little of Channel V then lights off at 00:30am for me.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Celebration In Office

After seeing the beds at TradeHub 21 yesterday night, I have ordered my super single bed worth $1299. Also ordered a wardrobe which I will be sharing with CSX.

Sent mum home then went to have late dinner at West Coast. Had nasi lemak but I didn't finish the rice, hardly had appetite.

Met someone since he came to fetch me. I was just lazy to take a cab. Finally, we had time to talk a while. Home sweet home at 11:30pm.

Had a christmas celebration in office today. We had home-cooked food like fried mee siam and curry puffs. It was a huge spread made with love.

We also exchanged presents based on our wishlists. Everyone was definitely excited.

Sushi Platter from Hei Sushi

Log cake given by a patient's daughter

Our presents for exchange

Went for a photoshoot in a home studio. It was a tattoo sleeves photoshoot, something different this time. Had fun dressing up and posing like gangster.

Went home after photoshoot by train. A PRC grandmother and her grandson sat beside me, the wonder was that they tried to squeeze into one seat. My goodness, who would ever do that? The grandmother wasn't thin and I smell canned mushrooms when she sat down. My worst encounter of the day.

Off to Batam for Christmas with colleagues and their families. Can't wait to sleep alone in the executive business hotel room.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

DIY Christmas Decorations

Spent an afternoon in office making christmas decorations in office like an arts and craft class. We are all proud of our miniature artwork.

DIY Christmas Decoration

Off to shopping for beds for the new house.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dinner At 211 Roof Terrace Cafe

Office was really empty today. Just 3 colleagues and myself. Covered reception at the same time.

Had a curry puff and a mushroom chicken pie for breakfast in office. Then beehoon soto for lunch, another mushroom pie for snack. I know it seems that I eat non-stop.

Met the ladies for dinner at 211 Roof Terrace Cafe at Holland Village. Supposed to be a Christmas dinner but not everyone turned up. We ordered a fisherman's platter while waiting for SF and HM to arrive.

Fisherman's Platter

Linguine Scampi

YJ also gave each of us a christmas card and all our designs were different. I guess the cards are not cheap. Well, she's the only sweet person.

I love the design

Waited for them to finish shopping at Cold Storage. Tried the small cakes brought by SF. The blueberry wasn't that sour.

Took the bus home. Home sweet home at 10:30pm.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Shopping At Chinatown

Photo snapped from the year end party

Was suffering from flu and fainting spells yesterday. That badly till I had to bother mum to take me home by a cab. It's like some illness I have.

Slept through the entire day to ease my palpitations and nausea. That's the only way for me to recover from what I know so far.

Went Chinatown after work today. Had the famous $2 Hainanese boneless chicken rice for dinner. Well, I still prefer the stall used to be in Clementi Market. Bought some necessities and carrot cake home. Shall try the Scholl Qtto compression stockings tonight.

Won myself a month's supply of Freshlook Illuminate contact lenses. That's because I participated in the contest earlier this year when they were looking for ambassadors of 2011.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Year End Party At Chevrons

Went Robertson Quay for lunch with 3 colleagues. Had boiled pork with spicy sauce set. The cold noodle salad was pretty good. Cost me a total of ~$14.

Dressed up for company's year end party at Chevrons. The theme was mad hatters. Not many people who dressed up though, mostly only wore party hats.

Dinner only began at about 7:30pm and because my stomach couldn't wait, I had a curry puff from Han's. The buffet dinner was so much better compared to last year's.

Won the third prize at the lucky draw. 3D2N stay (includes breakfast) at Impiana Hotel Ipoh for 2pax. I am selling the gift certificate at S$300 and it's valid from 19 Dec 2010 - 18 March 2011. Do PM me if you are interested.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Collection of New House Keys

Went HDB Hub with parents to collect keys of the new house. Spotted some neighbours too. Got all the paperwork done in an hour then breakfast at food court.

Back to the current house to grab the stuff needed before stepping into the new house.

The kitchen was only about half the size of my current house, really pathetic. Don't like the design of the toilets as water is bound to flood to the area where the toilet bowl is. The toilet sink is small too. 

Sharing room with CSX

Views from the room

Enough of getting heated up in the house as it was really sunny.

Had lunch with grandma and CSX at Mos Burger. Only nuggets and ice lemon tea for me.

Went IMM with CSX then. Did our research for paint, air-con and beds. I'm eyeing on the Sealy Mayfair mattress, it's the type of mattress Ritz-Carlton Hotel uses. Imagine yourself sleeping on it everyday, would you want to wake up? Anyway, it's on promotion now but still cost about $1.6k. There's really a lot to do just for a room and there's more to come.

Had dinner at Ajisen, seafood ramen and white fish. Had leftover again,, proven that my appetite has shrinked.

Back home at 7pm.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tron Legacy

Watched movie premiere of "Tron Legacy" with CSX yesterday at The Cathay. Had to surrender all possible recording devices.

The movie was not bad except for a part in the middle which I almost dozed off. You will understand the story better if you have a little knowledge about computer programs. If not you will wonder what is it about program and user.

Considering on cutting the same hairstyle as the character Quorra.

Went for dinner with CSX and her bf at Irvin's Cze Char. It's located at River Valley Road in case you are not aware. Ordered black pepper crab, chilli crab, garlic kailan, 2 plates of fried rice, prawn paste chicken and fish maw soup. Cost us about $32/pax. The food was actually normal to me, not that fantastic.

Back home at 00:30am.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Studio Photoshoot

Went for a photoshoot this afternoon at a studio in Bugis named Pixelwave. Well, it was the second time I went there. Shall be getting the photos on Wednesday.

Shoot ended in 2hours and I went to Bugis Junction. Bought eyelid tapes at Sasa, one for one. Only realised at the cashier and I went "Huh?".

Had a long time deciding what to eat and finally ended up at Sakae Sushi. Had chawamushi, salmon sashimi and a california handroll.

Took and slept on the bus back home. Home sweet home at 8pm.

Back home, checked my e-mail and realised that I won a pair of tickets to tomorrow's movie preview of "Tron Legacy". This adds on to my prize list for this month.

Department lunch tomorrow. I have a feeling that food is not going to be satisfactory.

The Kumar Show

Went to Parkway Health yesterday morning for a pre-employment medical examination. The nurse was good at taking blood, only caused me minimum pain.

Took a 2hour nap at home then taught a makeup class. Done at 4pm and quickly rushed to my facial appointment.

Back home for dinner and online for a while.

Met LL and KZ at Holland Village while LL had her dinner. Went 3 Monkeys Cafe while waiting for Ranga and Nicholas.

Watched the Kumar Show. Definitely worth the $25 ticket (includes a drink) for a good laugh, even my voice changed at the end of the show. Kumar's latex pants really caught my eye.

Singing "When You Believe"

Kumar the Spotlight

So sorry that I forgot his name but I think I saw him performing at Play before

Went for supper at Bukit Timah. Had you main and the soup was salty.

Each of us got a small bolster as a christmas gift from Nicholas before heading home. Home sweet home at 3:30am.