Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dinner At Ramen Ten

CNY Lunch At Pizza Hut

Woke up at about noon and had 2 slices of coffee swiss roll for breakfast.

Online tagging photos from yesterday's trip and playing Pet Society. I can't anything better to do online than to watch movies and dramas. I should try to stay away from Internet.

Had a banana and another slice of coffee swiss roll for lunch. How pathetic right? I am just lazy to cook instant noodles and it was already 4pm. Watched "The Holiday" starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. It's indeed saddening to spend Christmas alone.

Had dinner with siblings at Ramen Ten. The usual 99cent sushi. Probably the first time the 3 of us managed to sit in a restaurant eating together especially when CSX and myself are like bumblebees. Went arcade to play Outrun 2 again.We had more games because there were 3 of us. Out of 3 rounds, at least I won 2. I would say my driving skill in arcade has improved significantly.

Bought the Lash Renewal Serum by L'oreal which costs $28.90. Finding all ways to get longer and thicker eyelashes.

Back home and watched "Happy Feet". Felt kind of sad by the poor penguin who can't sing.

SG Flyer + Sheesha

Woke up at 10am to settle my previous e-mail again. Things are almost done.

Met LL and KZ at Clementi MRT and off to City Hall. Had our lunch at Asian Kitchen then walked around CitiLink. I eyed on a pair of heels in Pedro which costed $83. Was considering whether to get it or not. We then went to meet the rest of the tour group.

Waited 15mins for some couple who didn't turn up. We were all complaining of the sunny weather. Well-prepared KZ brought a cap, sunglasses and a portable fan. Turn out that her batteries were low and had to buy it from some shop. One of the teenage girls was wearing a dress with a trench coat over her, not afraid of getting heatstroke.

Finally we boarded the coach and alighted at One Fullerton. Took group shots while waiting for the free river boat ride.

The slow-moving river boat

Took pictures of the high rise buildings and self-shots on the turtle-moving boat. The ride was about 15mins and we reached Singapore Flyer.

God of Fortune

After a toilet break, we went for our 'flight. Lots of camwhor-ing. Couldn't really feel the cabin moving.
Before the flight

Using the self-timer

Portion of the golf course and the blue sea

From the peak

After the flight, the 3 of us went to get snacks. LL and KZ got fries and mashed potato from Popeyes while I had lemon sorbet. In order to fulfil our cravings, we decided to miss the lion dance.

Back into the coach and off for Lo Hei and dinner at Jia Xiang Restaurant. We were forced to sit outdoors because of the Japanese girls. The dinner was not satisfactory and the slices of orange were really thin. Probably 9 people share an orange that's how bad it is.

Took the coach back to City Hall and LL went to meet her friends. KZ accompanied me to get the pair of heels I was eyeing in Pedro. We walked around Marina Sqaure and finally settled at Starbucks till 10:30pm.

Met LL again and off to Sheesha at Haji Lane. It was LL's and my first time. We chose strawberry flavour and ordered a chicken egyptian dish. Tasted like delicious italian food to me. Then it was sheesha-ing and photo-taking. Had plenty of unglam moments and photos.

Took a cab home at about 2am. And we were all exhausted.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hacker Alert!

To all on my msn, please delete my previous e-mail It has been hacked by this person with e-mail I won't be surprised that this account belongs to one of the victims. According to some sources, 'she' is a bisexual and asked my friends in my msn for nude pictures. 'She' even asked one of the photographers I know to take pictures of 'her' in implied nude with her pet dog. Guess what? 'She' even charged one of them $1000 per night and it was my face for the MSN display picture. How could I not want to strangle 'her' right? Seriously I want to 打小人.

To all models out there, money and fame are never as important as your reputation. Don't risk to get popular in the wrong track. Enough of this nothing-better-to-do bisexual.

I had a busy morning handling all this crap and I'm still not done. To make things worse, internet connection in office was down. Had to spend money using GPRS on my mobile.

Went Raffles City with a colleague to buy lunch. Had MOS Burger and got me so full.

Was a little emotional in the afternoon, partly I had nothing to do. Reminded myself to be stronger and stand up from where I fall.

Went Queensway Shopping Centre and finally got the sportswear I wanted. Worth the trip definitely. Had curry chicken for dinner and took a bus home. Slept throughout the journey again. Ate my cup corn while walking home.

Seesha was cancelled due to poor response, hopefully there's a next time.

Will be on Singapore Flyer with LL and KZ tomorrow afternoon. It's a trip organized by MDIS Alumni.

Shopping At Bugis

Mesdamess is now in Emall. So much advertising to do. Spent the entire night posting advertisements in other blogshops.

Went to collect the clothes from an ex-colleague. Thanks to mum who helped me to carry home. I'm just too lazy to bring them to workplace then to Bugis then back home.

Had Prawn Mee Noodle for lunch and really made me bloated together with half a cup of sugar cane. There isn't a need for dinner. Went to GWC to get colleagues' lunch from Fish & Co. While waiting for the takeaway, took a walk in Watsons. A reminder for me to buy Simple Make-up Remover Wipes.

Met KZ and LL at Bugis Street. Each of us bought a bohemian full-length skirt. We then walked to Bugis Junction. While I was in Nike, the both of them were in Seiyu shopping.

We had nonya buffet for dinner. I suggested NYDC but they felt it's expensive. In the end, we ended up spending $16 per pax for nonya buffet. Not cheap either. The food variety was limited. Didn't really find anything fantastic.

Took bus 7 home with KZ. Home sweet home at 10:30pm.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mesdamess Is Open!

Mesdamess, a blogshop opened by CSX and myself is officially up. Do check it up for dresses!

Saw on MSN that Robert Pattinson admitted that he is dating Kristen Stewart. Jealous not envy in this case.

Watched "Angels and Demons" starring Tom Hanks. An exciting mystery cracking case.

Grabbed some grapes before haing instant noodles for dinner. Back to market Mesdamess.

Will be collecting the clothes I ordered from My Flair Lady and going Bugis for night shopping tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

R&B Funk Dance Class is Next

Watched the trailer of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Not as fantastic as New Moon. If only I would meet a guy that protective towards me. My obsession with Robert Pattinson never ends.

Waited for an hour for my turn to see the MO. I almost fell asleep. Luckily CNA was on TV and some sports programme in Vancouver was playing. The bobsleigh looks so exciting because of the speed. Singapore will never have such a sport.The consultation was less than 10mins and off to the pharmacy.

Back in office at 10am. Did some work and went TBP to buy lunch with a colleague. Bought Bandito Pocket Meal from KFC and I waited 10mins for it. So it is 'fast' food?

A colleague on leave brought her daughter to workplace in the afternoon. I so happened to walk past the reception and saw my colleagues kneeling on the receptionist's table. Being curious, I walked to them and realised they were talking to the little girl. Of course I joined until the colleague and her daughter left. So unglam of me to climb onto the tall table wearing a dress.

Went the Cathay to pay for the R&B Funk Intro Dance classes and got my member card. I was thinking all day about going Bugis Street but I tried very hard to resist and save the shopping for Thursday or Sunday.

A SMRT bus broke down at the bus stop and caused a heavy bus jam. Not sure if I was the jinx. Slept throughout the bus journey, only to realise a quite good-looking guy was sitting in front of me when I woke up. Saw a white parrot on a tree on the way home. Not so unlucky I guess.

Had a slice of chocolate cake for dinner and I really felt like sleeping.

The appraisal tomorrow morning will determine how high my performance bonus will be.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Facial At Pro Slim

Slept at almost midnight yesterday as I needed to rush out the blogshop with CSX asap.

Watched "Adventureland" starring Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg. Quite a bored movie with a number of kissing scenes that's all.

Went to GWC to pack lunch for colleagues and myself. Had BK Fish but there was cheese in it. I got worked out because I ordered a cheese-less one. So, I took like 5mins to remove the cheese and the pieces of lettuce which have contact with it.

Had chilli salmon don and a california handroll while watching "Julie & Julia". That's my early sumptous dinner. How nice it is not to drool when you are watching some cookshow movie.

Went for a $19.90 balancing facial at Pro Slim, thanks to CHIC Magazine. It wasn't better than the gold peel mask at Ja'zz for sure. Window-shopped at Bugis Street and was already eyeing on those bohemian long skirts. Wait till I got my pay this Thursday. I still have sportswear, sneakers, cream eyeshadow and eyeliner brush to buy.

Appointment at O&G tomorrow morning. Perhaps I would drop by Cathay to register for R&B Funk Intro dance lessons after work.

There are always people want to spoil your reputation when they see you having a good life. They threathen you in order to get what they want. Unknowingly, Karma is on its way finding these devils. Yes, I did really wrong things but I have turn a new leaf. Yet you are still trying to cheat whoever you can, you can continue your journey to hell.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

CNY Gathering with Sisters

Woke up at 11am to hang clothes out to dry and prepare to meet sisters. See, I helped my mum with housework when she's not at home.

Waited the rest to reach with HM while waiting for the rest at Pizza Hut. Went in to see when SF has arrived. YJ then followed by WX and WF arrived. I had the Prawn Aglio Olio set meal. Wasted the tasty criss-cross fries because I can't finish. Had 2 group photos taken before SF's camera went low battery.

All of us took a bus to Jac's house. We were just talking about the dark clouds and it rained almost right after we alighted. Took about 10mins to decide on how to reach Jac's house dry. By then, YJ had to leave for chalet leaving the 5 of us. HM sacrificed herself to walk under the umbrella with WX while the rest of us took a cab. Felt guilty when we saw them in the rain.

SF and I made a fool of yourselves at the lobby entrance, thinking that the doors were locked. Luckily WF attempted to open the door or else we would wait like idiots for Jac until noticed us.

Had a mini high tea in Jac's house and we played Blackjack. I won $0.60, don't be greedy right? After WX left, Jac, SF, HM and myself played Mahjong. WF entertained herself with the television programmes. Saw her switching the channels umpteen times. I won $7.20 from Mahjong, finally I won a after the recent rounds of losing. Jac's house still bring me Mahjong luck.

Left Jac's house at about 7pm and SF went home. HM, WF and I then went to have dinner at Clementi. Had XO fish slice bee hoon soup and hotplate beancurd. The auntie looked down on us that we couldn't finish the large bowl of bee hoon soup but we did. All thanks to HM who ate the most. We chatted mainly on relationships especially HM's.

HM took a bus home while WF and I walked to another bus stop. WF was sharing her uni life especially the uni mates. It's really harder to get close friends as you grow old so cherish the close friends you have. They may be the only ones who will still contact you in the 10, 20 years to come.

Home sweet home at 9:45pm.

CSX just shown me the layout of the blogshop which we are starting. It should be completed with the first collection this week so stay tune.

Facial tomorrow after work, I presume I will be sleeping during the treatment.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shopping At City Plaza

Met someone this morning. By chance I was awoken before I received the sms.

Had vegetarian bee hoon for breakfast and off to City Plaza with CSX.

Met her friend Prema at Paya Lebar and we walked over. Had lunch at Arnold's Fried Chicken, it was recommended by an aunt some years ago. The chicken was far more healthier than KFC's. I spent about $8 which is comparable to Popeye.

Here comes the disgusting part in the toilet. I spent at least 15 mins in the toilet due to period. It was quite a mess or rather the worst I have ever encountered.

Bought 29 pieces of dresses and blouses to sell for the blogshop. I got tempted to own a few but most importantly are the sales. After this experience, I guess I will shop lesser in shopping malls. Really save a lot if you buy in bulk.

Took the train back, carrying that bag of apparels. The security guard didn't stop us surprisingly. Once, Prema rested her palm on an uncle's back and only realised that it's not a glass panel or a pole after about 5 seconds. The 3 of us were giggling about the incident. Luckily the uncle didn't turn back to scold.

I continued with the train journey after CSX and Prema alighted at Bugis. It was expected that commuters will give me a weird look as if I am carrying a bomb.

Had CJZ to carry the bag for me at Clementi back home. Back home at 6:30pm.

Had my shower and measured the apparels. I was just thinking if G would call and he did before his flight. Somehow I felt a little unbearable but it's just a week. Time will fly for this week. Have got facial, O&G appointment and banking to do.

I am signing up for R&B Funk Intro classes. So excited!

CNY visit to Jac's house and Pizza Hut for lunch tomorrow.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting My Third Job Soon

Moved back into my AA room in the morning. Walking in and out made me exhausted.

A colleague was talking about Ris Low almost the entire day. Watching videos of her in interviews and the condom demo. She really looks like a 30+ year old woman. I would be very depressed to have an old face.

Had Bee Hoon Soto for lunch, thanks to my colleagues who packed. Somehow it didn't taste as good.

Attended a meeting in the afternoon and back to work. Work is really piling on my table. Got to plan an event again.

Was looking at the class schedule in Jitterbugs again. Considering between Grrl Power 2 and R&B Funk. Should I take either one or both? I know I have yet to attend Grrl Power 1 and I am already planning for the next dance class. It's good combination when you can dance and have fun.

Back home for dinner. Mum cooked vegetarian shark's fin soup and I ate almost half a pot. I'm the big eater.

Will be going City Plaza tomorrow with CSX if I don't get heavy cramps. In the process of starting a blogshop and be a small boss. This shall be my third job.

What is everything to someone, and nothing to everyone else? Your mind.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Looks vs Money

Received the pictures from the female jogger shoot, here's the link to the pictures. Looks like I am advertising for Adidas.

My top assets were much bigger today due to my coming period. From A to B it's a good feeling.

Received an unknown phone call at 7:30am again. Sometimes I really feel like changing my hp number to avoid haters from contacting me.
My black turtleneck blouse was a little worn out only to know when I reached workplace. Had to stitch the hole in the toilet. I must get another of this top this month.

Had McSpicy EVM for lunch, it was manager's treat. My stomach got so filled up that I can skipped tea.

Had a busy afternoon after a colleague left the office for good. He didn't even inform his supervisor and just leave his work for us to clear. How responsible can this 30+ guy be? My manager was telling me not to learn from him, obviously I wouldn't. I am much mature for a 21-year old.

My colleague popped me with a question, "Would you choose someone with looks but no money or someone with money but no looks?" I gave the same answer as I gave KZ. What's the use if you can't even face the person and look him/her into the eyes?

Found this riddle online,
Q: What's too much for me,just right for two,but nothing at all for three?
A: A secret

You will never tell me that you are ready. I should have accepted the fact.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Done with 古灵精探B

Met someone at void deck after I reached home last night. I realised I gave the longer direction to Jurong when I was asked. Hopefully I won't get scolded the next time when we meet.

Received ang baos from my colleagues today, lighten off my transport for this week. Went to Kopitiam to pack lunch with my manager. Can't finish the rice again.

Now I am waiting for the performance bonus and the letter from HR to come. I am really looking forward to pay increment.

Back home and had porridge for dinner. Continued with my last episode of 古灵精探B. What should I watch next?


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chinese New Year Visiting

Had a long chat with Bro last night. Has been so long since I heard his stories again. Considered as the only male friend who I can talked on the phone for long. What a weird question he asked me "Would you agree to be my girlfriend if I asked you  previously?" And my answer, "I did have a crush on you but you didn't ask at that time."

To dreamland at 2am.

Woke up at 9:15am today and went to Nicholas's house. LL and KZ were already there munching away. Had Nicholas's mum's homemade mango pudding, it's her secret recipe. Played serveral rounds of Blackjack and In Between.

Walked over to KZ's house at 11:30am. Met KZ's cousins and family at the lift lobby. Sadly, her youngest cousin no longer recognised me. Had finger food prepared by KZ's mum and the coleslaw by KZ. Her brother was eating with us too. Played half a round of Mahjong while waiting for Ranga and Amalina. I did won a small amount. We then switched to Blackjack, In Between and Showhand when the 2 of them arrived. Not sure I won or lost in the end.

Took a cab to Aunt's house to continue the fun. Played a few rounds of Blackjack and I was getting sleepy. Only got more alert when I played Mahjong. Never have I lost that much in Mahjong, $76. Probably it's retribution that I have won too much money from my friends for the past years. Ultimately, it's because I lost to an Aunt's flowers and animals. If you play Mahjong, you know what I mean. She doesn't know how to count the number of 台, anyhow throw her tiles and anyhow eat and pong. Best of all, she can teach when she doesn't know her basics. When I put the money I lost on the table, she immediately grabbed the money. I see her true colours shining through. What more can I say?

Took a cab at 8:30pm.

Back to work tomorrow.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Movie & Dinner at JP


Met G last night, we were still able to fork out time to meet on Valentine's Day. Back home at about 2am. I fell into deep sleep till 8am to give him a morning call.

Had ang gu kueh for breakfast and made plans to watch "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief". Booked 2 tickets for CJZ and myself at GV JP, 3:20pm.

Window-shopped in JP and I bought an almond crossiant to fill my stomach. Shared the large popcorn combo and the popcorn was gone in an hour. The movie was not bad, got a shock by some monster at the beginning of the movie. Like the scene where Percy controlled the waves of water trying to get rid of Luke. One of the monsters were alike to the 3-head monster in Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets. Even the main characters were 2 males and 1 female.

Had dinner at Ding Tai Feng. CJZ complained that only the chinese tea was good when we ordered fried rice, sour and spicy soup, and xiao long bao. Back home at 7pm.

CNY visit to Nicholas's and KZ's houses tomorrow. Wonder if KZ's cousins are back from Malaysia. It's Mahjong and Blackjack time again.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year


Went to paternal grandfather's house to visit in the afternoon. Almost all my paternal relatives were there. Played with the young cousins in a room. Tickling each others' necks, taking photos and watching them running in and out.

Took a cab back home at 3plus to visit my maternal relatives. Had lunch at grandmother's house and watched the relatives playing Wii. They finally got a strike after playing countless times of bowling. The aim was all 100 pins down.

Started playing Blackjack and sat in the living room for hours. Lost about $5, considered lucky enough. I still don't have the courage to play mahjong after the loss last year.

After the relatives have left, I cooked instant noodles for dinner and back to Internet. Finally Kiki found a black rose for Valentine's Day. Even my pet has a rose on this special day.

No plans for tomorrow. So I will be obedient and stay home.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pamper Myself

Woke up at 10am, had breakfast and off to Vivocity. Walked several rounds in Vivocity before going for my eyelash perming. It was done in less than an hour. Didn't get the package as I don't intend to do it often. I should go back to Browhaus for their Lashgraphy which only cost $30.

Almost went for manicure and pedicure but back off after much consideration. So, I went for fish spa instead. I was the only customer so all fishes swam to my feet. The boss was nice to let me enjoy the treatment for more than 10mins.

Back home for steamboat lunch again. I have been eating too much that I had big business twice today. Got to detox after CNY.

Watched HK drama while relatives were playing Wii. I have mentioned about buying Wii but haven't got it till now. Should save up for it before June.

Ate a little for dinner as the lunch was still in my stomach. Went over to grandma's house for a while and decided to miss the shark fin. You know la, too much seafood will give you bad breath.

Had half a glass of red wine and slept for about 2 hours till 10pm. Alcohol really puts me to sleep. Now I am only waiting for the midnight to come while watching HK drama.

It's time for 雀后 to perform again.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Steamboat At Work

My photography skill kind of fail

Took pictures of my grandma's cherry blossom before going to work. Hopefully they can last for the 15 days.

Had a busy morning preparing for the steamboat lunch at workplace. Most of the vegetables were prepared by me. Never have I done so much washing of vegetables, felt a little guilty that I hardly cook at home. See the spread of ingredients?

Steamboat started at about 12:30pm and we switched from chicken soup to tom yam. As the flavour was not strong enough, we even had to use our own lime and chilli padi to enhance the lemongrass taste.

Before Lo Hei

After Lo Hei

Ordered sashimi yu sheng from SGH Kitchen to Lo Hei. A last minute plan. It was the malay colleagues' first time.

All of us were too full that we had to leave the desert to Wednesday. Still got to finish the leftover ingredients too.

My manager bought a box of 'Kok Zai' for me when she was shopping yesterday. So sweet of her isn't it? I also brought the basket of mandarins she made. Mum placed it on top of the piano.

Back home to celebrate CJZ's birthday in advance and hurried to upload the pictures.

Went pool with KZ and Nicholas. For once, I didn't order maggie to eat because of the heavy lunch. Met Amanda and her boyfriend too. But I didn't talk to her, only KZ did.

KZ called LL to ask where in the west sells bbq stingray. So, we took LL's suggestion and went Ayer Rajah Food Centre. We shared a $14 stingray, average taste. Luckily we didn't order sambal sotong or else there might be leftover.

Went to the florist nearby and KZ was looking at the daisies. She mistaken them for sunflowers. Nicholas was being sweet to buy us a rose each. Which girl wouldn't be happy to receive flower/s right? I even thought he was fooling us.

Eyelash perming at Vivocity tomorrow. Shall review their service and show you what they can do.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

We are born to make use of people

Received a forward mail from Ranga. Pictures of toddlers and dogs were attached, sharing you 2 heart-warming photos. My day is brighten, thanks to Ranga. So I decided to spread the sunshine to close friends.

Bought curry chicken for lunch from Kaffe & Toast. Can't finish the big portion, seriously my appetite has shrinked.

Watched 古灵精探B at workplace again. I should have realised my potential in investigation earlier and probably in the police force now. It's too late to train.

Went to get more ingredients for tomorrow's steamboat. Had too much canned food to carry, regret shopping alone. Just considered it as weight-lifting and I am good.

Back home for dinner then went Clementi Central with CSX. Ordered a cake for CJZ's birthday and accompanied CSX for dinner at Mos Burger.
I have been observing my behaviour especially when my blood pressure is raised. Unknowingly. I will scratch things like books, bags and anything hard. Sounds like a cat showing off its paws. May be scary but it does make me feel better and relieve the tension. I never want to get hypertension especially due to some unworthy people.

I always play dumb, just like what a woman should do in front of a man. He would have thought that you can be easily cheated so he would do more unloyal things behind your sexy back. Even if you know your guy is lying, don't tell him off straight but accept whatever stupid reason he gives you. For me, the bad experience is accumulated and one fine day, my volcano will erupt. There is no use in quarrelling over every matter because a guy will never take your words to heart. Just remember this, guys are ruled by their manhood not their heart. I will always remember what someone said, "Human beings are born to make use of each other."

It takes less than a second to change from an angel to a devil.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Event of the week is finally over

Had a busy morning preparing for the talk. Never know that planning an event can be this stressful. More of such assignments to come.

Had the leftover tuna sandwich for lunch. I really prefer sardine to tuna. Had to take mints to cover the fishy smell.

Got the monthly report done, unpacked the stuff brought back from the talk and continued with my HK drama. Finally I had the time to sit at my desk to relax.

Made an appointment with Poly Beauty on Saturday for eyelash perming. Hopefully the results are as good as it says.

Back home for dinner and it's HK drama time. Have been playing Pet Society these days again. Not intending to buy a Petling for Kiki. I have no time to entertain its cravings.

Going TBM with manager to do vegetable shopping tomorrow. Buy vegetables? I am just the right person to consult.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

HK drama, I'm back

Microwaved a pack of the butter popcorn to satisfy my growling stomach before lunch. Bought economic rice to eat in room while watching 当狗爱上猫. There was a scene where the couple were standing in a bed of sunflowers. Not sunflowers again?

Went O'Briens for a meeting at noon. Received the unknown phone call before the meeting again. I said "Hello?" like 5 times and there was no reply. Who is that sick mute?

Get some tasks completed and started 2 episodes of 古灵精探B. Looks like my HK drama days in office are back. You can envy me for the free time or praise my work efficiency.

Saw a lady with a sunflower at the MRT station again. Can I not see anything related to Valentine's Day anymore? I am lucky enough that it's also CNY so I can spend the day collecting ang baos, playing poker cards and mahjong. If not I would probably be found with KZ again. I can still remember we spent last year at JP Starbucks laughing at the flowers people had when we have none. The thought of it still makes me laugh.

Went to get my heels fixed as the right heel is damaged. The rubber at the heel has dropped so I had to get it repaired. Every step I took using my right foot made that metal sound, I felt so embarrassed.

Back home for dinner and every dish was green. Kind of spoiled my appetite so I only took a small bowl of rice. I should have gone market for dinner. Continued with my HK drama and got to sleep early tonight. My beauty sleep begins at 10pm just like when I was schooling. So don't expect me to reply your sms or accept your phone call after 10pm.

Sometimes I wish I am one of the blind mice, unable to see whatever you have done. I do have a solution in mind just that I haven't got the courage to do it. I am waiting for the day to come.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Shopping at Giant

Went Vivocity Giant to buy ingredients for the steamboat on Firday. Along the way, I collected some products from Clinique and bought a carrot k8 and curry o' to fill my stomach temporarily. Bought the Orville popcorn, a pack shall be in my stomach tomorrow. No one at office will fight with me for it as all of them like sweet popcorn. My taste buds are just different.

Bought chilli salmon don for lunch but had to waste the rice as I was quite full. Watched 当狗爱上猫 at workplace, 2 more episodes to go. Finished my california handroll at 5:30pm.

Back home for dinner and off for my brazilian waxing. I should consider doing IPL brazilian to save the cost and get better results. Obviously the only reason which stopped me is because of the money. Not my top priority so I have to give whatever good promotion a miss.

Took a bus home and I had many thoughts during the journey. Saw a young couple and the female was holding a bouquet with a big sunflower in it. Of course it reminded me of something but good things don't happen to me. I realised the advantages of boarding a bus with your partner.

1) You get to lie on your partner's shoulder but not when one of you are driving and the other a passenger

2) You have more time to chat and spend time together

3) The passengers can only take glances and envy you

4) No worries of oversleep as he/she will wake you up

Is it worthwhile to hold it on for you?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vogue Photoshoot

Photoshoot at Antony's place this morning. Alycia helped me with the make-up and I learnt some tricks. Shall do cosmetic shopping soon. Today's big hairstyle brings out the vogue in me. Lot of hair extensions and bobby pins used. Had a difficult time removing the pins in the restroom. Shall upload the pictures when I received them.

Went to meet someone in the afternoon. Ate my strawberry vanilla granola along the way. Back home at 3pm for late lunch.

Did some e-mail checking and Pet Society before going out with CJZ for dinner.

Ate 99cent sushi at Ramen Ten again. It's becoming a fortnightly dinner with CJZ and we'll go arcade for car racing. Outrun 2 and Initial D 3. My speeding skill is still lower than CJZ, got to work harder.

Back to watching 当狗爱上猫 at home. I know I wasted my weekend night and I miss playing pool. Pool khakis you hear me?

Will be buying the steamboat ingredients for the 12th Feb workplace's lunch. Can't wait for it to happen.

Been receiving unknown phone calls again. When will the harrassment stop?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Modelling Weekend Again

Guess what I ate for the entire day? Pandan bread for breakfast, 2 slices of wheat bread for lunch, a strawberry vanilla granola for snack and a cup of cereal for dinner. I definitely will lose weight if I am going to eat like this for every weekend.

Had a photoshoot in a studio at Chinatown. Finally it's paid shoot again. 2 hours and back home to prepare for the next shoot.

Went Toa Payoh to meet the photographers for the jogger themed shoot. Bought a pair of fitting shorts to match the top. Considered as a gift from them. Took a cab to MacRitchie Reservoir and the weather was terrible. It was at least 4 years since I last went there. I was already feeling sticky before the shoot started. There were monkeys trying to steal the human beings' belongings. Ours almost got stolen but luckily I shouted just in time. The shoot was about 3 hours and got me uncomfortable because of the sweat and hunger. I believe there are good photos although there would only be ~10 good ones.

Took bus 165 home and took a nap. Got disturbed by 2 china women's sharp voices sitting in front of me. Home sweet home at 8:30pm.

Turning in early for tomorrow morning's shoot. It's work again. I just want a break from modelling in March.

You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare- "Sweet Dreams" performed by Beyonce

Friday, February 5, 2010

Light Friday

Sms-ed a cheer up message to G in the morning and glad that it helped. At least the words were more positive. Things won't remain bad for long.

Had Fried Fish Bee Hoon Soup from the new shop "Coffee & Toast" in SGH. Their system of operation is not efficient. After you place your order at the cashier, he or she will give you the receipt. However, the receipt is not for you to keep, you have to pass it to the aunties who are cooking. The worse part, they collected your receipt but they don't look at what you ordered. They simply ask you what you ordered and prepared from there. So everyone was crowding that area. Our orders got mixed up and waited for very long. Pissed off.

We decided to give them a chance to earn a better impression so we went back to buy tea. I had mackerel buns, half-boiled eggs and teh o. Good for them, at least something worth buying from them.

Back home, had dinner and off to KZ's house. Her 2 cousins were there. I saw the elder sis first then the younger one came along. Wonder why she's that happy to see me. Played with her and her bag of KFC toys. Kids don't usually come to me to play so I kind of got surprised by her. Can't help but to smile and play along with her. Too bad we can't bring her out of the house so had to trick her into the room for us to leave the house.

Went to KZ's auntie's house for the clearance sale. LL then joined later. LL and I selected a number of apparels to try. KZ was the temp sales girl for LL. LL bought a dress and 2 tops, I bought a cardigan set and a dress. Trying a different cool style using the long cardigan.

Met Nicholas for a small chat at the playground on the starry night. While waiting for him to arrive, some young guy was purposely doing inclined pull-ups to attract our attention. Can't see his face clearly anyway. We chated till 11pm and home sweet home since all of us need to wake up early tomorrow.

I was dozing in the bus, as usual. Got to turn in early for 2 photoshoots tomorrow.

Spa Treatment at Ja'zz

The Winning Team

The Rear Lights of "Our" Ferrari

The 2nd Runner Up

With Doraemon

Met KZ for massage and spa at Ja'zz. The massage caused me to have backache but the gold peel face spa was good. Blackheads at the nose area were gone, my pores are clean now. The face is now sharper and fairer. The result of the eye treatment was fabulous. Fine lines and panda eyes were less obvious. Extremely happy with it. Lips were also more pinkish after the lip treatment. And so, I signed up for a face, eye and lip spa package. Like what KZ said, it's better to take care of your skin at a young age.

The therapist thought that my eyebrows were tattoo-ed. Do they really look that fake? This is the second time someone commented on those hairs.

Met G at Holland Village and we sort of go for a car ride around Clementi. I know there's no scenary. My purpose was just to meet him, hopefully I can do something to make him feel better from being upset. I believe my magic did help a little.