Friday, October 30, 2009

My Cravings Are Here Again!

Was craving for prata but due to the downpour, I had to surpress my craving. Had egg mayo sandwich with minestrone soup and coffee from Delifrance. Tasted the kaya toast from Kopitiam, not bad. I am eager to try half-boiled egg. As we had lunch close to 3pm, our tea break for ice-cream was cancelled. I want the Macademia ice-cream from Ben & Jerry!

Went to collect mail, had to do some light exercise after a good meal to reduce my guilt.

Knocked off and took a train to Orchard. There was a mother and her daughter standing near me in the train. Not sure if the daughter was normal but this is the interesting part of their coversation. The daughter asked the mother in mandarin, 'You don't allow me to talk so can I dig my nose?' Who would say such a thing in a crowded train right? The daughter was standing beside me, digging her nose. You can imagine how afraid and disgusted I was. The thing is, she's probably in upper primary or lower secondary and smart enough to be aware of the surroundings. Was telling my manager after we got off the train and she was laughing.

Met G at Taka and I had my brazilian waxing done at Strip Paragon. Window-shopped a while and we left town. He dropped me at Holland Village for me to take a bus home while he went for his dinner.

It was another downpour on the bus journey. The bottom part of my jeans was soaked with rain water but the umbrella is still useful enough to keep my upper body dry.

Will be modeling for an ex-colleague's online boutique, can spend my own sweet time to try clothes. Maybe I will go to New York New York for lunch tomorrow. Will attend Ranga's birthday party cum Halloween party in the evening, followed by clubbing. I seriously need to dance while I can.

A Day of Happenings

Audi R8

Went shopping at lunch time with 2 colleagues. They first bought cosmetics at Shaw Isetan then we walked to Far East Plaza. I bought the clubbing dress for Bikini Open 2009, finally one thing off my mind. Also a pocket-sized mirror and the black eyelash glue recommended by a colleague. Bought our lunch and back to office to enjoy a good time.

I had the Ham 6" Meal from Subway again, left the white chip macadamia cookie for later. Due to the live telecast of a golf competition, we didn't get to watch 'The Price Is Right'. So sad. However, we watched almost an hour of 'The Other Boleyn Girl'. Quite an interesting movie but I don't think I have the time to watch it.

Went to NCC to collect documents. Had to run with my heels in case the rain comes. A little bit of exercise after a heavy meal. Back to office to play 'Colour Linez' and 'Spot the Difference' till knock off.

Took a cab to Great World City to buy a pair of wedges from Novo. Helped G to buy a Curry O' for him to eat before arriving at the launch event of Audi S5 Cabriolet.

It was held outdoor at Keppel Bay with great night scenes. Majority of the guests were in formal wear and quite a portion are Caucasians. Had a glass of champagne before the event started.

Allan Wu was the host. After his introduction, the Audi TT and Audi S4 were drove in by 2 ladies. Following was the blue helicopter ,with 'Audi' printed on it, which flew from the side of the venue and to the top of the newly launched car. That minute was magnificent with the music, lightings and the cool helicopter. The show car was white but I feel black would be a great colour. Allan Wu tried to open the car roof of the convertible many times but was unsuccessful. It was an embarrassing moment for the guests were all waiting for him. The convertible finally had its 'head' opened by a well-dressed guy (I don't remember who he is). The guests started roaming around the cars, sitting in them, opening the car boots and taking pictures. You will be surprised that I didn't take any pictures of the cars, I can be shy too.

I only tried sitting in the front passenger seats of Audi TT and Audi S4. I prefer Audi S4 as it's body is longer and it's more spacious. I like its blue body too. After seeing enough of the 3 cars, G introduced Allan Wu to me. He's tanned, fit and quite tall. I would say he looks the same like you see him on TV programmes.

G, John and I then went to a lounge-liked area as they needed a discussion. My fake lashes were giving me problems so I had to remove and put them on again. See how troublesome it is to be a pretty lady?

We went to get dinner at the outdoor area. It was a spread of I-don't-know-what cuisine but the food was not bad. I only know there's salad, black pepper chicken, fish wrapped in some pandan-like leaves (my favourite among all), grilled tomato slices in herbs, 2 rice dishes (similar to fried rice but tasted better) and beef. I know little about culinary so you can laugh at me for the previous sentence. Back to the lounge-liked area to enjoy the sumptous meal. Hardly have a chance like this. Waitors were serving deserts and I had 2 or maybe 3. Had a glass of white wine too.

Posed at the Audi R8 in the lounge-liked area for my 8-megapixels handphone camera. A pity that the red lighting was too strong and I am lazy to edit the picture.

They continued with their discussion, once in a while I will participate in their conversation with a few lines. Will accompany Gerald for the test drive on Wednesday morning. Can I pose with the cars again?

G and I left the event at about 11pm. He drove into Sentosa and brought me to see the apartment his parents bought. I can't remember was it 2 or 3-storey but there were full-length windows in the hall. The scenary behind was fantastic, doesn't look like Singapore to me. Behind the stretch of apartments was a curved, wide river with a stoned bridge at the end. Imagine how wonderful you will feel when you look out of your room every morning, seeing the sunshine through the full-length glass windows. Feeling envious.

We left Sentosa at about midnight and I'm back home safely and happily.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nothing's a Secret

Had economical bee hoon and a cup of mixed fruits for lunch. Have been having little fibre from vegetables so have to increase my fruit intake. I guess it's time to start taking vitamin C regularly. Watched 0.5hr of 'The Price Is Right' and I was falling asleep after a good lunch.

As I can't access Pet Society at work today, I was playing 'Colour Linez'. It's a popular strategy game among my females colleagues. It's challenging to break the record.

Just read Xiaxue's post about models and photography and I do agree with her. I believe there are amateur and pervertic photographers. There are suspicious ones who I have collaborated with before. We can't blame human nature but I am sure temptations can be resisted. Just a matter of how strong your determination is. A message to the ladies: You don't have to reveal as much flesh as possible to be sexy. The sexiness should be in you and not your outfit.

Will be attending the Audi event with G tomorrow evening. I still can't find a suitable dress for such a high-class event, hopefully I can find it tomorrow lunch time at Far East Plaza. Need to get a clubbing dress for Bikini Open 2009 too.

If you want to keep a secret, then don't reveal it partially. I have got eyes to see what you are doing. Don't challenge me when you are not ready.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sinful Day

My favourite dish in the mini buffet

The Mini Buffet

Self-taken group photo

Brownie Cake for Tea

Had a farewell lunch for our MO, a mini buffet. We had to trick him into having a late lunch while waiting for the food. We had mangosteen and rambutan too.

Attended a presentation by a colleague and it's tea time. Although I was still full, can't resist the brownie cake. Tempted by its outlook.

Had photo-taking session and we came out with rocker poses. Will upload the pics when I got them.

Went to learn how to setup a teleconference and online meeting. Had to trouble one of the attendees to help me to pack the equipment as I was rushing. Luckily eveything was in place and I could leave at 6:20pm.

Received a sunflower from G and he bought me tako yaki too. I was still full so only had 1/3 of it. Went for a Maserati test drive. Thrilling, loud, attention. That's only if you can afford it. Had dinner at a japanese restaurant. Love the cod fish. I'm still full so how can I sleep?

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Great Tomorrow

Kiki's kitchen is finally done and will be filled with more stuff after I save enough. See how lucky my virtual pet is. I'm still as addicted to the game.

Had Singapore Fried Bee Hoon and a cup of mixed fruits for lunch. Trying to increase my fruit intake for easier big business. Let me have a flat stomach for Bikini Open 2009.

Went to buy packets drinks for visitors and organic apple cider for myself. Knocked into KZ during her lunch. We were all the while messaging in Facebook until knock off. Gossip queens.

Will be having a farewell lunch tomorrow for our medical officer and of course our usual phototaking. Although he's quite a pest when he first came, now I find him not as bad. Maybe he realised we don't really like him so he change for the better.

After work tomorrow, will be going for a Maserati test drive and a good dinner. Can't wait to take pictures with cool cars. I'm excited over the Audi event on Thursday night, I wonder how it feels like to walk into a hall of successful people.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Photoshoot in the City

Spot a kite at the top right corner

Caught a glimpse of the Singapore Flyer

Went for a photoshoot at Raffles Place and I was late for 20mins.

My outfit was all black office wear but the blouse was not so suitable. Will find a better one for the second shoot.

There were 5 models and 3 photographers. We were splitted into groups for individual and group shoots. The first location was just at the UOB Centre and the second was Marina Barrage.

2 of the photographers drove us to Marina Barrage, my first time there. I am so turtle right? Had a few self-taken pics while taking care of the photographers' and models' stuff.

2 of the models left after the shoot while the rest of us went to The Food Loft at Marina Square for lunch. Had Wanton Ramen which I find it a little bland. One of the photographers treated us a drink too.

Got a lift by a photographer to Clementi and back home to rest. I guess I will skip dinner.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fitting for Bikini Open 2009

Had lunch with CJZ at Subway, a last minute plan. I had the Ham 6" meal, regret finishing the cookies and having a full stomach.

Back home, played Pet Society and watched 'The Speech of Silence'. Had watery eyes while watching the drama. Mum prepared cut payaya and grapes for my tea break, healthy right?

Received my sailor costume which will be my halloween costume for Ranga's party. Shall try it on after washing. I ordered a sailor captain costume too. Here's where I bought them,

Went bikini fitting for Bikini Open 2009. Took a long time to choose because there were too many choices. Met 2 models who were the contestants too. Intended to be back home by 8:30pm but stayed till 10pm to chat. I always learnt something when I talked to experienced people in modeling industry.

Bikini Open 2009 is held on 7 Nov 2009 from 6:30pm-9:30pm at St. James Powerhouse. Tickets are priced at $30 which includes a non-alcoholic drink. I need your votes, people!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Half-day work, half-day luxury

Slept for almost 10 hours yesterday night and lucky I recovered from my diarrhoea after taking 'Bao Ji Yuan' twice.

Had a morning chat with my colleagues in the lounge and back to my desk for Pet Society. Kiki's kitchen is half-way done. Bought the $3 value meal at Jollibean for lunch. Consists of a regular soy bean drink, soy beancurd and a pancake (red bean or peanut). Of course I chose red bean which is healthier and for an unkown reason, I like red bean.

Went for my dental appointment at 2:30pm, merely 30-min but cost me $130. Hopefully, I don't have to see the dentist as often after the review next month.

Went for hair treatment at a neighbourhood salon 'Style Art'. I almost doze off when the hairdresser was washing my hair. Cost me $90 and my hair is so much smoother and less frizzy. All satisfied. I am considering rebonding, perhaps end of this year you will see a different me.

Had dinner at KFC with CJZ. It was crowded and the queue was long. We shared a 4-piece chicken meal using the coupon. Was recommending Popeye to him since he likes KFC. Went to NTUC to buy tissue packs. I only use the Scott tissue packs, stubborn right? Saw the cashiers who reminded me of the time when I was a part-timer there. Kind of miss scanning the barcodes.

Got to apologize to Reporter Tay from 'XXX XXX XXXXX' and the company who I previously commented about. I have understood the entire incident and misunderstandings were cleared.

Might be meeting an online friend tomorrow afternoon, has been so long since the last meet-up. And in the evening, preview photoshoot for Bikini Open 2009. My saturday is planned last minute.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm Having Diarrhoea (again)

Having diarrhoea since morning. Just took 'Bao Ji Yuan' to keep it under control. The fish slice soup yesterday must be the culprit.

Surprisingly, I was able to access Pet Society at workplace. Extremely happy. Had Hor Fun for lunch and watched the ending of 'Definitely, Maybe' on HBO. French toast and milk tea at 4pm, that's my dinner.

I am seeing 47.xkg on the weighing balance already, not a good thing when 48kg is my target.

On half-day leave tomorrow for my dental appointment. May go for hair treatment after which.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Get Your Tickets to Bikini Open 2009

Tickets to Bikini Open 2009 are available now. The event is held on 7 Nov, 6:30pm-9:30pm at St. James Power House. Do visit for more details and vote for me at the event!

Sneaked out yesterday night to meet someone again. Didn't have the chance to tell him about the event.

Boss was on leave and I had almost nothing to do. Went to collect care packs with a colleague in the sunny weather. We lost our way again.

Had fish slice soup for lunch and got so sleepy. Took a nap for almost an hour in the lounge while the rest were watching 'The Price Is Right.

Went Great World City with 2 colleagues. Had Vanilla Latte which is not as good as White Chocolate Mocha. Almost bought a pair of wedges from Nova.

Took the train with KZ again. Felt bad that I have been leaving one of my colleagues to take the train alone.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

News: I Will Be in Bikini Open 2009

Received a piece of good news in the morning and brighten up my sky. I am selected in the Bikini Open 2009 which is a bikini pageant happening on 7 Nov, 6:30pm at St. James Powerstation. Vote for me!

Was so hungry in the morning that I had so much snacks, ate non-stop while chatting with my colleagues. We were giving riddles to each other again.

Had lunch with KZ in Kopitiam. I had vegetarian economical rice and ice kacang. Recommended apple cider to her. Lucky of her to buy the last bottle.

Finished the presentation to my colleagues in 15mins. Short and sweet.

Went back to Clementi with KZ by train. She will probably get sick of me after seeing me almost everyday.

Ordered a dress online on 7 Oct and I was told that I would receive it after a week. It's almost 2 weeks and I still don't see it in my mailbox. Sent 2 e-mails and no reply. What on Earth happened?

Monday, October 19, 2009

TBP is the next eating place

Slept at 4am yesterday and woke up with tired eyes. As if I didn't catch any sleep.

Replied e-mails and was almost chatting with my colleagues the entire morning. Discussed about farewell lunches for boss and the medical officer.

Went out with 3 colleagues to TBP to pack lunch. I had the Nasi Lemak from QiJi and I love the sambal chilli. Realised there are lots of fastfood and restaurants, we are spoilt for choices. Got to find a day to have lunch there. Back to office to slowly enjoy lunch. We gave each other riddles and below is a chinese one for you.

Q: 西风吹, 猜一位中国历史人物.

A: 毛泽东

Back home for dinner but due to poor appetite, I only ate a few mouths. I am aware that I have been losing weight. Officially 48kg.

Got to sleep earlier tonight to perform the best for tomorrow's presentation.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Day At Bugis

Saw this in Lian He Zao Bao

Met KZ at 10:30am to go Topone KTV. Surprisingly, she was punctual and I was late. See how enthusiatic she was?

Sang from 11:30am to 5pm. Mostly were solo until we ran out of songs and sang duets.

Went back to Bugis Junction and I bought that pair of killer heels at Charles & Keith. Good for photoshoot. Had dinner at Wong Kok, a HK style restaurant. Cheese baked rice with chicken chop in mushroom sauce. Not a bad choice. We stayed there chatting for a long time (lost track of time) and window-shopped. Took a slow bus back to Clementi, continued to gossip. We spent more time sitting than standing as we grow old.

Back home at 10:30pm with a shopping bag. Uploaded photos and below are the links,, and Kiki now has a drumset in her entertainment room. Hooray!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My First Celebrated Deepavali

See the crowd outside the main building

Together outside the main building

Credits to the Caucasian guy

The city area at a glance

Sneaked out yesterday late night to meet someone at my void deck. I was about to fall into deep sleep when he called. It was a rather different experience with someone this time.

Woke up at 7:15am with unwillingness. Put on make-up and off to City Hall for photoshoot.

The weather was very sunny and I had to figure my way to the Esplanade Park by that small map in my phone. Got all sticky and grumpy. So, I called the photographer to ask for directions. In the end, we walked to Esplanade to shoot instead of Esplanade Park.

Went to the open area at the highest level and outside Esplanade to shoot. Ended with a shoot in the car park, borrowing a red Subaru as background. Left Esplanade for home at noon. Slept throughout the bus journey again.

Played Pet Society using CSX's laptop. Kiki fell so many times while racing at the stadium, heartbroken. The running speed was so fast and I didn't know how to best use her laptop. It's probably time for me to get a new laptop since the IT fair is coming soon. I'm thinking about Toshiba.

One of my malay colleagues drove another colleague and I to our Deepavali celebration. We were the last few to reach our indian colleague's house. The food was great especially the salad. I am a healthy person. Our manager, her husband and my another malay colleague's family were there too. We had fun playing with the little girl who's about a year old. Seeing her running around and pointing this and that, interesting. Browsed my indian colleague's wedding photos too, they are so sweet together. Took group photos before we left.

Got back into the same car and my colleague dropped us at PS. We wanted to go home but my malay colleague suggest to go Istana since we had no plans. So random right?

We walked about 20mins uphill to reach the main building. Parts of the area were golf course and lots of greenery. Such a waste not to use wisely, Singapore is already small. Had to donate $2 to the Community Chest for entry into the main building. Got approached by a police officer to delete the photos taken in the building. Can't blame me because I really didn't see the sign. The chandeliers were gorgeous. Most of the stuff in the building like the ornaments don't interest us. Made our way out of Istana and to PS. Had Oreo McFlurry to cool ourselves down and went to Precious Thots as she wanted to get a card.

Took a bus home and I was sleeping again. Tired after a long day. Had mum's green bean soup for dinner. Not that I am on diet but I don't feel hungry.

Going Topone for karaoke with KZ tomorrow. Finally I can sing my heart out.

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Food-y Friday

Went through my presentation with boss in the morning, no edits to make. Run errands after that and went to buy lunch with a colleague. We went to Popeye which is at The Singapore Flyer, packed lunch for the rest of the female colleagues too. Had my craving settled, I know I had too much fastfood this week. Watched a small part of 'Disturbia' on HBO and it seems to be an interesting movie to watch. Shall see if I can find it online.

Had a short meeting with the higher management in the staff pantry. Only a few of us had the snacks from Bengawan Solo. I was only eyeing on the egg tart.

Knocked off and back home to have porridge. Was rushing because I had to meet KZ for pool.

Like most of the time, she was late but this time was because of the traffic jam. Lucky I reached on time to queue. Had instant noodles again, my second dinner. Saw my primary school friends, Marcus and Kenneth. Should I break my vow of not playing mahjong till CNY? Lady Luck hasn't been taking care of me at mahjong for the past few months.

Someone was sms-ing me when I was playing pool and he thought of joining (probably with his guy friends). I know he's up to something, matchmaking? Whether is it for himself or his friends, I don't know. As expected, no news of him after he got answers,

Photoshoot tomorrow morning and celebrating Deepavali at my colleague's house in the afternoon. It's going to be a day of photo-taking.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Birthday Celebration At Workplace

Done with my presentation slides for next week and the ad-hoc duty given by boss, what a relief. Got to present on Tuesday.

Was having a good laugh with 2 colleagues while surfing the internet for famous boybands in the 90s'. My colleague was searching for a particular song with 'moon' being part of the lyrics and it turned out to be 'And I Swear' by All 4 One. The chorus of the lyrics goes like this, 'And I swear, by the moon and the star in the sky' which explains where the 'moon' is.

Celebrated one of our colleague's birthday in advance. It was an ice-cream cake from Swensens. The team bought her a black dress and a birthday card. Took group pictures with my female colleagues and we did it professionally like in a studio, adjusting the lights. Took pictures of our eyes and guessing whose are those. Will upload the good pictures tomorrow.

Learnt to understand the F language in melayu, thanks to my malay female colleagues.

No more access to Pet Society at workplace, how's my worklife going to be like when there is nothing much to do?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It Pays To Work Than To Love

Being a Japanese School Girl

Run errands again once I was back in office. Doing my presentation slides for next week already, 80% done.

The group of us (female colleagues) had non-stop gossip about one of our male colleagues today. Most of them got agitated when we talked about him. He's our hot topic recently. Had vegetarian economic rice from Kopitiam and popiah from my colleague who helped me to pack.

Photoshoot after work in a studio. First time I collaborated with Joe and got to know Leslie, who Joe introduced. Just realised that he's actually on my msn after Andy gave me his msn address. So, a total of 3 photographers. Got a few pics from Joe and here's the link, Got a ride to Clementi by Leslie.

Work is never-ending and I should be just like someone. It pays to spend time working but it doesn't always pay to spend time loving.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back to Work

Had my stitches removed in the morning. Waited for merely 10mins for my turn. Got a big injection needle to clean the wounds by spraying water to them.

Bought White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks again, that's my lunch. Bought the promotional Furterer products at Guardian and my facial Simple facial wipes at Watsons. Didn't got the chance to buy that pair of killer heels. Missed.

Received a call and rushed to Tanjong Pagar for a corporate video casting. Straight after I hang up, someone sms-ed me. Lucky he contacted me after I scheduled the casting or else I would need to re-arrange my appointments. The casting was straightforward and done in 15mins.

Took a cab to nearby someone's house, it's a worthwhile trip. He has been questioning me more than in the past, hopefully it's a good sign that he's more into me.

Board a bus to workplace, not sure if it was the weather that made me sweat a lot. My colleagues realised the bruises at my jaws too. Black-green please go away. Got a quick update of the workplace happenings before attending the presentation by a colleague. Was busy replying e-mails and running errands.

Back home and had mum's vegetable curry for dinner. Tasted more like lotong to me.

Fairy and japanese school girl photoshoot tomorrow after work. I am seriously, happily working.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pet Society Addiction

Was on Pet Society the entire time at home, I'm so addicted. I was even chatting with KZ about it yesterday night. Can't wait to get a room with pool table and karaoke set for Kiki. My pet should have the same hobbies as me.

Had a great time out with Eugene in the afternoon. It has been more than half a year since we last met. Shall see if he will do as he said by asking me out again.

Using the coupons attached to the newspapers, I went Mac with CSX and CJZ for a really early supper at 7:30pm. Had McSpicy EVM with Oreo McFlurry, obviously fries and part of the burger were leftover. Can't sleep that early with a full stomach, bad for digestion.

Will be removing the threads from the wisdom teeth operation tomorrow morning and back to work. Should I get that pair of killer heels from Charles & Keith?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm Back to Model!

Woke up at 10:30am on a Sunday morning. It's late to me.

Decided to clear my wardrobe of the unwanted clothes so that I can squeeze the new clothes in. See how pathetic it is?

Put on my make-up while playing Pet Society and off to the Bikini Open 2009 casting.

Reached the location 5mins early and Tingyi was there. Not long after, Valerie and a few models arrived too. The casting was a fast one, just a briefing and a few photos taken. I am confident that I left a good impression to the interviewers but still, I'm praying hard to get selected.

Had window shopping at The Central with a cup of Chocolate Chip Cream from Starbucks. There are still many vacant shops and few shoppers. The shopping mall must be suffering a loss.

Back home for dinner and sent a few e-mails regarding modelling assignments. I'm back to model after the wisdom teeth operation!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shopping Spree at JP

Went on a shopping spree with mum at JP since I needed to collect a pink dress. Here's what I bought which cost me a total of ~$200 :

1 skirt, 1 blouse, 1 blazer - G2000

1 dress, 2 belts - PurPur

This is the problem when I am stuck at home for too long, my hands get itchy.

Got a SHIOK card which is a discount card for shopping at selected outlets in JP and Suntec. And also a G2000 Prestige Membership.Went to Starbucks for my light dinner, Almond Croissant and White Chocolate Mocha. See, I can chew already.

A chinese teaser for you: 什么动物喜欢闻内裤?

Answer: 豹, 因为 豹 '纹' 内裤

Got to pack my stuff for tomorrow's Bikini Open 2009 casting. Wish me good luck!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Truth Lies Beneath

Finished watching 'The Legend of The Demigods' and 'Trivial Matters', started watching 'The Speech of Silence'. One of the short stories in 'Trivial Matters' reminds me of somemore. And guess what? He really sms-ed me during my afternoon nap.

Will be collecting one of the dresses I bought online tomorrow afternoon.

The rest of this post is going to be very sarcastic so please ignore if you can't handle.

To readers of 'XXX XXX XXXXX' (it's not difficult to guess which newspaper it is), don't be fooled by all the published news. I just realised that they made up stories and created their own evidence. Business must be poor, I do pity them but I don't agree that it's the right thing to increase sales by cheating their readers. The management could have been just as bad. 上梁不正下梁歪. Choose the right newspaper to read and don't pollute your mind.

To reporter Tay, beware of all the unfortunate happenings that is going your way for you deserve it. Create your own lines in the newspaper article? It's a pity that you are not an author. Wait till I am a billionaire and I will sponsor you. Please don't brain wash your colleagues to create stories, fame is not good for you. I wish you good luck in helping yourself safe from the curses and swears. Don't pin high hopes that you will live long and remember to buy insurance.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Water Retention?

Woke up at 11am today, slightly earlier than yesterday.

My usual diet after the operation, porridge. I can't be sure if I really will lose weight because I had more meals but all consists mostly of liquid. The funny thing is, I don't go to the restroom more often so the water still remains in my body. Water retention?

Bleeding has more or less stopped, no more blood-drinking like a vampire. Face is not as swollen as yesterday, a good sign definitely.

Will be able to finish watching 'The Legend of the Demigods' tomorrow and start watching a modern HK drama.

I can't wait to leave the house and continue working for my butt has been sitting for too long.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My 2nd Day Without The 4 Wisdom Teeth

Woke up at about 1pm today. My face is more swollen then yesterday and bleeding has reduced greatly.

Had porridge again and went online for a while. Watched 'The Legend of the Demigods' and it's tough to hold my laughter. Learnt a phrase from the drama, '笑口常开 好彩自然来'. Remained awake for the rest of the day. Felt like a pig, eat, sleep, online shopping, watch drama. But lucky I am no longer swallowing so much blood. Bought 2 dresses online, hopefully I will be able to collect one of them personally tomorrow. I'm not going to care if people look at my swollen face since my hair can cover the sides.

Enjoying a slice of coffee roll and a cup of milo. Praying hard that my swollen face will be gone tomorrow and no more gum bleeding.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Edward Cullen Moment

Went for my operation to remove my 4 wisdom teeth with my parents. Waited for almost an hour for my turn.

The anaesthesia injections weren't that painful but the needle was very long. Even the dentist praised my bravery for being able to bear the injections. The entire operation took less than 15mins to remove all 4. I could feel the gushing blood in my throat and it's totally disgusted to swallow. The nurse checked if my bleeding is persistent and I left the clinic in an hour. Got 5-day MC, a little disappointed 'cause I thought I would get 7-day. My mum bought a pair of comfy sandals which cost her $79. It was the most expensive pair of footwear she has ever bought. I have yet to buy a pair of heels which is as expensive.

My mouth was full of blood mixed with saliva thorughout the whole afternoon. I was bleeding profusely even if I don't change the gauze. I suddenly felt like a vampire. Instead of drinking another human's blood, I was drinking mine. See, I now have another memory similar to Edward Cullen but this is unpleasant. Went to sleep and thank God the bleeding stopped when I woke up. Had a late lunch of porridge and medicine before returning to sleep. My face is already swollen, have better recover before the casting for Bikini Open 2009 on Sunday. Took my shower, dinner (porridge again) and finally I felt better to use my laptop. Finally, I am able to access Pet Society or else Kiki would stink like a rubbish dump and starve like a hungry ghost.

Watching 'The Legend of the Demigods' and it is so tough to hold my laughter. Got to take medication at midnight.

Monday, October 5, 2009

An Upcoming Week of Boredom

Had to pass over my work to my colleague as I will be on a week's medical leave from tomorrow. Shall remove the 4 wisdom teeth at a time so just let me suffer the pain once and for all.

Packed lunch from Kopitiam but had half the rice leftover, shouldn't have chose curry vegetables. My husband-to-be, please don't hate me for blessing you with those acne.

Knocked off and went to meet someone. Waited for about half an hour till I almost doze off. Realised that his new hairstyle is quite punk but I kept my thoughts in my head.

What am I going to do this week at home? What can I eat without chewing? Expect me to lose some weight the next few days.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Photoshoot at Dhoby Ghaut

Woke up at 10:45am and off for photoshoot. Only to realise that I was at Bugis when I should be at Dhoby Ghaut. Quickly made my way down by bus.

There were 3 photographers and the photoshoot was about 1.5hrs. I forgot to do stretching before the photoshoot so I am worried about having bodyache tomorrow. Too bad that I didn't have the time to shoot in the Japanese school girl uniform.

Had lunch at Mos Burger and took bus 106 home. I only woke up at the Clementi Central bus stop, just on time to alight. Got freaked out when I realised I have already reached. Had to troubleshoot the wireless internet connection when I was dead beat.

I am going to finish watching 'D.I.E.' soon and my eyes are so tired.

Happy Birthday to WX

5 out of 8

Lucky 7

KZ's parents drove WF, KZ and I to Coasta Sands Pasir Ris on Friday night. Caught in a traffic jam for about 15mins due to an accident on the expressway. KZ's mother treated us takeaway Nasi Lemak from Changi Village Food Centre too. Saw Tracy Ang's SIN photos on newspapers, poor thing. Reached the chalet at about 11pm and unpacked our stuff. Stayed over with KZ, WF, SF, HM, YJ, WX and her bf.

Woke up at about 9:30am and KZ was already watching soccer. A part of the decoration was done by a few of them in the middle of the night. I accompanied HM for breakfast. As usual, I woke up almost every hour. My nose was like a running tap in the morning and tissue paper was my best friend. Chatted with HM while she ate and I left after she was on her way to class. Back to chalet, washed up and continued to decorate the chalet with KZ and YJ.

Went to E!hub for lunch at Just Acia. Our stomachs were fully satisfied before we went NTUC for light shopping. Bought coffee from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and walked back to chalet. Continued with the decoration and the birthday card. LL came in the late afternoon and did WX's make-up. Kok Meng arrived in the evening as well. Everything was more or less done by 7pm.

WX's bf, WF and I went to collect the birthday cake in the rainy weather. WX's bf still had the time to buy a bouquet of African daisies and roses. Of course, with the help of WF and I. YJ had to make a wasted trip to shelter us from the car park to the chalet. Due to WX's bf's careless, the few of us (YJ, Alicia and I) had to help him with the birthday card. He had better be more meticulous.

Had my dinner with the group of them at the small dining table which was supposed to be the reception. Photo-taking session and I was one of the photographers. Sang the birthday song while WX's bf walked to her with the bouquet of flowers. She must be touched that's why she cried. As what I told WF, this should be the outcome. The birthday cake was all melted chocolate, thick and heaty.

KZ, LL, Alicia, Kok Meng and I left the chalet at about 11pm and WX's bf drove us to Pasir Ris MRT. We took the train home and Kok Meng was talking almost non-stop. Kok Meng never fails to start an interesting topic.

I was sms-ing someone throughout the journey to collect WX's birthday cake. He asked some unusual questions and even thought of coming to the chalet. I know he must have something in his sleeves. Anyway, he still didn't make his appearance to my best friends which I always expected. I wouldn't know how to introduce him to them when I am in a confused state so that's considered lucky. Coincidentally, it was 2 years ago when I was celebrating WX"s birthday and he told me to wish WX (he doesn't know her at all) a happy birthday on his behalf. History repeats itself similarly.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Oreo McFlurry, Yummy

Had ayam penyet for lunch again. Thanks to my colleagues for helping to pack lunch at Rochor Centre. Really filling.

Had a meeting without Boss and surprisingly the meeting lasted almost 2 hours without me falling asleep. Everyone was so much more attentive and relaxed without Boss's presence.

We ordered Mac for tea time. I had Oreo McFlurry and it tasted so great. Must be because it has been long since I ate it. Had to hide from Boss as he was walking around in the unit but we were having fun playing hide-and-seek.

Off to WX's birthday chalet. Will be back on Saturday night so stay tune.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Boss's Surprise Birthday Party

I have started playing 'Pet Society' on Facebook. Named my female pet 'Kiki'. Now she has 3 rooms and a garden of her own. Will made her property expand like crazy.

Experienced the tremor at work in the morning. For a moment, I thought I was dizzy again. It was until I checked with a few of colleagues till I realised I am normal.

Went for a casting at 1:30pm using my lunch time. I think I screwed up for the video. Aaarrrgggghhhh. Was terribly late because I was back in office at 3:30pm.

Gave Boss a surprise birthday celebration in his room. I saw his watery eyes and my manager was tearing. We then went to the meeting room to enjoy the chocolate cake and Boss changed into the turquoise polo tee we bought for him. He looked absolutely great in it. A successful surprise.

Will be staying overnight tomorrow for WX's birthday chalet.