Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Lunchtime

I have added the link to my portfolio on my blog. You can view it by clicking 'K' followed by 'Portfolio' and there you are.

Had nasi briyani for lunch and it was the first time I tried sambal chicken. At first, I thought it was full of oil but it's not too spicy. Thanks to my 2 female colleagues who helped me to pack a heavy lunch. We got so excited talking about Taiwan, all the shopping and Shilin Night Market. The 2 male colleagues from Duke-NUS joined us but left after they were done. The rest of my female colleagues came into the lounge to watch 'The Price Is Right' with us. Our favourite jump jump show.

Knocked off and I got stepped by an inconsiderate and uneducated auntie in the train. She didn't even said sorry when she stepped on my right leg 2nd toe. I was cursing her until I was back home. Had to apply medicationi because of the internal bleeding and bruise. I am walking like a duck again.

Will be going for a casting tomorrow afternoon. Wish me good luck!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dentist is My Best Friend

Took half-day leave at work today. Did some scheduling for boss and entertained phone calls. Will be getting the nightie tomorrow, so excited.

Back home for lunch and off to my dental appointment. The dentist and the nurse praised my dress, I have got taste :) Had my lower teeth gum disease treated. Will need to go back for another appointment next month to treat the minor upper teeth gum disease.

Back home and had a last minute photoshoot with an amateur photographer. Back home at 8:30pm and had a slice of coffee roll for dinner.

Happy hour at office tomorrow because boss will be on leave ^.^

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pleasure is Desire Fulfilled

Was chatting almost all the time at work today. Received 31 e-mails from the past 4 days, got a shock. Too bad I will miss Macik's specially-cooked lunch tomorrow because I will be on half-day leave.

Went to meet someone during lunch time. It's a short but worthwhile trip. My female colleagues were asking the Duke-NUS guys for their facebook to tag them in a group photo. The few of them were having an 'interview' session with one of the guys, sounded like the questions asked by matchmakers. It's always easier to work with friends than enemies. Knock off and took a train to Harbourfront for dinner with CSX. A last minute treat to thank her for the blogskin

While waiting for the late-comer, I had my cup of macademia ice-cream. We went to JPot for steamboat dinner. Ordered the Value Dinner for 2, $38++ which included prawns, red groupa slices, sotong slices, scallops, mushroom combinations, spinach, noodles, chicken slices, black pork slices and the ball of pork. Don't be fooled by the little ingredients for they filled our stomachs completely. It's shopping time after dinner. I bought a set of sportwears at Adidas while CSX bought a pair of pants at G2000. Got to claim money for the pants from my mum. Saw an interesting sentence on the bus, 'Pleasure is desire fulfilled'. Back home at 10pm. Eugene sent me this link to a touching video. Shows how a male dog continued to stay by his dead partner after being knocked down.

Will be having my dental appointment and massage tomorrow.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Car Photoshoot

Woke up at 11am for the an ad photoshoot. Till now 8pm, I am still having bodyache due to the photoshoot yesterday morning. From shoulders, back to thighs and I feel like a grandma. Took a train to Yio Chu Kang and a cab outside NYP to reach the shoot location.

Back home at about 6pm and had a hard time removing the eye make-up. Lots of purple glitter on my face as you can see from the pic. Had dinner and watched 'D.I.E.'. Uploaded some pics by Sharpshooterz from yesterday's bikini shoot,

Bikini Photoshoot at Sentosa

To Sentosa

To Kok Meng's Birthday Party

Woke up at 6:45am for a photoshoot at Sentosa. Met Dennis, the organiser, at Harbourfront Mac together with another photographer. Took a cab to Tanjong Beach, got changed and settled at a spot further away.

There was a total of 4 photographers but Dennis will shoot from time to time using his digital camera. As you know, dogs were running on the beach and swimming in the sea, there were a few moments when 4 dogs were near us. I don't know their species but I was at the shoreline and these dogs kept 'disturbing' us by running past us and jumping into the sea. One particular dog even stayed close to me for quite sometime during the photoshoot. It just walked around me or swam behind me. The dog must be a male, said one of the photographers. See, even a dog is attracted to me.

Some shots of me were taken wet either in the water or water splashed on me. Had 2 bikinis for the photoshoot. Both sets are provided by one of the photographers, one of which was a micro bikini. Too small for me to cover the important parts. The shoot was about 2hours but I enjoyed myself tremendously. A big thank you to Dennis and the photographers.

One of the photographers left early so the rest of us went for lunch at Seah Im Food Centre. Had hokkien prawn noodles and sugar cane juice. Learnt a lot about the photographers' experiences and heard about some of the CS models' profile. I always ask for feedback to improve myself as I can't see what others see.

Took a bus home, unpacked my stuff and went online. Watched 1.5 episode of 'D.I.E.' and off to meet KZ and WX for Kok Meng's birthday party.

KZ and I was writing the birthday message while waiting for WX at Tiong Bahru. We are creative people so we came out with interesting birthday greetings. Took a shuttle bus to Downtown East only to realise the party is at Pasir Ris Coasta Sands because we were given the wrong address. Met Diyanah and Hidayah at Downtown East to wait for Kok Meng. The birthday boy was being sweet to drive us (not safely) from Downtown East to the destination. We finally had our dinner at the chalet and busybody-ed at some princess's birthday party due to her beach-y outlook. Went back on time for Kok Meng's cake-cutting ceremony. We left shortly and WX's bf drove KZ and I to Pasir Ris MRT Station.

Almost fell asleep on the train although we were chatting. My eyes got smaller as we were approaching Clementi. I alighted at Clementi and home sweet home.

My first ad shoot tomorrow afternoon. Let me have a smooth filming.

Friday, September 25, 2009

YJ's Birthday Party

Went for last day of the course at MDIS Dhoby Ghaut. As usual, laughter in the class and team exercises. Morning break at 10:15am, tried to squeeze food into my stomach. Went to Mos Burger for lunch with Eugene who is from SingHealth too. Afternoon break at 3:15pm, lots of deep-fried snacks like dumpling. Had the DISC exercise which tells your character. I belonged to the 'D' people who are visionary, decisive, proactive, task-orientated, take risks and love challenges. Used to be an 'I' during secondary school. An 'I' is sociable and people-oriented. In conclusion, people do change and I am one of them. Received the participating certificate and off to the MRT station.

Alighted at Yew Tee MRT Station and walked to YJ's house. It was 5:50pm when I reached. Nelson, Jac, SF, HM and Alicia were at the function room. All of them except Nelson were preparing for YJ's birthday party. I helped to pump air into 1 balloon and hang the balloons on the walls and ceilings. Prepared the ang baos in YJ's room and guests arrived. We had our dinner (more like a buffet) prepared mostly by YJ's family and some halal caterer. Dear SF took so many unglam photos of us gobbling the delicious food. Shark's fin, lobster salad, fried rice, fried noodles, chicken curry, pork ribs, tempura, yam ring, wu xiang... Do you feel hungry? Alicia left early so we handed her the belated ang bao as her birthday present. We could see that she wasn't expecting it. WF and WX finally reached and the sky was already dark. We wrote our birthday messages on post-it and pasted them on the present. Not sure whose idea was it.

Had phototaking session followed by the cake-cutting ceremony. YJ's nephew gave a short speech and led to the birthday songs. There was even a kissing session by her mother, niece and nephews to her. The cake did not require any skilled personnel to cut it because it was made of small puffs and everyone just had to pick one and stuff into your mouth. Isn't it convenient and cream-less? Saw a guy in the gym who looks like someone, only looks like. The group of us made videos of our birthday greetings to YJ at the little waterfall. Many NGs and much laughter. Guests started to take their leave so Jac, WX and I helped to clear the function room while SF, HM and WF compiled the videos.

Jac, WX and I shared a cab home while the rest stayed later. This is probably the first time the 3 of us are in the same cab together. Home sweet home at 11:15pm and I am really tired.

Photoshoot at Sentosa tomorrow morning and Kok Meng's birthday party at night. It's another hectic day.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Worthwhile U-turn

Was raining so heavily in the West. I was lazy to carry that umbrella so I used newspaper to shelter my head to the MRT station.

Reached Dhoby Ghaut MDIS where the course is held at 8:50am. 18 of us sat in tables of 3. I was with a lady and a guy who is also from SingHealth. I didn't expect there would be someone from SingHealth and he's also working in SGH. The lecturer's a guy, humorous and made us laugh from time to time. This kept me awake but I still yawn a few times throughout the day. Had morning break at 10:15am and lunch at 12:30pm. Went to PS Kopitiam with the guy and I had red bean soup. We walked into the Jigsaw Puzzle shop, past the aquariums and into the pet shop. Back to MDIS at 1:30pm. Had lunch break at 3:15pm, food again. Class ended at 4:45pm and I went to collect a photo cd from a photographer. The bikini photos are uploaded,

Took a train to Orchard to meet SF and HM at Far East Plaza. My intention was to get cheap bikini from Sheer Romance as I needed them on Sunday for the ad. Lucky I have enough money to buy a set, leaving me with just coins. After walking for a long time, we finally got a cardigan for YJ's 21st Birthday. Will give her ang bao for the leftover budget. Accompanied them to have their dinner at Sakura. I didn't want to owe people money so I rather bear with my growling stomach. Thank God I still have $1.25 and $1.20 is enough to buy a Curry O'. We walked to Ion Orchard and reserved a Liz Claiborne wallet for YJ. Collected it at Shaw Isetan and I borrowed money from SF to buy nipple tape. See how broke I am. Took a bus to Clementi with SF but I was messaging all the way. Sorry for neglecting her.

I had to stupidly take a cab to meet someone after a long day at about 10pm. I wouldn't be going down if the cab fare was not sponsored. He was probably in a good mood, rememberd to say 'bye' at the end of a phone call (I know you are surprised), didn't talk to me loudly, sweet enough to wait for me and pay for the cab. Probably the first time a stranger saw the 2 of us together. I do wonder what the cab driver will think of the relationship between the 2 of us? Siblings, BGR, married couple? Can't be father and daughter because he isn't and doesn't look that old. I was a little stunned when he asked if I went shopping because I told him that I was at Orchard with no cash but I was carrying a shopping bag. I was telling the truth anyway. He explained more than he usually does when I popped a question, I am glad. I may sound silly but I don't get a lot from him so that little means a lot to me. It's worth it to make a U-turn. He gave me money to take a cab home and no complaints from him. If only good things last...

Celebrating YJ's birthday tomorrow after work at her house. Another night of balloons.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Introducing My New Blogskin

Credits to CSX for helping me with the new blogskin yesterday night. Had to change it because my mum has been complaining that it is too revealing and since CSX is free. Made an appointment for sensual body massage on coming Tuesday evening after my dental appointment.

Heard a piece of bad news at work today. Just pray hard everything will be ok. Had economical bee hoon for lunch and french toast for high-tea. Don't really like the coffee.

Received news that I might get the ad together with 4 other models. Get to shoot with cars on Sunday.

Went back Clementi with Jac since she went nearby my workplace for an interview. Has been quite a while since we last chatted. Saw HM at Redhill MRT platform and so I called her since we were on the train.

Will be meeting SF and HM tomorrow after my course.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dressing Up Makes Me Happy

See me icy cool

With Edward Cullen at work

Work was simple today, not many e-mails to reply although it was a long weekend. Thanks to my manager who gave me a dress, didn't hear her clearly on where the dress comes from. Fits me nicely and it might be suitable for photoshoots.

Moved my wisdom teeth surgery fowward to 6th Oct. I just want to get over it ASAP.

Boss went out off for an afternoon meeting and I went to the Staff Clinic, hoping to get standby medication for my irregular period. Waited for an hour to see the doctor. It was 4pm when I was back in office enjoying pulut hitam. I love coconut milk. My colleague who just had her wedding at India will be returning to work tomorrow. Can't wait to see our Bollywood princess's wedding photos.

Took a cab to Concorde Shopping Centre for an ad casting. The taxi driver shared with me how tough his job is and how little he earns a day. I know money is hard-earned. The casting took me less than 5mins, just Q&A. Will be informed tonight if selected. Took a bus home, so many foreigners travelling together with me. Home sweet home at 7:30pm.

If I could dream, it would be all about you- Edward Cullen

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Wasted Public Holiday

Woke up at about 11am and have been online, eating or sleeping. I agree I wasted a public holiday but I seldom have time to waste. Chatted with an online friend who's now in Australia, shall meet him when he's back this weekend.

Went out for dinner with CSX, her bf and CJZ at Subway. I'm a standard person, Cold Cut Trio Value Meal. Helped mum to buy bread for tomorrow's breakfast and back home. Had shower and continued to watch 'D.I.E.'. That drama has been stored in my laptop for too long and it's time to finish and delete it. Chatted with another online friend whom I have sort of lost contact with on msn. He's actually my secondary school senior who graduated after I entered. Met him only once at Westmall, I still remember.

Back to work tomorrow and a casting for an ad after work. Wish me good luck.

I just want my period to end for this month.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Slept from 9:30am to about 4pm, waking up from time to time. Felt as if I didn't sleep at all with a pair of tired eyes.

Had some digestive biscuits, cookies and a small bowl of noodles for my late lunch. Went online and I had so many e-mails to reply. I should be glad that I have e-mails to reply the photographers and agencies, meaning that I am of some value. Went out alone to have Fish Slice Bee Hoon for dinner. Heard an imitation of 'Poker Face' from a CD stall, can't stand it. Why would someone buy a poorly imitated CD to save that little amount of money? I can only understand the need for imitated branded bags. I would rather use a brandless bag than an imitated branded bag. Bought some neccessities from Venus and home sweet home.

Thanks to KZ for informing me that I am on Import Rides Magazine page 24. It's the same small photo as in HotStuff issue 78. Better than nothing.

SIN and Clubbing

The Porsche In Bugis Junction

Audi R8

The Matt Mazda RX-8

Nissan GTR

Went for an interview at Fusion Talents Management, merely 10mins. Got dragged to Herbalife by 2 ladies for some health survey and they were promoting their products to me. Of course I didn't buy. Supposed to meet KZ at 12:45pm but as KZ had an emergecy so we met at 1:30pm. Off to Expo for Super Import Nights.

$10 for adult admission but came to think of it, the ticket is not as worthwhile. There were more photographers than visitors, I guess. Took a few pictures of my dream cars, too difficult to achieve for now. After walking almost the entire exhibition then we realised there were import models on the stage. A few guys were on the stage dancing with the models from States, Taiwan and Thailand. I am really impressed by the hot Taiwan models' figures and their pole dances. Started to have an interest in pole dance. We continued to walk the exhibition, met Alvin and a few model friends I know. Had a late lunch at a Macau restaurant, the food was alright. Had a final round at the exhibition and off to the Branded Sportwears Sale. Just window shopping.

Went to The Central Subway to wait for WF and her friends as they were going Zirca for the SIM-RMIT Event. I had the mood for clubbing at that time so I decided to join them. Finally met WF and one of her friends at 7:30pm and walked to Zirca. $18 and we can enjoy hopping into 3 clubs. They had some boring beauty pageant which I was not interested and so my eyes were looking at all the others. WF's friends joined later, group by group and she had to walked in and out to pass them the tickets. I would be so frustrated and exhausted if I were her. Only had beer and we left for Rebel. It was packed and the music was not to our liking so we left for Lunar. Stayed for quite sometime standing at the 2nd level, listening to the band. Finally, we found some likeable music. WF and her 2 friends went back to Rebel while KZ and I stayed for a while more. Back to Rebel but still no change in the music and the crowd was worse. Can't take it but back to Lunar. KZ and I sat at the seats near the entrance, we thought they were the best seats and sat there singing and chatting. Once in a while our upper bodies would dance and our butts remained on our seats. Some foreigner came to ask for directions to the restroom and he offered us to have a drink with them at their table. We were comfortably and happily having our butts sticked to the seats so I rejected his offer. He's not that attractive so it's ok. WF came to join us after her friends left and we stayed till about 3:30am.

The 3 of us went for breakfast (I skipped my dinner) at Mac. Some idiotic guy (although he's not bad-looking) simply refused to give way to me at the narrow Mac. He gave me that kind of stare which pissed me off. In the end, he still had to give me a little space by putting his left hand behind. Actually, I already spotted him in one of the clubs because there wasn't many guys who caught my attention. He might just be younger than me anyway.

We took a cab home at about 6:30am. The dear taxi driver could have drove faster and listened to our instructions properly. Reached home at 7am and my head was so itchy after a day out.

Time to comment about the models at Super Import Nights as I have seen on 19th Sep. I am not trying to be sarcastic but the local models can't be compared to the import models. I even think some of the local models can't make it. You will agree with me if you were there. You might think I am still a newbie in this industry and has no right to comment but who knows I might just be one of the top local models tomorrow?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Stay Home Friday

Hairstyle for the day

Chatted with Clarence online yesterday night, like finally. At least he could sense some fire in me and I am glad that he felt guilty that till now we haven't meet.

Dreamt that one of my teeth was being ruptured by my itchy fingers. The tooth was so soft that I could just destroyed it by digging. Imagine yourself in such a horrible situation.

Meeting with boss was cancelled as there was no agenda. Played 'Spot the Difference' and I broke my own record. There was a small conflict at work but it was cleared up after a long meeting. Thank God friday was afterall good. Had vegetarian economical rice for lunch, I have been very healthy. Watched a cook show and the boy who was one of the hosts was adorable. Suddenly I felt the motherly nature in me. Bought a pack of biscuits at Cheers for snack when it was a heavy downpour.

Will be going for an interview at a talent agency tomorrow noon and to Super Import Nights with KZ.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

No More Emotional Strings

Took bus 147 to workplace and I reached at 8:50am. If I am not worried that I will faint again, I would have taken the train. Thank god the menstrual cramp is gone.

Everyone else except the receptionist and I were busy. Some of them had shift work so the office was really quiet. Played 'Spot the Difference' in the morning and ran errands. Bought Ayam Penyet from Kopitiam for lunch. Don't really like the smashed chicken. Bought organic apple cider again. Can't access Facebook Chat in the afternoon and I got really pissed off. Why does the management have to restrict the internet access to that stringent?

Love the part of the baseball game in 'Twilight', so damn cool. With the music and my handsome idol, perfect.

I taught myself not to look forward to being in a relationship because I get too emotionally attached. Sick of empty promises and lies. Don't tell me you are sorry 'cause you are not.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Edward Cullen Moment

Bought Vegetarian Bee Hoon for lunch from the market.

Fainting spell at Outram MRT platform. I was lying near one of the doors when I gained conscious. Imagine how many people saw me with that pale white face. Once again, I looked like Edward Cullen. Got to thank the pregnant malay nurse, a malay lady and the 2 SMRT staff who helped me. Bless them. Got onto a wheelchair and into the First Aid Room. Took a rest for about 20mins before I walked my way to work. Reached workplace at 9am.

Lost another kg and now I have reached my dream weight. I should be happy but I'm not. Watched 'Night At The Museum' and downloaded some sentimental piano music. Need soothing music to ease my menstrual cramp. Bought a chocolate twist and organic apple cider for snack. Going to practise on the piano later.

I don't envy anyone for there is no eternity.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patience Is What I Practised Today

Supposedly to be on half-day leave in the morning but ended up a day leave.

Went for my dental appointment at Jurong Medical Centre. My appointment was 10:30am and I waited till 12:50pm for my turn. The longest I have ever waited to see a doctor or dentist. You can imagine how pissed off I got. The worse have yet to come. The consultation took less than 10mins and I waited for more than 2hrs. Cost me $24. I called my manager and took a day leave instead. Wasted my half-day leave. Will be having the surgery to remove the big 4 Wisdom Teeth on 13th Oct. My mother is so superstitious about 13 but I am more scientific.

In order not to waste the rest of my Tuesday, I went to meet my mother at IMM. Had a slice of cake and cappuccino at Secret Recipe. That's my lunch. Did some shopping at Giant and back home. It was sunny and a great haze. Indonesia must be happily burning.

Created an album with pictures of me in swimwear, pathetic number of photos for now. Received a few pictures from Zeez, will upload all of the pictures when I get the cd from him.

Enjoying music and papaya. I don't see why it's a weird combination.

Monday, September 14, 2009

If Only I Have Such A Lover

Dreamt of someone last night but I can't remember the content. It's probably a reminder that I should contact this person.

Received a few pictures from the photoshoot by Antony yesterday. I have uploaded 2 pictures into my facebook and Antony uploaded another 2. Loved the samuri outfits.

Boss was not in the office today so I really had nothing to do. Watched 'Twilight' again online and the videos were buffering so slowly that I took more than 6hrs to finish a 2hr movie. There were a number of scenes that really touched me to having wet eyes. If only someone treats me just like how Edward treats Bella. Went to the official website of 'New Moon' to download the wallpapers and have the main picture as my office desktop's wallpaper. Can't wait for the movie to be released although Edward has less scenes in the upcoming movie. I know I am a crazy fan of Robert Pattinson, maybe because I feel that he looks like someone. I'm sinking deeper...

Back home and finally I bear to use Furterer, the products are expensive but I feel they are effective. I'm so broke since last month that I didn't stock up my Furterer products. Just let me get through these 2 weeks and I'll be thankful.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Great Photoshoot with Antony

Woke up earlier than I am supposed to. Had breakfast, went online for a while and off for photoshoot with Antony. Took a train to Kallang and took a 10min walk to the studio. The flight of stairs was indeed long like the old shophouses. I should have taken a photo of it, missed.

Reached the studio early and Novia, the model before me, was still at the shoot. She looked great in the black leather corset. I envy her upper body figure. Alycia was the MUA (makeup artist). I had really thick makeup and my hair was straightened then recurled. Great hair volume and side parting. I know I can never apply such thick makeup on myself, my makeup skill is still low. Antony said I look like 14 yrs old without makeup, do I really look that youthful?

Shot with the 5 dresses I brought first. Followed by 'The Matrix' coats with tall, black boots. I looked totally cool and I'm not self-praising. Wait till you see the fabulous photos and you will agree with me. I had a few shots with the sword which Lucy Liu held in 'Kill Bill' too. Changed into the big white long-sleeved short and posed on the floor with red backdrop. The final outfit was an extremely long sheer black cloth hanging on me, an artistic look to bring the shoot to an end.

After me, was Jean aka Corset Queen. She has long legs and definitely a daring model.

Alycia, Novia and I left the studio together. Novia was sweet, gave me a cab lift to Tanjong Pagar MRT. Even the taxi driver was in the modelling conversation. Took a train back to Clementi back home. Had my shower, unpacked my stuff and off to pool with KZ.

I had a bowl of noodle soup for dinner while playing. That's just my second meal of the day because I missed my lunch. I didn't feel hungry the whole day, not that I am on diet. In almost all of today's games, we took so many turns before we finally had the first ball in. You can imagine how long we take to finish one game today. Sat at the bowling centre for about 30min for dear KZ to rest her legs. At the bowling centre, we witnessed some teenage guy bowl in a very unique way. He threw the ball practically into the air, letting it drop on the alley loudly. The ball had already flew 1/5 of the alley by the time it fell. Weren't he clever to gain a higher chance of getting a strike? We left the bowling centre at 10:45pm for home.

Just browsed the photos of a female who was in the FHM GND Top 100. Can't believe this particular woman can actually squeezed herself into the list. She does not have the height, looks and figure. The judges must have been blind-folded when they were told to do the selection. I dare to say I am at least taller and better-looking than her. Judges, please use magnifying glasses the next time.

Winnie's Birthday Party

Sleep and take medicine, that's all I did the entire afternoon. The online movie 'Paul Blart:Mall Crop' was buffering too slowly that I simply closed the tab after watching 15mins. Went back to sleep till 4:30pm.

Prepared and off to Winnie's birthday party. Met WF, Jiamin, SF and KZ at Clementi MRT Station and we wrote our birthday messages on the train. Alighted at Chinatown to meet HM, Ezekiel and Grace. Walked to Le Restaurant and Bar, not an easy place to find. Had individual photo-taking with the birthday girl when we arrived. The food was not bad and the cake was great. Chocolate-ly and crispy biscuit as the cake base. The 3K arrived late, as expected in black. The guests started to made their move but we started to drink red wine. The taste was not too bitter, just that it was a little too much for everyone. KZ, WF and I left at about 11:30pm. Took a cab home.

My voice is so sexy now.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Not H1N1 please!

My flu is back again. Had thick yellow phlgem and I was puking them out the whole morning. Tired to walk in and out of the room. Had HK noodles for lunch which I am not supposed to because it is heaty for the body.

Left at 2pm in the middle of the meeting for the Staff Clinic. For the first time, I don't smell the mask on my face, Doctor said if I have H1N1, it is probably mild. My intuition tells me it's just normal flu. No sore throat, no pain and no fever. I can never stop taking medicine. Pop the pills like sweets, man. Was told to take MC and go home to prevent spreading to people. Partly, I needed to rest. Back to workplace at 2:40pm, took the medicine, got my bag and took a cab home.

Had shower, sweet potato soup and off to sleep till 8:30pm. Woke up from time to time, didn't sleep well. I don't even know if I should attend Winnie's birthday party tomorrow night. What if it's really H1N1 and I spread it to everyone at the party, wouldn't I be thought as selfish and inconsiderate? I guess it all depends on my condition tomorrow. Wish my luck, people.

Lunchtime Shopping at Far East Plaza

Took a cab to Far East Plaza at 11:30am from workplace to collect some stuff for a colleague.I bought a dress from 凯, a pink lingerie set from Sheer Romance and a caesar salad from Pastamania. I can finish errands and shopping in 1.5hr. Back to workplace and had soy beancurd for lunch.

A candidate came for an interview but all of us didn't really like her. Feeling she can't click with us. I played a few games of the Color Linez, my highest record was 316. The highest record among us was 800+. Secretly had my caesar salad at 4pm in a quiet room, eating too much lettuce made me felt like an herbivore.

I'm still having flu, had chinese medicine yesterday night and this morning. Puked out lots of yellowy phlgem, i'm in heat. To save myself, drinking lots of water is the best medicine.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm Physically Sick but Mentally Well

See the crowd at the Ge Tai

Had a sore throat in the middle of the night and I hurried to eat an antiseptic lemon honey sweet. I was better in the morning. Sore throat was gone but flu came to find me. How am I supposed to meet a client when I am sick?

Presented our dear colleague ,who's going back to India for her wedding, with the sexy nightwear we bought online yesterday. So, I am helping to introduce the website here. Do check it out, I bought one of the nightwears too. We took group photos (and candid too) at the station. Our manager can't bear to see her away for 2 weeks then she cried. See, the bond between us is strong.

Saw Wong Li -Lin at SGH who was in her yoga outfit at the fair. Walked to Tiong Bahru post office at 2pm to send out the posters and brochures. It was settled faster than the previous time at Clementi post office. Probably because I know the procedure better. Can't take the heat so I took a cab back office.

Went to collect and deliver internal mail. One of the senior executive praised my dress (a little short, i agree). I have got taste, people.

Knocked off and back home. Porridge for dinner and a panadol for my flu. Went down to watch Ge Tai for half an hour. I'm impressed by a girl's voice. She was in a white commander outfit, probably a secondary two student.

Got to sleep early tonight for a speedy recovery. Hopefully I can meet the client tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Life = Game

The headlines on today's newspapers were the suicide of the 2 secondary boys last year. The truth was finally revealed and it was a hot topic at my workplace. I guess this pieces of news can raise awareness to the parents, teachers and gamers to computer games.

Had mixed vegetable rice and appetite wasn't there when I opened the packet. However, I managed to finish almost all and the papaya. Bought some kueh for high-tea too. Spend most of my working hours away from my desk, chatting.

Went out for an hour after dinner to meet someone. Perhaps it's time for a test. I followed the rules in your game, now it's time for me to set the rules for you to play in my game.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Lunchtime Shopping

Gorgeous Models At Bugis Junction

Woke up with bodyache. From shoulders to back to butt. Too much stretching during the weekend.

The meeting at 11am was cancelled so I took a cab to Taka with 3 colleagues at 11:30am. We went to Wisma Isetan and Taka. I bought premiun sandwich, takoyaki and old chang kee. Left the sandwich for early dinner. Bought 2 pairs of black sheer stockings too, a recommendation from a colleague. Took a cab back office after 2 hours of shopping. Went to pharmacy and bought apple cider (it's organic ok?). Recommended by my manager, can detox and promotes weight loss.

Rushed to get some documents sent via DHL. Lots of phone calls made and I was confused of the procedure. Lucky I have my office's receptionist, who used to be PA, to help me. Soon, it was 5pm and I went to the other station to find the rest of my female colleagues. I joined them in having a good time gossiping. Boss suddenly came to get a document scanned. I got freaked out when I knew he was walking towards the station. Did some funny actions and my females colleagues were laughing hard at me. They said I'm cute alright?

Knocked off and went to Bugis, again. Met a photographer to discuss a tfcd shoot. Tribal theme in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Got to climb uphill for 30mins to get to the exact location. I can walk damn fast, no worries. Took bus 7 home, a 50min journey of sleep.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Photoshoot, Audition & Interview

Lunch at The Soup Spoon

Bought a pair of $69 gold wedges (it's footwear ok?) at Bugis Junction. I still like that pair of white wedges from DMK but I had to throw it away 'cause it can't be repaired anymore. Went for a photoshoot at Bugis Hotel 81 at 11am. Left the place at 1pm and I had my lunch at The Soup Spoon. I couldn't finish the mushroom soup (it was really chunky) and the Herbed Chicken Caesar Sandwich. I won't recommend the Herbed Chicken Caesar Sandwich, I find the chicken cold and tasteless.

Still curious about the Cleo event so I went back to check it out. 'Be A Cleo Star', that was it. I went for the makeover (more like a touch-up for me) and audition. Praying hard that I get shortlisted for the 2nd audition. I think my self-taken photo looks better than the photo they took for me. Met Phoenix and Shi Xin at the event who were there waiting for Juliet. We went to the TLB event which was also in Bugis Junction. The 4 of us went to get samples and went for the interview to be one of their models. Similarly, need to wait for their contact. Met Jasmine at the event too. So many coincidences today. I went home to leave all my barang barang and meet the 3 of them again at Sengkang for the bridal trial.

There's no way how I can describe my excitement for the bridal trial. It was a last minute thing when I know of this from them. There was a row of tea dresses and wedding gowns hanging in the hall and a room full of evening gowns and more wedding gowns. 'Wah...' was my first reaction. Which female won't be thrilled to see so many wedding gowns right? Each of us selected a gown to try and we took photos of ourselves. The 3 of them chose wedding gowns and I was suggested to try a dark green evening gown. I was a little 'huh' because I didn't really like green, however, I love it once I put it on. Not trying to say my figure is good but the gown is really elegant with the 'bling bling' from the neck to the chest. Below is the link to the photo of the gown, The next photo in the album will allow you to take a closer look at the details. A big thank you to the girls who a great today. Praying hard that I will be selected to model the gowns. As a kind gesture for today's fitting, I shall advertise for Vivian who is the owner of this online boutique. Do check it out at

Took a cab home and lopang Shi Xin to Clementi. Home sweet home at 10pm. My thumbnail is chipped, heartache.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

We should be thankful for what we have now

Sneaked out again at 2:15am. As usual, I got shocked by phone calls and asked to go out meet someone. I am surprised that someone finally recalls that I am doing part-time modelling. I should be glad that I have questions to answer. Not sure if the concern is money or me.

Woke up at 10:30am. Prepared and off to photoshoot at Lavender. Alvin was kind enough to came to drive me to Lavender. Unfortunately, we got into a minor car accident at the Clementi Avenue 6 exit towards AYE. If I took the train down by myself, the accident wouldn't have happened. Felt sorry that the car repair is going to cost quite a bomb. The first car accident that I am involved in. Used the money Alvin gave me to take a cab to Lavender MRT. See, I only know how to make people spend money.

Met the photographer and had the photoshoot done in 1.5hrs. I know that I didn't perform well towards the end.

Took a train to Dhoby Ghaut and had my dinner at Plaza Singapura Subway. Left the cookies for later. Sat stupidly outside The Cathay, waiting for time to pass and looking at the traffic. Ate an oatmeal raisin cookie too.

Walked over to Strand Hotel for the photoshoot. Better performance this time. 1 hour and we were done. Strand Hotel is a better suggestion than Hotel 81. $40, you get a bigger room and a bath tub. Sounds good right? The only weakness is that the lighting is poorer as there are no lights on the roof.

A lesson learnt today. Be grateful for what you have now for nothing is forever.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I am a happy woman this friday

My pale face

Had Chicken Mayo sandwich from Delifrance for lunch and it was salty. All thanks to the out of stock Egg Mayo. Was watching 'The Bee Movie' on HBO together with colleagues at lunch. Such a long list of credits. I had quite a hard time trying to keep my eyes open during the 2-hr meeting after lunch. Was checking the time a few times within the 2 hours. Had a plain waffle for high-tea and got my stomach filled. The nerd had chocolate all over his mouth while he's enjoying his favourite chocolate waffle. Bahaved like a kid and he didn't even bothered to clean up properly. Such poor image and hygience.

Chatted on the phone with Clarence on the way home. The first phone call for like 2 months? His voice sounded younger than his age. Remained on the phone at the void deck till 6:30pm, laughing from time to time like some crazy woman. A humorous guy he is.

Received the blouse and dress from Runway Diva. Love them loads.

Should I buy fake under eyelashes for bigger eyes?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Advance Birthday Celebration

How do you like my new hairstyle?

Celebrated my manager's birthday in advance at noon. We surprised her while she was having her lunch. Went into the lounge with the cake and a birthday song. Her present from us was a Tommy Hilfiger bag. Snapped some pictures and had the cake.

Went to meet Alvin at Housemen's Canteen for lunch. Thanks for the Kinder Brueno :)

Was chatting with colleagues half the afternoon so it was soon knocked off. Took a train to City Hall and met a photographer for discussion till 7:30pm. Probably will be arranged a shoot with him this week.

My hair is dropping real fast. Don't recommend me Beijing 101.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


That 'Alert' probably attracts more attention than I do

Went to Clementi Market to buy Nasi Lemak for my lunch and off to work. Boss was the first to reach workplace followed by me.

Not much work to do, as usual. Was looking for modelling assignments in the afternoon, hoping to fill up my coming weekends. Had a cup of Carvio ice-cream at 4:30pm, nt as delicious as I expected. When I was on the train back home, a fat woman (shorter than me by a head and probably weigh 80kg) stepped on my toe partially. I have purposely stepped further away from her and she managed to step on my toe. My toe nail is now more heavily wrecked by her. Lucky my toe nail did not drop off or got fractured. The area she occupied on the train can allow 2 person to stand. I know I'm mean which is why I won't allow myself to expand like her. Anyway, I just lost 1kg.

CSX helped me to cut back my bangs after much persuasion. Recieved 'The Body Shop' membership card but guess what? The name was 'Tiffany Tan', my IC number was wrong yet the address was right . When did I have my name changed? Obviously this is a human error. I am really fed up and will call them tomorrow morning to send me the right card before that temp card expires in Oct. Made me wait for so long and got it wrong.

Will be celebrating my manager's b'day in advance. Meeting Alvin for lunch and a photographer for dinner tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Presentation is finally over

See how happy I am with the egg tart

With the gals

Credits to Phoa for his photography and Phoenix for grabbing the photos from her blog
In SF's room, WX was the photographer

The recent past forgotten photos are uploaded.

Went to Clementi Market to get Vegetarian Bee Hoon for my lunch, $2, and a salted 'hum ji ben', $.80, to add on for my breakfast. Lucky I was still feeling ok after breakfast.
Went through for presentation before lunch and not much changes to it. Lunch at noon and the lounge was so cold. Then came the rain. Presented 'Tumor Necrosis Factor' at 2:30pm to my colleagues. Took less than 20mins, 16 slides. Felt so relieved after the presentation. Bought red bean soup from Kopitiam and enjoyed deserts in the lounge with 4 colleagues. So warm to have something hot in your mouth.

Went to see a chinese physician after work, $28, for my gastric problem. So many medicial problems I have. She told me probably I have high stress level. Calm down, calm down.