Monday, May 31, 2010

Boring Monday

Covered as a receptionist again today. Can't watch HK drama or listen to music.

Nasi lemak for late lunch and playing Ice Cream Dee Lites all day. See how bored a Monday is? Not a typical noisy Monday because some colleagues were on leave.

Need to get some stuff at Daiso PS before going for Belly Dance class.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day Out with Mum

Went for hair treatment at Bee Choo with mum this morning. It's really advisable to be an early bird as the crowd of customers will arrive before lunchtime. First time that mum went for hair treatment and her white hair turn gold. Now she looked like she just had her hair dyed, trendy mum.

We then went Vivocity for lunch and shopping. Had cakes and coffee at Secret Recipe then time to shop and burn calories.

It's Virgo Cruise

Such a big bouquet of flowers

I only bought an electronic eyelash curler while mum had big spending. See how thrifty I have been. She bought a pair of pumps from Tangs and a blouse from Qoosh.

If not for going into Qoosh, I wouldn't have met a kindergarten mate. I couldn't recognise or have got no impression of her but she recognised me and my mum. You don't know I surprised I was. Not forgetting to get her contact.

After enough shopping, we had deserts at 满记甜品. Partly is to rest our legs. I realised I have aged, now after shopping for 3 hours and I am tired. CSX came to find mum for cash, expectedly. 

Went Giant to get some groceries and back home.

Instant noodles for dinner and packing for tomorrow's work and dance class.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

ESRS Graduation

Woke up at 7:30am for the 2nd day of ESRS class.

Had my makeup done at the BK of the building then went up to the office with the rest.

Attended a skincare demo but I was half the time dreaming or in blank. Partly I couldn't see what was going on and I was itchy down under.

Itchy because of yeast infection again. Can't believe it that I striked it again in less than a month. I'm going to stop drinking Yakult or Vitagen in case they are the culprits for yeast infection. And so I am under medication again.

Back to ESRS. I finally graduated from the 2-day course, what a relief.

Hair treatment and shopping with mum tomorrow.

Friday, May 28, 2010

ESRS Day 1

Went dinner with KZ and Nicholas at PS Tomato Kitchen. The restaurant was quite generous with their portions. Except for Nicholas, we can't finish what's on our plates.

As there were no suitable showtimes for both of them to watch a movie, they probably ended up at Starbucks while I went for Grrl Power 2.

It was the same dance instructor as the first class of Grrl Power. The warm up already made us panting so you can assume that most of us had a hard time getting the dance steps for "Telephone". There is probably a problem with my sweat glands, I don't seem to sweat like most of them.

Met KZ and Nicholas after my dance and got a ride home. I was recalling the dance steps throughout the journey. Everytime I get out of the studio, I don't quite remember all the steps. Home sweet home at 9:50pm.

Woke up at 7:30am today. Prepared off to ESRS class at Mary Kay,

Had to rush during lunchtime because we only had 0.5hour. No choice but Mac as all the other eateries were closed.

Workshop ended at 5pm and class continues tomorrow. Corporate image tomorrow.

With Dawn Chia

Have to watch SATC 2 really soon.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Knock Off Early

Group Shot from yesterday

Finished up the rest of the cake and the pizzas for today's early lunch. Got to save an empty stomach for a buffet dinner later.

Packed lunch for some guests at Kopitiam and I went off to meet someone during lunch time. Also bought fruits back workplace to eat.

Due to Family Day, I am knocking off at 5pm. If not for the dance class at 8pm, I would have better plans than just dinner with friends. I'm missing pool badly.

ESRS Workshop for tomorrow and Saturday.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Ordered Sarpino's Pizzas for lunch since it was a colleague's birthday. 4 large pizzas for $70 shared among 8 of us.

We then had a mini celebration in the afternoon. One colleague ordered strawberry shortcake and we also shared money to buy presents for her. Present-opening ceremony followed by photo-taking. Has been so long since we took group photos, waiting for them to be uploaded.

The sinful layers

The Birthday Girl

Using a colleague's polaroid

Spend almost the entire afternoon doing the Go Poster for the class I am attending this week. I admit I cheat because I know I need to submit this homework. If I don't complete it now, I won't have time. I sourced for pictures, printed, cut and pasted everything on the cardboard. Even the alphabets were individually cut off from printed paper. And because of that, I cut my own finger using scissors. Luckily I didn't bleed profusely.

Back home for dinner after work and off for facial. Almost left out my glasses.

Called KZ back and she told me she saw G. Don't get it he would avoid her although they knew each other through me. I never know he will feel awkward, fine I am mean. Who knows he might be the cheater and push the blame on me. I won't eat the grass behind me furthermore the grass behind aren't green enough.

Sleeping early tonight for a better tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Belly Dance

Belly Dance is really not as simple as I thought. I only managed to get the hip movements but not so well for the upper body movements. The teacher takes 26 months to master so how could I perform that well when yesterday was just the first lesson.

Back home had dinner and used a lot of sleep time to do my accounting. Really headache.

Had 3 red bean buns and a slice of papaya for breakfast. I am sure there will be bowel movement today.

Spent my entire morning doing accounting for my Mary Kay sales. But finally the popular shade of mineral powder is in stock after about 3 weeks, please don't be out of stock for long again. Will be going down for the meeting today and place my first order.

Had $2 nasi lemak for lunch, cheap and filling. Had 3 slices of pandan chiffon for dinner before going to Mary Kay. Will continue the post tomorrow.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Collection of Post-it® Hamper

My first time assisting in a skincare workshop yesterday. WF brought her 2 friends as guests. I get to revise the techniques and learn new skills to. I was given a chance to share with the guests on why I joined as a beauty consultant. My face must be flushing that minute.

After the workshop, had a debrief with Dawn Chia (her chinese name: 颜黎明) and my sister consultants. Only got to see Dawn Chia on TV for the previous charity show but yesterday I got to her in real person. My honour it is. She's one of the 新谣歌手 by the way.

After all the tedious packing, I finally reached home at 9:30pm. Had such a late dinner while unpacking my bag. Finally get to sleep at 11pm.

A little reluctant to get up on a Monday morning after a tiring weekend.

Went to Nuffnang office to collect my Post-it® hamper in the late morning and had lunch at City Square Mall. Such a long underpass from the MRT to the mall. Peanut Thick Toast Set. Simply like their half-boiled eggs. How come I never like half-boiled eggs when I was young?

Had a Curry O' and a carrot cake for dinner. That same combination always. Continued watching 掌上明珠, progressing really slow.

Off to my first Belly Dance class at Jitterbugs.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Reached home at midnight after the makeup workshop. A colleague gave me a cab ride home since we live nearby. Really tired after a day of travelling and standing.

After I woke up, I am still having restless eyes. Been pushing myself too hard and I foresee another month of weight loss.

Been so long since I played Pet Society. Kiki needs a good bath and a change of clothes. Decided to put her back in baseball costume. I just don't like her in other costumes.

Another round of skincare workshop today evening. Hopefully I won't be home late. I am just going to relax my mind till work comes.

问题: 哪一个国家的人不买衣服?
答案: 四川 (试穿)


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Photoshoot At Botanic Garden

Went for a morning photoshoot at Botanic Garden. It was drizzling when I reached and luckily it stopped for a while. Managed to shoot outdoor for about 2 hours then it began to rain. Had to move indoors. The shoot ended at about noon and back home for lunch.

Went online to get things done and rest my poor legs. Mum loved the pink lotus so I helped her to set it as her handphone wallpaper. After having dinner at home and I am off to another makeup workshop.

A few small conflicts in a few days. Mentally exhausted to handle them. To me, there's more than one reason why I thought it's better to let him go. Setting myself free from the stress and commitment, letting him off to find another girl worth loving for. Don't waste your time and energy on melting an ice cube. When the environment is right, it will turn into water.

夜已深, 还有什麽人让你这样醒着数伤痕

Friday, May 21, 2010

Scorpion Braiding

Vegetable Pancake from Tuesday's Lunch

Went TBM to buy lunch with my manager. After a pack of $3 chicken rice and 2 pieces of salad you tiao, I got sleepy. Eyes were half closed while watching 掌上明珠 which is another HK drama.

Colleagues were having fun doing scorpion braiding but I can't have mine done because of the layered hair and the small hair volume. Scalp can be seen and it looks ugly. About time to go Bee Choo herbal treatment again.

Back home for dinner. Has been so long since I had mum's cooking. Felt guilty for not staying home most weekdays. Hardly get to talk to her or bring her out.

Photoshoot at Botanic Garden tomorrow morning then makeup workshop in the evening.

London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down.
London Bridge is falling down, my Fairlady.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

From Single to Attached

Had a nightmare yesterday night. Dreamt that I was pregnant and I didn't know who is the father. This can't happen in reality.

The change of my Facebook status has resulted in a lot of response. From friends to colleagues. From e-mail to phone call.  Imagine how many times I had to tell my story. Was sharing experiences with a colleague after work since I had to wait for time to pass.

Had Roti John for lunch. It was a treat by my colleague's friend. How nice is he. Only ate 1/4 of it because was at a loss of appetite.

Went out for a while to meet someone. Surprisingly he changed his car again. Some car quiz he was giving me, he was surprised I know quite a bit. I can tell the car model by the exterior ok? He was telling me about his minor surgery to clear up his panda eyes which cost him $4000. I was like 'Huh? $4000?" Throughout the journey this vain guy kept on looking into the mirror, asking me if he looked better. He's definitely worse than me.

Had a teleconference and everyone was trying very hard to keep awake. I had to excuse for a while to get water to drink to remain fully conscious.

Finished up the rest of the roti john for dinner and I am off to dance class.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Korean Food For Lunch

Went lunch with 2 colleagues at the Crystal Jade Korean Restaurant. My first time having korean food after 21 years of living. There were appetitizers, a big bowl of chicken ginseng soup, a big vegetable pancake and a plate of mixed mushrooms. Not forgetting each of us had a bowl of rice, expected that I can't finish it because I kept eating chicken slices. About $69 in total.

Wanted to get office phones which is the main objective of the trip but unable to find suitable models. Had to go another time.

I was texting the entire journey out of office and was being made fun of. From the cab to the shopping centre and back on the cab.

Had a meeting in the afternoon. Called up a crazy woman to clarify work-related issues. Had to control my laughter because of her weird questions. Just kept repeating herself like a recorder. Not sure if she is really mentally sound.

I'm off to Orchard again.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Back-Up Plan

Had dinner at Food Republic yesterday. Didn't manage to find any 'interesting' food at Far East Plaza so we walked back to Wisma. And because I am not supposed to eat seafood, my 3 prawns in the hokkien prawn mee ended up on Melvin's plate. And because he cannot eat eggs, his sunny side up ended up on my plate.

Bought the gold eyeshadow from Makeup Forever, I know $40 is expensive but a bottle of this can last for at least a year. That glitter powder I bought from The Face Shop is still lasting from 3 years.

Walked a big round in Orchard looking for Mac ice-cream. Ended up at Lucky Plaza Mac enjoying ice-cream in the air-con.

Took the bus home and had to stand for more than half of the journey. Home at 10:30pm and immediately fell asleep on bed.

Had Ayam Penyet for lunch, love the chilli and the crashed chicken.

Spot this advertisement for a chinese game. Ahh.... ain't her dress pretty?

Done with 通天干探 and watching "The Back-up Plan" starring Jennifer Lopez. Pregnancy is definitely not an easy period. Worse if the children aren't yours but you had to raise them.

Had 2 corn muffins from Kenny Rogers and a waffle for dinner. Off to meeting at Mary Kay, being hopeful it will end early.

How long will good things last?

Monday, May 17, 2010

One Task Completed

Glad that the department full workforce is now back, means that we are getting noisy again.

Went for my O&G appointment and got to continue my hormone pills. One box of it actually costs ~$40.

Back to office for work and there was this 30+ lady who came to volunteer. I was behind the reception and overheard her looking for me. Not sure why she wants to know how I looked like but I chose to avoid her. She don't seem that normal to my colleagues so who knows what she will question.

Had McSpicy EVM for lunch, can't even finish half of the medium drink. I took more than an hour to finish the food especially when I ate the burger by layer.

Finally I have completed one task of looking for 80 volunteers before the deadline. You don't know how happy I am. Isn't it worth a celebration?

I'm off to Orchard for dinner with Melvin.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nude Makeup Class

Went to Mary Kay makeup workshop this afternoon with an ex-colleague and her friend. It's nude makeup this time. Helped to keep the class running and guided the attendees. For the first time, I can roughly teach basic makeup. More training needed.

Back home for dinner, online and HK drama. I should start searching for another one to watch. Decided to find something to laugh about.

Why does E.T. have such big eyes? Because he saw his phone bill

If you have long known that I am not the one, you could have just made it clear and I will never see your name.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Clarins Event

Had only 5-6 hours of sleep last night because I was chatting on MSN. But I managed to wake up before my alarm rang.

Was supposed to attend the Clarins event at Tangs with KZ but the crowd at the counter was quite big so we just get our goodie bag and left.

We had lunch at Crystal Jade, each of us had 4 Har Kau and a bowl of porridge. Window shopping in Orchard and lots of happenings. Saw a gay couple holding hands shopping in Ion Orchard, the male is a caucasian and the 'female' is a chinese. 'She' was shaking her butt when 'she' walked. At Scotts Road, we saw a teenage girl wearing a black lacy long-sleeved dress which merely covered her bottom private part. Even a male senior citizen stopped and turned back to catch another glimpse of her. I don't know how she can protect herself when she takes the escalator or the stairs.

KZ went for her hair workshop at Wisma and I took the bus home. Regret sitting behind an indian uncle. When he placed his arms on the side beside him, a wind of body odour swept past. I didn't mean to be rude by placing my fingers at my nose but it was totally unbearable. Anyone with a fully functional nose would do the same as I did.

Back home at 5pm. Had dinner and packed my things for tomorrow.

Makeup workshop at Mary Kay tomorrow afternoon. Got to stand up and help.

Night At Vivocity

Had fried hokkien prawn mee for lunch. Packed by the higher management in my department. Now then I remember that I have yet to pay for it.

Finally I am almost done recruiting volunteers for a study. I requested for a small celebration as this was my first completed task.

Went Vivocity for dinner with Melvin at Subway. Had cold cut trio sandwich again.

Watched IP Man 2, like finally. Still have not watched Iron Man 2 till now, worse come to worse I watched it online. I thought there would be a short scene after the credits but no.

Window shopped in Canon, Page One and the National Geographic store. Quite like the photos of the tigers.

Had a drink at the outdoor Starbucks. Conversation was mainly on gay encounters, didn't know that the gay population has increasing drastically.

Got sent home and back in comfort zone at 11:30pm.

Clarins workshop with LL and KZ tomorrow morning..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yeast Infection Proven

Went to see a doctor at Raffles Medical last night. As instructed, I used the medication and it gave me dreadful effects. Imagine stinging effects at the pubic area. How could I sleep like this? I had no choice but to start removing as much of the medication as possible if not I would faint. Luckily I felt better and was able to fall into deep sleep.

However, I had not enough of seeing doctor. Went to the staff clinic this morning and realised it's actually yeast infection. You won't want to see all those white stuff growing in you. Took oral medication and solution, cream to apply on the affected areas. Hopefully I will recover fully this time.

Phone was ringing non-stop. So many calls but I am unable to acede to all their requests. There's this auntie who thought that thyroid is related to food, she just wants free food or what? I even had to be a spelling bee for her because she can't understand some English words. I am getting crazy over all these people.

Had chicken rice from Ananas for lunch. Finally, I had a break. Watched 通天干探, I really need to calm myself down. 

Realised that my bowel movement has been very regular. Daily which is the best. Even I have fruits for consecutive 2 days, I also may not have big business every day. My manager told me it must be due to the antibiotic I am taking. Not a bad side effect for me.

Had a Curry O' for dinner and I'm off to dance class. This time, I am going stand at a different spot to stop that woman from blocking my view. Worse come to worse, I will stand at her usual spot.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm A Beauty Consultant

Met SF, HM and WX for dinner yesterday. We had porridge and dim sum as recommended by HM. Then walked to People's Park to check out travel packages to Bintan, Redang, Tioman and Langkawi. Hopefully it will really happen.

Had vegetarian bee hoon for lunch today. Was in a lousy mood due to the itch and rashes. Bought some medical cream to treat the rashes and hopefully they are good enough.

Had a almond triangle for an early dinner and off to Mary Kay to collect my starter kit. Officially I am a Beauty Consultant in Mary Kay. Congratulations to myself for getting another job.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Candy Thieves? No Way!

Still feeling slight itch after 3 tablets of Amoxiclav. I just want to get well soon.

Went TBM to buy lunch again. $2 Nasi Lemak because I know I'm going to spend much on cosmetics and skincare this month.

Receptionist in the afternoon again. Some SGH staff complained that they had no sweets to eat when they come by our department. Excuse me, we paid for the sweets and treat you? You think we are candy givers? Fine, I admit I am the one who proposed to keep the sweets for ourselves since I have been seeing other department's staff kept taking bunches of our sweets at the reception. You can say I am selfish, whatever.

Off to meet sisters for dinner at Chinatown. More catching up to do.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Finally, My Favourite Lunch

Still suffering the itch from UTI after taking 2 tablets of Amoxiclav. No urge of going to the toilet to relieve so how am I suppose to flush those terrible bacteria out? Anyway, I found a good position to sleep to suppress the itch that is sleeping on my stomach.

The annoying starfish has striked again with another number. The usual type of sms greeting  and my usual way of reacting that is ignorance.

Covered the duties of a receptionist again. Got stressed out in the afternoon that I was feeling down with so many things to do. I probably would need one more staff to help in time to come.

Registered for a workshop at Wisma for next week with KZ. It was too late till LL wanted.

Had chilli salmon don for lunch and a california handroll at tea time. Has been so long since I went GWC and the longest time since I had my favourite lunch. Realised that the BK in GWC has its menu changed so now it also sells Spicy Tendercrisp. I don't have to go all the way to Ion Orchard just for that anymore.

Back to Clementi with KZ and home for dinner.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Makeup Workshop

Didn't manage to get quality sleep last night due to itchiness. I probably twisted and turned for 2 hours before falling asleep. And so, I will need to go for a consultation at the staff clinic tomorrow again.

Went to the Mary Kay makeup workshop with KZ and WF. I felt inferior after they had makeup on but really glad that they had fun learning and I had revision too. It ended at 4:45pm and we took the train to Orchard.

I had my brazilian waxing done and we went Ion Orchard. I had my dinner and they had finger food at BK,

Took the cramped bus 7 back Clementi in the drizzle. While WF had to get stuff for Mother's Day celebration, KZ and I then went separate ways for home.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Harley Davidson Shoot

Went for a Harley Davidson motorbike photoshoot at Bugis. My first bike photoshoot. Weather was extremely hot just like the wind. 3 bikes, 2 photographers, myself and another late model. She only reached the location at 12:30pm when it's supposed to be 10am. And guess what? It seems like she has never shaved her legs. She's a little more tanned than I do and her leg hairs are quite long and obvious. I am very surprised. Will wait for the group photos I took with her.

I have only picked 11 photos out of at least 200 photos. You can view the photos here.

Took the train home and my usual unglam sleep pose.

Back home shower, lunch then went to settle some stuff with mum. Also had tea at IMM and grocery shopping.

Bought 2 tank tops from Cotton On and I met a kiasu auntie. I was in the queue, only a girl in front of me at the cashier. This auntie stood beside the girl and placed her purchase of white flats at the cashier. Can't she see me in the queue and just stand behind me? I was angry of course, pull a long face and made face expression to my mum. I bet this auntie saw me pointing at her but she pretended not to see me. She managed to cut the queue but too bad, the cashier told her that 2 pairs of flats cost $30 so she had to search for another pair. The cashier saw my unsatifised face and questioned "She cut your queue right?" I answered with my black face "Ya, she did". Can't help complaining to my mum.

Makeup workshop at Mary Kay tomorrow.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Arnold's Chicken Again

I have won the a Post-it® Hamper, thanks to Nuffnang. Shall collect it at the end of this month.

Finally, the long awaited Arnold's Chicken for lunch. Yes, it's chicken for lunch again. Thanks to the 2 colleagues who went there all the way to buy. If not for the new pair of high heels I wore to work, I would have volunteered to go. Now I have many blisters on my poor toes.

Signed up for the Clarins "The Beauty Of Nature" event at Tangs. Shall be attending with LL and KZ next week.

Harley Motorbike photoshoot tomorrow morning.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ananas Chicken Rice

Had chicken rice with kailan for lunch from Ananas. Got me so full that I had to stand for awhile to feel better. That pack of rice could last for almost 6 hours.

As for dinner, it's Curry O' and Carrot Cake again. I know it's very unhealthy but it will keep my stomach satisfied till I am home.

Off to dance class again. Hopefully the auntie who stood in front of me won't block my view again.

Something to make you laugh, click here to see the comic. A little sex joke.

What should I do on a Friday night?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Advance Mother's Day Celebration

Had vegetarian bee hoon for lunch again. Not such a big pack today. Took a nap after eating and I woke up from shock. My colleagues got shocked by me too. It's involuntarily so you can't blame me.

Had an almond triangle from Spinelli again. A treat by a colleague again.

Back home and had a mini Mother's Day celebration. Aren't the bouquet of flowers pretty? That's my taste ok? Card is made by CSX which looked like it's purchased.

R&B Funk Intro dance class is cancelled so I am going for belly dance instead. Starting 24th May for 2 months. Reminds me of Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie".

Things are better to be left untouched.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thai Bee Hoon

Ended up sleeping at 11pm+ last night when I thought I would be sleeping early. I know that person who I was chatting on MSN will probably saw whatever I wrote in this paragraph but I am not putting the blame on you so no guilt involved.

Had Thai Bee Hoon for lunch. Packed by my colleagues who went Far East Plaza. The first time I tried this but it doesn't taste as spicy as I thought. There were lemongrass and chilli padi in the pack of bee hoon. All of us sat together to eat, pushing in tables and chairs into the small area. Was having a long conversation after lunch about designer stuff. This reminded me that I haven't been shopping for a long time. No urge to shop anyway.

Continued watching 通天干探 at workplace. If only it is true that heaven does take better care of dumb people, I probably would consider to be one.

I'm off to a meeting at Mary Kay.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Say Hi To UTI

Had Aglio Olio from Pastamania. Chilli padi is just exciting. Left the calamari together with tomato-chilli sauce for a late snack.

Had my BP taken by colleague, just to eliminate another possible reason for my fainting spells. By the way, don't suspect I'm pregnant as I just had my urine pregnancy test done at the staff clinic.

UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) striked me again. The second or third time? Don't ask me the cause of it because there are many possible reasons. On antibiotics once again but after the first tablet, no more burning sensation. The magical tablet.

Took the train back Clementi with KZ then I went to the florist. Purpose is to give mum a surprise on advance Mother's Day which will happen on Wednesday. I am trying to be more filial.

Some of the photos from Saturday's shoot are uploaded, view them here. And for the Sunday's shoot, they are here.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Photoshoot At Joo Chiat

Went for an afternoon shoot at Joo Chiat. Met the photographer Melvin and his assistant Nicholas opposite Parkway Parade and walked to the first location which is an alley. A narrow path which most people won't take a second look at.

Went to several locations to continue the shoot with the first outfit. Finally got changed into the second outfit at a petrol station and went for a break at a coffee shop.There were many such coffee shops in the area. To prevent myself from fainting, had to drink a can of cola for a sudden high sugar level. I got a sudden question from Melvin, "Are you married?" The reason behind his question was because he read my blog and probably spot some of my mature-for-my-age stuff.

The last location was in a deserted shophouse. Similar to a location which I did an outdoor shoot before. The second level was creepy like a haunted house with green light shining in from the windows. Just like what you would see in those ghost movies.

Spotted a road with old but beautiful painted shophouses. Sometimes it's good to walk out of the city.

Don't they look like cardboards?

Went KFC at Parkway Parade for dinner. Thanks to Melvin for the treat. Had a conservation discussing people with weird behaviours. All started with me eating the Zinger burger in a different way which I eat the bread together with the lettuce then ate the chicken.

Took a bus then transfered to the train. Slept on the train unglamly (as usual). Home sweet home at 7:45pm.

My eye makeup didn't smudge after a day. This proves that Benefit's "Stay, Don't Stray" lives up to its name. No more panda eyes with smokey eyes.

Watching "How To Be" starring Robert Pattinson. Shaw Lido was the only theatre showing the movie and it's 7:45pm tomorrow. To save the waiting time, watching it online is the best solution without popcorn.

Every man you have dated who has said he doesn't want to get married or doesn't believe in marriage, or has 'issues' with marriage, will, rest assured, someday be married. It just will never be with you," says Greg Behrendt, co-author of He's Just Not That Into You.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Evening Gown Photoshoot

Went for the evening gown photoshoot at The Old Supreme Court. My hair was in a bun, amazingily how it can be done with the flat hair of mine. From the side, I would like a geisha.

We didn't manage to shoot at other locations all thanks to my fainting spells. Happened at least thrice during the shoot. Didn't hurt myself but it was really unsightly because I laid sideways in front of the majestic building. I suppose I wasn't the first one.Even after I ate a granola, I still had fainting spells after that. Never did this happened before, it's probably time to go for a health checkup.

Anyway, if you enjoy looking at cool cars, try spending your time sitting at The Old Supreme Court. Lotus, Ferrari, Lamborghini, everything you want to own.

Let you have a sneak peep at one of the photos. Will you say 'Awww...' with me?

Back home to shower and have lunch. Then went for herbal hair treatment at Bee Choo. $35 for my hair length and it took about 1.5hours. Don't think there were only grandmothers around, there were teenagers too. Their business was really good, never-ending customers. I was flipping through a car magazine and comparing the car prices. Chrysler isn't so expensive as I thought it would be. You can buy almost 4 Chrysler if you want to buy an Audi R8.

The smell of the herbs are still distinct on my hair and I had to avoid walking past people. Hopefully it will fade away by tonight.

Back home for dinner, the same thing for lunch. Hoping for Arnold's Chicken for dinner tomorrow.

Gothic Photoshoot tomorrow afternoon. I will be my own MUA (makeup artist).