Friday, April 30, 2010

Swimwear Fashion Show

Danced to "Bad Girl" sang by Britney Spears featuring Lil' Wayne. A little more masculine at the first part but it's really hip hop. Level 2 is really more difficult than Level 1.

Had nasi briyani for lunch, it was too big a pack that I had to waste half the amount of rice. It was also too filling that I can skip dinner.

Went Chevrons for a swimwear fashion show. Thanks to Trina or else I wouldn't get the assignment. There were 3 other models as well, Esther, Ziyi and Candice. Outfits were french maid and swimwear. First time dressing up as a maid. Wait till I get the group photos.

Left for home at 8:30pm and I am dead beat. Sleeping early for tomorrow's evening gown shoot. Say you envy me.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

No Longer An AA

Attended the third skincare Mary Kay workshop yesterday evening. The products showed an obvious difference of the skin glow and the face contour. Cheap and good.

Finally received my appointment letter after much waiting. Officially, I am no longer an Admin Assistant but a Healthy Volunteer Coordinator. The name sound so professional right? This is probably one of the least heard positions locally.

My office phone was ringing non-stop (as usual) all morning that my mind would turn blank from time to time.

Had chicken rice with kailan from Ananas for lunch. I was so hungry that I was gobbling food.

Bought a plain waffle for dinner and I am off to Plaza Singapura for window shopping then to Grrl Power 2.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Obscene Lunch

Finished watching 千谎百计, exciting towards the end. Now I am continuing my craziness for HK serial with 通天干探. What a person I would be if I am in the police force today?

Once again, I received an sms from some number which I don't know who it belongs to. The message: "Hi, you free to chat?". No reply to the nuisance. Prime suspect: The Annoying Starfish

Had lunch with KZ at TBM. Saw a nurse whose uniform is quite see-through that we can see the blue undergarments she was wearing. And then KZ saw another female's undergarments when that female sat down. Who asks her to wear such a short dress? It is meant to be that KZ can't buy 4D today.

Had vegetarian bee hoon for dinner and I am off to another Mary Kay workshop.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ring Ring Ring

Went out to meet someone during lunch time. As usual, it was a last minute plan.

Had no time for lunch today that I had to stuff myself with bread and cup noodles in the late afternoon. It's not a proper lunch at all. When my colleagues asked me if I had lunch, I lied that I had.

My office phone rang at least 20 times today. You can count how many times I rolled my eyes when the ringtone is heard. There were overseas calls (always the same number) which I refused to pick up and calls from interested healthy volunteers.

The irritating starfish by the name of Patrick called again reflecting an unknown number. My intuition tells me it's him so I rejected the phone calls immediately. I am going to name him "Annoying Starfish". When will some people be enlightened?

Back home for dinner. Only had the appetite to drink a bowl of red bean soup, a slice of pineapple and a banana.

Once a rubber band is stretched too many times, there's no way you can recover its usual self.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Complaints of Commuters

Had lunch with KZ at canteen since she's working so near me. Temporarily I have a partner to take train with.

My office phone has been ringing like an alarm and I really ran out of energy to speak. This is going to be an ongoing thing as long as I am working at this current position. Soon, I will hate handphone.

Today's photoshoot was cancelled so I took the chance to get Freshlook Illuminate lenses to try. Shall try them on and review the product soon.

Took the train back Clementi with KZ. It was the usual packed and we were talking about the inconsiderate commuters. We complained about some who refused to put theirs bags down and the girl in front of us immediately put her bag down. See how useful it is?

Back home for dinner and watching Channel U. Now I feel like going KTV.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Middlesex Road

Saw Ms Tan, Sec 4 English teacher at Clementi. Don't think she recognised me.

Went Orchard Tangs to collect my reserved cosmetics and had lunch at Crystal Jade. Porridge, Har Kau and glutinous rice. My appetite can be big isn't it? Walked to Far East Plaza to get hair accessories and a cheap lingerie set.

Finally met G like after 2 weeks. He sure has a fitter body with impressive arm muscles. Hard work does pay off. As for me, I need to weigh myself at workplace tomorrow to see if I have really lost weight like he said.

Happened to spot a road named "Middlesex Road". After researching on the Internet, Middlesex is actually a place in England. So don't decipher a name based on part of the word.

Back home for dinner at 6pm. Will be sleeping early tonight to prepare for a long Monday.

It's going to be a tough week ahead. Improper meals I am expecting.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday At Clementi

Went for facial at Ja'zz Spa. Really impressed by the eye spa which diminished my eye bags.

Back home for lunch and off to play pool with KZ.

Waited for her like 30mins until I almost finished my bowl of noodles. There was a table of secondary or polytechnic guys next to us of which one of them was really talkative. I even told KZ I felt like removing his vocal cord. Another guy in the group kept on revealing his blue underwear and KZ blamed him for causing her to perform badly. Just a bunch of ungrown students.

Walked to Clementi Central for KZ to run some errands and I bought some beauty products from her friend. Wanted to have dinner at Sakae Sushi unfortunately there was no salmon at all. We decided to have dinner at Subway instead. Chatted about beauty tips, those pyramid-operated companies and auntie doings. Spotted Guan Teck alone in City Vibe, long time since I saw him. Then some Ah Lian walked to our table and I thought she was looking for trouble. It was CSX together with her friends.

Home sweet home at 10pm.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fitting For Evening Gowns

Had raisin bread for lunch, all thanks to the pay delay. I even wanted to have dinner at Pastamania later but my plan is spoiled.

Continued with 千谎百计 to spend some time. Of course I did my work before slacking on a Friday.

Went to try gowns for an upcoming photoshoot. You don't know how excited I am unless you are an unmarried female. Presenting some of the evening gowns I have tried.

The first gown I tried

Quite like this gown but too bad it's a little loose at the straps

Wanted to rent this because of the beautiful bare back

Really in love with the bare back

Guess what? I still end up renting a black gown which is half bare back

Slept on the train unglamly till I reached home. Back in comfort zone at 9:30pm with an empty stomach.

Dating is just like job probation. If the period is too long, you get sick of waiting and feel like giving up. If the period is too short, you don't know how to do things well.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crazy Schedule For Next Week

Finished watching 大冬瓜. Had a good laugh so it really didn't disappoint me. So what's next? 千谎百计 is the one, starring Bosco Wong (another handsome guy).

Had nasi lemak bought from TBM for lunch. Also bought 2 goreng pisang for dinner. Oily but I like it. Missing Crystal Jade's porridge and Har Kau these days, KZ up for it?

I already had my coming weekday evenings fully packed so no one can ask me out. Back to the days of crazy schedule. As long as I am happy, it doesn't matter even if I have to sacrifice time for myself.

Off to the last class of Grrl Power 1. I should have remembered to bring camera to take a group photo.

Movies To Be Watched: Iron Man 2, IP Man 2, How To Be, The Runaways

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sweet Dream

Ha, I dreamt of Rob Pat again. This time there were a lot of scenes, from my place to supermarket. Why do they always happen in the supermarket? We were chatting at my place and he even gave me his address. Obviously it won't happen in reality.

Covered up as a receptionist again because she's on urgent leave. Thought I can finally enjoy my cookies but had to leave them for tomorrow.

Had a giddy spell suddenly in office. Luckily I managed to walk with blurry vision from the reception to the toilet without any suspicions. I am still unsure why I would faint.

Went for Mary Kay Skincare Workshop after work. Really liked the eye spa which reduced fine lines and even the pigmentation of the eye area. Can save on eye treatment packages. Tried their body scrub as well. Pretty like it.

Good night peeps at 11:10pm.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Continued watching 大冬瓜. At least 6 episodes today. Been sitting the whole day that I somehow felt my butt have expanded.

Most of the days, I don't even drink half a cup of water. But today, I have drunk 3 cups of water because my lips were so dry. Like what the consultant said, I need to drink more water to prevent dehydation and achieve better skin complexion.

Craving for economic bee hoon for tomorrow's lunch. Finally I don't have to suffer in the world of bread.

男人, 没有一个好东西

Monday, April 19, 2010

I Want That Clutch!

Bought a loaf of raisin bread and a packet of cookies for today and tomorrow's lunch. The items were bought using a $5 NTUC voucher. That's how broke I am this week. So don't tempt me into eating good food.

Had to cover as a receptionist again because she's on course these 2 days. The fortunate thing is that I don't have to freeze in my room after my supervisor has sat in.

Watched the trailer of "How To Be" starring Robert Pattinson. Involuntarily, I will smile when I see him. It doesn't matter even if you think I am crazy for a guy who don't even know I exist. Will definitely catch it when it's in the theatres even if I am going alone.

I was soaking wet even though I was walking under the shelter on the way home. My 2-layered skirt was entirely wet and rain water was dripping from my hair. Had to transfer for a bus and it was freezing cold. Hopefully I won't fall sick tomorrow.

I am praying damn hard to win the python clutch from CHIC Magazine. I already found the answer so please let me have that clutch!!!!

The desperation we have for a lover will increase as we age. The passion we have for our lovers will decrease as time goes.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bitches' Gathering

Went for Mary Kay Workshop at International Plaza yesterday. Had a free handspa done and the products carried a peach scent. Like it pretty much. There was a class of 9 participants and 3 consultants. The entire natural makeup process was taught using powerpoint slides and hands-on. We did on half of our face, step-by-step by the instructors then did the other half by ourselves. I even wrote the steps down, hardworking right? Among all of the products, I favour the loose powder and the lip mask most. The loose powder is light on the face and no visible flakes. The lip mask exofoliates the lips, revealing your true lip colour. Most of the participants like this product too.

They are also looking for consultants so in the case that you are interested, you can let me know. I am also considering if I should take it up as a part-timer. Mary Kay conduct free workshops on makeup and skincare. The earlier you start skincare, the better the prevention for aging skin.

Had terrible menstrual cramps this morning. Got woken up by these irritants. Luckily it was Sunday or else I might have to take leave.

Watched "大冬瓜" while having lunch again.

CJZ taught me a trick in Pet Society. It is a waste of time visiting your friends' pets right? This is what you can do to save time on seeing it dancing or kissing. Once you click on whichever action like 'Dance' or "Kiss', click your own chest then 'Skip'. You still earn your coins for visiting and save time on seeing the pets jumping and giggling. You may still see coins in your friends' profiles but don't worry, if you click on next or previous page then back to the page, the coins will disappear.

Actually didn't intend to get out of the house until KZ called. Met her at her house and her mum drove us to Westmall. KZ and I met Ranga then we went to chill at Coronation Starbucks. Weather was the usual terrible but luckily KZ found indoor seats. Slacked there till evening and had dinner at Adam Food Centre.

Saw Georgia Lee in her sportswear coincidentally..She is really skinny and tall. Her thighs and her calves look like the same.

Met LL for ice-cream at Island Creamery. Recommended by Ranga. I had double scoops of fresh banana and Reservo (it's like double chocolate). Took photos and we had one of them washed, decorated (or rather destroyed our images) put up on the wall.

Gossiped till 9:30pm and home sweet home with a full stomach.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sunny Saturday

The sun was seeking too much attention today, an umbrella was a must. Went for the regular hair treatment then back home to slack. Because of the heat, I guess everyone rather stay at home to laze. The ice-cream sellers must be earning big bucks.

Watched "大冬瓜" while waiting for afternoon to pass.

Having dinner at home and I'm off to Mary Kay Workshop for an intensive makeup lesson. Will take some pictures and update on my learnings tomorrow.

Saw this picture of Rob Pat looking too hairy, it's really time to shave. You don't want to ruin your image.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Waste of Menstual Blood

Started watching a HK drama "大冬瓜". Hopefully it doesn't disappoint me like some people did.

Had lunch in canteen alone again. Enjoyed a treat of strawberries by a colleague. We ate the strawberries coated with sugar, how sinful was that? I probably had 10 of those sweeties.

Back home for dinner then went NTUC to get necessities. I thought a $10 NTUC voucher is not easy to spend but I was so wrong. Just 2 packs of pantiliners and bye to $10. Nothing gain to have period. You lose blood and still need to spend money to 'pack' and dispose them. Some scientist should just invent some use for menstrual blood. Such a waste when they can be used to save a life.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Love Actually

Watched "Glitter" starring Mariah Carey followed by "Love Actually" after lunch. Got a little touched by "Love Actually", the part where a guy stood at the door holding big cards written with words, showing them to the female on a christmas eve. Although the female was married, the guy just wanted to let her know how he felt towards her.

I have been walking out of the little room in my office lesser than I used to. Everyone has been busy so I can't really find a free soul to talk to. The desktop has to face me 8 hours a day to keep me entertained.

Off to the 7th dance class now.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Awefully Bored

Watched "Toothfairy" while having lunch. I have always adored electric guitar when they are not in rock mode. Continued with the 1996 "Romeo + Juliet". A love like this wouldn't exist in reality so I can stop dreaming. I'm running out of movies to watch, HELP!

Enjoyed a peanut butter donut bought by a colleague. She saved my growling stomach.

Back home for dinner, Viwawa Wahjong and I am off to sleep early.

If you can do it once, you can do it twice. So how can I trust you?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Iron Man

Met someone last night. Drove out and I heard complaints of heavy traffic again. It was just a few more cars at the traffic junction. We thought we were smart enough to find a quiet spot only to realise there was music playing and it came from another car. Who knows what he/she/both were doing in that tinted window car? Once again, I got another bottle of mineral bottle without a cap as an incomplete gift.

Probably those were the last few things I did, I had a long dream again. I was some superwoman who could climb walls and hop from roof to roof, trying to catch someone. I could only remember it happened from a market to shopping mall to movie theatre. I must have used too much energy in the dream that I was so tired this morning.

Watched "Iron Man" this morning. Everyone has been praising how fantastic it is but I have yet to watch. I love the ending where the prototype was iced and dropped into the roof from a great height. The theatre is sure to earn my money from "Iron Man 2".

Continued my movie mania with "Coraline". A little boring for me so I yawned a few times

Went to collect free Asience samples for a review. Tried the products and so far so good. Knocked into Lovelyn at The Central too.

Dinner with Jac at Waraku de Pasta. Her handbag was lost in the office but luckily the most important items were with her. The most valuable item that was lost was her iPod. We went to her office but couldn't find it too. Who would pop into an unknown office in a shopping mall to steal people's bags?

I bought a pair of pumps from Mitju. The most decent pair in the shop.

Home sweet home at 9:30pm.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Pleasant Monday Surprise

Went K with the 2 ladies. We used to be fighting for the controller but now we have difficulty choosing songs to sing. And we know almost none of the new songs, a sign that we have grown old?

KZ's sandwiches were kept away by one of the waiters and it was probably thrown away by him. The waiter had bad attitude so served him right for having to compensate KZ's sandwiches.

Had BBQ stingray supper at Clementi Kopitiam. I watched the 2 of them had their porridge and noodles. Was chatting about KZ's schoolmates who one of them had an interesting name "Teo Lee Tat". The pronounciation sounded like "Teo Retard" right? I know I'm being rude but it's a reminder to think twice when naming your kids in the future.

Home sweet home at 11:30pm with a happy stomach.

Watched "新婚告急" this morning. A 2004 HK movie. Followed by "The Lovely Bones" which I used so much concentration.

Had 幼面 for lunch with manager. Been so long since we went out of office for lunch.

My colleague helped me to collect my GV member card and another colleague bought me an almond triangle. A pleasant surprise snack.

Home for dinner and it's noodles again. Sleeping early tonight to rest that pair of tired eyes.

Kiki is a japanese doll now

Your mind is a mystery unsolved.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fashion Photoshoot

Woke up early for a fashion photoshoot. The photographer Aylwin was being nice to pick me up from Eunos to East Coast Park. We then met Eleen (the other model) and the editors at the location.

Weather was really sunny and just can't stop sweating. Luckily the shoot only took about 3hours. We had change of at least 3 outfits and I think I still look better in looking cool. Like pants, top and cardigan or jacket.

Eleen left earlier while the rest of us sat in KFC enjoying the air-con till 2 plus. Aylwin sent me to Eunos then I took the train back

Tummy was really in pain and luckily I got a seat. Rushed back home and I had a diarrhea. Must have been the steamboat yesterday because CSX is also suffering from it. Went to the restroom twice and had to take pills to control.

Taking a nap soon and going Kbox with LL and KZ later. $8 nett for KBox members, 3 hours of singing inclusive of a drink and tidbits.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Furniture Shopping

Met G yesterday night to pass him his tailor-made clothes. I knew mum and CSX will spot me and him at the car park. I received the present he bought from Spain too. CSX saw the heart-shaped candies and was praising how sweet he is. Now I am feeling a little guilty for not buying anything when I went JB.

A blurry picture due to my shaking hands

All the heart candies in the package

Had lunch at JPot with CSX today. I picked Bak Kut Teh for the broth again. Lunch was too filling that I had to walk around with that full stomach.

Bought a pouch from M)phosis then we went separate ways.

I took a bus to IMM to meet mum and I slept throughout the journey. Felt a little irritated having to wake up from nap.

Did some grocery shopping, light dinner and went looking at furniture. I already eyed on a single sofa bed which cost nearly $2000. It's expensive which is why I need to do more homework to find an alternative.

Back home at 7:15pm. While I was typing this post, my hands were slightly shivering. Must have been the cup of iced yuan yang. I guess coffee is no longer my friend.

Photoshoot with Eleen for an online magazine tomorrow.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Broken Glasses

Went pool with KZ and Nicholas after home for shower yesterday. It was a successful last minute plan. I had my instant noodles for dinner as well. Nicholas injuried his right foot so probably that's why he didn't perform like usual. And he still dare to drive with an injuried foot.

Left for home at midnight.

I got an unpleasant surprise this morning. One of my glasses' frames broke and I didn't want to wear contact lens so I am having blurry vision now. Mum helped me to send it for repair and will be getting it back in the evening.

Had a busy and tiring morning. Went to Connection One to collect vouchers for my department then walked around Bukit Merah Central to get lunch. In the end, I ended up buying large whipped potato from KFC. How pathetic right? Weather was hot and everyone get to enjoy air-con while I was asked to go out to the sun. I wouldn't need to do so much work if partner at work need not always apply leave.

Had chilli salmon don for dinner bought back by a colleague. A sumptous dinner makes my night better.

Leaving for free eyebrow wax at Ion Sephora.

Photos of my water beauty shoot by Alywin are up. Click here to see.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Furniture Shopping

I was a receptionist again. For today and tomorrow.

Got a modelling assignment for end of April. Easy money I thought.

Had 幼面 for lunch then back to front desk. Did some calling and paperwork as usual.

Went IKEA and Queensway Shopping Centre with a colleague to get some stuff for office. Can't wait to move house to buy my own furniture. I didn't get curry chicken and cup corn for dinner this time. Soon I will patronize again.

Will be signing up for Grrl Power 2 which will start end of this month. Off to shine in dance class again.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Free Buffet Lunch

Had a free buffet sampling lunch today. Orange Clove was generous with their servings and had the tables decorated. I got a pleasant surprise when I entered the lounge. See how well and sincere they are? The big plate of sushi got us excited. We also managed to watch our favourite show "The Price Is Right". The ladies never fail to scream and made the boss complained.

Watched "Hairspray" in the afternoon then get some paperwork done. With the increase of workload, I guess I will put modelling aside for now. I need more time for myself and family.

Left workplace a little late as there were things unsettled.

Watched 爆料黑玫瑰 as recommended by colleagues. Throat was a little uneasy after much laughing.

6th dance class tomorrow. I guess I will continue with Level 2 to keep myself busy.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Grrl Power 2?

I had very heavy breakfast today. 3 small curry buns and 2 vegetables buns at home, a prata at work. Still a little full for breakfast.

Had my long-time 幼面 for lunch. I might eat this again tomorrow.

Watched a 2006 HK movie 恋爱初歌 and heard the cantonese version of 手放开 which is 明知做戏. It's sang by a female named 吴雨霏. Also watched 康熙来了 for entertainment before working hard. I really had difficulty controlling my laughter.

Sent out almost 200 smses, I wouldn't do this if I can't claim for work.

Was thinking all day if I should join CSX and her friend for steamboat at JPot. Ultimately, I still had dinner at home. Don't wish to tell mum that I won't be home for dinner and get scolded.

Should I sign up for Grrl Power 2? My only worry: What if R&B Funk is starting in May? Then I will have dance classes on Thursday and Friday.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Traveller for A Day

Decided to do some eyebrow exercising

Took half day to go for casting and audition. Even when I take leave, it's also for work. So much walking that my feet is aching.

Went from workplace to AMK to Tanjong Pagar then back home. I must have spent more than $5 on tranportation today.

Back home and I had to scrub my feet to remove all the thick layers of dead skin. Dinner at home and Internet routine.

I want to go K!!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

7 Days of Dating Is Too Long?

Ha, I dreamt of Robert Pattinson last night. Must be because I was typing the post about Friday. This was what happened in the dream. We were in the same workplace and there was this time he sms-ed me a morning message. Not those simple "Good morning" message but a pretty long one. I didn't reply him because I didn't know how to, very rude I know. He even offered to buy sugar cane juice for me, he mistaken it a sugar cane for a bamboo. Too bad good things don't last.

Had an eye-opening experience in the afternoon. There was a malay wedding in the neighbourhood and it was very unlike most of the malay weddings nowadays. The procession is a Kuda Kepang performance when the performers are on horse-shaped puppets and usually seen in malay weddings. The music sounded more Thai than Malay to me.

Notice the white horses at the top left?

Went out for dinner with CSX at Clementi. Had my long-time chicken rice. Ever since the Clementi Central Market has closed for renovation, I have been missing the orange plate chicken rice.

Went back home for shower then went to meet someone. I had that intuition that I will receive an sms during dinner and true enough, I received it minutes after dinner. Took a cab and the taxi driver was very polite. A 60+ uncle who chatted with me and made me think about what I really want for my future.

Saw so many of those insects which appear at night, I don't know what those flying insects are named. I was scared that they will fly onto me so I had to cover my mouth to prevent myself from screaming. I even had spider web on me, was roaming my own body to remove them.

Took a bus home and there was this secondary school girl who sat near me talking on the phone. I guess everyone in the bus heard her, not many commuters. I didn't want to eavesdrop but she forced me to listen. She was chatting with a female friend about her relationships. 2 boyfriends of which she was on the way to meet one of them who's a 1.90m model. I don't see how good-looking she is and quite a number of mosquito bites on her legs. She even mentioned that one of them chased after her for a week and she thought it was long. Excuse me, 7 days is considered long? What's wrong with the teenagers these days?

Does a kiss on the shoulder really means "I want you" ?

Casting and audition tomorrow afternoon. That really sounds like a lot of travelling.

Song of the day: 你为什么说谎

First Nuffnang Symposium

A really long day it was.

Reached SMU at 12:30pm for the first Nuffnang Symposium. It was drizzling and I was without an umbrella. Had a hard time finding their main entrance in the School of Accountancy.

Took a photo at the banner, I know I looked very pale in the photo below. While waiting for the event to begin at 1:30pm, being a typical Singaporean, I looked into the goodie bag. There was the event brochure, a Canon notebook (very thick it is) and a photography brochure. I also voted for the Mini Photo Contest.

The event began with speech by the Nuffnang team followed by showcase of the top 5 photographs for the mini photo contest.

Had a tea break and I like the tasty seaweed chicken. LL then came before KZ. Saw Xiaxue walking into the auditorium and I think I saw Celestina too.

My plate of tea break

Fully enjoyed Xiaxue's workshop on photoshop. I am sure her life has more fun than Dawn Yang. Xiaxue has brought the workshop with lots of laughter and made it creative. Also took a photo with her on the stage.

The winners for the Canon Powershot S90 were announced followed by the winner of the Mini Photo Contest.

LL, KZ and I then took a bus to Plaza Singapura. Had dinner at Pastamania then landed at The Cathay Starbucks. We got annoyed finding seats because there were so many hardworking students hoarding the tables. What's the difference between studying at home listening to your own music and studying in a cafe listening to your own music? If your bed is an excuse, it only proves that you are incapable of self-discipline.

After a cup of coffee, we walked to 313 Somerset because LL hasn't been there. Thought we would get to see that Taylor Lautner look-aike at the fashion show unfortunately, it has ended for the day.

Nothing much to window shop in 313 Somerset so we left for home shortly.

I almost fell onto a well-built guy (not fell in love with that guy) in the bus. The bus was accelerating and I wanted to sit at one of the face-to-face seats, my body bent towards him uncontrollably. Bet he got a shock and I was so embarrassed because the other commuters saw it. Didn't dare to look at the guy throughout the journey although he was quite good-looking.

Back home at 10pm and I had so much typing to do.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Robert Pattinson look-alike

02 April 2010

Attended the Benefit workshop at Tangs, promoting the "Stay Don't Stray" product. It's a face primer and concealor. I tried it myself and really impressed by it. My eye makeup lasted the entire day without any smudging of eyeshadow and eyeliner. I have reserved one for myself. There were a total of 5 attendees and I presumed I was the youngest. The male makeup artist was quite good-looking, quite a waste if he is a gay. Received a goodie bag with samples of their products and Marriot Hotel voucher.

Took a fast walk to 313 Somerset to get ice-cream to cool myself down. Right in the center of the mall, a guy walked to my front and tried to know me. It was quite a shock because it never occured to me. Local guys wouldn't be this courageous obviously. We stood at the same spot chatting for a while before I went for my ice-cream.

Walked to Ion Orchard to attend the OC Girl Private Party. This event was totally not a waste because I saw and talked to a guy who looked so much like Robert Pattinson. I should have been smarter to move my butt to the next seat so he could have his 'wish' granted by sitting beside me. He was with his girlfriend so there went off my hope. Here's the truth, he was tall and being considerate, he didn't want to block the other guests' views so he wanted to sit at the second row where I was (there were only 2 rows btw). In the end, he ended up sitting in the first row, less than 5 meters from me. My eyes would voluntarily move to where he was from time to time. I really regret then and now.

KZ was caught in a traffic jam so she only reached close to 8pm. There were jazz band and flamingo dance performances, with fashion shows in between. One of the models looked like Taylor Lautner, KZ's preference. How lucky of us to spot Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner look-alike. We also saw Nat Ho, I was not as excited of course.

We went late dinner at a Japanese restaurant in 313 Somerset. Had salmon nigiri and handrolls. Sinful and filling dinner.

Wanted to catch a late night movie unfortunately there were no good seats in Cathay Cineleisure. Lastly, we took a cab to go pub-ing at Boat Quay. 2 lonely ladies again.

I had about half a jug of Tiger beer because Lady Luck wasn't on my side. Lost a few times in poker and was punished to drink. Only sang 2.5 songs and played a round of pool. While KZ was singing her last song of the night, a guy was puking outside the restroom. A entire mat was filled with his vomit, disgusted and a spoiler. KZ and I had to hold our bladder till home.

Home sweet home at about 3am.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Into "康熙来了"

Had a busy morning because there were guests from HK who came to visit us. How I wish I can be sent to their place for business trip too.

Watched yesterday's episode of 康熙来了. there were so many times when I wanted to hold my laughter. The taiwanese are just good with their words. Topic of the show: Does the problem lies on the wardrobe or the person? Conclusion: The wardrobe. You can have a good figure but you don't dress up to enhance your figure.But remember, too much enhancement will only make you look like a clown.

Had nasi padang for lunch and 2 slices of papaya for snack. I really need to detox.

Attended a teleconference then off to 5th dance class after work. Had no chance of grabbing a bite. I was one of the two students who remember the dance steps so far.

Took the bus home and when I was reaching Clementi, my gastric came. So I met CSX for dinner at MOS Burger. Don't wish to faint in the middle of the road.

It's Benefit workshop and OC Girl Party tomorrow.