Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Party 2010

Spent more than an hour doing my makeup.Supposed to follow a youtube video for arabian makeup but I didn't followed entirely. See, I am not a good follower.

Met LL and Ranga at KZ's house to prepare for Halloween party. Helped Ranga with his mascara and the rest were done by the 2 ladies. Had takeaway dinner at KZ's place then we started to dress up. Can't help laughing when we saw Ranga fully dressed as a geisha. I must say it was successful. Poor Nicholas waited a long time for us in his mermaid costume.

Took a cab there and reached dbl O at about 10:30pm. That's when we saw Nicholas as a mermaid or we should say a mer-man.

We splitted into 2 cabs to Forbidden City Indochine as we missed the bus. There was heavy jam towards Clemenceue so we alighted opposite Liang Court and walked to Clarke Quay. Had a drink then splitted into 2 cabs again to 5 Emerald Hill Cocktail Bar.

We finally reached before the bus did. Had a Becardi breezer, slacked and started to take pictures.

Must have been a Thai mermaid

Purposely cover her tummy

Me not putting the mask properly like a kuku

The next stop was The Cold Beer which was just next to Cocktail Bar. The whole group has arrived and all were mingling with a bottle of Carlsberg in their hands. There were also other cross-dressers, Dragonball, surgeon and more.

Took the bus back to dbl O and it's time to dance. Not very good music but what was entertaining to us were the couples who were making out. Non-stop kissing from the centre of the club to the exit until the security guard has to help them to open the door. Another couple who were kissing and fell onto the ground. As for the next couple, the guy's left hand groped the female's top assets while kissing like there's no tomorrow. Hello? I don't need to know how your make out.

Our Jaegerbombs

Took a breather by taking a jaegerbomb each. I was the last to finish again. After dancing for a shortwhile, we left the club at 4am. By then LL and KZ were stuck in the toilet, Ranga has removed his costume and Nicholas was sitting on the floor sleeping.

Walked to the nearby Kopitiam as they were hungry. KZ's hands were stained blue by her indian bangles.

Ranga took nightrider home while the rest of us shared a cab. Home at 5am.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Paid Without Working

Had a meeting in the morning till lunchtime. Went People's Park Food Centre with 4 colleagues. Not special food, just economic rice.

Had to be involved in a meeting and covered reception in the afternoon. Hate to walk around with my pair of black 3-inch heels, giving me blisters. I had to walk like a typical japanese girl with my feet facing inwards.

What's worse? While walking out of the SGH car park, I sprained my right ankle. Luckily I was still able to walk without much hurt or else I might have to skip Halloween. Abrasion at my left knee too.

Went to Shangri-la Hotel for Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards. Supposedly to help out with the award ceremony to get paid. Ended up that I didn't need to do anything and I got paid. Myself and the models were puzzled why the organizer didn't put us for other roles. This was the easiest assignment.

Shared a cab with Cyndi and models to Shaw Plaza, I then took a bus home. Heavy traffic jam along Scotts Road. Home at 8pm and banana walnut bread for dinner.

Tomorrow's Halloween and I am going to have lots of fun with Dare Gang at dbl O. All of us are going to dress up as females even for Ranga and Nicholas. Who doesn't want to have fun?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How To Use Talika Lipocils

Today's blogpost will be teaching you how to use Talika Lipocils to grow longer and volumious eyelashes in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Use the brush like a mascara on your upper eyelashes.

Step 2: Using the sponge tip, apply it on the roots of your eyelashes like how you apply eyeliner.

Step 3: Using the sponge tip, apply it on the roots of your lower lashes like how you apply eyeliner.

Below is the comparison of my lashes after using the Talika Lipocils for 28 days. Pictures are blurry so I am describing my experience. I do realise my lashes are blacker and definitely longer. No worries of people saying that they can't see my eyelashes.


After 28 days

Brought to you lovingly by

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Updated Portfolio

Credits to Darwis

Updated my modelling portfolio with pictures from last Sat, here are the newly added pics  Above are some others not in the portfolio.

Had prata for lunch. Running out of food ideas.

Got to meet HM tonight for dinner.

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Lesson From 女人我最大

A rainy Monday morning kind of screwed my day. 2 indian guys in the train refused to stand closer to each other to have a conservation. Which commuter wants to stand in between 2 guys to catch their saliva right? See, the irritating MRT tunes did not help or maybe they should come out with different languages and dialects if not the senior citizens won't understand too.

Went Mary Kay office to place order and buy lunch. Waited so long for the bus that I spent more than an hour for lunch.

Watched 女人我最大 and the episode was on horoscopes with regards to relationship in the next 2mths. One particular part of it made me can't help but to agree. That someone that I know is a Scorprio. According to the show, it mentioned that if a Scorprio were to be unfaithful in a relationship for the coming 2mths, reason is because the Scorprio guy loves both females who have their own strengths and he can't give any of them up. My reaction was "What the hell?" It was also mentioned that the Scorprio guy doesn't want to ditch and hurt any of them so he waits until he finds a good reason then he dumps one of them. This is not what a good guy will do.

Going home to get changed and go for an evening jog. It's going to be at least a weekly thing, I hope.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Shopping

Met KZ, LL and Ranga to look for costumes for Halloween. Too bad Nicholas couldn't join us.

Played hide and seek with KZ at Clementi MRT where we met. She really fell for our trap that we were at Bugis when we were supposed to be at Clementi.

Had lunch at Albert Centre. I only had a cup of avocado milkshake and a salted fried bun since I had lunch at home.

Time for costume shopping. We walked around Arab Street and Haji Lane but couldn't find the shop. We were too tired to walk somemore so took a cab to North Bridge Road where the shop "Costumes & Mascots" is.

Here's where the excitement begins. Ranga tried the Geisha costume and we all got so excited. It's cross dressing ok? As for the girls, we chose the Arabian costumes like what Princess Jasmine in Aladdin wears. Rented a set of mermaid costume for Nicholas too.

You need to be patient to see our faces

Happily had our costumes rented then back to Bugis Junction. Rested at J. Co for donuts and coffee. Bought some necessities at Guardian then to dinner at Porn's.

Porn's is a Thai restaurant opened by Pornsak for your information. I tried the Thai Seafood Fried Rice. The taste was good just that we waited long for the food. The homemade barley was a little too sweet and half of the glass was actually ice. Price was reasonable but you probably need to wait for a table at peak hours.

Took the train home and we were laughing at the tunes played in the train. Those irritating tunes sang by Dim Sum Dolly I meant. Ranga changed the lyrics which made us laughed till our faces were flushed. Everyone else must have been watching us.

Home sweet home at 9pm.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Watching The First Basketball Game

Met Dare Gang yesterday night for ice-cream at Island Creamery. Tried apple pie and cookies & cream flavours. The milo ping pong which Nicholas tried was good with marshmallows in it. LL passed me the Twilight magnets with Edward's faces on them.

Had a discussion of our Halloween plans on 30th Oct. Did balloting and I got Hello Kitty. People who know me will know I am never a fan of Hello Kitty and acting cute is never my trait. This is going to be difficult.

While the rest went for supper, I had to head home for the morning photoshoot. Home sweet home at 00:30pm.

Had a photoshoot at a home studio in Orchard. Has been so long since I went to a studio.

Went for lunch at Taka with the photographer. I had healthy pan-fried dory, not too oily but I still don't consider it healthy.

Did some window-shopping and took a bus home. Rushed to unpack my stuff then off to meet G at Taka. Finally gave him his very belated birthday present, a pair of cufflinks. Glad that he likes it.

Watched him and his friends played basketball. Surprised that there were a lot of people around. I may be just a spectator but I didn't doze off. It was quite exciting and also my first time to really sit and watch a basketball game.

Home sweet home at 7:15pm in the cool weather.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I Work In Winter

There's minimum people in the office today and this was probably the reason why it was extremely freezing. Even with more people in the office, I will need winter wear to keep myself warm. I have been zipping my jacket all the way up to my neck but it doesn't help much.

Had Yong Tau Foo for lunch and soy milk with grass jelly. Kept my stomach filled with water and kept visiting the ladies.

Watched a colleague helped another colleague to put on fake eyelashes. I just stood and watched show.

Back home for dinner and I am off to meet Dare gang for ice-cream supper at Island Creamery. Will be discussing our clubbing plans for Halloween.

Photoshoot at a home studio in Orchard tomorrow morning.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Free Lunch

Met HM, SF and WX at Central for dinner yesterday. Had Yoshinoya and I wasted more than half of the rice. No appetite to eat.

We shared a big dipper of blackberry crumble at Marble Slab, tasted like some medicine to me. Not as big a portion like Island Creamery.

Sat at Clarke Quay chatting till 10:30pm. Complained about how mentally bored work has been on us. I just kept yawning when my brain was not functioning.

Too lazy to take a train or bus and since it was late, I shared a cab back home with SF.

After ranting for 2 days, I guess I have cooled down a lot. At least I could return to sleep without red wine at 3:30am yesterday. I just kept waking up at that timing, there must be something that I am still waiting for.

Had free curry chicken and bread for lunch, thanks to a colleague's father. No appetite to eat as I was disturbed and had to rush out of office to get things settled. In the end, it was still not fully settled. Wasted money to travel and lost body heat to the cold weather.

Did reception after lunch and had 3 slices of toasted bread with jam for tea time. Leaving office at 5:15pm, thanks to the PSI of 90. What can I do when I am back home?

Song of the day: Forget You - Cee-Lo Green

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

After Effects

Chatted on phone with KZ for 2 hours till 11pm yesterday night. Can't even remember when did we last gossiped on the phone. Exchanged our complaints, we all have a person we want to get rid of in our brains.

Slept past midnight after I have blogged. Partly my brain was still working and giving me flashbacks. Woke up at 3:30am and just couldn't return to sleep. Drank a little red wine in the middle of the night to ease myself. Now I am considering on buying one bottle of red wine to keep in the fridge for my own good. I don't want to suffer from insomnia or become pyschotic.

Woke up with tired puffy eyes to pull myself to work. Hate seeing couples in the train who just can't stand apart, pardon me after a night of sufferings.

Finally after more than 12 hours after witnessing the incident, I broke down in the office's ladies. Yes, I am a little retarded. Really felt much better after crying it all out, maybe not all out.

Went out for lunch with 2 male colleagues. Had a nice teochew porridge, felt even better after much laughter.

Spammed my ears with music and continued with 读心神探 to distract myself from all the flashbacks.

Off to dinner (more like a complaint session) with the ladies. I just need a good sleep so get me some alcohol.

Song of the day: 无言以对- 蔡依林

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

KBox With ML

Had lunch with G at Taka. Although it was a sudden plan, it was a good one.

Met ML for K at KBox Cineleisure. Sang our hearts out till 6pm and went restroom to take photos.

I don't know where I was looking at

Left Level 8 for Level 1 at 6:24pm and I finally witnessed what I have been waiting to see all these years. Just when I alighted from the lift and turned towards the shopping mall, I saw someone with a teenage girl. Never have I seen him in public places, this would be the first and last time. Well, obviously they weren't just friends but were holding hands. I could still replay the scene in my brain. To think he told me he has no time and has to work. Now I regret not going forward to him and make a scene. What goes around comes around, I don't need to punish you for what's destined.

Enough of that jerk. ML and I went to Paragon Starbucks for coffee after leaving Cineleisure. Had a good chat then walked around town till 8pm.

Took a bus home and a slow walk. Home sweet home at 9pm.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Char Siew Rice For The First Time

Spent my day in office watching "读心神探". Really addicted to it. Now I am wondering what a person I would be if I really went into police force.

First time in my life I ate char siew rice. Not so bad but I figured I will get sick of it if I eat often.

On the way to work, spotted a black Fair Lady. Just at that time, another coincidence (perhaps?) happened. Someone sms-ed at that moment, sometimes I really can't help putting these small pieces into a puzzle.

Had a chocolate muffin and a Curry O' for dinner before my last salsa class. After so many dance classes, it's time to start jogging and hit the gym for real exercise.

On leave tomorrow and meeting ML for K Happy in town.

Song of the day: Just the way you are- Bruno Mars

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Spent time at home watching another HK drama "读心神探". A CID theme with simple pyschology teachings. How to tell if a person is lying from facial expressions and body movements? It takes a lot of experience and observation.

Had chicken rice for dinner at void deck. Can't be seen at home so I had to be secretive.

Have been using the medicated shampoo prescibed by the doctor. Tremendous improvement of my scalp. Looks like in no time, I would be recovered.

Can't wait for Tuesday when I am on leave.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shopping At Chinatown

Went polyclinic at 8am to consult doctor regarding my scalp. Hopefully the medicine will work for me. So far so good for me,

Reached house void deck and waited more than 5 mins for the lift. It was stucked at the 5th level for so long so I climbed the stairs back home. Good morning exercise.

Was supposed to conduct a makeup class at 1pm but the guests didn't show up. Another disappointment after yesterday's. Waited till 1:30pm then mum helped me to pack up.

Agreed to go Chinatown with aunt and her two daughters. Reached the bus interchange then realised I forgot to bring my ez-link card. Walked back home for my ez-link card then to bus interchange. When I checked the bus arrival timings, the next bus was in 14mins. I couldn't wait anymore so decided to take the train. I waited at the entrance of the bus interchange while waiting for the traffic light and my desired bus just went off. I was irritated enough.

No choice, I walked to the train station. Don't know what was wrong with me, I took the wrong train at Outram Park NEL. To Harbourfront then on the way to Chinatown. Wasted another 10mins. Luckily I reached before my aunt and her daughters.

Bought myself McFlurry to cool down, partly due to the humid weather. Went sourcing for chinese costumes for aunt. Window-shopped for a while then had desserts. I had cold steamed egg with ginger juice. Back to window-shopping and aunt bought a pink chinese blouse and a handbag to match. She also bought me a pink pouch which I can put in some of my skincare products.

Enough of shopping, it's time for dinner. We had dinner at Maxwell Food Centre. Had the famous Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice. I still prefer the one used to be in Clementi Market, realy hope it will be back when the new market is developed.

The succulent chicken

Crispy Beansrpouts

After a good dinner, we went to buy egg tarts at my favourite HK pastry shop 良辰糕点 at Sago Street. I bought 10 and aunt bought 10. Left with only a tray for the customers behind us.

Went walked to the desserts shop and aunt bought a walnut paste for my family. Took the train to Harbourfront then a bus back home. Happy with my purchases.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Another Birthday Celebration

Read the newspapers that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are getting married end of this year. It's really a piece of sad news to the Rob Pat fans like myself. I know it's impossible that I will even get to see him in person but I am still sad.

Back to my usual place in the office. Moved to the front seat as the usual seat is dangerous because of the air-con above.

Listened to the 98.7FM while 'working'. Too bad Power 98 no longer provide live internet radio.

Went Tiong Bahru Plaza to buy lunch and birthday cake with 2 colleagues. Bought BK for myself, I was spoilt for choices.

Celebrated a colleague's birthday at the office's lounge. Bought her a ZARA bag. Enjoyed the chocolate birthday cake from Four Leaves. All of us especially love the cookie layer.

The cake and the beautiful box it was kept in

Birthday Girl and her present

Went to Mary Kay after work. Supposedly to conduct a makeup class but the guests didn't up. Only one of them really MIA, the other two at least still respond to my calls. Disappointed but it's worth a reflection.

Home at 8:30pm.

The American

Went TBM to buy Laksa Yong Tau Foo for lunch with 3 colleagues. I really can't think of anything to eat.

Met G at Bugis after work for dinner and movie. Walked to Iluma where he hasn't been before.

We walked the entire level thinking of what to eat and finally ended up at The Asian Kitchen. There was too much food to be finished and I had to waste quite a portion of my chicken chop noodles.

Caught "The American" starring George Clooney. We were at the ticket counter and the sales attendant wanted to check our ICs as it was a R21 movie. G got so happy that he was asked for IC. The sales attendant then mentioned she actually only wanted to check mine. It has been a norm for me.

I was in a blank at the beginning of the movie and spent a long time understanding what it was about. I won't be surprised some people might have slept through the movie especially when there wasn't chinese subtitles.

Back home at 10:15pm.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pissed Off

Once in a while I will pop by this website for some lame comic to make myself laugh.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Had a conference at 9am for more than 2 hours, I simply couldn't sit still throughout.

Went TBM to buy lunch with 3 colleagues. I had great difficulty of thinking what to eat for lunch these days. So, it's chicken rice again.

Luckily I had to cover the receptionist today if not I might ended up having a shower in office. There was a pipe leakage above my usual desk, SGH is already an old building so what to do? I don't know when there will be another of such incident and ended up as an accident.

Had another meeting after lunch then back to do my reception.

Purposely went back home to wait for 8pm to login to Cozycot forums for the free Haagen-Daz ice-cream, unfortunately it was postponed last minute. So pissed off by it. Can't they inform earlier? I would have went to meet someone after work.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not At 5pm Again?

Took a long time to decide on what to eat for lunch but ended up eating You Mian. Not something fantastic although I wished. Been craving for Queensway's curry chicken, Balestier's Bak Kut Teh, NYNY's carbonara, Ding Tai Feng's xiao long bao, Crystal Jade's porridge and Ichiban's chilli salmon don. By the time I had all this food, I should be near 50kg.

Spent most of the time playing Ice Cream Dee Lite. Have been logging in and out of Facebook because I don't dare to remain online all the time.

I am beginning to get scared of the clock striking 5pm. At this particular time of the day, I would receive task from a dear colleague who will make me go for an evening walk to collect or submit documents. Hello? At 5pm, who will still be in the mood to work dilligently even though it's not a Friday? 

Decided to skip meeting at Mary Kay today and make phone calls at home to arrange makeup and skincare classes.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Day of Admin

Had a busy morning to tally invoices. Such a headache, luckily I am not into accounting.

Had thai bee hoon from Far East Plaza, packed by colleagues. Not such a big pack like the last time I had this $4.50 lunch.

Continued with lots of filing in the afternoon, walking in and out of office. Only I need to cover people, others don't need to cover me. Sometimes I do feel a little out of place.

Received a wedding dinner invitation card from a colleague. Well, it's a first time for me to attend as a colleague so I am pretty excited. That's for next month. Read that Jacelyn Tay was married yesterday. You can view the pictures here.

Off to salsa dance class after work.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Conducted a makeup class yesterday afternoon for Venus and her friend. Taught them nude makeup which is suitable for everyday work. Class ended at 6:30pm.

Had dinner and shower then took an hour nap as I was having palpitations due to over-starving.

Met KZ at bus interchange and off to Holland Village. Knocked into a colleague and his fiancee too.

Settled at Haagen-Daaz for quality ice-cream. I ordered this $20 ice-cream creation of 6 flavours. Too much ice-cream and the bottom layer was melting fast before I finished the top layer.


Gossiped till midnight then took bus home.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Hossan Leong Show

Received the prize for participating in a Facebook contest by Strip. Not sure if I am going to use it anyway.

Went to meet a photographer at Bugis Junction to discuss an evening city shoot then went dinner alone at Mos Burger. Why alone? Because LL and KZ were late and my growling stomach couldn't wait.

Went to watch The Hossan Leong Show tickets at National Library. LL and KZ had sandwiches for a light dinner before the show.

The 1.5hour show was great with lots of laughter. Topics like foreign talents in Singapore, the health of Singaporeans and the mascots in Singapore. I wouldn't mind going for the 3rd episode though. Nicholas also joined us for the last 20mins of the show. All of us had a Pearlie White sample toothpaste each too.

KZ wanted to eat steamboat but too bad I had a heavy dinner so they had to change their plans. Ended up at 阿里郎, a korean restaurant. I ordered nothing but had air-con water encounter again. The water kept drippng from the air-con above me and the boss claimed it's from another machine which regulates the restaurant's temperature. I had to place a wet towel on the seat to prevent myself from getting dirty.

Rot at Starbucks for gossip session then had to move to outdoor as the shop was closing. Not enough of moving? We went into Mac as they wanted to get a drink after much talking.

LL wanted to go for seesha but we were all dozing after a long day. Shared a cab home, home at 2:30am.

I am teaching free makeup and skincare classes on weekday evenings and weekends. Feel free to send me an e-mail, if you are interested. Guys are welcomed to join skincare classes too.

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Car Accident ... Almost

Went to meet someone after dinner yesterday. Drove to Mountbatten for a while. Although it was just a small chat, it did make me feel emotionally better.

Took a cab home and the Malay taxi driver was very friendly. We chatted about marriage and family until we almost got into a car accident. We were on the AYE, some L plate driver wanted to filter in from the side with observing the heavy traffic. Furthermore, his car was parked in front of a lorry where we couldn't see him. Almost got a biker banged as well. So, the taxi pulled over and the taxi uncle alighted with the biker to scold the L plate driver. Luckily I didn't get hurt or suffer from a big shock.

Home sweet home at 10pm and can't help telling family about it.

Bought chinese economic rice at $2.50 but couldn't finish the entire pack as there was too much rice. Had chocolate chip muffin and a cup of milo for tea.

Off to Bugis Junction to meet a photographer then dinner with LL and KZ. After which, we are going to watch The Hossan Leong Show at the National Library. Thanks to Ranga for the free tickets!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Urgent Documents Again?

Right before lunch time, I was given a task to deliver urgent documents to Connection One with my empty stomach. You can imagine how fed up I was. Took a shuttle bus there then took a cab back office. Of course, I will claim the cab fare. When I was back, the person who gave me the task was enjoying her lunch. Another chance for me to make my blood boil. If this Monday was bad for me, this Thursday will be undescribable.

Had the Rochor Centre ayam penyet for lunch. It has been at least 3 months since I last had it. The chilli wasn't too spicy so I manage to finish all of it. A good meal definitely makes me better.

Watched a little of Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, shall continue tomorrow.

Back home for dinner and off to meet someone. Hopefully he will make me feel even better.

I thought I have seen the worst in a man before yesterday but I was so wrong. The worst so far was only witnessed yesterday. Your biggest disappointment in a man will fail him to ever see you again.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Symposium At Marina Mandarin

Went Marina Mandarin to help out at a symposium with a colleague. Had to wake up at 5am to makeup and be there at 7:15am. I was so reluctant to wake up as I slept past midnight yesterday.

Had a good breakfast of Ee Fu Noodle and some dumplings.Considered it worth the trip.

While everyone else were listening to the talks, I was slacking around playing Sudoku while my colleague was playing online scrabble. It was difficult to keep my eyes open until I went to the restroom of pink orchids.

Left the hotel at 11am for office. Had to cover the receptionist as she was on hospitalisation leave.

Bought 2 peanut pancakes and fried carrot cake for lunch. It was too heavy that I felt sleepy. Kept myself awake by watching Desperate Housewives Season 7.

Knocked off at 4:45pm and went for waxing appointment. As for what happened after which, I do not wish to dig the disappointing matters out.

Wanted to meet someone for consolation but too bad there wasn't time. Although we didn't meet, I get a message which made me smiled on the road. Had some time alone then took a bus home.

I am too decent for your indecent world.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Steamed Egg with Ginger Juice

Went Chinatown for lunch with 4 colleagues. Had vegetarian economic rice with cabbage, petai and melon. Steamed egg with ginger juice for dessert.

Was watching 百万大歌星 then realised 钟汉良 is actually quite good-looking and is a look-alike of 陈泓宇.

Salsa dance class after work. Still yet to have Popeye's at Cathay because there's no company. I know I will fall asleep on the bus journey home.

Song of the day: 最痛的感受- 李圣杰

YJ's and WX's Birthday Celebration

Had lunch at Subway with CJZ. So long since I had Cold Cut Trio. There were so many hardworking students hoarding the fastfood restaurant and it was lunch time.

Met WX and YJ at Clementi bus interchange to go to SF's house. Waited so long for the bus and it was so humid today.

Saw HM walking towards SF's house, in the end we still met before reaching destination.

Supposedly to give YJ and WX a birthday cake surprise but there wasn't enough time, all because I didn't check my handphone for SF's prompt. We prepared the candles in front of them and SF had a very special way of using the candles. She placed the candles on chocolates instead of the cake.

Sang both birthday girls the birthday song and there went the candles.

We ate half the cake then left the rest for YJ's brother. Chit-chat about our recent relationship happenings and marriage became part of it. At this age, this is the common topic.

Gave the girls a makeup class. It is hard to memorize the steps and takes a long time for full makeup but it will all be worth it. Took 3 hours to have them all looking good except for SF who refused to continue with half of her face.

Saw SF's niece for the first time in person. She was just as excited when she knows somebody in the house was going out. She dashed to the door thinking she could go out too.

Had zi char for dinner, ordered 5 dishes and we couldn't finish the food. The portion was rather big and we only spent about $10/pax.

Got a lorry ride back Clementi Central by WX's bf. Home at 10:30pm with fulfillment.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

BBQ At Chevrons

Taught my first makeup class at home yesterday afternoon. Glad that I made another 4 gorgeous women leaving my house happily. It's not whether I earn a cent from you but whether I felt the fulfillment of making another person beautiful.

After class ended, received a call from KZ's phone but it was Nicholas's voice. He still claimed he was KZ's friend named Michael. Purpose of the call was to go for bbq at Chevrons. It was such a last-minute thing for me but still, how can I miss the fun right?  Furthermore, it has been almost a month since we all gathered.

The three of them were already doing their jobs when I reached. KZ's relatives from Taiwan were also there. LL and KZ's brother definitely were good friends, non-stop topics.

After enough bbq-ing food for ourselves, we brought the food into the chalet to enjoy in the air-con. KZ's brother followed suit and continued munching. For a few times, he was complained of 'snatching' our food.

Went to the other chalet and found a Taiwan magazine for bridal hairdos. KZ and my eyes were sticked to that magazine, amazed by the creativity. If only I have artistic genes in me to create such work.

Karaoke at Aviary KTV with KZ's sister joining us. At the beginning, there were 6 of us then leaving LL and me. The rest went bowling so the two of us continued singing till 00:30am.

While LL went to join them at the bowling alley, I chose to go home to sleep. Can't take it when my hair smell of bbq. A big thank you to KZ and her family for the BBQ treat and the free karaoke.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wedding Dinner At Marriot

Took half day from work to attend a wedding dinner.

Helped mum with her makeup then went Orchard together with grandma.

Did some window shopping at Ion Orchard then had light dinner. Shared peanut butter toast set with mum. Met aunt at Tangs then went to Marriot Hotel Grand Ballroom for the wedding dinner. The theme was white and blue.

Yes, you didn't see it wrong that I am eating vegetarian.

The bride and groom
I didn't eat these abalones ok? Just took a picture of it.

It was time for the Yum Seng. The usual thing is that the family members and friends will go up the stage and shout "Yum" thrice.


It was finally time to continue eating. By then, my stomach was already 70% full.

Melting Hearts: Ice-cream

Left the restaurant with a filled stomach at 11pm. Got a ride back home by uncle's lorry, back seat again. Hate it when my hair gets tangled so definitely must wash again.

Home at 11:30pm. Checked Facebook then received a piece of bad news. A model (can't say is a friend as I never talked to her more than 5 sentences), who I have worked twice with, was pronounced dead yesterday. I was reading the Facebook message title with her name then was thinking, "Can't be her right?" To my greatest shock, it's indeed her and I was just looking at her Facebook 2 days ago. How can her family and boyfriend take it? How will her family tell her 1-year+ daughter when she starts asking for her mummy? Life is short and you never know when you have to leave this piece of live your best.