Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, HM!

Return to work today, a bit reluctant. Reached workplace 5 mins earlier than usual. Had 13 voice messages but more than half was due to some idiot who tried to fax something to my line. That same old number for few months and still not giving up. I am getting annoyed. Went to houseman canteen for lunch, yes alone. Then I went back to the office lounge to watch Channel 8 until 1pm. It was showing some taiwan show.

A presentation by a colleague after lunch and I went to collect mail, buy waffles for my colleagues. I can't bear with the hunger so I went to Kopitiam to eat Tao Suan. The you tiao is not fragrant at all, regret.

Took 124 to Orchard Wisma. I had a hard time finding where YOU are, ok? Still, I didn't manage to get what I really want. I demand it tomorrow. After quite a disappointment, I went to Taka to meet SF and HM. We went to Paragon Ding Tai Feng for dinner. Sort of a birthday celebration for HM. Had ice-cream for desert and walked to Heeren while savouring. SF and I then went to meet WF at the Cineleisure bus stop to board a bus back. WF shared about her date today which was pretty bad. I'm sleeping late again.

Monday, June 29, 2009

I Am On Leave

Went pool with Xiao Hua, KZ, WF and her sis at 10pm yesterday. Saw a primary sch friend there and chatted a little. After pool, Xiao Hua drove us to WCP 7-Eleven so KZ can have her cup noodle. She stood by the escalator for her supper, what an experience. Xiao Hua, always a gentleman, sent us back home. I immediately knocked out on bed.

Went to O & G for appointment today. Waited for 1.5hr to see the doctor. The doctor is quite good, explained the details clearly. Had a pap smear done, will know the results in a week. Hopefully everything's normal. Had pills to take for 2 months, argh... Follow-up in August.

Went Vivocity for 'Transformers 2' with KZ. The queue was so long although it's a weekday afternoon. I had Subway for lunch and was not able to finish the sandwich again. KZ had her caramel frappucino before catching the movie at 3:50pm. A 2.5hr great movie. If you love excitement, you will like it. Went to Starbucks for my green tea blended cream and we chatted again. Saw Nazrul and Cheryl, coincidence. Took 188 home and just had my shower. Back to office tomorrow.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, WF!

First Night At Chalet

Spot Me!

Lady Luck hasn't been on my side. I couldn't believe my luck is so low these few weeks. I boarded the train at about 7:15pm, thinking that I could reach Pasir Ris MRT by 8:15pm to take the shuttle bus to the chalet. The train hauled at Raffles for 15mins due to track faulty and the worse has yet to come. The train got so packed like sardine and I was standing in the middle of the cabin with my huge bag . Finally, it moved but stopped at City Hall again! My stomach was already growling and I only got a seat at tanah merah. I spent more than an hour on the train, very bad. I walked from Pasir Ris MRT to the chalet using my self-drawn map. Glad that I proved myself independent.

I went to the 4x4 chalet first, only to find that Jasmine hadn't reached. I had dinner and a little alcohol there. Chatted with a few of them and probably will collaborate with them again. The idea does sound exciting to me. I went over to WF's chalet before midnight and the decoration was completed by those we reached early. I sure agree with WF that it's important to keep to the time table. We sang a birthday song for WF and took lots of photos at our favourite staircase in the chalet. We took so long to finish a game of UNO that our minds were drifting away once we finished our deck. We went to sleep at about 3am and I really didn't sleep well despite the first unconscious 4 hours.

Second Day At Chalet

Woke up at about 10am and it was raining. Washed up, had ham sandwich and cornflakes for breakfast. Alicia left the chalet for a concert while we watched Channel 8 until 2:30pm. We took a shuttle bus to Downtown East for lunch and did some shopping. I had the herbal chicken rice set and lots of ice-cream. It was not bad and no service charge incurred. LL, KZ and I bought a dress each from Sheer Romance while the rest went NTUC to get some groceries. We walked back to the chalet and started to get everything ready. SF, HM and WX went cycling and the rest of us were watching Channel 8 again. I almost fell asleep on a stool. Finally the catering was here. One by one had their shower and I was the last. By then, a few guests like Nelson, Ranga and Adilla have arrived. LL did WF's makeup and KZ did WF's hair. I was just volunteering to be an auto fan for WF. It seems as if WF is getting married. Who's the groom? Surprisingly, the cake arrived without me collecting it. Save the trouble.

I sat outside the chalet with the rest of the group having dinner. LL was the photographer, snapping lots of candid (and unglam) photos. I was always not ready for the camera and ended up with a lot of unglam shots. YJ had a classic goldfish shot with her mouth opened. We played UNO and Blackjack until about 10pm for the cake-cutting ceremony. Poppers were distributed and everyone was gathered. It took quite a bit of time and effort to get the guests moving into the chalet. Birthday song, cake-cutting and photo-taking. YJ and I helped to cut the cake while the rest helped in the distribution. I like the longan slices in the cake. All of us helped to clear the chalet of rubbish and it was good in less than half an hour. Efficient right? We then had our shower and I was the first to collapse on the bed. Slept for a good 4-hour and was awoken due to nausea. I vomitted into the toilet bowl at least thrice. Must be due to the honeydew sago, too much coconut. I tried my best to get back to sleep but I was tossing and turning.

Third Day At Chalet

YJ woke me up at 8am to wash up. I then woke WX after I am done. I didn't dare to eat much, worried that I will vomit again. Had a cup of hot water and little honey cornflakes. The rest had ham sandwiches prepared by YJ and cornflakes in milk. LL, KZ and I went to the swimming pool after breakfast, entertaining ourselves by making fun of the people. The sun was too blazing that we chose not to lie on the lazy chair to sun tan. We went back to the chalet at 10am for packing. Returned the stools and WX's boyfriend lopang us out of the chalet. It was an exciting journey back to Clementi. All of us girls except WX sat behind of the lorry. The wind was so strong that our hair were in a mess. We took photos on the lorry for memorial, I know you might be freaked out when you see 9 monsters. Alicia alighted first, followed by WX, WF, SF, Jaclyn, KZ and I. LL and HM alighted at Jurong East. Thanks to WX's boyfriend who's of great help for the chalets these 2 weeks.

Back home and there are so much clothes to wash. Now that I'm done with the unpacking and shower, I am going to lala land. Might reunite with the 5 Flowers. for pool later.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Worse Has Yet To Come

Fortunately, I still have a little time to blog or my next post will be damn long. I killed at least 2 retarded flies in the office today. They flew so much slower than the flies you encounter at the food centres. Lunch was too full and I have a tummy now.

Anyway, I am feeling so irritated and I mean very irritated. There are too much things on my mind which probably explains why my hormone levels are unpredictable. I am not turning into a guy, don't worry. I do hope no one else is going to agitate me or there will be a forest fire on the newspapers tomorrow.

Sometimes, I just want to throw my HP into the sea and let myself be uncontactable.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's Payday!

Nothing interesting happened at work today. Too bored that I started to imagine things in broad daylight. I am too embarrassed to describe what I imagined. Watched Debbie Travis's Painted House with my colleagues at lunchtime. Yesterday's episode is more impressive than today's. Went down to buy the Furterer products which cost me almost $70. They better prove to be effective or else... Just tried the shampoo and the serum so I can't judge yet. A bottle of the serum can be used on 3 heads according to today's experiment.

Will be having Chicken Briyani from Brinda's for lunch tomorrow. Heard that it is different from the other stalls. After work will be rushing AGAIN! From workplace to home for shower then off to Pasir Ris Costa Sands. I can't imagine how am I going to hop between 2 chalets (although both are in the same area). Too bad I can't bring the digi cam this weekend. Will be back with pictures on Sunday, maybe.

Edward has finally returned in the story. Yes, he's cold outside but warm deep inside.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm Tired

I'm back after a photoshoot at Safra Mount Faber. Took me so long to wait for a cab so I decided to take a bus then take a cab. I reached home at about 10:30pm and took a shower. Now, I'm feeling so much better.

I was the 2nd earliest to reach workplace today. I thought I would be the latest 'cause I reached at 8:45am. Lucky boss was later than I am. Meetings were cancelled so I had nothing much to do in the morning. Helped my colleague to pack lunch since she was busy. It was drizzling at lunchtime and we were watching channel 5. Boss had meetings after lunch and I was using facebook the entire afternoon. Chatted with Raymond and he really enjoyed calling me benchmark since the chalet. I think this is the most number of sentences I have talked (or rather typed) to him since sec. sch.

I forgot to mention that I am too tired every night that I no longer hear the message tone from my HP. Partly is due to my HP, weak vibration. So, I got awoken by a phone call in the middle of the night by someone who messaged me twice yesterday night. I was too sound asleep these few days.

I am really hoping my request for a movie will be fulfilled this time. Don't disappoint me again.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I wait and wait and wait

Our locum staff was here today to help again. Had lunch with them and a team presentation. I still have not gone to the shop to check out the Furterer products with my colleagues. Chatted with my colleagues for more than an hour at the reception after I went to collect mail. They were talking about their family members and surely there were jokes.

Went to Vivocity to meet CSX for dinner at BK. I bought 2 dresses at Sheer Romance which I have been eyeing for so long. Went to Guardian but unable to find the small bottles of shampoo. We went to Breadtalk and bought a $28 Chocolaten Heaven. I had to run to the ATM with my heels to withdraw cash as they don't accept NETS. Can't they just upgrade themselves? Took bus 963 home and had my shower. Just packed my bag for tomorrow's photoshoot after work. Now I'm waiting for father to come home and surprise him with the belated Father's Day cake.

Transformers will be in cinemas tomorrow, will you please spare some time for a movie?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cloudy Monday

Slept for about 12 hours yesterday night but not enough to compensate the past 2 nights. Good news in the morning by my grandmother. She's always so excited when it comes to 4D. I printed the labels and tagged the keys in the rooms with a colleague's help at work. Had lunch with my colleagues in the lounge, watching HBO 'Pay It Forward' while eating. Left workplace with my colleagues and back home for dinner. I have read up to 420+ pages of 'New Moon' and finishing 'The Silver Chamber of Sorrows'.

Am I only worth 10mins/week of your life?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Birthday Chalet At Goldkist Beach Resort

First Night At Chalet

I board the train with WF to Bedok at about 8:30pm. Went to Sheng Siong to buy 1.5L mineral water and 5 packets of Hokkien Prawn Mee. We had so much to carry and worse to come. Bus 196 just left the interchange and we waited for the next bus. The bus we boarded broke down before it reached its first bus stop. So we alighted and waited for the next bus, realising that bus 16 can also reach our destination. Finally, bus 16 was here. We carried all the food and the heavy bottle of mineral water onto the bus. Met SF, HM and WX at the destined bus stop and they cycled to the chalet. WF and I walked there and it was a long journey. Finally we reached the chalet, dropped our stuff and had dinner. I have to say that the F&N soda drink tastes horrible and we had to add salt to finish it. Don't ever try it. After dinner we took photos in the room, chit-chat and went to sleep at about 3:30am. I didn't sleep well.

Second Day At Chalet

I woke everyone up at 9:30am. Went to return the bicycles with SF and HM while WF and WX continued to sleep. We had lunch at Subway and takeaway for both of them. While both of them were eating, SF, HM and I went to take a nap. I slept merely 15mins and went down to help with the decoration. I risked my life to get the decorations done. I was a little shivering when I had to stand on the BBQ pit stand and the metal pieces which I stood on aren't broad enough for stability. WX's boyfriend drove WF, WX and I to Parkway Parade to get otah, hotdogs, taiwan sausage, picnic ham, bread, fruit juice and picnic mat from Giant. Thank goodness that WX's boyfriend was here to help or we girls would have more complains. The catering was here at 4:30pm and both hosts were too busy finding cash to pay the caterer. Not a good matter to share further. HM's polymates were the earliest to reach, followed by Guan Teck, Benjamin and Raymond. Then SF's polymates, primary school friends, JT classmates like Jennifer, Erena, Grace, Keith, Kelvin and co., Winnie, KZ, SF's family, Jaclyn and YJ. I was almost all the while standing outside the chalet in front of a tree and those guys were laughing at me standing there like a pontianak. I didn't know where I could be and I don't wish to stand near the BBQ pit. I am really scared of getting myself oily. I didn't eat a lot too, just felt really sticky. We sang the birthday song and took group photos. Soon the guests started to leave the party. I was sitting with Jac, YJ, WX and WF chatting (ok, I mean gossiping) at the benches. We talked really long until WF and HM went to play mahjong with Keith and Grace. One by one went to shower and I went to the room to play poker cards with WX, her boyfriend, Jac, WF and YJ. We did have spend some time entertaining ourselves in the air-con. SF, her polymate, HM and Grace were playing poker cards after Keith and co. left. At about 3am, YJ, WF, WX and her boyfriend went to sleep while Jac and I went out to the playground to chat. It has been so long since we talked like this. We all have been busy with work or studies that we rarely chat on the phone anymore. We chatted for amazingly 3 hours and went back to the room, found YJ awoke. So, 3 of us went to the benches again to chat for about half an hour before we walked to McCafe for breakfast.

Third Day At Chalet

We had chunky chicken sandwich and cappuccino. Look how tempting the breakfast we had. Yum Yum :) We walked back to the chalet with a fully satisfied stomach and took a nap. Still, we couldn't sleep long and continued to talk again outside the chalet. SF woke up and joined us too. We talked till 10am and went up to woke the rest up. Everyone packed their stuff and had ham and cheese sandwich specially prepared by YJ and Jac before checking out of the chalet. WX's boyfriend drove WX, HM and Grace for convenience while Jac, WF, YJ and I followed SF to check out at the reception. Jac and YJ shared a cab while SF, WF and I shared another.

I am, of course, tired and will go to sleep after I finished my sweet corn and an episode of 'The Silver Chamber of Sorrows'. Good night, readers :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

East Coast Here I Come

Work was simple today. Had lunch with my colleagues in the 'pantry', as usual I had mixed vegetable rice. Now we are starting to think that the nerd is a little crazy. Left a colleague and I in the late afternoon as the rest went for a course. Super bored.

The photoshoot was cancelled and I don't have to report to work tomorrow morning too. Hooray! I am still packing for the chalet which I am going later. Jac, SF, HM, WF, WX and I will be staying overnight. Looks like there will be lots of photos tonight and chit chat non-stop. I will upload the main photos when I'm back on Sunday. Chalet, here I come...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dust Makes Me Sneeze

At work, I helped to shift the beds and tables again to the rooms. The nerd is making the rest of the staff in the unit having weird thoughts about him. Childish? Mummy's boy? Psycho? Most importantly, unhygienic. The fire extinguisher is already so dusty and he still used his fingers to make a smile out of the dust. After all the moving of the equipment, he still don't bother to wash his hands. Can you imagine how much bacteria are on him? Ok, enough of the yucky stuff. My manager and I finished up the original pringles after the hard work.

Back home for a shower and I went market to have dinner. Yes, alone for dinner but it's fine with me. Went to look for facial wipes but didn't manage to buy. The 2 packs at Watsons are not in good condition so I must as well hunt it elsewhere. I just finished 2 episodes of 'The Silver Chamber of Sorrow'.

Photoshoot tomorrow after work at Sengkang. I can have the restroom all by myself as all my colleagues, except one of them, will be going SP for an event in the late afternoon. I probably won't blog tomorrow as I will be home late and need to go back to workplace on Saturday morning. Will be going to SF and HM's birthday chalet at East Coast on Saturday, if not for work I would join them tomorrow night.

Back to Yesterday

I forgot to blog again...

Had lunch with a freelance photographer at Keppel Bay TCC. The view there is great but it was too sunny. I had a Seafood Aglio Oglio with Scallops and Prawns. I did nothing much at work. Probably helping my manager to prepare the wards is the most that I have done. We shifted the beds and tables, remove the plastic which wrapped the tables and clean up the rooms. The dust made me sneezed several times. I also created my iistudio account which is similar to the MM account.

Knock off at 5:30pm and I met CSX for dinner at Ramen Ten. I had 7 plates of sushi. Salmon, unagi, avocado, crabstick.... It's not expensive since it's 99cent per white plate. Went home and it's HK drama time again.

I dreamt of you again.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Above is the group shot of the drivers, photographers and models for the photoshoot on Sunday.

A new locum staff will be helping us up every Tuesday. I must say she knows how to take good care of herself that she looks so much younger than her age, so envy. Had You Mian for lunch today. Has been so long since I had it. I have read up to 340+ pages plus for 'New Moon'. Such a boring day...

Have a casting interview tomorrow after work. Gonna be confident and prove my capability.

Monday, June 15, 2009


I was the second to reach the workplace and it was so quiet. I could have been one of the latest if most of them are not away for course. Really don't get used to the silence.

Surprisingly, someone came to pick me up at lunchtime. I thought I would be asked to take a cab, must have been good mood. Bought delifrance for lunch, the coffee isn't up to my expectation.

Here's the link to some of the photos taken on Sunday, http://s593.photobucket.com/albums/tt18/Kristen079/Photoshoot-Normal/4WD%20Photoshoot/. Enjoy :)

Such a Fulfilling Weekend

The above photo was taken at Nicholas's Birthday Party.

I didn't sleep well last night due to some disturbances or maybe because I was nervous about the outdoor shoot.

Woke up at 6:15am and had breakfast. Prepared and set off to Changi Village. Took me 1.5hour to reach. There were only 5 models when I reached. Together with 2 models, we boarded one of the land rovers to the punggol field. I lost count of the number of times my head knocked onto the interior of the car. The sun was blazing hot when we arrived at the shooting venue. A tent was set up as the changing room. Each of the models have three rounds of photoshoot with different photographers and cars. I have seen some of the photos and I look quite fierce. Overall, the shoot was great and I enjoyed myself tremendously despite all the sweat, heat and soil. The drivers dropped us at Punggol MRT and I took a cab home with one of the models. I am so dehydrated.

I reached home at 4:30pm, unpacked my stuff, shower and went to Chevrons KTV with LL, KZ and Nicholas. We had white wine and some finger food. Nicholas left for dinner while we continued to sing. We had dinner at Hans and it was probably the first time that I heard LL complaining that food tastes bad. We went to play pool at West Coast Recreation Centre and WF joined us at about 10pm. WF and KZ spotted a senior, Jeremy, from JTSS. He has that 'bee-attracting' outlook from the distance I saw him. Poor KZ lost to WF in scissors-paper-stone and had to do a dare. She approached Jeremy for his number and she succeeded. Good for her. We got a name, Five Flowers, for our group. Our Xiao Hua, Nicholas, sent us home but I can't sleep because I still have stuff to do. Don't blame me for being a workaholic and a shopaholic. My body is getting heaty and soon I will be shredding skin like a snake after the 5-6hours of sun tan.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Busy Day

Had a photoshoot at Bugis in the morning with the help of Keith and his agency. Lucky we were only late for 10mins.

Went home to drop my stuff then took the train to meet HM at Marina Square. I bought a white tank top at M)phosis and had green tea and red bean ice-cream while waiting for her. We bought the June babies' presents and I had my 'high tea' at KFC. The presents cause a big hole in my pocket. We met YJ after her work at Suntec and walked to the MRT station. I headed home while both of them continue to shop at Raffles City.

Just came back from pool with KZ at recreation centre. Haha, I won you, KZ. Thanks to the 2 teachers, Ah Bao and the small monkey. See, I got talent.

Anyone who's interested to get the actual NDP tickets, let me know and I will give you more details.

4WD photoshoot at Tanah Merah tomorrow. Got to wake up at 6:15am to prepare.

Friday, June 12, 2009

What A Friday

I had a meeting with boss today morning and was with my other female colleagues in the room looking at malay wedding photos after which. So envy the couples and some of their baju are so beautiful. I had nasi lemak which one of my colleagues helped us to pack. We heard a piece of good news from her and all of us are so excited for her. Had another meeting after lunch. Once again, there was a free show by the nerd. I got the best seat in the 'theatre' and guess what I caught? Strands of short hair on his shirt (after he combed his hair using his hands), he was playing with his ear lobes, touching the moustache area on his face again and again. Not forgetting that he shaked his foot from time to time which I think the purpose is to keep himself awake. It didn't help as I still see his half-closed eyes looking at the other colleagues. Can you imagine how worthwhile was my ticket to catch this i-don't-know-what-to-rate movie? I feel totally disgusted. We were having fun with one of our female colleague's chain after the meeting. It was amazing to see how a chain can actually predict the gender of the baby in the future mother-to-be. All of my female colleagues tried and mine was predicted a boy. But I am not pregnant ok?

Went to meet CSX after work at Vivocity Kim Gary Restaurant for dinner. I had my fillet baked rice again. I am too standard a person. We shopped but I didn't manage to buy the white dress I want. CSX bought a back lace spaghetti at Zara and I spotted someone whom I only met once 2 years ago. I thought of this someone last week when I went pool with my friends. I thought I wouldn't ever see this person again. Is this a hint?

Photoshoot tomorrow morning, thanks to Keith. Pool with my dare mates tomorrow night.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nothing Unusual

Now I remember to blog. Work was nothing much today just that the nerd is starting to get more and more inconsiderate about his hygience. Disgusted, his hair on the table, dig his ears and touch his chin. I don't know what the hell he is rubbing his face. Yucks la. Which girl can stand this kind of behaviour? My boss is on Tuesday's Wan Bao and I scanned a copy of it for the unit.

Went to the Auditorium in the afternoon to help out in the workshop. Assisted in the registration and gave out the folders. Simple job. I ate a sandwich and a vegetable pie, drank a cup of tea and read my 'New Moon' while waiting for the workshop to end. Those guys at the car park thought I didn't see them stealing the refreshments, still dare to ask me if they can have the drinks. I gave a attitude 'NO'. They tried to peep in to see if I disappeared from the reception, they can wait till their necks are as long as giraffe. Anyway, I managed to read to the 300+ page of the book. When is Edward going to reappear?

I went to Vivocity after work to meet a freelance photographer. I am still considering to take or not to take the assignment. Do I really look so different from the pictures?

My weekend is going to be burnt again. As long as my eyes are open my time is dedicated to work. My wonderful besties, please date me out for the movie 'Ghosts of Girlfriends Past'.

I Miss A Day

I was too tired yesterday that I forgot to blog. So here's what happened yesterday...

As usual, I was reading 'New Moon' on the way to work. I have managed to read 240+ pages, the story has came to a part where Edward's name is rarely visible. I don't sound as if I am in love with a fictional character, do I? Fine, I am not sure if I am in love with the story or the vampire. I went to the staff clinic, got an antibiotic cream to heal the infected newly-formed bump. My feeling tells me it is not going to get any better, instead i see a scar forming. Am I supposed to save money to laser it off? This is freaking me out. Out of boredom, I was doing word search and having snacks with my colleagues. It did help to kill time. Left for home after work.

My siblings weren't at home so there was peace. I have finished 'A Journey Called Life' and started watching a new hk tv serial. Will be going to Vivocity after work today to meet a photographer. I miss the baked rice in Kim Gary Restaurant.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My New Addiction

Borrowed CSX's 'New Moon' to bring to workplace to read, quite addictive. I have read 140 pages so far. Almost cried while I was reading it in the office. If only I was Bella.

Not much e-mails to handle today. Went to collect mail and help my colleagues to buy waffles. When I was back at office, had some show to see. A violent female patient from the other ward ran out to the lobby and a few nurses were with her. Even a policeman had to help to persuade her to return to the ward. The patient don't look very normal to me. Not long after, my colleagues and I could smell glue coming from the construction area. The smell got stronger and my manager suggested to boss that we knock off early. So happy, went off at 5:30pm. Took the train with 2 of my female colleagues. Such an empty train.

Back home for shower and dinner. I finished up all the kailan my mother cooked. Told ya, I am a vegetable lover. 2 more episodes and I will finish 'A Journey Called Life'.

Edward Cullen is my reminder of you.

Monday, June 8, 2009

So-not Happening Monday

Boss went out for meeting the entire morning and I was doing my own stuff (including facebook and blog reading) when my work is done. I ate the papaya which was kept in the fridge for 3 days. No longer sweet. Went out of SGH at lunch time and had my craving. But I still crave for it now. Had a meeting in the afternoon and nothing much for today.

Just finished watching an episode of 'A Journey Called Life', 8 more to go.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday at HomeTeamNS

Woke up at 11am and went online to upload photos. Only had a small bowl of rice for lunch and went HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok with my grandmother, aunt, cousins, siblings and CSX's bf. Had pool and karaoke until 6:30pm. Dinner at Guilin Restaurant. Fried rice, hor fun, shark's fin and fried scallops with asparagus. It's expensive dinner. Back home online to 11:30pm.

I am dead beat.

It's Party Time!

Had a photography workshop as a model yesterday morning and it was kind of fun at the end. Took photos with the freelance photographers and managed to get contacts. Got a few photos back, will upload them when I have more time. Went back home to prepare for Nicholas's Birthday Party.

Met Jafar and WF to go to NTU Alumni Club where the party is held. I had to pull my race queen dress from time to time so my butt cheeks won't get exposed. Quite an uneasy experience. KZ and LL joined us at the long stretch of staircase while we were climbing. While Jafar was changing into his taekwondo costume, we were practising the dance and taking photos. Oh ya, KZ dressed up as a devil, LL was a hippie, WF an air stewardress and I was the race queen. The party had started when we reached and Nicholas dressed up as a policeman. 10 minutes after we sat down, KZ, Jafar and I got called to the stage for a game. Edmund partnered with KZ and the guys were to act as drivers, gals as engineers. I had to mimic the sound of the engine while Jafar moved according to the engine sound. There were 4 teams, Jafar and I won the game. The prizes were 2 gold cushion covers. And I sat down not long ago, I got called to the stage again. Ya, again for the best-dressed conpetition. Had to do a catwalk. The winners were the little fairy and the power ranger. Wait till you see the photos... Finally it was our dance. The music started before we were ready but at least we managed to finish it. Finally, I had the chance to eat. Had prawn rolls, beancurd rolls, curry chicken, shishamo, fruit punch and red wine. After the programmes ended, KZ, LL, WF and I went for mahjong. We didn't play real money anyway. From time to time, Ashley or Nicholas would join in. Lady Luck hasn't been on my side. We headed home before we meet again at De Coders at 8:30pm.

I met WF at my void deck and we walked over. Nicholas, Jafar, LL, KZ, WF and I ordered food and drinks while waiting for Ashley, Samantha and Edmund. We played the similar 'Heart Attack', similar 'UNO Stacko' and the Guesstures. The funniest things were the spillage of Edmund's drink (you will only find it funny if you were there) and the Holy Vxxxxx (thanks to Jafar). I had to do a dare, went in the kitchen and ordered kopi-o like some coffeeshop auntie. Another unglam video. Ashley, Samantha and Edmund left earlier while we continued played Guesstures. KZ, WF and I lost so we had to perform a sexy dance. While walking to clementi central, the slippers KZ borrowed from Jafar were spoilt. The second time in a day. All of us except LL who went home went to NTUC so KZ can get a pair of slippers.

We then walked to the entertainment centre for pool. We played a few games and now then I realised it can be fun. When can I go for another game? We paired up, from KZ and WF, Nicholas and I (they named us CB-squared, because of our sharp tongues) to KZ and Nicholas, WF and I. Poor Jafar went home early due to his sleepiness. The rest of us left for home at 3:45am.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Relaxing Friday

Work may be busy today but after work was not bad.

Rushed off to Harbourfront after work and had my foot fish spa. $10 for 10mins, now I am fully satisfied without the dead skin . The toes now look a lot fairer. Regret forgetting to take photos of before and after. Had pastamania for a filling dinner and went to find WF . She found me before I could find her. We chatted a while and I went to Vivocity to shop while waiting for her to knock off. I had macademia ice-cream for dessert, always a craving. Suddenly, I heard my name being called out. It was Nicholas, together with his friend. Coincidence. Not forgetting that I bought lingerie again. My wardrobe is going to explode anytime. It's a form of investment isn't it? Someone please tell me how I can improve my upper body. Took a bus home with WF after she bought her dinner.

Another long day tomorrow, a workshop and a party. Photos to be uploaded...

What Time Can I Sleep?

I just reached home and I am sacrificing my sleep to blog.

Was replying e-mails and doing scheduling before lunch. Have been eating beansprouts these few days. Had a quick lunch and a meeting. I went to auditorium to help Jacqueline with the setting up of the workshop. Guide the attendees to register and distribute the handouts. I saw Melissa, one of my polymates, who is working there. She didn't really recognised me until the second time I saw her when Jacqueline called out her name. Didn't really had time to chat with her too. Had a chat with Jacqueline while waiting for the catering to arrive. There were sandwiches, char siew puff, coffee, tea and orange syrup. I had a char siew puff and 2 triangular egg mayo sandwiches. It's true that wasn't much choices. Went back to office after the tea session and was busy replying e-mails again.

End work and went home to shower, had dinner and went to meet KZ, LL, WF and Nicholas for the dance practice. At first, we were practising at the pavilion then went to Nicholas's house. Now we have 5 members for the dance and we sort of mastered the part. Went to have supper and I was too clumsy that I spilled my drink (just ice and maybe a little green tea) onto my part of my top and shorts. Lucky I don't feel sticky or I wouldn't join them to have fun at the playground or whatever you named it. We played, danced and chatted to about 1am, which explains why I am blogging now. Is a little counselling session for LL. Too bad no pictures taken.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another Busy Day

I'm back after another busy day. Internal bleeding of my fingermail this morning when I tried putting on the straps of my heels. Still hurts when pressure is added.

Went to the post office to get the roll boxes and stamps and had them sent. Thank goodness the rain stopped when I left for work. Had so many things to carry with my 2 hands. Reached workplace at 9:30am and was replying e-mails and filling up the claim form. Bought lunch and had it in the meeting room. Went to Connection One with my boss and manager for a meeting. My eyes were half-closed after some time so I went to the restroom to grab the chance to wake myself up. Can't blame me, I didn't have a chance to get involved so I dozed off. Once we shifted the meeting venue, I was awake. Went to Bukit Merah Bus Interchange after the meeting with my manager. I had to transfer bus after 2 stops and I alighted at the Clementi Stadium. Grabbed the chance to get some herbal pills, Tic Tac and a chocolate swiss roll on the way home.

Reached home at about 6:20pm and took a shower, had 3 slices of swiss roll and a few spoons of fried rice for dinner. I find the rice too hard and not much ingredients so I had to waste it. Just finished watching Desperate Housewives Season 5, why does the ending have to be another mystery? Can't there be better tactics to keep the audience glued to the serial?

Tomorrow's going to be another busy day. Going to help to set table for the training tomorrow and dance practice after work.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Give Me Time To Breathe

My modelmayhem account has been approved. Received 20+ mail, I am tired of typing the same thing. Busy replying the photographers and now I am dead beat. However mostly are TFCD, means no income. I need to find more paid shoots or else I will suffer a loss.

Had my presentation in the afternoon, lucky the invitees did not attend. Received a call from Watsons regarding YOU Awards but I'm waiting for them to call back tomorrow. Only heard 'headhunter company' during the conversation.

Will be going to the post office tomorrow before going to work to have the posters mailed. Tomorrow is going to be a long, long day for me.

When will life be better?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Enough Time

Work was busy today. I was improving my presentation for tomorrow and organizing boss's schedule for the rest of 2009 in the morning. Gosh, I didn't really practise my presentation. I still have 12.5 hours from now to prepare. Anyway it's just less than 15 slides and the topic is easily understandable, not much theory. It's all logical and makes sense just the slides alone. I have to say my powerpoint presentation is not bad ok?

Had a 1.5-hour lunch with my colleagues and lots of e-mails today. Went to buy milk tea and waffles for my colleagues in the afternoon as I need to collect mail. Lots of mail too. Finally I have my staff pass but the photo is cannot make it. Now then I know I have a stuck up face after my colleague tells me when she first saw me. But now, we can joke around and make fun of each other.

I met Keith today at Clementi and he reached after I almost finished my dinner. He's always that punctual. We discuss business and get everything done. When can I have a game of Mahjong?