Friday, July 31, 2009

Entertaining Friday

Time flew in the morning. After meeting with boss, I went to the nursing station 2. Chatted with some of my female colleagues about further studies. Should I really consider taking a degree? I know I will study hard if I were to do it. I ask myself, do I really want to be a lab technician? Had Seafood Hor Fun for lunch and played pool with my colleagues in the lounge. First round, I challenged my experienced female colleague and I lost. Second round, I teamed up with her against two male colleagues of which one was the nerd. We won the game 'cause the nerd sent the black ball followed by the white ball into the hole. It was not a glorious victory. Had the usual 2-hour meeting and surprisingly I did not doze off. Played the search word puzzle and we formed 2 teams of 3 female members each. My team won 4 rounds out of 5, they also think I am of great help. I sure can focus and scan for what I want quickly. This applies to searching for one particular person in a crowd (guessed because I am trained). Too bad I had myopia and astigmatism or I could probably shoot well. We also played bingo just 5 of us. We played 6 rounds but I think I only won one round. I'm pathetic.

Went to watch 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' alone at Lido. Can't blame KZ for not able to join me as something cropped up. Finished the regular salted popcorn combo and I think the popcorn was not enough. I had to purposely slow down my eating speed just to make sure the whole tub can last for 2.5hours. Drank too much Pepsi and I had to torture my full bladder for more than an hour so that I won't miss a second of the movie. Anyway, the movie could have been more exciting and the ending could have been better. Took a bus home and I didn't doze off this time. Thanks to Power 98.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Misery, Misery, Misery

Watched 'The Price Is Right' at 1pm during lunch with my colleagues. I only typed 1 e-mail and made 1 phone call at office for the whole of today. See how free I am? The other e-mails I sent using my personal e-mail are about modelling assignments. I need entertainment other than music during working hours. Had a sudden meeting at 5pm because an accident happened in the unit. All is well now.

Went to IMM because of that idiot again. I sound so unwilling because I am lazy to travel after a day staring at the desktop playing facebook. The only thing he did which made me feel better is that he offered me tissue. I am still impressed until today that he, being such a man, brings tissue around. However, I still hate it when I need to go home alone. When is that idiot going to understand my misery? Bought a stick of breaded prawns and a Curry O' from Old Chang Kee to relieve my growling stomach.

Had home-cooked spagghetti for dinner. I still find the sauce not thick enough. Watched 2 episodes of 'Wasabi Mon Amour', have stopped for about a week. On the outlook to fill my August with photoshoots again.

Will be watching Harry Potter tomorrow with KZ at Lido after work. Will be another night of gossip.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pool Entertainment at Lunch

Was on facebook and msn chatting yesterday night until about 1am. I am so talkative right? My mouth can't stop talking and my fingers can't stop typing.

Have been bundling up my hair to work so I don't have to bother about the fringe and how the curls are. I feel so much windy at my neck. The pool table has finally arrived and it is now in our lounge. I played a game of pool with a colleague after lunch and I lost. I can't compare my skill to someone who has been playing pool for a longer time than I am. Lunch was so filling. One of my colleagues cooked Mee Siam and shared with us. It's not spicy and taste good, she really does catering. Even one of them who doesn't eat beansprouts also eat the beansprouts in the Mee Siam. Yummy :) Lucky I managed to finish my mixed vegetable rice.

Took a train and walked to IMM. All thanks to that idiot. I thought it was weird to stand at the open spaced car park looking down at the people crossing the road. What would I think of that couple standing at the car park if I were one of the pedestrians? Bought a slice of white chocolate macademia from Secret Recipe and went home.Just watched trailer of 'New Moon', no matter how many times I see it, I could feel the heartache when Edward bid Bella goodbye.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Furterer Again

LL's Effort

I Love Chawamushi

The first photo was created by LL and was on the birthday card LL and KZ made. Isn't it nice? The second photo was also taken by LL at Sakura.

Slept at midnight yesterday as I was chatting on facebook again. Missed a night of chatting on Sunday as I was out late.

Nothing much for me to busy with at work today. Had nasi lemak for lunch and one of my colleagues did a presentation in the afternoon. Went to be 'postwoman' again and bought Furterer products for own usage, caused me $70+. Played 5 rounds of bingo with 2 colleagues then one by one went to the nursing station and there were 6 of us chatting until 5pm. Talked about lizards, komodo dragon and H1N1. We had a good laugh about 2 colleagues' experiences.

Knocked off sharply and home sweet home.

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Recall of My Sunday and Today

This post is mostly about what happened yesterday. I thought yesterday was not going to be any happening but there were so many unexpectancies (maybe more of surprises?)

Woke up at 10:45am and headed down to Bugis. Met an online friend and we stayed there for about an hour and had Starbucks. I am impressed by the flower together with a leaf made from a serviette. I can't believe I actually had to check the entire Internet to find the spelling of 'serviette'. It has been quite sometime since I meet my online friends, not that I'm not sociable although I look cool. Took a bus home and I slept on the bus as expected.

Back home at about 3pm and I slept till about 6pm. Ate the food my mother brought back and I went to take a shower. Much more awake and I went online. It was a last minute thing that I went out at 9pm to meet a 'photographer'. Supposedly to be drinking coffee and ended up at GV Grand watching 'Public Enemies'. Even the movie has got an unexpected ending. Drove up to Mount Faber and the purpose was supposedly to be enjoying the night view but we didn't even get out of the car. Got home at almost 3am and I am so damn tired.

As usual I woke up at 7am for work. Only saw someone's sms when I woke up and it was too late to reply. Nothing much at work today. We got the photos from the photoshoot in the office that time and we were looking at them before the meeting. Had delifrance for lunch due to the rainy weather and I was lazy to use the umbrella. Made a new com card using the latest photos in the afternoon. Went to collect mail and it was raining heavily on my way back to the office.

Took a train to Orchard and surprisingly saw my ex-colleague who's working at Takasago. Had a small chat on the train before I alighted at Raffles Place. Good to know that things didn't change much (at least not worse) at Takasago. I kind of miss the laughter and the gossip I used to have with my ex-colleagues. Went to Shaw Lido to catch 'Ice Age 3' in 3D with an online friend and popcorn was my dinner. Reached home at 9pm and I'm back here.

Robert Pattinson is my favourite hero (at least for now). Don't you find him charming?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Belated Birthday Celebration

Taken at Aviary Karaoke

Taken on Bus 99

Woke up at 7am, had breakfast, put on make-up and left the house for photoshoot. Met the 2 photographers but only one of them would be doing the photoshoot. We took a bus and walked a short distance to the location. Walked down the slope to the big drain and there we were at the location. I got changed in one of the shelters and spider webs were everywhere. Of course the spiders was bigger than the usual ones we can spot at home. After we were done with the second outfit, I slipped and fell into a shallow pool of water with algae. All because I was acting smart, thinking that it's just normal water. Guess what? The shallow pool of water was decieving, it was slippery which explained why I fell on my butt. My right side was wet and I was carrying that disgusting 'perfume'. I felt so much better after I changed to another outfit which was a dress. But good things don't last long. After a number of shots, I know I was going to faint so I requested to take a break so that I could get some water. I didn't get better that fast so I had to lie down a while. We had to end the photoshoot early as I can't really continue. I am really sorry for that. I changed back to sports shoes and we walked to the nearest bus stop. I couldn't see things probably but managed to walked to the bus stop slowly. The two photographers were very kind to help me to flag a cab home.

Back home to shower, wash the clothes and have lunch. Went online while waiting for time to pass. Prepared at 4pm and met LL and KZ at JE. We went to have buffet dinner at Sakura Omni Theatre. Since LL's appetite is big, it was more worthwhile to treat her buffet. The queue at the cashier was long. Once I sat down, both of them passed me a DIY birthday card with a combination of a few photos and a small bottle of Moshcino Glamour perfume. I love the photo :) Wait till I got the soft copy from LL and I will upload it. They claimed that the economy was bad so they had to cut down on their expenses. I wondered at first. By the way, they shared the presents with Jafar and Nicholas. It was until we went to Chevrons for karaoke when they gave me the 100ml Moschino Glamour. I know they bought it from SaSa. We ordered a jug of Shirley Temple and played a few rounds of pool. Left for home at 11:45pm.

I always believe I won't get what I want. This taught me not to pin high hopes in case I got really disappointed.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Free Show, Anyone?

Today is a simple day. Had a meeting with Boss in the morning. As usual, I was listening to music and working at the same time. Had KFC for lunch. Too fattening a meal. The afternoon meeting was cancelled so I spent time on facebook again.

Went home after work and met KZ for pool. Kind of a weekly activity for both of us. Saw Winnie's brother and his friends. Waited for almost an hour for our turn. Nelson and his friend happened to be beside us. Coincidence. We have one more khaki in the future. We had free show to watch throughout pool. A gal together with her boyfriend and 3 other guys were near our table of which the gal was wearing a short dress which just nice, covered her butt. As we all know, when she bend down, we can expect to see her butt cheek and yes we did see. Navy blue underwear somemore. We miscounted how many times she exposed herself. We did joke about her and it was quite an interesting topic. Who knows if she is on purpose to attract attention? We played for 2.5hours and took a bus home.

Photoshoot tomorrow morning, got to wake up at 7am just like weekdays. Sakura Buffet Dinner with LL and KZ tomorrow. Probably going Chevrons sing K after that. And yes, payday tomorrow :D

Thursday, July 23, 2009

You Don't Need Much Effort to Make Me Happy

Slept almost 8 hours yesterday night but I ended up more tired. Didn't sleep well. Managed to have a little time in the morning to copy a few songs into my thumbdrive and copied them into my office desktop. Now I get my own playlist.

The morning message on facebook from him made me happy although I don't know why. Somehow I am a little emotionally attached. We chatted for quite sometime after my lunch and it was an interesting conversation. Lucky I have facebook chat to keep me company and of course him.

Time past slowly in the afternoon. I was playing hexic and listening to music. Managed to download the Need For Speed skin for Windows Media Player but unable to use it. Had a meeting and I dozed off for a few seconds during the second half. Wonder if anyone noticed me?

After work went to collect my contact lens at Clementi Central then went home. Watched an epsiode of 'Wasabi Mon Amour' and I'm downloading music to my thumbdrive. Music is my best friend now.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Gigantic Thank You To Sistas

The Second Cake Cutting Ceremony

Got a surprise from my sistas, SF, HM, WF and YJ. They came knocking on my door at about 11:15pm yesterday with a birthday cake. See how haggard I look. I was online chatting in the living room (as usual) when they arrived. I thought it was my grandmother who's at the door and my brother was the one who told me it was my friends. I didn't suspect anything when SF sms-ed me asking if I was at Cineleisure for she claimed that she saw someone who looked like me. Surprisingly, they came up with this brillant plan. I was not suspicious about the sms at all. We ate the cake (of course we didn't finished it up) in the kitchen and chatted while we had supper. I then sent them to Clementi Central at 12:30am, home sweet home.

With the Blue SGH Sticker

Must be because of that few sentences of that someone that caused the dream I had last night. In the dream, I saw his photos on the internet (which is almost impossible) and he got his own blog kind of thing. The URL was just weird and I could still remember it ''. Obviously it does not exist. A photo of him was on the left side of the 'blog', just the opposite of my blog's welcome screen. The posts were in chinese and one of the posts mentioned that he met me. I was nicknamed '亲爱欣怡' or some name close to this which made me go 'HUH?' I am really dreaming. I don't know if the dream was a hint or plain coincident that he called me this morning at 7:05am. I woke up at 7am and left my phone in the room while I washed up. I was getting flashback of the dream while I was brushing my teeth. While I was walking to my room from the kitchen, my HP rang. After a second thought, I realised it was not my alarm but I have an incoming call. It was him. This totally woke me up and I can't help but to link everything. This isn't the first time that coincidences involving him had happened. And I kept on yawning in the MRT.

A group photo after our stomachs were satisfied

Taken by SF outside the toilet cubicle

Left workplace at 1pm and walked to OG since none have reached at 1:30pm. Bought lingerie again. Rushed to the bus stop when SF had reached. We then walked to Watsons as I had something to buy. HM met us there shortly. As I couldn't find what I want to get, we walked to the old People's Park Complex. I bought an Avocado Milkshake but didn't taste that good. The convenience shops sell much cheaper stuff than Guardian or other such shops. Highly recommended for shopping savers. Jac and WX joined us at one of the shops. We bought lots of stuff. I bought 2 boxes of red wine mask, 2 types of pantiliners and a new Garnier product 'Brightening Eye Roll-On'. Hopefully it improves my eye bag condition. After shopping, we walked to Yum Cha for dim sum buffet, 3pm-6pm. We started without WF and YJ, lots of dim sum on the table. Shrimp Dumplings, Fried Prawn Wanton, Chives Dumplings, Xiao Long Bao, Fruit Salad Popiah, Carrot Cake... Hungry ya? Probably because I ate a lot at the beginning, when WF and YJ came, I was more than half-full. So I ate nothing much when they have arrived. I had a sweet bowl of Red Bean Paste with Lotus Seed for desert, good for females as we lose a volume of blood monthly. I received my 7 Ang Baos from HM's hands. Only 3 had cash in them, the others have a piece of cloth-like material with HM's caligraphy. Took group and couple photos before leaving the restaurant.

Taken by SF again

After a discussion, we decided to take a bus to Cineleisure for pool. We had 2 tables for 2 hours. 7 of us split into 2 teams. HM and WX against me. Jac, SF, WF and YJ another table. I have no idea how the 4 of them paired up. On my side, we played 5 rounds (if I remembered it right) and I won 3. I know I can do better than that. Jac left at about 8pm and I left at about 8:30pm. The rest continued to stay in Cineleisure.

Took a cab home, costed me $11.20. Do all the necessary clean up and I am sitting in front of my laptop. On facebook, msn and blogging again. Good night :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

After 21 years on Earth

In the lounge

Reading the birthday messages

Finally, I have a full family photo

I want to thank all for who have sent me birthday greetings through sms and facebook. Thank my mother and father for the ang bao. Thank my colleagues for the surprise after the meeting, the birthday cake and the present. Sounded like an award ceremony speech.

This mrning didn't pass as fast as yesterday's. Had BK Big Fish Meal for lunch, filling. Rest for a while and attended a presentation by a colleague. I was having quite a difficult time keeping my eyes open at the beginning. It was after a laugh that I was fully conscious. Got a surprise from Boss. I thought the meeting was not over yet and he said that we are having a birthday celebration. I know I blushed quite a bit when the attention was on me. We proceeded to the lounge, received the birthday card (love the flowery design) and the ZARA voucher from my Boss's hands, sang the birthday song, blew the candles, made my wishes and cut the birthday cake. All of us except Boss ate the cake and muffins in the lounge. Stayed in the lounge till 4pm. One of my male colleagues took a video and my face expressions in the video are quite unglam. Anyway, I won't be uploading the video. Who says working on your birthday is a torture?

Reached home after work, had a shower and dinner. Didn't eat much for dinner. My uncle said my face is sharper probably because I lost weight. Watched an episode of 'Wasabi Mon Amour' and on facebook. Lots of birthday greetings on my wall did cheer me up. Better mood today.

Half-day leave tomorrow and having dim sum high tea with my sistas. Mood should even be better tomorrow. I hope to spread happiness to people around me.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Forgot to mention that CSX helped me to trim my fringe. Previously was my brother, now is my sister. Who's next?

Today's dressing was simple. Just a brown tank top and a black satin skirt, not in the mood to package myself. Ate 2 slices of Coffee Roll for breakfast. Went to work listening to FM radio, swtiched from 93.3 to 98.0 to 88.3. I guess music at least make me feel better. It's so difficult to sing inside my heart and can't sing aloud. When can I go karaoke?

Started doing the presentation for 25 August. I know it's very early but I just want to keep myself busy with work and music. Morning flew past and I had a later lunch than usual. All because I was waiting to hear from someone. Continued to do my presentation in the afternoon. It was only until 4pm when I walked to find my colleagues to chat. Hasn't smile or laugh much. Heard a few nice songs on the radio, almost had tears rolling down my cheeks. My mood hasn't been that good these days. Knocked off and back home. Had dinner and played the piano (after donkey years) for an hour. Standard dropped tremendously, a pity.

Just finished watching episode 7 of 'Wasabi Mon Amour'. I am waiting for someone to chat again.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Different Sunday

Slept at 3am yesterday and officially woke up at 1pm today. Why official? Because I got awoken several times by door knocks and loud voices in the morning. Only to blame myself for being a light sleeper. Had only a bowl of rice with curry vegetables and a banana, no appetite. My eyes were stuck to the laptop screen on facebook and watching 'Wasabi Mon Amour' (surprisingly the food didn't tempt me). My friends would know that I rarely stay home on a weekend. Don't worry, nothing is wrong. I am just tired after months of business and needed a day to let my mind rest.

Went to IMM Ajisen for dinner with my siblings at 5pm. It has been donkey years since I went out with them for a meal. I had Seafood Ramen, White Fish and hot Green Tea. Wanted to have Andersen's Ice-cream for desert but I was too full. I only paid a part of their dinner which is already hard-to-come-by. Walked around IMM and we were home in 2hours. Watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and online at the same time, multi-tasking.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Am Enlightened

Woke up at 8:45am, had breakfast, make-up and off for photoshoot. Took a bus down, the female photographer and the other model were there. I know the model for the first time and we were rather distant at the beginning. After a small chat while waiting for the lightings to be up, the photos turned up better. We looked through the photos after the photoshoot and some were really great. Will be having a workshop with the model and the photographer soon. The photographer sent me to Clementi MRT station and I went to collect my repaired spectacles. Back home and removed my make-up.

Watched a video with CSX. That 'auntie' was in it which was why I watched it. I must comment that she has no talent in dancing or maybe she just can't be bothered. I am dumb enough to get enlightened of her age after 2 years, thanks to Facebook. Now I fully understand why she was with 'uncle'.

Went pool with KZ at 5:45pm. We waited for less than 3mins and we got our turn. We played a few games and I won the most games. Ok, 1 or 2 games were tyco due to free ball from KZ. She's not too bad, won 2 games but 1 was tyco, thanks to me. We walked to WCP for dinner at Waffles Cottage. I had Fish Fillet Waffle Value Meal which consists of fries, salad (just 2 pieces of cucumber, lettuce and mayonnise), fish fillet waffle (I requested to have it without cheese) and a can of green tea. Saw Guan Hoe and Isabelle too. Knocked into WF at the bus stop and we chatted while waiting for the bus. Reached home at about 10:30pm and I am watching 'Wasabi Mon Amour'.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I Am Trained to Sleep On The Bus

I was busy with work today morning. I had a meeting with Boss then continued to work. Bought lunch with colleagues and enjoyed lunch in the lounge. Too bad we had a meeting and had to miss 'The Price Is Right'. We like to see the contestants jump. I was dozing off at the beginning of the meeting, can't blame me for all the carbohydrates.

Took a bus to Far East Plaza and I was sleeping throughout the journey again. Bought a Curry O', sort of a dinner. Bought a denim jacket for next Saturday's photoshoot. Thanks to my colleague's recommendation :) Walked to Tangs and bought a cup of soy bean form Jollibean. I still prefer Mr. Bean as the quality is a lot higher. Saw a lot of people standing in front of Ion Orchard taking photos, if only someone was there to take a photo for me. The lighting is indeed beautiful. Walked to Wisma but did not manage to find a pair of nice black heels so I took a bus home. I was sleeping on the bus again. Notice that I try to get as much sleep as possible? Reached home at 8:30pm.

Having a 2-hour photoshoot tomorrow morning. I am having instant noodles now, don't know to consider it as dinner or supper. Watching another HK drama 'Wasabi Mon Amour' about sushi and I crave for sushi buffet. Singapore should have handphone charging machines on the roadside just like Japan. No excuse for boyfriends not to reply sms or reject calls, doesn't this sound good to all the girlfriends out there? Learnt the recipe to cook red bean soup with orange from the drama. How I wish I was in the Strawberry Farm in the show, 1200 Yen and you get to pluck and eat fresh strawberries for 3 hours.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Work Life Is Bored Without Facebook

Slept at 2am yesterday as I was on facebook the whole night chatting. Not enough sleep. Saw my cousin at Clementi MRT platform but she didn't see me. Quite a coincidence, yesterday I was on msn with one of my paternal cousins and I saw another paternal cousin today.

Read CLEO magazine with a colleague in her room and reminded me to get a denim jacket for the photoshoot next Saturday. Went to buy lunch alone and saw a poly friend. So the look-alike person I once saw at SGH could be her. Went to help out in the registration for a workshop by Boss. Then I went back to office and enjoyed ice-cream with my colleagues in the lounge. Partly is due to the smell of the paint outside the unit that we had to evacuate to somewhere else. We stayed in the lounge for almost 2 hours chatting. Access to social networking websites like Facebook is blocked at workplace and will resume on Monday. Tomorrow is another day without Facebook and blogs.

Went home after work and my eyes are stuck to my laptop till now. Will be going Orchard tomorrow after work to shop again. I need a new pair of slip-on black heels so that I can throw away the damaged pair with the missing Swarovski crystals. 3 more episodes of 'Catch Me Now' and I finish the drama.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

La Vengence Sera Terrible

Coincidentally, I met my primary school friend at Outram MRT in the morning. It was a coincidence too when I saw him at the pool centre previously. Everytime I see him, reminds me of someone.

Facebook and the blogs were being blocked in the late morning. My colleagues and I were so bored and only chatting can help us to spend time. I am worried they will be blocked forever. Had a filling lunch today that I felt so bloated the whole afternoon. This is the result of being greedy. I like Ben & Jerry's New York Chocolate Fudge ice-cream. Lots of pecan and chocolate. Too sinful, too nutty. We had a photoshoot after lunch. Took group photos at the entrance, formal and informal. I am excited to see the photos. The nerd caused a big wooha again and annoyed the females. La Vengence Sera Terrible! This is the new italian phrase I learnt from Boss and is our slogan. I can't wait till the day he's gone from the unit.

Took a bus with a colleague and we had a little chat before I alighted at Central. I waited a while for the photographer and we went to Liang Court for dinner. His treat, thank you. I didn't eat a lot as I had ice-cream in the late afternoon. Need to thank him for giving me a hand to get assignments too. Went home after dinner and it was 8pm.

Took a quick shower and I went out again. Fell asleep on the rather empty bus, I am too tired. Alighted and took a stroll to that familiar place again. I waited for about an hour and almost dozed off again. Finally, I managed to resolve my difficulty in an unexpected way. I am dead beat after all the travelling. Stoning again in the cab.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Free Lunch Tomorrow

Lucky I don't have muscle cramp or backache today morning after the BCLS course yesterday. Went to work and there were voice messages and e-mails to reply again. Applied for half-day leave on 22nd July to have dim sum high-tea buffet with The Da Pai. Told you mahjong is my friend. Boss will be treating Pastamania for lunch tomorrow. And also Haagen-Daz and Ben & Jerry ice-cream. I ordered Turkey Bacon Aglio Spaghetti and Caesar Salad. Oh... My favourite salad. A colleague did a presentation after lunch and it was well done. I admit I dozed off once. Went to Cheers with 2 colleagues to get the ice-cream for tomorrow. I am going to gain weight tomorrow.

Will be going for a dinner with a photographer tomorrow. A day full of good food.

Monday, July 13, 2009

BCLS Course

Went for my BCLS course today. Let you learn a new thing today, BCLS stands for Basic Cardiac Life Support. I was late for 20mins and almost been marked absent. All because I missed the bus and it stopped at almost all the 18 stops before it got to my destination. Worried sick . I was the last to reach and the course had began. Sat down on the chair for less than 10mins and the hands-on started. I was in a group of 6 females and 2 instructors (a gay and a lady). There were 4 modules to be tested which involved adult and infant. Had about 2 hours of practice and went for a 15min lunch. Not that I was ill-treated but I had nothing to do after lunch so I went back to practise. The test started at 2pm. I began with practical test and I failed one of the modules. Lucky there were 3 attempts. I took the theory test first then went to re-take one of the modules. The One-man CPR is not as easy as I expected. Panting, counting and breathing. Finally I passed with the examinars closing one of their two eyes each. Received the certificate which is the size of a namecard and went home by bus. I slept on the bus realising my mouth was opened when I woke up, I know it's very unglam but no one knows who I am. Reached home at 4:30pm.

Addicted to 'Catch Me Now' and reminds me of the exciting times I used to have.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

At Sentosa With LL and KZ

You can guess how big the wind is
Group shot while waiting for our turn for Sky Ride

Met KZ at the bus stop, I was late but not the latest. Only to realise KZ forgot to inform LL that we are meeting at 8am instead of 9am. She called LL on the bus and woke her up. KZ and I had breakfast at Viivocity LJS while waiting for LL. I had a Titan's Jr which was my first breakfast in LJS and it was quite filling. LL reached at about 9:15am and we waited for her to have her breakfast.

Took the sky train to Beach Station, saw Kay Kay with a guy sitting outside Coffee Bean. We took the beach tram to Tanjong Beach and there were quite a number of dogs and caucasians around. We slept on the beach mat for an hour and the 2 of them said I snored. Can't blame me for after a week of work. A malay couple, who set up a tent near us, was our topic for the beach session. Lots of self-entertainment, I guess I don't have to elaborate and you know what we gossiped about. Left the beach for Luge and Sky Ride at 1pm. The Luge was not as exciting in the day, probably I didn't acelerate to the maximum. The queue for the Sky Ride was long and the idiotic woman (or maybe a girl?) kept pushing us to move forward. She attempted to cut me in the queue, Number 1 Kiasu Queen. She posed with her head in between her slippers when the camera was on her bf and her, ever ready for her act cute pose. She even had to draw a thick line of eyeliner to 'show off' her big pair of eyes in Sentosa. Ok, enough of some sickening stranger. We went into some souvenir shop for the air-con then took the tram back to Beach Station for our shower.

Went to find WF at her workplace in Habourfront then had lunch at KFC for our 2-piece chicken meal. I know it's very unhealthy but it's once in a while only. We walked around and finally had a drink at Starbucks. We sat down and read aloud a feature about a sensitive topic from the magazine 'Bella'. The 3 of us were very interested in the article so we managed to learn something today. LL left at about 8pm so KZ and I went for dinner at Pastamania with WF after her work. I had garlic bread, caesar salad and a coke (had less than half the quantity). I really like the caesar salad since the first time I had it. Not really a light dinner since I am still full now. We took a bus home at about 9:30pm. and the bus driver was driving like a crazy taxi. However, thanks to him, we reached home shortly.

I will be sleeping well tonight, I hope.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Save Me From Being Restless

Woke up at 6:45am, had red bean buns for breakfast, make-up and off to work. It was raining and I had to carry my handbag, my paper bag of clothes and heels and hold an umbrella. How unlucky. Was 5 mins late and almost everyone have reached, preparing for the dry run. We practised on our own while waiting for 9am to activate the exercise. Overall was fine and we had a debrief in the meeting room.

Left workplace at 10am, surprisingly an hour earlier than I expected. All my female colleagues and I went to Great World City for breakfast. The 8 of us sat in 2 cars as 2 of them drove to work today. 2 had Spinelli coffee while the rest of us had BK for breakfast. 6 of us squeezed into a car and our friendly female colleague dropped my manager and me at Dhoby Ghaut.

I took the train to Sengkang and bought The Body Shop products. I had my membership done after spending more than $50 after the discounts. Met the photographer at the pick-up bay, my first time in a Mini Cooper. Photoshoot at a car park, a different experience. I'll be waiting for the photos. Took a train to Habourfront and I was sleeping half the journey. Transfered to a bus and I slept all the way to the destined bus stop. I am dead beat so probably will be staying home for the rest of today. Watching 'Catch Me Now', a HK drama. Another serial which I will be hooked to for now.

Sentosa tomorrow with LL and KZ. Another sun tan session and a good sleep on the beach.

I don't TGIF

Someone is smarter now. Knowing that I have been sleeping well these days that I don't get woke up by my phone's message tone, someone will call when the message is not replied after 10mins. Obviously I got shocked back to reality from lala land by my loud caller ringtone. Catwoman was in action.

Had a meeting with Boss then helped my colleagues to label the cupboards at their new workstation. Now all of us are quite apart from each other and the unit is much quieter. I still prefer the laughter and get-together times we used to have. Mixed vegetable rice again for lunch and a slice of papaya. Had a meeting and I had my cup of hot water with me, not the nerd beside me. Had the corn muffins from Kenny Rogers which my helpful colleague help us to buy. I was eating my watermelon while having a briefing for work tomorrow. Heard a really bad incident caused by the nerd. My impression of him is not getting any better. How could someone like him ever exist on this planet?

I just came back from pool with KZ and Nicholas. My skills are not to standard today. Probably something was on my mind, got distracted. Had a cup of iced thick milo and a bowl of noodle soup. The pool centre was freezing cold tonight. Walked home and I was getting a little emo, no one was on the street and that few drops of tears couldn't be seen in the middle of the night.

Will be back in office tomorrow morning and I have no idea what time I will knock off. Followed by a photoshoot with a Mini Cooper after lunch. Maybe not as fun as the 4x4 photoshoot as this time is 1 to 1. I am still going to do my best. It's a pity that I can't participate in the event at Jurong Point tomorrow afternoon due to the work in the morning. I wanted to participate badly, really.

I am always walking behind you, trying to catch up so that I could one day walk beside you. All I could see was your back, all I yearn for was to be beside you. Will I ever see this day coming?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

'Terrific' Thursday

Got awoke and shocked by a phone call at 1am, of course my mood was bad. The conversation sounded like a quarrel and I am the winner. You can't control my legs.

Took some photos early in the morning so I can send to a photographer to see if the clothes are suitable for a photoshoot. Rushed to workplace and was 15 mins late. I was not the latest. Slack the entire morning and had a slice of papaya which I bought yesterday. Browsed through the BCLS booklet and I am ready for the assessment. Now I know how to do CPR, no worries my friends. I forgot to mention that I met my ex-colleague whom I know during my attachment. After she started working near my workplace for a few months, it was until yesterday lunchtime that I first saw her again. It has been 2 years. Had Minced Meat Noodles alone at canteen, poor thing right? I didn't want my colleagues to wait for me so I told them to have lunch in office. Back in office at noon and watched Channel 5 with them. Saw a programme with Martin Yan who is a chef and I used to see him on cookshow. Yan Can Cook! The giant pandas look so adorable, I want to pinch their cheeks. Had a meeting straight after lunch and I almost dozed off again. The black pen incident caused quite a big wooha in the meeting. Ok, I admit I blew it up. I don't wish to repeat myself once more so I emphasize too much that no blue pens in the workplace are to be used. I am biased, I know. I have decided not to sit next to the nerd anymore to prevent myself from blowing up in front of everyone.

Photoshoot was cancelled so I took a cab to Parkway Parade after work. The ERP charges cost me a bomb. Reached at 6:30pm and walked around. A new place does interest me. Spent so much time looking for one particular car in such a big car park made me feel iritated and tired. There are so many similar landmarks in a car park, how am I supposed to know which is the exact one? Looks like I am not the only dummy. Went for dinner at MOS Burger and I only ate half the portion. I don't feel that hungry after hours of starvation. Took a cab home and had to trouble my mum to bring down small notes for me to pay the cab fare. Too bad I only had one big note and the taxi uncle just started his shift.

It's another Friday tomorrow and I am going pool with KZ tomorrow evening.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Satisfied Dinner

Took this with my office chair

Work was even slacker today. I was all the while facebook-ing, how I wish I have work to do. Had mixed vegetable rice for lunch again. I know I am a standard person, my colleagues get tired of the food they see me eating. Just when the nerd entered the lounge, all of us started packing and ready to get back to work. We are bad people only when we need to deal with pests.

Boss did a presentation to the team which overrun to almost 2 hours. I dozed off now and then and was fully awake after the accuracy and precision topic. Not to forget something 'interesting'. The nerd's back was quite full of 'snowflakes' when he entered the meeting room. As I was late, I had no choice but to sit on the chair he used to sit 'cause he sat on MY CHAIR! I am never going to sit that chair AGAIN! The 'snowflakes' are so visible as he was wearing a black and white checkered shirt. My colleagues saw the winter scene too. I have never seen a doctor who's this hygienic. He still scratched his head from time to time and leaned back on the chair. Imagine the 'snowflakes' are stucked to the chair, would you dare to sit on the chair? All I could do is to stay far away from him and the things he had physical contact with. Now it's all about food. Had Delifrance's almond crossiant which is one of my favourite choices for high tea and accompanyed my colleagues to buy waffles. Talked about kids while they were enjoying, at the same time keeping a lookout for the flies in the office. Knocked off sharply and headed home.

Prepared and took the shuttle bus to WCP for dinner. SF, HM and WF have reached before me. YJ came later but she already had her dinner so the rest of us placed our orders. I had my craving, Penne Carbonara with Roasted Chicken. It got more creamy as I eat and couldn't finish the entire chicken. I still feel so full now.

Need to sleep before 11pm today or my tiredness will accumulate. Another photoshoot tomorrow after work.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Papaya Soya Bean

Bought papaya soya bean before going to work. I am a slacker at work this morning. I had a long time figuring out the time one difference. EST, EDT and GMT are my enemies. Work only start to gush in after lunch. E-mails and e-mails.

Rushed home after work and quickly sent out the photos. Panting... Had a few spoons of porridge and went off to take a cab to Tradehub21 for my modelling in a workshop. Money Money :D Changed a few outfits and self-took a photo above in the restroom. Took bus 188 home and finally I am free to sit down to blog. Btw, I have updated my portfolio in photobucket again. The first photo in this post is my favourite. Long legs and cool look. Yes! I am selected for the Sovil Titus Photoshoot. Anyone interested in the photoshoot can let me know.

Finally i have time to rest tomorrow after work. I have yet to have dinner today. Someone please pity me

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday, Farhana

Work was busy today. 2 IT guys helped me to resolve the printing problem and finally it's done. They had to run in and out from my desktop to the printer. I don't remember how many times I walked in and out today. Celebrated a colleague's belated birthday. We had donuts and curry puffs. It was a heavy lunch especially when I still have my soya bean. We had fun taking photos without our boss who was in a meeting. Chose 2 donuts and a curry puff for boss. I had a coffee donut and my mixed vegetable rice for lunch. Left the icing sugar donut and curry puff for my high-tea. Went to Cheers with my manager to buy packet drinks for visitors to our unit. Left for home on the dot.

After shower and dinner, I met one of the models at the 4WD photoshoot to pass her the photo cd. Back home, saving and uploading photos. My photo album is expanding crazily.

The photos taken at the Formula Drift have been uploaded on facebook. I tagged myself in most of the photos in the models' albums. I guess majority of the photos taken by the public photographers will be somewhere out there.

Workshop tomorrow after work. It's another long day tomorrow. Off to sleep zzzZZZZ

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Formula Drift

Went to model for the Formula Drift event at Changi Exhibition Centre today. Woke up at 7am to prepare and reached Tampiness at 9:30am. Took the hired bus to the venue which was a long journey. This is the first time I met Fiona.

At last, we reached and the Ford GT,Nissan GTR, Fairlady and other cars were near the entrance. We put our stuff in the Function Room and went to get changed into the pink race queen costume. It was loose but it's sure a nice piece. Had to tie up our hair as the sun was blazing and I got sun tan again. Took group photo with Jade Seah too. Really have to envy her complexion. We distributed Fiona's namecards to possible clients but most of the time we were actually being photographed. We took plenty of photos by photographers, hobbists, audience and among ourselves. My smile became more and more fake that I only act cool in most of the later photos. Modelling is not so easy especially under the hot sun. I had to add glue to my fake eyelashes twice for the whole day, troublesome. We had economic bee hoon with chicken wing and sunny side up for lunch. I didn't really eat the chicken wing, don't wish to make my fingers oily. All of them removed their boots for their legs to rest before eating. The event ended at about 5:30pm and we left at about 6pm after all the changing and packing. 5 of the models (including me) took Xavier's car and thank him for sending us back safely. It's quite an exciting journey back home.

Peeps, wait for the photos. Are you as excited as I am? Don't forget to catch me on Formula Drift on ESPN Sports. Look out for the parts before the commercials. I know I am not some superstar so it becomes quite a big thing when you get to hear my voice and see me on TV programme. I will check the telecast and let you know.

Back home and I was being chanted by my mother. My best way to tackle her is to mute myself. I know I am rude to treat my mother this way but it won't help if we were to quarrel. Anyway, do check out my updated portfolio at Good night and get ready for another 'great' Monday.


Woke up at noon and went to Central to get my photo cd for the 4WD photoshoot. Helped some of the models to collect too. Then I went to Far East Plaza for my manicure and pedicure. KZ was already in one of the nail palours so I went to find another. Had my nails done and KZ had her express manicure done at the same palour after mine. We then went to Tangs and I happily bought a Sembonia handbag. Bags are never enough, just like money. Took the underpass to Wheelock and I am so tempted to buy the Salinas swimwear. The price is too steep for me so I got to work harder to save up. Had dinner at NYDC and I was too full that I felt a little nauseous. Took a bus back to Clementi and met Jarfar at Decoders. We started playing with Monopoly and Jafar won, surprisingly. Nicholas reached later and we had the game 'Hey, that's my fish'. Some penguins and fishes. No forfeit for Jafar although he lost. Not a very interesting game so we changed to another after a round. This was a game of strategy and allied. Internal conflicts and heartless creatures. Congratulations to the winner, Nicholas. I had to leave after that, sorry that I can't stay.

Will be going to the Formula Drift tomorrow. Hopefully the people are easy to work with. Good night, peeps.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Interesting Friday

Something interesting happened at work today. The nerd went to his big business in the usual toilet (in one of the rooms in the ward) which we females use. Here comes the subject, he left the toilet with the stains on the rim of the toilet (I don't know how it ended there) and the inner back of the toilet bowl. My female colleagues and I totally can't figure it up. Diarrhoea? A normal human being can't finish and clear his business after living for almost 30 years. It's a shame. We actually checked the CCTV to confirm the culprit. Hopefully he only uses the assigned toilet from his next working day.

Had corn muffins from Kenny Rogers which my new colleague packed for us. Maybe because it's cold so the taste isn't that fantastic. We then had the usual 2-hour meeting. The nerd did something again. He removed his shoes with his socks on and placed them on the floor about 5 minutes after the meeting began. He touched his legs to the socks and to his face. Can you imagine how dirty he is? This explains his poor complexion. I feel kind of sorry for his parents.

Met KZ at taka after work. We had dinner at B2,.I didn't managed to finish the Wild Salmon Pasta with Thai Basil Sauce and the Minestrone Soup. The pasta is quite big a portion, I would say the taste is better than Pastamania. Shop arouind looking for a nice handbag but to no avail. Perhaps I will continue the search tomorrow. Saw Chen Han Wei at taka too. His dressing doesn't interest me. I bought lots of things at Tangs and bought white tubes at Far East Plaza. I know I spent a lot today. Had coffee at Starbucks till 11:30pm.

Might be going to Orchard again after collection of cd at The Central tomorrow.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Had a busy afternoon with work. The nerd is becoming a pest.

Just received news that I am not selected to model for the Formula Drift. Although I can still go as race queen, I don't get the nice costume, no pay and I will feel like an extra. Or maybe the selected ones will look down on me. I rather save my face. Disappointed. Now I am quite free this weekend.

I have finished the book 'New Moon'. 2 more episodes and I finish 'The Silver Chambers of Sorrows'.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Now or Never

Earliest to reach workplace today. The office was quite dark probably due to the dark clouds, not forgetting how cold the weather is. A new female colleague joined us today. Went to buy waffles for my colleagues too. Guess what? The nerd was air-ing his feet in the room, with his pants folded up to 3/4 of his leg. It was definitely an unpleasant scene. Went to NDC for synergy with 3 colleagues. Lucky of my new colleague, first day at work and she got free buffet lunch. The catering was not bad. Bee Hoon, pineapple rice, curry, sze chuan fish fillet, tempura, sotong you tiao, yam ring, mixed vegetables, cocktail and peach juice. Sounds delicious right? The peach juice tasted like the Lion brand strawberry toothpaste. I almost fell asleep during the synergy, can't blame me with a full stomach. Went to Cheers to get cup noodles and I ate it at 5pm in the meeting room secretly. Ok, I don't really like the Chicken Abalone flavour anymore. Standard dropped.

Went for my waxing appointment at Holland Village Strip 8:20pm. The therapist praised that my permed hair looks great. I know how to manage my hair alright? The curls are still visible after 8 months.

Maybe it's a coincidence, I can't help but to link them together. Firstly, I saw that similar car on the way home. Secondly, when I left home for Holland Village, I saw my neighbour (who looks like that someone) and I know he did look at me. I only knocked into this neighbour fortnightly although he just lives a storey below and opposite. Thirdly, when I entered SaSa, the song 'Don't Matter' by Akon just started playing. The first thought I had was 'WTH, can't you just stop reminding me of that PRINCESS?' Lastly, I saw a black lamborghini when I reached the bus stop in less than 5 minutes. This is another link which I can't explain if you were to ask me why there's a link. So, I told myself if I spot that similar car again, I will sms him. Fortunately or unfortunately, I didn't see it. It's now or never.

Do check out this link for update of the photos from the 4WD photoshoot, I am very happy with the photos, really :)

Finishing 'New Moon', read up to the 544th page.