Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nicholas's Advance Birthday Celebration

Revealing the first 2 pictures with my permed hair

Went Nicholas's house to celebrate his birthday in advance. I reached with LL and we were one of the early birds.

Waited for KZ and her brother to reach before having lunch. The food was delicious especially the grilled sausage with bacon. Can't help but to have 2 of this. KZ's brother must have liked the pasta that he had 2 plates of it.

While waiting for the rest to reach, the 4 of us played "Dai Di". Moved from the living room to Nicholas's room as we wanted to make Ranga thought we haven't reach. Our plan failed terribly. Instead of surprising Ranga, we got surprised by him when he entered the room. So pleasant of him to buy roses for Nicholas.

LL taught Ranga to play "Dai Di" with us and KZ's brother left for home. Sick of "Dai Di" then we played UNO Stacko. Made lots of noise and had lots of laughter with KZ's new word obession of "Shome" and "Suck".

When Ama reached, we were already chatting with one of KZ's and Nicholas's primary school friend. She might be another new member of our gang.

After Ama had dinner, we went IMM for ice-cream and Nicholas wanted to buy a pair of soccer shoes. Luckily he didn't buy it so we bougjht it when he left for home.

Surprised him when we went back his house. Perhpas it was fate, we wanted to get him a pair and he really needed it since his was stolen.

Everyone went back home while I went to Uncle's house to collect something. Made it home at 9pm for a shower and to blog.

Off to supper with the gang now.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Launch Events

Have been so tired and busy these days that I don't blog daily and go online every night like I used to.

The flower stands received by our unit

Everyone was busy preparing for launch of our unit this week. Clearing up, rehearsing for tours, buying stuff, catering, calling for RSVP and scheduling programmes.

Stayed till 7:30pm to rehearse then rushed to GWC to buy stationery. Can't bear to part with cash so I took a bus home.

And finally on the day of the event which is today. The unit has officially launched with Minister of Health as the Guest-of-Honour. There were media and photographers too. My colleagues were even commenting that the GOH's bodyguard was quite cute.

My job is to make sure the presentations are smooth, usher the VIPs and bring a tour group into our unit. Got hungry and tired at the end of the day. Sorry, no pictures of food this time.

Knocked off at 5pm then went Tangs to attend the launch of a new Carlo Rino collection. Dawn Yang was the host and Shi XinHui was the brand ambassador of Carlo Rino. The singer sang 3 mandarin songs and there was fashion show after that.

Luckily I attended the event or else I wouldn't have won a passport holder worth $55 during the lucky draw. The first winner was a female named Lim Xinyi, upon hearing this name I got disappointed because there is low chance of another Xinyi winning. Guess what? Coincidences do happen. I was the second winner and the singer used to be my next-block neighbour. Can't help to exclaim 'OMG!'.

I only uploaded these 2 pictures because the rest were either blur or don't show their faces.

Took a bus home after the event ended. Home at 9pm, finally get to rest.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Who Loves Flowers?

Went TBM to pack lunch with my manager. Chicken rice again.

There were activities in celebration of Nurses' Day. My colleagues got kueh kueh, Fruitree cranberry, ice-cream and flowers from the event. I brought the flowers back home since we can't have plants in the unit. I thought they are daisies but not.

Must be a Chrysanthemum's relative

My colleague also agreed that this is taken with feeling

Rushed to Connection One at 5pm to collect urgent documents then took a cab back office, doesn't matter since I can claim.

Went to meet someone after work. The first question I received, "Where did you get the flowers from?" I could have been smart enough to say that a guy gave me but I replied with the truth, dumb right? There goes a chance to test water.

Took a bus home and everyone was looking at my flowers. Coincidentally, KZ was actually in the same bus as me but she was on upper deck. Only realised when she waved at me standing at the bus stop.

Back home for dinner and got to start work early tomorrow.

Song of the day: Secrets by One Republic. Heard this from Gossip Girl Season 3

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Act Sleeping

Didn't sleep well again last night. Dreamt of someone being really nice to me, obviously I am not in reality. Something really shocked me in the dream. I dreamt that I was eating noodles and true enough, mum cooked instant noodles for my breakfast.

Went TBP to buy lunch and photo albums. KFC for myself and vegetarian bee hoon for the rest. Had a hard time managing all the food.

Was involved in a department filming by CNA. I acted as one of the healthy volunteers lying on the bed pretending to sleep but I really ended up sleeping. I knew I was snoring or at least my nose made weird noises. How embarrassing was that?

Off to watch "Inception" with KZ. Salted popcorn is my dinner.

Nokia X6 has the X-factor!

Presenting the new Nokia X6-00 music phone for all who can't live without music playing in your ears.

Unlimited free download of music tracks from Nokia Music Store

This is the best phone feature I like. Imagine you are on the sardine-packed train in the morning, wouldn't you feel better with your favourite music playing in your ears? Best of all, not to worry when the train enters underground, your music will stop playing like listening to the radio. Change your music genre as you like, saving the hassle of transferring music files from desktop or laptop.

Now I have found another way of motivating myself for an evening jog.

And Yes, it's Touchscreen

I am too used to a touchscreen phone and it's so much easier to reply a message when I am eating with my hands. View pictures in a slideshow mode, smooth and fast.

Download of applications from Ovi store

Applications are so common these days that if you don't use, you are considered outdated. Read those daily horoscope readings and share with your friends and colleagues like I do.

And if you are heading somewhere unfamiliar, no worries of getting lost with Ovi Maps around. Especially useful for people with poor sense of direction.

A Must for Facebook Addict

I am a Facebook addict, have to access it daily so I feel fulfilled. Fine if you want to say I am nosy.

Now, about the specifications.

32GB of internal memory (amazing isn't it?)
5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics
Extended battery life
3.2" touchscreen made of scratch-resistant glass (no worries if you have long finger nails)
Big-sounding built-in loudspeakers (useful during picnics)

Why wait more when your dream music phone is here?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hard Copy Memories

Had problem sleeping last night. Kept tossing and turning, had no idea what time I slept and eyes had difficulty opening this morning.

I hate rainy mornings, packed trains and blocking umbrellas. And had my feet stepped by 2 male commuters. Luckily there was no internal bleeding or else I would use my forceful elbow to push his back.

Went TBM to pack lunch, not many choices on a Monday. Fish slice bee hoon soup with only 3 pathetic fish slices. Really miss the one at Pandan Loop, with beancurd and bittergourd.

Had peanut butter waffle at tea time. Even the Skippy peanut butter in my house tastes better than this. Such a disappointment.

Off to develop photos at Clementi Central before home for dinner. Close to 280 photos over a year of gatherings and parties, it's the minimum I need to keep hard copy memories.

Some people are not worth waiting for and it only make us realise how dumb we are.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hair Perm

Bought 2 sets of lingerie from Le Senza and got a membership card. Lucky of me to get 50% discount as it is still my birthday month.

Went to Far East Plaza to perm my hair. Salon is named Degree which was where I permed my hair in end 2008. Decided to go back to the same salon since the curls lasted me almost a year.

Was eating Thai Bee Hoon midway of the hair treatment. Other customers must be looking at me. The lady boss treated me milk tea as well, reminded me of Kim Gary's Yuan Yang.

Finally my hair is done after 4 hours, sat until my butt ached. Took a bus home and slept unglamly again.

Travelling With The Right People Is Fun

The flower piece designer Mdm Lam and myself
Photo credit to Anson

Met KZ and Ranga for buffet lunch at West Coast Sakura International. KZ and I were terribly late for half an hour and Ranga was enjoying food when we reached. Food was average and the salmon were the most popular.

Walked to West Coast Plaza after filling our stomach. Was supposed to look for Nicholas's birthday present but we ended up buying our own stuff at Nike. Here's what I bought.

Sat at Coffee Bean for a drink and chit-chat. Too bad Starbucks was filled with hardworking students.

Very impromptu, we decided to go Marina Bay Sands. We took the shuttle bus to Clementi then the train to Raflles Place. It was a long walking journey from the MRT station to the place of interest. There were many people holding their DSLR cameras facing the floating platform, we were only guessing there was NDP rehearsal.

Went into the Marina Bay Gallery and had fun playing the lights of the miniature Singapore Flyer.

Walked into Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands and we were quite disappointed as most shops have not started operating. Only impressed by the gigantic wishing well and the river for sampans. Only KZ bought what she wanted and with staff discount thanks to a JT schoolmate.

Most exciting part, we got to see fireworks. Screamed and screamed, faster took out handphone and camera took pictures. All the photos I took using my handphone cannot make it so upload also useless. Best visible is only of the double helix bridge.

Walked to Marina Square after the fireworks, settled at Long John Silvers to rest our legs which worked for at least 4km. Kept spotting 'shishimimi' (only the clique knows what it stands for) and created our own entertainment.

We are fickle-minded people. Decided to eat at Swensens and when just we got a table, Ranga thought of Bak Kut Teh. Don't embarrass ourselves so we sat at the table drink a cup of ice water then walked to the taxi stand.

Took a cab to Balestier to enjoy our cravings of Bak Kut Teh. Only spent $3 each on cab and $12 each for late dinner. We really like their soup. Surely will patronize again.

Took a bus to Queenstown to catch the last train and we were greatly disturbed by a grandmother's loud conversation with the bus captain. Endless topics from what she drink in the morning to at night. Ah ma, we don't want and don't need to know what comes out of your digestive system.

Home at 00:30am.

Not to forget a big THANK YOU  to LL, KZ, Ranga and Nicholas for the birthday present. I confirm will make full use of it.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Boss's Birthday Celebration

Crepe of the day in Marche

My Yigloo ice-cream

Credits to Anson

Celebrated Boss's birthday in office yesterday. She was so touched that she teared. A fruity birthday cake and a white kimono-alike blouse for her. Even our housekeeper bought her a pendant.

Went to meet KZ, Ranga and Nicholas for ice-cream at Island Creamery. Never fail to gossip and we are excited for the Kuantan trip next month, finally it's happening. Congrats to KZ for her upcoming interesting new job.

Shortly after Nicholas left, the 3 of us had supper at Adam Food Centre. Ranga had his prawn mee while we shared a $12 bbq stingray. The chilli was special but not to my liking.

There was no bus to get home so we shared a cab, surcharge of 50% again. Home at 1am.

Buffet lunch at West Coast Sakura International later.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is it You?

Can't really think of wishes to make

All photos credit to SF's camera

Went to Clarke Quay for lunch and collect another prize at CHIC Magazine again. Probably I should stop participating in their contests for some time because the receptionist asked me if I have a twin.

Got a big shock on the way back office, made my heart stop beating for seconds. I was at the escalator at NEL Outram when I saw a guy who looked just like someone. Grey shirt, black pants, leather shoes and carrying a pack of cigarrettes too. About the same height and hairstyle as someone. I should have thought of spotting any ear piercings of this stranger to confirm further. I know he did see me and turned his head side after boarding the escalator. But he was with a bunch of teenagers and walking towards police cantonment. Not that I know he works there and willing to take the train. I don't know if he is really someone and even if he saw me, would he see me invisible? This is going to be a mystery till I get to confront.

Back home for a quick dinner and off to facial.

Birthday Celebration With Sisters

Spotted this photo in CHIC Magazine's FB. A really nice picture isn't it?

Was slightly late to meet sisters at Vivocity. Met HM first then SF came. We had lunch at Food Republic and something unfortunate happened to me.

Some cleaner was clearing the wasted food at the tray return area which was behind me, and garlic chilli stained my top. It was the first time I wore that shirt and that garlic smell was strong. I didn't get to see who was the culprit. Being a typical Singaporean, I went to complain. The manager sent a female colleague to help me clear the stain in the female toilet. But my bra strap was stained too. So I told her to leave the bowl of bleach for me to remove the rest of the stain. Bad thing being a perfectionist, I spotted stains on my shirt which were not removed so I cleaned again in the handicap toilet.

Had to trouble HM to help me to blow dry my shirt as there was no hand dryer in the handicap toilet. Don't they need to dry their hands too?

Accompanied HM to shop for footwear but to no avail. Ended up in Tangs for a while because the cushion seats were too comfortable for both of them.

Had a $4.50 yoghurt ice-cream at Yigloo. Really doesn't taste like yoghurt to me so it was acceptable. Like I know of another desert, thanks to HM.

(From bottom clockwise) Mine, SF's and HM's

See the pile of free toppings I added

Went to meet YJ, WX and WF for dinner at Marche. I had the crepe of the day which consists of a plain crepe, strawberries, maple walnut ice-cream, icing sugar, almond flakes and chocolate sauce. Just the look of it made me drool. Enjoyed a cup of strawberry lemonade as well.

HM's bf joined us and I blew my hazelnut birthday cake. I was really in shock when the cake appeared because we were chatting and halfway they sang a birthday song. We couldn't finish the cake and ended up playing games to serve the cake as forfeit.

Never to be missed photo-taking before heading home. I have to say there was plenty of laughter today despite the orange chilli stain. Thank you, sisters and HM's bf for the birthday celebration.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Birthday Celebration in Lab

Went TBM to pack lunch alone. Bought fried hokkien prawn mee as lunch and peanut porridge, a mini dumpling and yam cake as dinner. I ate too much for today.

Got pranked by colleagues today. Supposedly to be a tour rehearsal but ended up having my birthday celebration in the lab. Of course it's a pleasant surprise. A mango mousse birthday cake and 2 dresses from Mango. One of the dresses smell like the interior of someone's ex-car and I got addicted to it.

Went to attend meeting at Mary Kay after work. Never fail to be more positive and confident after the meeting.

Almost sprained my ankle on the way home. Not the worse yet, a cat was meowing at the void deck and wanted to follow me. I had to climb the stairs to the 5th level then take the lift. Not a very smooth journey home.

On leave tomorrow means I have more time to spend dreaming. Still thinking that a year has been too short.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Singapore Garden Festival

Just came back from the Singapore Garden Festival.

My outfit was a black cheongsam. I thought I couldn't fit into it but I could.

My designer was Mdm Lam. The flower pieces which she designed were really special. I had chopsticks decorated with orchids on my head and 2 big fans with orchids on them. Hard to describe to you so better to wait for the pictures.

Took group and individual photos before leaving for home with family.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

CHIC 1st Birthday Party

The CHIC party at Supperclub was quite bored if we didn't find ways to entertain yourselves. Most of the contestants were only average, can't expect much since they forced friends to vote for them on the FB page. So, I didn't take a single photo of them.

And because KZ, Nicholas and myself were sitting at the first level, we just kept seeing the upskirts of those girls at level two. We didn't want to be perverts but these girls just kept revealing what's beneath. Can't they be more aware of their bottoms?

After the top 2 were annouced, the 3 of us decided to fill our stomach at Bugis. Poor Nicholas was sneezing all the while after leaving Supperclub.

When we were back, the event has ended and the winner has been announced. We only stayed there for less than 5 mins then went to play pool.

KZ slipped at the small steps at Supperclub and her heels were damaged. So she bought a pair of socks at the bowling centre and wore them to play pool. Can't help laughing at the Empress's new shoes.

Home at 3am and I was completely knocked out.

Met LL to pass her some stuff this afternoon and her 3 rabbits have grown so big. Oh well, I never know how it feels like to have pets.

Off to dinner at Mac with CSX and CJZ. Excited for the runway tomorrow evening at Singapore Garden Festival.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Body Contouring Class

Has suffered from pain because of the body contouring moves. Simple steps which everyone can do. The body curve was more obvious when we compared on the side we did against the side without. I really need to flaten my tummy.

Had a chit-chat with the beauty consultants, sharing their relationship experiences. It's just like a group of old friends sitting together. That's what I like about the Mary Kay culture.

Was dreaming in the train home. Had 2 egg tarts for supper and off to sleep.

Spent my afternoon watching Gossip Girl Season 2. Met someone for a while then back home by cab. I took $10 from someone and when I was asked if it's enough, I said more than enough because usually there's change. So embarrassing to have not enough money for cab fare and I had to call mum to bring money down for me. Luckily the taxi driver was very nice, stopped the meter and explained the charges to me. So I returned his kindness by giving him tips.

CHIC Birthday Party at Supperclub later. I am going to dress up in the Shanghai 1920s. Wait for the pictures.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Gossip Girl Season 2

Had chicken rice with kailan from Ananas again. I wanted to eat McSpicy but my colleague found me stupid when I can have it delivered in the rain. I better start controlling my wallet and diet again.

Almost done with my presentation slides. Will finish it up by Monday, who cares about working hard on a Friday right?

Watched Season 2 of Gossip Girls. I can't remember where I stopped so I have to watch it all over again. Ya, a lot of intimate scenes and I am getting jealous.

A curry puff from OCK, that's dinner before attending body contouring class at Mary Kay. Can't wait for the upcoming fun.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Farewell Cum Welcome Lunch

Had a sumptous farewell cum welcome lunch. Tears were shed when colleagues were sharing their work experience with the colleague who is leaving our department.

Our dearest colleague giving a speech

Pineapple Fried Rice

Fried Scallop

Lemon Chicken

Don't know what beancurd

Sweet and Sour Filet

Fried Shrimp Dumpling

Broccoli with Mushrooms

Cold Cheng Teng

Went to collect the pair of Jewellery of Lav earrings I won from CHIC Magazine. Now I have found a pair of matching earrings to wear to the CHIC Birthday Party. Went to buy rims of paper at Central, this is just an excuse so I can get out of the office.

Went for an interview for an apparel brand which is launching. Didn't turn out like I expected. Waste of my time.

Back home for dinner and I want to sleep early again.

Switching something on and off non-stop will only cause irritation.