Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photoshoot at HortPark

Once again, I sneaked out yesterday night to meet someone. Still that same 2 words, be careful.

Had a photoshoot with 2 photographers at HortPark this morning. It was indeed hot there. Lots of greenary and flowers. Which girl wouldn't get excited seeing flowers all over the place? There were of course bees, dragonflies and butterflies. There were glasshouses filled with exotic plants, lots of colourful flowers in there but no access to visitors. The temperature in the glasshouses were low specially for the plants. I would love to explore what's inside. Love the white little cage-like pavilion. Wait till I upload the pictures.

Had lunch at Xin Wang Anchorpoint. Poor service, waitied for more than 15mins for the drinks to be served. So unlike my experience at the outlets in Cineleisure or Marina Square. Thank you for the photographers' lunch treat.

Got a ride home and my eyes were already dry because of the contact lens.

Toppled my OPI nail polish on the floor and spent like an hour clearing up the mass. Won't dare to buy any nail polish anymore. My wrist was cramped, blood circulation to my head was not good because I was all the while looking at the floor. I spent more energy on cleaning the floor than a photoshoot. Luckily I have mum and CJZ to help me get rid of those stains.

Got to continue my HK drama and have dinner.

Karaoke at TopOne


Had lunch at Subway with CJZ and off to meet KZ for karaoke. Once again, she was late for 15mins.

She grabbed a chicken cutlet from a Taiwanese stall and sat outside Topone for her to finish her lunch. Finally entered our karaoke room at about 1pm.

We had diffculty finding songs to sing instead of lacking of time to finish what we wanted to sing. That's probably the problem when there's only 2 of us. Where's LL?

When KZ was singing, I was looking at myself in the little mirror.Realised that I looked as if I wearing a wig. Perhaps I am just not used to this new hairstyle.

Went for steamboat dinner at one of those restaurants. It was our craving. If I didn't miscalculated, I ate 2.5 plates of green vegetables. I can't really survive without vegetables since young.

Went shopping at Rubi and BMG. I bought a pair of sandals and some undergarments. Ya, I know I spent money again. Somebody should just lock me at home.

Took bus 7 back, traffic jam at Penang Road due to Thaipusam. There were really a large number of Indians suurounding the area. Managed to snap 2 pictures.

Photoshoot tomorrow morning at HortPark. Got to turn in early.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Haircut for CNY

Bought vegetarian economic rice from Kopitiam for lunch. Had to do reception while the receptionist was away. So I played Sudoku again.

Did some slides for the upcoming talk and all the necessary follow-up to do.

Had 2 steamed buns for dinner before going for hair cut and treatment.

I look like a school girl again

Now I have straight hair, cut off about 3 inches and have my fringe trimmed. All the curls are almost gone. I am always changing hairstyle after each year, refresh myself. Need to increase my hair volume before doing any chemical treatment to it. So, how's my new hairstyle for the CNY?

Played with Kiki for a while. Have neglected her for weeks.

Watched a few mins of a taiwan entertainment show. It was showing 7 dogs of which 6 of them were a family. The family of dogs followed the eldest dog which was cycling. They even know where to queue back in the line even if you pull any of them away. As for the other one dog, really sympathize it. After a car accident, it lost its front legs leaving only the hind legs. It had to balance itself to walk. It sure has strong determination to live. As human beings, we should learn from it. To stand up from where you fall.

Karaoke at Topone with KZ tomorrow. It's time to blast my internal stereo.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


A male colleague (the same guy who asked why I wore so pretty on Tuesday) realised that I actually have figure when I wear a fitting dress. It was after so long that he made this discovery.

Was supposed to go KKH with colleagues to visit our newly promoted mummy but due to few of us who are free, I gave my chance to another colleague. Stayed in the office playing sudoku till I felt sleepy at the reception.

Went Orchard with 2 managers to check pricing for sandwiches. Had lunch at Lucky Plaza, wanton mee again. The char siew was really good and the dumplings were filled with ingredients too.

Back in office at 2:30pm. Ran errands, replied e-mails and continued my sudoku. Latest news from manager that the new position of "Healthy Volunteer Coordinator" is the job which I probably will take. Sounds better than "Recruiter" but the name is simply too long to even print on name tag. I probably get to distribute namecards too.

Met G at Lido for movie. He surprised me by wearing contacts instead of glasses. I still find him better-looking with glasses. Shared an ice-cream cup of Honey Toffee and Malt with him before going Mac for dinner. Watched "Daybreakers" and the seats were really bad. Hopefully it's not going to give me backache and no bloody dream tonight. Walked Orchard for a while and G sent me home.

No HK drama tonight. Tired eyes are enough for fall into deep sleep. Should I go for hair treatment and perhaps a hair cut tomorrow?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cute Puppy

Surprisingly, I didn't really dream last night. Can't remember even if I did dream.

Black can be cute ok?

Saw this cute puppy in the HK drama 当狗爱上猫. I rarely comment anything cute but this puppy really made me go crazy. I just go 'Ahhh!!!' when I first saw this cat-look alike dog.

Work was lesser than yesterday and so I had time to pack lunch from GWC. Had Chilli Salmon Don and a California Handroll. Thumbs up!

One of my colleagues just gave birth to a girl and we'll be visiting her tomorrow noon. And because of that, we were talking about pregnancy in the afternoon. All the blood, slicing of the vaginal area, stitching, painful urinating and shitting for 2 weeks made the unmarried woman in the unit scared of getting pregnant. The pain is unimaginable according to the mothers in the unit. Now I am warned of the pain, it's not advisable to try.

As a temporary recruiter, I made the first few calls to look for healthy volunteers. Felt so relieved after task completion.

Received a call from my long lost brother. Not my blood brother but an online friend who I knew for a long time. Used to be my closest guy friend and the guy who would call me in the middle of the night sharing his thoughts. Sometimes drunk or even crying to me. This time he called to seek collaboration, asking me to model. I don't see any reason to reject him.

Back home after work for dinner. Received the 3 dresses I bought from Kizzofgoddess on Sunday. Prompt reply and fast delivery. Got to continue my HK drama serial.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

AA, Recruiter and Receptionist

Dreamt of ninjas yesterday night. I wonder where the thought came from when I was awake. Those ninjas kept on doing the same action which I can still remember. Let's see what I will dream of tonight.

Was wearing a new dress today and I got praises from colleagues. The dress is from Bizmiles and the accessory is from Diva, bought it with KZ last year. It was mum's suggestion to wear an accessory or my front looks empty. Even one of the male colleagues whom I rarely talked to asked why I wore prettier today. He jumped into conclusion that I had a date, unfortunately he guessed it wrong. Another colleague said I reminded her of the Goldheart jewellery ad. If only I am good enough to model for jewellery.

Morning was busy therefore time flew. Had to buy kueh from Bengawan Solo, prepare the bak kua and drinks, set up the laptop and projector, push chairs into the meeting room. Furthermore, I had to take on the role of a receptionist for the receptionist was on medical leave. Walked in and out of the unit like it's my house. And now that I am doing recruitment for healthy volunteers, I have even more work to do. In conclusion, I did the work of 3 positions today. AA, recruiter and receptionist.

Most probably I would be changing my job position to a recruiter since my supervisor is impressed with my performance, recruiting healthy volunteers and organising talks. Anyway, I have started reading up on marketing and it's so dry. Hands-on is still more interesting.

Went to the post office to send out some posters and brochures. Bought lunch at TBM and back office. Fried hokkien mee again.

The usual routine of replying e-mails, picking up phonecalls and running errands.

Back home for dinner. The petai from NTUC doesn't taste better than those from Giant. Giant still has the better baby kailan and petai.

Finally period is almost over but my migraine is here. A sign that my white hair is growing.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Heavy on my stomach

Had Popeyes for lunch today. The corn was a little overcooked and not salty enough. The mashed potato was too little in quantity. The fish strips were good just like the chicken. Will bring G there one day since he hasn't tried the fastfood before.

Afternoon flew past as I was really working. I don't always slack at work alright? Workload is really increasing and I have no time for movie sessions during working hours. Still yet to read the borrowed book on marketing because I am lazy.

Saw Mr. Six while walking to MRT station. His usual headband but he was wearing a checkered sarong over his black pants. What good fashion sense he has.

Went Orchard to meet G after work. Drove to Commonwealth for dinner. While waiting for the traffic light to turn green, I was dared to do something when the police car was in front of us. I know there's no way I would get caught and so I took the small challenge. 

Had Fish Slice Beehoon Soup and a different kind of Hor Fun. It's a mixture of beehoon and kway tiao. Went home after dinner and I should be turning in early.

I am still having weird dreams until today. Even my colleagues all know about this. Am I using my brain too much during the day?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stay Home Sunday

Was with LL and KZ yesterday night. Chatted till about 10pm and went for supper at West Coast Food Centre. I had hokkien prawn mee but I am still craving for bbq stingray. Home at midnight.

I guess I really miss G. Dreamt that we were in the train and acting like we were the only human beings in it. Shouldn't go into detail but definitely it was a sweet dream.

Still dare to eat buffet?

Saw this on Lian He Zao Bao. A reminder not to eat too much since the CNY is approaching.

Went lunch with CJZ at Ramen Ten. Our usual 99cent/plate of sushi. This time, I only managed to eat 8 plates. Partly due to the cramps.

Was at the atm to do some transactions and the guy queuing behind me looked like Shaun Chen at the first look. Bought some necessities from Watsons and shopping at NTUC. Petai, cherry tomatoes and strawberries. I should plan for a detox meal before all the good food gets into my body during CNY.

Back home to clear my wardrobe. Guess what? I have 17 sets of bikini, 2 swimsuits and 1 swimming costume. Looks like I have to find ways to make full use of them. Got to make more space for the new year clothes. Had dinner brought back by dad and started watching a new HK drama serial 当狗爱上猫.

Hopefully G is still energetic enough to meet me after a flight.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photoshoot for My Flair Lady

Woke up at 7:30am, prepared and off for photoshoot.

Credits to My Flair Lady

Above are the dresses I received from My Flair Lady today. More colourful dresses for the next collection. Get ready to shop for CNY and Valentine's Day.

Accompanied CJZ to shop at IMM and visited KZ at work. Bought a pink long tank top from Fox. If not for the period, I would have stayed there longer.

Home for dinner. Wanted to have dinner at New York New York but have to save money so next time. Will be meeting LL and KZ at Starbucks later.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Night Shopping At IMM

Dreamt of a male colleague yesterday night. He said weird stuff but it would never happen. Weird dreams for consecutive days already.

Was chatting with G on Facebook in the morning. Finally I saw him online after he was away for days. I still tend to look at the Facebook Chat to see if he's online.

Was driven to Vivocity by a colleague to pack lunch. My main motive was to look for ManStuff. Bought the wrong issue, it's supposed to be issue 2 and not 3. But it's ok, at least I have the soft copy of the photos. Bought Crispy Egg Noodle from Kopitiam and back to workplace.

Edited some papers at work and went to collect documents again. I have been walking too much lately. My nerves are becoming obvious.

Back home to shower and out to IMM with CSX. It's actually to escape from a family event. Poor CJZ was left behind by us. Supposedly to meet KZ for pool unfortunately she had something on.

She bought her stationery at Popular and we went Ajisen for dinner. It's obvious that my appetite has shrinked since I could no longer finish the bowl of noodles. Went into Fox, thinking of using the $10 voucher but nothing caught my eye. It was so cold that both of us were shivering. Had to go out of the shopping centre for a while to gain heat. Bought a pair of grey pumps from Cotton On and back home at 10pm.

Got to sleep for a photoshoot tomorrow at my ex-colleague's house. Can't wait to receive the 2 dresses too.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm on ManStuff

As in ManStuff

Credits to Jeri

Credits to Jeri

Managed to get some pictures of Bikini Open 2009 from Jeri. Not also, the event was reported on ManStuff Pg 12. Can't wait to get the magazine.

Went Rochor Centre to pack Ayam Penyet with a colleague. Even the uncle remembers me. Enjoyed lunch in the lounge and the chilli was so spicy. The chicken was a little salty but still tasty.

Went to collect documents twice. Partly was to digest my heavy lunch.

After work, went to Happy Realm to buy dinner. Fried rice, hor fun and fried carrot cake. I hate the haversacks carried by commuters in the train. They just ccupy too much space.

Heard a secondary school girl talking about her boyfriend who happens to have the same name as G. A reminder again. I do hope he will be back soon.

A photographer said I reminded him of the korean star Tae Yeon. Do I?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Miss-ing Part

Weird dream yesterday night again. This time, I dreamt that G left me a message on a photography forum. I can't remember the content but it's totally 'Huh?'. He could have just sent me an sms or an e-mail. I must have think too much during the day.

My nausea came back. Not sure if it's because of coffee or I starved myself for too long. Have to test it out so I intend to stop consuming coffee, reduce caffeine at the same time. So, I only had 2 slices of pandan chiffon for lunch. Wasted almost the entire SouperValue Value. Don't dare to eat too much in case I vomit.

Afternoon ended pretty fast with a meeting. Cleared up some final work and home sweet home.

Watched the last 2 episodes of 疑情别恋 and it's time to sleep. Hopefully I won't be dreaming tonight or at least let it be some sweet things.

Probably because I know you are not anywhere near me, I was reminded of you more than usual. Little things like your smile and gestures slipped into my mind especially when I was walking home. Like what people always say, you won't realise how much you miss a person until you are away from him or her.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Went for a lunch meeting at O'Briens and the banana+pineapple+yoghurt smoothie cost me $6.30. Even the salad is almost $10.

Was on the phone with KZ and she was telling me that she saw that group of girls we always gossiped about. Finally she got to see them in real person after all the pictures and description. Ah lians as she described.

Had McSpicy for lunch. A doctor from another department actually went into my room, sat on my chair without my permission. He's not even supposed to appear at that part of the unit. I really flared up that my face was in red. How could someone so educated don't even know what's respect and privacy?

Had a meeting to tidy up some presentation slides and finally have the time to watch "The Hangover". Hilarious but quite educational. Beware of those bachelor's and bachelorette's party which can destroy your dream wedding. You won't want to risk losing that diamond ring on your finger.

I ran almost the entire way from SGH to Outram MRT, Orchard MRT to Taka after work to meet G. Of course I was panting like crazy. I probably used up the energy from lunch that I had to walk slowly from Taka to Lucky Plaza. Sat in Mac to rest, just in case I get wobbly legs or fainting spell. We only met like 0.5hour and parted at Holland Village.

Got stepped on my toes again in the bus. Really hurt and internal bleeding again. I should have took a cab home and I wouldn't have to suffer. Climbed 12 levels of stairs back home, I just want to feel better after a moody day. Definitely not because of work, I never suffer at current workplace where I have colleagues like family.

Skipped dinner since I don't hear my stomach growling. Chatted on the phone with Jerry for a while. Too bad I was physically and emotionally dread or else I would have joined the group of them. I shall turn in early tonight for a much better tomorrow.

Whatever that comes too fast, ends too fast. I feel like letting things go so I won't feel as if I am suffering from depression. Have been too heavy on my mind because I didn't talk it out. And the reason why I avoid it? Talking about it or simply thinking about it gives me watery eyes. I am unsure if whatever I'm doing now is worthwhile. It's probably time to make things clear and let go if it's the best thing to do. Disappointment.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Complexity Between Woman and Man

Was online chatting with KZ yesterday night. As usual we bitched till almost midnight. Our target was a disgusted woman who looks like a trans. FYI,  I'm not talking about the 'woman' who got molested at the Sentosa Countdown. I can't believe that there are actually guys who want to be physically close to her, as in close to her assets. I know that's the attraction of a woman to a man but please don't leave evidence especially on the Internet. If you want to do it, do it clean. And I'm doing it clean here by not exposing her face or name, not going to help her to gain popularity. Ok, enough of those increase-my-blood-pressure stuff.

Got the pictures taken on Saturday and here I'm just uploading one. Thanks a lot to the photographer and the prompt upload and some of the good angles of me. I should really smile more to the camera.

Wore the pair black heels to work because supposedly to help my ex-colleague for a photoshoot. Anyway, it was cancelled because she was unwell. My feet were in agony especially my toes. Had to borrow a colleague's slippers to walk within the unit. Should have brought slippers, I regret.

Have been liking this song "Potential Breakup Song" by Aly & Aj. What fantastic lyrics it has got that makes me want to laugh at myself.

Nothing special about my meals today so not going to talk about it. Lunch meeting at O'Briens tomorrow.

Have been having weird dreams and nightmares these nights. My intuition tells me something big and bad is going to happen. If it's real, I should be the one who will start it.

You can be uncertain forever but I won't be indecisive with you. Time won't wait for you, just like I won't wait for you. Don't I deserve better?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shopping with ML

Received 30 missed calls within an hour from the same person yesterday late night. Scary wasn't it?

Met ML for shopping at Orchard today. While waiting for her, I had ice-cream from Marvellous Cream again. Then walked to Heeren to meet her.

We had lunch at Waraku, it was my craving but her treat. Thank you for the filling lunch! Can't finish the gratin and the soup pasta, too creamy for me. Passed her the birthday gift too. Glad that it was a surprise for her.

Headed to Far East Plaza for shopping. She bought a dress and a bag while I got fake eyelashes. Decided to buy a pair of under eyelashes to try. Big eyes here I come.

We then walked from shopping mall to shopping mall  Finally ended up in Coffee Club for a break. Shared the huge Mud Pie with ML. Regret trying the Banana Butterscotch Latte.

Bought sportswear from Adidas like finally. Took me so long to get the size right. Now I am all ready for dance classes.

No way will we miss photo-taking since we don't meet very often. People were looking at us with weird expressions at Paragon. Presenting you the pictures.

Looking down

Change of hair parting but we still look good

We parted on the bus at about 8:15pm carrying our shopping bags.

Met someone for a quick meet-up since I was still alert. Back home at 9pm.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back to the Old Days

15 January 2010

Had KFC Zinger Meal for lunch, thanks to colleagues who helped us to pack from Far East Plaza. Consecutive 2 days of KFC for lunch.

Went to work as dancer at Hilltop Deluxe Niteclub. I am a poor pole dancer I have to admit. Anyway, I have decided not to go into selling shots and dancing in nightclubs. Not better money than doing modelling shoots, not an easy job because I have to drink with the customers. Made friends with a few malaysian bartenders.

One of the male customers was willing to buy from me but I have to drink the 8 shots. They were not full vodka orange shots. Half of the vodka orange in each shot was poured away and refilled with Martell. Which means that I drank 4 shots of Martell and 4 shots of vodka orange just in that room.

I was still alright until I was home. CJZ got a shock seeing me lying on the floor, resting on the table, sitting outside the bathroom. I finally vomitted twice into the sink, all the stinky alcohol and my dinner. Had to clear up the mess before I can go to bed. I learnt my lesson of course.

16 January 2010

At Changi Airport holding some unknown paper

A weird pose I have got and holding some paper again

CSX with her favourite bag and I am with my long smile

Myself, CSX and our 2nd Uncle

Woke up at 9:30am to get prepared for photoshoot at Dhoby Ghaut. Went into mum's room and joined her to look at CSX's and my childhood pics. Guess what she thought? I was even posing in my younger days and now I am doing modelling. What you do when you are a kid does tell your future right? I wonder why I have grown so much darker in skin tone from young. See how fair I used to be?

The photographer was great, comfortable working with him for the 2.5 hours. Looking forward to see the pictures and the next shoot,

Went to shop for ML's very-belated birthday present. I know I am a bad friend to only be able to give it to her after 7weeks. And so, I will be going shopping with her tomorrow in town.
Had lunch at Yoshinoya alone. Can't finish the rice and I got so thirsty drinking the miso soup. Seeing the couples walking by, I do envy (not jealous) them. At least they have got company but I don't.

Signed up for membership and Grrl Power hip hop dance lessions at Jitterbugs. 8-weeks class, an hour each lesson and commerces on 4th March. Hopefully there are still vacancies for my 2 colleagues to join. I will be joining other classes like R&B Funk and pole dancing after I have known the classes better. I am so gonna dance.

What I did to you, you are doing it to me. Why do you have to take revenge on me?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

All Because Of A Pimple

After doing research on scar removal products, I have decided to do more than just waiting to see if the pimple scar will recover. Bought a cream from Avene, cost me $34.60. How expensive is that right? For the sake of my face, I will do all it takes.

Supposedly to meet someone at lunchtime but pigeons were let off the cage. Luckily I decided to buy lunch at TBP with colleagues or else I could have been an idiot waiting all afternoon for a reply.

Bought Bandito Pocket Meal from KFC for lunch. Went Watsons to look for a cream called "Mederma". It's known to reduce the visibility of scars caused by injuries, burns or acne. Quite good reviews about it as I read online. Costs about $34 at Watsons. You can find it at Guardian as well.

Back office and had more work to do. I should probably just borrow the book on Marketing from my colleague, no harm reading right? It would help in my work performance and get things done faster. Who knows I can do business as well?

Knocked off and back home for dinner. Helped CSX to trim her thick and black eyebrows.

Will be a dancer for tomorrow's modelling assignment. Time should pass faster being a dancer than to sell shots in a club.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Casting After Work

At Astons

That sickening face of mine

With the birthday girl

Was feeling very warm in the train this morning. Wondering if the air-con was damaged. Even the indian guy in front of me was wiping his sweat. It was cooler outside the train than inside. Can't wait to be in office to enjoy the air-con.

Went TBM to pack lunch. The guy at the Fishball Noodle stall recognised me after buying from him about 3 times. Too bad there's no order for him today. Bought roasted chicken rice out of no idea. Still not as delicious as the one in Clementi Food Market. Shall go Rochor Centre to buy ayam penyet next week. Their crushed chicken is yummy.

Got to find time to watch "Daybreakers" next week. Another vampire movie but it has a totally different story and it's about action. Shall catch "Oceans" with colleagues. It's about marine life and another save the Earth message. Not forgetting "New York, I Love You" starring celebrities like Natalie Portman, Shu Qi and Orlando Bloom. It's recommended by a colleague. Sounds like money leaving my wallet again.

See the pimple above my nose? It has became brown

And it's not so obvious now

Went for casting at Eleganz after work. Michelle was one of the interviewers and the casting was done in less than 5mins. As usual, wait for information. Hope to get the photos of the Bikini Open 2009 soon. I need some visual memories too.

Waited for about 15mins for bus 147. Was tempted to eat the curry chicken at Queensway Shopping Centre but I was lazy to alight. Wait till I need to get sportswear and I shall go there to satisfy my craving.

Home sweet home at 8pm for dinner. Trying to eat a smaller portion for dinner. I am already sick of Pet Society and my poor Kiki should be in loneliness without my comfort.

To be forgotten is easy. For me to remain in your mind has always been challenging.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm A Married Indian Woman

Bought lunch at TBM with a colleague. Had fish slice bee hoon this time. I still prefer the one at Pandan Loop where I used to eat at my previous workplace.

Ran some errands and bought a waffle for tea time. I know it's too high in calories to have a waffle as snack but it has been too long since I ate one.

Some furnishing was done at workplace and more to come. Lots of drilling and knocking to disturb me.

I have got this pimple in between my eyebrows few days ago. Having itchy fingers, I squeezed it yesterday and now it's red due to the blood clot. Serve me right for being impatient to let it recover on its own. I look like a married indian woman now and this is going to persist for maybe a week. No pimple cream is going to help at this stage.

Casting tomorrow evening at Eleganz for a themed photoshoot.

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Day Looking At Kids

Had Wanton Mee for lunch with 2 managers. Too filling because of the soy sauce chicken and the char siew. Bought sashimi and california handroll for snack. An expensive yet sumptous snack.

At GWC, I saw 2 little caucasian girls who looked like the baby dolls I used to play. Blue eyes and curly blonde hair. Another caucasian blonde boy was lying on the floor in a restaurant with his face on the floor too. He didn't feel any dirt or uncomfortable based on his smile. I would have screamed at him if he's my son.

My colleague brought her 1.5yr old daughter to meet us in the afternoon. How I wish I have big eyes like hers. We all had fun just watching her. She sure had the energy to run around the department like in a playground. My colleagues and I always enjoyed looking at her photos, with her cheeky expression. I do think that my cancer characteristics are more prominent recently, especially about the family-orientated description.

Went to meet someone after work. Definitely good that things are getting well. Took 2 buses to get home and I literally slept throughout the journey on the transferred bus. I don't even know if I snored.

Home sweet home at 7:40pm. Had porridge for dinner and I am feeling sleepy again.

Sunday At Town

Saw this on Lian He Zao Bao and decided to share it with you.

While waiting for the bus

Had lunch at JPot Vivocity with siblings and CSX's bf. Different ingredients for lunch and dinner. CSX's bf had to help us to remove the shells of the prawns since he could do it faster than I do. 2 prawns were wasted as they 'flew' out of the table and onto the floor. In case you don't know, I don't use my fingers but whatever cutlery I have.

Left Vivocity at about 3:15pm and off to meet Jac at Paragon. Went to Coach and after taking a few more looks at the tote I was eyeing, I decided not to buy it. I should never go back and see if it's still there.

Walked to PS, had coffee under the air-con to cool ourselves down. Walked to The Cathay at 4:30pm.

Grabbed a pamphlet from Jitterbugs Swingapore and I am eager to register for Hip Hop dance classes. Too bad SF's schedule is hard for me to compromise so we probably have to go on different days. Since I like to dance and it's a form of exercise, I thought that it would be a fabulous way for me to keep fit. Will find out more from the school.

SF, WF, HM and her bf were sitting outside the cinema and all of us waited for YJ for about 1.5hour. I admit I yawned a few times.R eceived a bracelet which HM bought for Batam. She sure knows I am quite a black and white person.

Had dinner at Astons and we sat in the outdoor area. Took photos before and during dinner. I couldn't finish the Hickory BBQ Chicken I ordered, only almost finished the Corn on the Cob. See how filling my lunch was? Once again, I don't wish to dirty my fingers and I used the knife and fork to cut out the corn bits. I was described like the character Saw, wait till you see the pictures.

HM's bf left after dinner and we sent YJ to the taxi stand. Alicia came and we accompanied her for dinner at PS. Took some time to chat at Starbucks before SF and WF went to catch a movie. Jac, Alicia and I stayed there to catch up till 10pm.

Jac and I took the same bus home, luckily we got seats. Home sweet home at 10:30pm.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Coach Addiction

Went to Fitness First Paragon today morning. Treadmill, abductors, and cycling for 2.5hours. Skipped the sauna and steam, straight for a shower. Felt so light after good exercise. I guess I will start to go for night jogging.

Had lunch at Crystal Jade. Lean meat and century egg porridge, my not-to-be-missed Har Kau and Shrimp Chee Cheong Fun. Can't finish the porridge, I know it's a waste.

Tribeca op art sateen tote style:14133

Was really tempted to get the Coach tote. If I get my pay tomorrow, I will get it unless I see something which is even more attractive. I did have the thought of saving for a LV bag instead but it means I have to resist harder.

Slept on bus 106 till back home. Home-cooked dinner and HK drama again. Just had a glass of red wine so I can sleep better tonight. Not turning an alcoholic am I?

Dinner with the sisters tomorrow to celebrate Jac's birthday.

Selling Shots in a Nightclub

A colleague of mine brought her daughter to our workplace yesterday afternoon. We shared to buy her a Strawberry Shortcake bag. Had to play the cartoons on youtube to keep her sitting down to finish her bread. We all took quite a bit of time for her to feel comfortable with us. It was all worth it when we saw her smiling and playing around. Gave her a hug before she left. 

Back home after work and rushed to get prepared for work again.

My job was to sell shots in a nightclub. When I saw the girls accompanying the male customers, I can't help but wonder why they would want to do this. Being touched like over the body and those saliva on your lips and in your mouth, how can any girl take it from a stranger? Anyway, I don't know how many kilometers I have walked in and out of the rooms. Only managed to sell 22 shots in total.

The only pleasant experience is the last hour where I was in a room singing and drinking with 4 guys. No girls were inside when I entered. Surprisingly I was still very conscious after 2 cups of strong Martell.

Home sweet home at 1:30am.

Friday, January 8, 2010


I think my appetite has shrinked again. Had 2 shrimp dumplings while waiting for my colleague to pack lunch and I can't finish my fishball noodles after which. Should be a piece of good news.

Had McSpicy EVM for dinner at Bugis Junction. Caught "Avatar" in 3D with my 3 female colleagues yesterday at Iluma.I had to wear my glasses and the 3D glasses. Both glasses kept on slipping down my nose, irritating me. Overall, the movie was not as exciting as I thought it would be on 3D but still worth the $10. I would still watch the second movie if there is.

Was tempted to take a cab home as it was 10:30pm. Resisted and took a bus home. My usual routine to sleep on the bus.

Lights out at midnight. And I got to sell shots again tonight. Got to earn while I can.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Molest Case On NYE Countdown

Had cup corn when watching "Sherlock Holmes" yesterday. 1/3 of the styrofoam cup is of the melted margarine after I finished the corn. How unhealthy is that? My eyes were too tired that I dozed off for a few moments.

Took a cab home with G and sent him home first. I knocked out once I lay on the bed.

Saw a neighbour, a 40+ year old auntie, wearing neon pink leggings and a long tee in the morning. She should just wear something more appropriate to work and most importantly to dress like her age. Not really a good example as a mother of two.

Ate about 100g of macadamia cookies after 2 vegetable buns for breakfast. Quite a scary stomach I have.

Went TBM alone to pack lunch for colleagues and myself. Almost bought a pack of petai for mum to cook dinner. Had fried prawn noodles for lunch.

Saw the stomp video of the girl who got molested by 4 men at the Sentosa Countdown. Really felt like killing the indian guy in a stripe tee. But when I came to know that the girl could be a transexual, I don't feel that bad for 'her'. Knowing the assets were fake, then it didn't matter much. But the indian guy is unforgivable for his actions, such a pervertic creature.

Went to meet someone last minute after work. Luckily the call came just in time before I reached home. Or else, I would find another excuse to free myself.

Home sweet home at 8pm for dinner. Can't wait to watch Avatar 3D with colleagues tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Looking For Another Part-time Job

Went TBM with manager to pack lunch. Didn't manage to finish the century egg porridge. Manager bought a bunch of bananas for us to share. Should have no problem doing big business for this week.

Only watched an hour of "In Her Shoes", kind of bored me. And so I read blogs, played sudoku and drank tea. Everyday at work, I have to think of things to keep myself busy with. You see me on Facebook and I check my e-mail like 10 over times a day. As long as I am awake, I am almost all the time connected to the Internet. It's like oxygen to me. And because this kind of life can't go on, I am looking for a part-time job which will put my time connected to the internet to good use. Is there such a job?

Got to catch "Sherlock Holmes" with G tonight.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Photoshoot Ads On My-Not-Likeable Forum

Done watching "师奶兵团" at work. I will probably watch "In Her Shoes' tomorrow.

Got a keychain of a rooster from manager as a souvenir. It can produce the signature voice of a rooster. A cute accessory.

Managed to help my colleague to look for a particular dress in a blog shop. That's how good I am at finding stuff and shopping.

Not sure if any of you heard about sammy boy forum which is mainly about sex. There are ads on photoshoots as well but I can't get any security if my ad is there. I believe any female will feel like me. The first thing which came to me was "What if any of the photographers tried to take advantage of me?" I am aware that photographers from other forums can be disrespectful too but at least I know that they didn't hear about the shoot from a sex forum. From this incident, I learn that it's never wrong to ask more questions to keep yourself at ease.

People come and go. I won't stop you if you want to leave. And if I want to stop contacting you, you won't be able to find me.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Drinking Session with Dare Gang

Went salon to have my hair trimmed, fringe cut and hair treatment. Considering to highlight my hair next month.

Dinner with CJZ at Ramen Ten. 99cent for white plates. My appetite was smaller, only 6 plates this time. Played 2 rounds of Outrun 2 with him and I won the second round. At least I won once. Off to IMM to get the egg tarts from KZ and meet LL.

LL and I had to call Nicholas twice because we can't find his place. In the end, we realised that we got his block wrong. Useless even though we know his unit number.

Nicholas bought the rubber straws from Australia as above. Look at them carefully and you will see that they are shaped into penises and scrotums. Kinky stuff ya? LL was complaining that the rubber smell was quite strong. Each of us had to suck the straws for our photos to be taken. Got a ball beanie from Nicholas which he bought from Australia.

Played indian poker when all of us have arrived. KZ and WF probably drank the most vodka with coke. LL drank quite an amount but she was still very conscious. Ranga and I didn't drink much. Nicholas drank very much lesser than the previous drinking session. Not because he was lucky but because his forfeits were accumulated to 5 times and he chose to do a dare. He went half-naked with his boxers at the void deck after we had supper at the coffee shop. Excuse me, I don't think anyone else saw him at ~2:30am.

Back to his house and guess what? The 6 of us were watching online japanese porn together. Of course, nothing happened among us. We were complaining how long the videos were and we had to forward from time to time. Saved us from yawning. The topic of "Kong Bak Bao" came from Nicholas and this title went to KZ. It's funny why a nickname like this can be the joke of the day.

We watched 3 minutes of "Monster House", 1 hour of "Wanted" and ~1.5 hour of "Friday the 13th". The DVD player hung a few times which was partly why we switched the movies. The almost dead player hang again when we were watching one of the exciting parts of "Friday the 13th". We really got poured by cold water. All of us except WF were watching the horror movie. And since the player refused to work for us and it was 5am, we decided to sleep.

KZ and WF slept in Nicholas's room while the rest of us were in the living room. It was really cold with the fan turning above us. All of us except Nicholas and WF were awoken by 8am.

Watched videos on Youtube. Parrots talking, rabbits humping, how a transexual is being transformed and gays. We were really enjoying the entertainment brought by a pair of parrots. Seems like twins as they were imitating each other, making all the 'kok kok' sounds and speaking "What are you doing?"

As Nicholas went soccer, we went for breakfast at a Taiwan restaurant "The 7th Storey". Had toast set but the peanut butter toast was not as great as The Toast Box. Most of the waitresses were from China.

Went for light shopping and I bought the new Revlon liquid foundation which can match skin tone. Excited to try the product.

Had my shower and entertained Kiki. Fed her a hotdog bun in the restroom, how appropriate is that right? I saw the cute her eating the huge bread and so I decided to print screen and show you.

Friday, January 1, 2010

NYE is not good for me

Watched an episode of "疑情别恋" and got sleepy. Slept from 3:30pm-6pm. It was a really good sleep in the raining afternoon.

Had dinner straight after I woke up. Fried bee hoon, curry puff, spring roll, oneh oneh and a slice of blackforest cake. I know it's a mountain of food.

Watched the MJ tour concert on Channel 5. I was too bored to do anything.

If you asked me how was my NYE, I would tell you it's worse than a day at work. This is why my shoutout on FB was "I don't need public holidays except CNY".

Happy 2010

Happy New Year!

Snack Combo

Trio Partying

Half day at work and it's drama time. Had prata for breakfast packed by a colleague. Spent 2 hours in the lounge eating and chatting.

Knocked off at 12:30pm and took a bus to Taka to meet G for lunch. Quite an expensive meal at Sushi Tei.

Bought 300g of cookies from Famous Amos. I know it's heaty but it's addictive. Took a bus home, has been so long since I slept on the bus.

Back home and I continued to sleep before meeting the 2 wonder girls for ktv. I purposely had a glass of red wine before leaving.

Went Chevrons Aviary KTV at 6pm. Had a goodie bag of party stuff. Ordered a snack combo, a bottle red wine and each a glass of white wine. The snack combo consisted of 50 pieces of deep-fried finger food. We know we could finish it since LL was around. We were the only ones singing at the beginning, had the entire lounge to ourselves. More and more people arrived, mostly are uncles and aunties. Can't stand the hokkien songs. Only played a game of pool with KZ. Stayed at the KTV till about 1am.

Took a cab to West Coast for supper. Ate at Formosa Delights, saw 陈迪雅 and 杨佳盈. After supper, we sat at a bench gossiping till 4am. Shared a cab home with KZ.

Can't wait for tomorrow night's drinking session at Nicholas house cum stayover. It's gonna be a good night with the enthusiastic friends.