Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My best features?

As usual, HK drama at work. Left with 5 more episodes. Way to go! Bought Kiki a diamond ring using 3500 coins, so lucky of her. I don't own one doesn't mean she can't.

KFC for lunch and 2 slices of coffee swiss roll for dinner.

Did my make-up during office hours and off for photoshoot. 1.5hrs and home at 8:30pm. Thanks to the photographer who sent me home. He commented that my best features are eyes, butt and legs. That's quite a number ya?

Just read that the Taylors have broken up after 3 months. What a pity. It's good news to the fans of the werewolf actor. I only realised recently that Rob Pat is 1.85m, he didn't look that tall to me though.

New Year's Eve tomorrow and I still have no plans for the night. Too costly to karaoke, too crowded in the club and pool is like too pathetic. What else there is to do?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jap Boys Amazed Me

Tickets to "Sherlock Holmes" were sold out and so we made a wasted trip to GWC yesterday night. Went for dessert at Tong Ki with G instead. Got to find another day to watch it.

Continued to watch my HK drama at workplace. I am like paid to watch drama serial, lucky me.
Was watching youtube with my colleagues and we found 2 videos of this Japanese boy playing an instrument called Ukulala which is a smaller version of guitar. He performed Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" and The Beatles "Olbali Oldla". He's such a cutie, a great performer he will be. He really made my day and my colleagues' too. Do watch the videos which I have linked :)

Another video is of a Japanese boy in his pampers singing "Hey Jude" by The Beatles. He even sings to the microphone from time to time. Video is linked from the song title in yellow.

Came across this website, which has the "New Moon" template. So I put in my photo, trying to fit it nicely but I still look like a ghost in the picture. Better than nothing I thought.

Back home for dinner. Fried lady's fingers and dumpling soup.

Photoshoot at Outram after work tomorrow.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Drama Monday

Started posting on another blog, to compete with the other star bloggers on BeautiesBox. This post is about hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing so do check the blog out. Hopefully you learn something from it.

Watched 4 episodes of "师奶兵团" at workplace. I think it's the follow-up of "女人唔易做" whereas my colleague thinks that it's similar to "煮妇的假期". Whatever it is, the HK drama is worth watching.

Had a fire drill exercise and the alarm couldn't stop ringing. It was definitely more than a few seconds which the PA system mentioned. It probably took us almost 10mins to get to the car park.

Collected my contact lens, surprisingly it only took them a day to get them done. There was even a tote bag and a pen as free gifts.

Off to watch "Sherlock Holmes" with G.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Spent my sunday afternoon with HK drama again. This time, I have a new partner "疑情别恋". A good beginning because I managed to watch 4 episodes in a day.

Did some light shopping at Clementi central with mum. Bought potato chips, macadamia, ice-cream and sanitary pads. Finished almost a pack of potato chips by myself and I do hope that I won't get ulcer or sore throat tomorrow. I deserve it, I know. Gave out on buying 6 kinder bueno after my mum decided to buy ice-cream. A good excuse to stop myself from snacking.

Share wih you 2 lame jokes:

答案: 小狗, 因为旺旺仙贝(汪汪先背)

答案: 因为他们打的人叫“麻将”


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Smart 5-year old girl

Happy Boxing Day!

Was watching "奸人坚" the entire afternoon. Should finish the HK drama by tomorrow.

Went out for dinner with CJZ. Had 99cent sushi at Ramen Ten and I had 9 plates. 2 plates of salmon nigiri, 2 plates of unagi nigiri, 1 plate of corn nigiri, 1 plate of tuna nigiri, 1 plate of ebi fry, 1 plate of egg mayo nigiri and 1 plate of crabmeat salad nigiri. Should have stopped at 8 plates. I am still craving for chawamushi.

Had a game of OutRun 2 at the arcade. If not for knocking CJZ's car butt, I could have been first. Will play MarioKart next time.

Sharing one of my manager's experience with a 5-year old girl in church. My manager sat behind this little girl and this little girl sat in between her parents. She took out a piece of paper, folded into half and stapled at the side. After it's done, she put in at her ear like she's on the phone. It was when she put it down then my manager realised it was a Blackberry she drew on the paper. All the buttons, numbers and alphabets were drawn. How smart is she right? She even asked mother what's her handphone number. After she put down her paper-made handphone, she moved to her dad's seat. At this time, her dad was kneeling on the ground. She pointed at her seat and said "Beep" like she's locking her car. How cute is that? After a while, her mum gave her a keychain and she pushed it at her dad's butt like she's igniting the car. Started making sounds like a speeding car, putting her hands close to her chest. Wouldn't you be proud to have such an adorable daughter?

My menstrual flow is like the heavy rain today. Thankful enough that the cramps were light.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas At Pool Centre


Met KZ for pool at 6pm. Don't know why she took 0.5hr to reach there. I was eating a bowl of noodles and watching ESPN while waiting for her. Through that TV programme, I realised that Jolin Tsai looked similar to Jamie Yeo. They do look alike at certain angles, I am not lying. Lazy to upload pictures so please find them online.

We only played 2 games until Nicholas arrived. Probably 15mins/game which is kind of slow.

Was laughing about Nicholas's primary school chinese teacher. Her chinese surname is 'bian' which can be 鞭, 边, 编 and more. Nicholas doesn't know which chinese character it is so we were guessing. The word that came to my mind is 鞭 and if you were to write the teacher's name on paper, it's 鞭老师. In case you don't know, 鞭=cane so 鞭老师=cane teacher. I know it's rude to joke about people's surname.

Was too thristy that I drank iced green tea after a cup of tea. Too much tea and I am wide awake. A big thank you to Nicholas for the game and the ride home. Not forgetting dear KZ for the free balls. Home sweet home at 9:30pm.

Just when I thought you are different, you are the same as the others.

Christmas Clubbing

Clubbing at Butter Factory was a blast with the new friends. Dance and drink can make you drop dead gorgeous.

KZ was late when I met her at Clementi again. 20mins this time. A group of malaysian uncles sat on the right side were talking loudly and one of them even came to sit beside me. Totally not interested to look at him.

Had potato salad at Starbucks to fill my empty stomach. Don't wish to get nauseous or drunk.

Started queuing at Butter Factory from 00:15am. Entered the club as a VIP instead at 00:50am when G and his friends arrived.

KZ and I took a tour at Bump then Fash before deciding to stay in Bump. I can't tolerate the music and the weird people I saw in Fash. Felt really uncomfortable. I would rather get home than to stay there for the rest of the night.

There were santarinas pole-dancing at Bump, not so impressive though. Pole-dancing with your handbag is a no-no, it's not an advertisement. Why are guys not allowed to pole-dance?

Paid $16 for a jager bomb, considered my most-likeable drink. Made friends with Allison and her gang. A pretty lawyer she is. They treated us tequila shots (I had two), vodka shots and vodka cherry. Got high and we danced in our world, forming a circle.

Took a break in a room after Allison & co. left. We sat there laughing like nobody's business, I was already tipsy. KZ took much effort and finally got Owen's namecard. Good for her. Some guy holding a bottle of Martell went into the room and probably was drunk, he kissed me on my lips and he got his tongue involved. KZ was there to stop of course. Everything happened too fast for me to react.

G found KZ and I in the room and he was about to leave by then. Visited the restroom, back to Bump for a while and took a cab. Picked up KZ's sis and back home. I almost dozed off in the cab.

Slept from 6am till 2pm. Woke up at 10am, diarrhea again. Lunch at home and pool later with KZ and Nicholas. That should be all for Christmas.

I would rather have no present this Christmas than to get disappointment as a gift.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Half day at work today was like no work at all. You must be thinking that I don't do much work even if it's any other weekday.

We were all assembling the christmas exchange gifts at 9:30am. Total of 8 presents and the present I bought was the smallest in packaging. Obviously it's the bright pink box numbered 8. Definitely not the smallest is the cheapest. Think of a diamond ring ok?

We picked the numbered papers in a box, of course it's our manager who kept the ball rolling. We only opened the papers after everyone has picked a paper. I got my manager's present which was a box of 4 bathing creams, each made from a different flower. Lavender, rose, iris and magnolia. Our mother-to-be got the present I bought which was a long necklace from Diva.

Lots of photo-taking inclusive of candid ones taken by one of dear male colleague. Will upload the pictures next week.

One of dear colleagues got her family to cook our christmas lunch. Seriously, where to find such colleagues right? Her sister had to take a cab to our office to bring so much food warmly to us. It's indian cuisine but not as spicy as I thought. I like the grilled chicken so much that I had a drumstick and thigh. There was also assam, deep-fried crackers (Had 2 of those), fried rice, vegetables, chilli chicken and a dessert made of custard and fruits. A balanced meal right?

We were discussing about a CNY steamboat while eating. Hopefully it will happen, really looking forward to it. We were only worried that the fire alarm will go off because of the smoke.

Bid everyone goodbye and merry christmas before taking a cab home. It's only now that I realised that we forgot to take a group photo, wasted.

Back home to change and off to Orchard Road to meet G. Managed to get his gift at the very last minute at Calvin Klein. I know he was anxious to know what exactly the thing inside that box looked like. Had to hide that paper bag away from him until we were in the car. Really glad that he need and like the gift.

Met for just a while and back to Clementi. Met an ex-colleague on the bus, a coincidence. Had chicken rice and papaya milkshake at market before getting home.

Will be going Butter Factory later to celebrate the start of Christmas 2009.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Get Me A Life Directory

My dimples are too high up on my face

My favourite picture among all

Received a box of Belgium chocolate from a colleague who just came back from Langkawi. And After Eight mint chocolate too.

Went TBP to pack lunch. Had peanut butter toast set again, the second time this week.

Watched "Spread", R21 it is. The plot did teach me something, 'Hopping around is not getting you anywhere'. Not that I don't know, just that I am not firm enough to stay somewhere. It's not a street directory I need, it's a life directory I need.

Went to collect the Coach wristlet after work. Heavy traffic jam in town made me waste too much time on the road. Had to bear with the hunger until I met a friend to collect my precious.

Home at 8:30pm for dinner and shower. Just a bowl of noodles for dinner, not having good appetite after too much walking.

Credits to LL for helping to photoshop the pictures and to the 3 ladies for taking turns to be photographer. Not forgetting KZ for the Rainie Yang hairstyle. Do see the rest of the pictures here. I bet you can see which were those taken by ourselves and which were taken by Antony.

This is the last time you see me -Edward Cullen in "New Moon"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Diamonds and Weddings

Had the not-so-nice chicken rice from Kopitiam for lunch. 2 sweet strawberries by a colleague's treat.

Watched "The Wedding Crashers" in the afternoon while enjoying my tea. Quite a number of sexual scenes involved. Don't think such people can sneak into weddings locally. There's a thing called guest list.

Was browsing the diamond rings from Soo Kee Jewellery's and Love & Co.'s website with a colleague. I am more excited over designer bags than diamonds, maybe I haven't reach the stage yet. Bling bling don't seem to be attractive to me. If you know me well, you know I don't wear accessories on any part of me.

Read XiaXue's post about the proposal. A big diamond on her ring. Almost teared when I read the love letter written by Mike. It was just the first paragraph I read. Where to find such a guy online, you tell me?

Bad experience on the train back home again. A middle-aged man stood in front of me and he was wet on his back. Obviously it's sweat because he was dry on the front and he stinked. I tried not to be evil by turning my head to an angle to avoid sniffing the sourish smell. I don't want to faint in the train. Had to stand at an awkward angle to avoid physical contact. I can be quite a hygience freak.

Uploaded some pictures from my previous shoot, check it out.

I was thinking of getting Wii for home entertainment. Burn calories and gaming at the same time. Sounds good for a lazy person like me. I would love to attend mtv dance classes in gym but the membership in FitnessFirst is a bomb. That's probably the only gym I want to go.

I have no plans for Christmas eve and the day itself. How sad it is right? Don't like to be squeezed and molested in the club. Don't want to be part of the human traffic. Other than staying home obediently, what can I do?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Lingerie Shopping

Went to GWC for light shopping. Bought lingerie again, an umbrella as a gift. Nice one. Thick peanut toast set for lunch again.

Watched "Just Married" starring the cute Ashton Kutcher. A sweet movie but rather impossible in reality. Which guy would want to marry young and suffer on honeymoon? Worse of all, no sex for many days after marriage.

Had a salmon avocado handroll and a carrot cake for snack. I know I shouldn't.

Bought a Coach wristlet online (you must be thinking "Coach again?"). Can't wait to collect it on Wednesday. I might just make a walk to Tangs after which since there will be a 12% rebate for cardmembers.

Don't make someone a priority when you are just an option.

Christmas Shopping

Went for my waxing at 12:30pm. KZ was late for an hour and I had to shop alone at 313 Somerset. Bought a dress and 2 shorts from Cotton On.

Had a cup of cup-cream from Marvelous Cream. Every mouth of it contained multiple nuts for me to bite, my current favourite ice-cream.

Had lunch at Ding Tai Feng. In order to prevent nausea, I wasted half a bowl of noodles.

Went to Orchard Central but we got disappointed by the few interesting shops. Only a shop selling beachwear excited me.

Bought accessories from Diva, blusher from Clinique and a pair of shades from Mitju.

I am proud of myself that I got a Coach pouch although it only costs $225. After much working and tiring myself out, I deserve something nice for Christmas don't I? Eyed on another Coach bag which costs $605 but I didn't buy, still can't bear to part with that money.

Dinner at Watami Restaurant. Salmon sashimi (again, right?) and Seafood Doria. The Cassis Orange was horrible and only made me more thristy. Our drinks were served after we finished almost half of our main courses.

Waited for like forever at the taxi stand. Queue was like woo-hoo and we took so long to even call a cab. Stood for almost an hour and finally we succeeded in booking a SMRT cab. The most sickening thing was that we saw 2 Lamborghini driving past when we were queuing. Wait till you get into a traffic jam and I see how fast you can go.

This Christmas, I gave you my heart. And the very next day, you gave it away.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Knock Out At Infusion

Online and watched my HK drama before leaving for work.

Met Venus at Infusion to sell tequila shots. Target group: A reunion for the 26-yr old guys who graduated from ACS. The principal was there too. I must say quite a number of guys are good-looking. Not many brought a partner though.

I was knocked out after 5 shots, I admit that I can't drink that well. The effect took so long that I thought I could drink a few more. I had to sit at a corner for 2 hrs to be sober again. The worse feeling was still nausea. The staff were nice enough to offer me tea and water. Felt guilty to leave Venus alone in the crowd.

Got our pay at about 1:30am and back home. Lala land at 2:30am.

It's time for christmas shopping with KZ and get my brazilian waxing.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Meet-up with Sisters

Decided to change my post template for a new look before Christmas. Ever-changing style.

I was on cloud nine when I have received my pay and bonus. My first thought: Should I get a designer bag? After spending majority of my time working, I deserve at least one good thing.

Those christmas cupcakes you see above were gifts from manager's ex-colleagues. Don't they look sweet enough to put into your mouth?

Bought sashimi, salmon maki and subway cold cut trio for lunch. I am already preparing my stomach for christmas feast. Weight loss can start after the new year.

On the lorry to pubbing

Met sisters at Vivocity for dinner at Asian Kitchen. The fried rice with prawns was quite salty, of course Ding Tai Feng is still the best.

Travelled on WX's bf's lorry to Timbre. Didn't expect this which was why I wore a mini skirt. The experience wasn't that bad (not as if this is the first time) just that our hair got badly tangled. My curls were nearly gone after the strong air-blowing. YJ and Alicia alighted at their convenient locations while the rest of us continued our lorry experience on CTE.

Sir Stamford Raffles

HM's bf reached before we did. We were seated outside the sheltered area and only moved in when it began to drizzle. I ordered a cup of Illusion, another antibiotic-alike drink. I only know vodka and pineapple juice out of the 4 ingredients.

Played a few games but neither of the games could last for 1/2hr. The band could have played better music to stop me from yawning. Shared a cab home with Jac, SF and WF. Home sweet home at 2:30am. Dropped dead tired.

Got to work with Venus later. I am money-digger.

I'm not going to close one eye or cover both eyes, I will open my eyes wide open to see what you are up to.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another Car Accident

Peanut Butter Toast Set

A stupid ad in the MRT

Had a meeting in the morning, boss is capable of organizing motivational talks. I am still considering on the new position she's offering.

Saw the first picture? That's my lunch, thanks to my colleagues who made their way to TBP. I shouldn't have added so much pepper and soy sauce to the half-boiled eggs. The thick peanut butter would stick to my teeth or tongue, sinful.

Moved my stuff to another room within the unit, got to stay in that room till renovation is over. Now I have a personal sink, weighing scale and a printer. I can monitor my body weight closely.

Met G at Orchard after work. Knocked into Sally too. Grabbed a bite of prawn onstik from OCK before catching "Storm Warriors 2". Too much digital effects and not much of great scenery. Not a happy fairy tale ending. Got G's ex-HTC phone as a gift, yet to decide what to do with it but definitely not trade it for cash.

Saw the ruins of a car accident and it was really bad. The black car was flipped over with its wheels facing the sky. Don't ask me if I took down the car plate number because I didn't even think about it. The driver, I guess, was been placed into the ambulance when we past by. May he or she survive the ordeal. The last time I got involved in a car accident was just Sunday so you can expect me to freak out when I saw something like this again. Ever since I turned 21, my eyes have been making me hearing about, witnessing and experiencing car accidents like a total of 4 in ~4 months, with 4 days as the smallest time gap. It's getting more frequent which is the worrying part. Somehow, I should just get to 22 years old soon.

Dinner and pubbing with sisters tomorrow. Got to remember photo-taking this time.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nausea Haunts Me

Went TBP to have my bank passbook checked, bought stationery from Popular and food from OCK.

Lunch was too good that I over-fed myself, giving nausea a chance to attack me. Felt that bad for the entire afternoon and I chose to skip tea in case I vomit. It has been getting more frequent that I feel uncomfortable at the chest especially after eating. It's probably my stomach that it's giving me this problem. I just don't wish to know how bad it is.

Had a short meeting with ex-boss and his official goodbye.

Back home to have my shower and off for a nap. No appetite for dinner so I only had wheat crackers in order to take my medication. Back to sleep till tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm In Pain

Regret sneaking out yesterday night. I was in great pain in the morning but thank God I was still able to work.

Thanks to 2 colleagues who packed lunch for us at Vivocity. Saved myself from the pain. Had fish and chips from Banquet, too big a portion that I have to waste the fries and coleslaw. A bottle of apple cider from the pharmacy for an unusual tea.

To put myself at ease, I went to the Staff Clinic for consultation. Antibiotics for a week but I should be back to normal tomorrow. Rejected the kind doctor's MC offer.

Done with "The Dark Knight". That blue Lamborghini was exceptional especially with that colour. I don't understand why they took so long to catch the Joker. All he had was his brain and someone could have just shot him dead easily.

Forgot to mention to KZ that I have another suggestion for our overseas trip in January. How about 3-day shopping in Bangkok instead of a cruise to Klang? After my manager's help in the planning, it would probably be about $350 for the flight and hotel. Not much of a difference on a cruise so I got to work my magic on KZ.

Can't wait to enjoy my colleague's culinary, sambal sardine for lunch tomorrow. I shall post pictures of the dish so be patient.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Strange Smells

Credits to Lovelyn

Another nightmare yesterday. This time involved someone. Don't ask me what happened in the dream

Office lady wear today, just wish to get myself to working mood. Had a cup of iced coffee from Bengawan Solo.

Lady boss spoke to me about my career plans again. She gave me a suggestion and I am giving it a serious consideration. It is a job with better prospect and definitely more interesting.

Bought bee hoon soto for lunch, the pepper made my nose run like tap. Expected that it's not filling for me, had to bite an apple. A macademia roca and a toast at tea-time.

Got to finish the second half of "The Dark Knight" tomorrow. It's probably the joker who made me feel nauseous in the evening. Thank God that I survived the train journey without any fainting spell. One of the passengers in the cabin farted a few times and the guy who stood in front of me carried a sour smell. I am grateful that I really made it home safely.

No appetite for dinner so I only took like 3 mouths of rice and a few pieces of abalone mushroom. I am going to turn in early again.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Don't Charge Me For Food Wastage



Photoshoot at a deserted hdb area, a different experience. 3 photographers and I am the only model. The curse on me happened again. The car which we travelled in to the shoot location got knocked by a lorry. The lorry driver claimed that no other cars entered the area so he don't keep a lookout while reverse parking. He probably cheated when he took his licence. Anyway, I still feel bad about it. The shoot ended at 12:30pm, back to CCK.

Lunch at New York New York. It's creamy penne with roasted half chicken, customised to my preference. They had a change of menu so I had to ask for change of pasta and the sauce. Very flexible of them. Ordered Mocha Float with Vanilla Ice-cream, too big a mug. Can't finish my pasta as well.

As I was alone and I had time, did some lingerie shopping at Cotton On. Bought 3 sets, I had no choice but to throw the no longer fitting lingerie. Had to spring clean anyway.

Took a bus ride home and reluctant to alight again. Expected of me right?

Rushed my laundry washing and off to pool with KZ. Angered Uncle Nick for not inviting him to join us. To KZ: some guy from another table was actually eyeing on either you or me (or even both of us). I don't think you will be interested in him anyway. Ah Beng-looking guy.

Dinner at Thai Express. The green curry was spicy for me, a big bowl of leftover. I wasted a lot of food today. No poor complexion for my husband please, if I am married of course. Had Avocado Milkshake but it didn't help to reduce the spicyness much.

I have updated my portfolio again, pictures are here.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Photoshoot for My Flair Lady

Had breakfast at Long John Silver, saw Novelle and her family. Didn't see Jolin though.

Back home to blog, check mail and entertain Kiki. Wasn't tired so I stayed awake till afternoon for the photoshoot.

Went CCK for the photoshoot. Helped my ex-colleague to model for her online shop. Lots of pretty dresses and it's about time to get rid of the unwanted clothes in my wardrobe. Stay tune for the pictures. Do check out, My Flair Lady for the clearance sale and in-stocks of female apparel.

Was dozing off in the train, I even felt like closing my eyes while walking. And so, I intended to sleep early tonight.

G called when I was in the shower. I stopped whatever I was doing and stayed on the phone for almost 10mins, standing and air-drying myself in the bathroom. See how important you are, G?

Chatted with mum while having dinner. Sweet of her to buy dinner for me while I was in the shower.

Photoshoot tomorrow at CCK again, for my portfolio this time.

A Night At Infusion

It's not a cookbook

Had prata for breakfast, thanks to a malay colleague who packed for us.

Watched "Disturbia" at workplace. Wanted to finish the thriller since I watched a part of it on HBO.

Took a cab with my manager and a malay colleague to GWC. I bought BK Big Fish for lunch, my manager had to help me to finish most of the fries. The salmon sushi from Ichiban was really fresh, a good deal.

Got a brochure (the first picture above) at GWC and we thought there were recipes in it but we were disappointed. It's a brochure of food recommendations like $30+ for a set of chicken rice which you can get it at a hawker centre for $3. Who would be that dumb?

Back home for dinner and off to Infusion at Dempsey. Took me about 20mins for my turn to board a cab at the taxi stand. My handphone dropped and had mild scratches on the screen again. I am not going to take very good care of it since I expect its life-span would be over in less than 0.5yr.

We were to serve the Airforce guys, mostly are about my age. If I did flirt, then it must be because for sales. Team up with Lovelyn and Venus to sell shooters. The other team was Janelle and Cara. 3 flavours which were apple, peach and watermelon. Evens out that each of us sold 2 trays of 10. Can't remember how many shots I had but I do remember the shot of neat martell which made me almost drunk.

Knocked off and we had group photos. Camwhore in the restroom, stay tune for the pictures. Selling alcohol isn't that tough after all. Took a cab, again, to meet G. Has been almost 2 weeks since I last seen him. He lost weight but I have gained 1kg. I am still finding where did the 1kg of fat go to in my body.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm 49kg AGAIN

It's food again. Bought lunch at TBM with a male colleague, luckily he was there to help me carry. Had Char Kway Tiao this time. Had to force myself to finish up the 300g of cherries I bought yesterday before they rot. Made a toasted bread to fill my stomach completely.

Watched "A Walk to Remember" casting Mandy Moore and Shane West. A touching movie which made me almost teared. The story is typical, the female got sick and the guy accompanied her while she's alive. Females just like romance which is why the authors and movie makers are still earning.

Run errands with 2 female colleagues and bought chocolate waffle for tea time. I know I ate a lot recently and made me 49kg now. And I am going to have prata for breakfast tomorrow, craving for nasi briyani for lunch.

Will be selling shooters at Dempsey tomorrow night. I might just drink a few for the convenience.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lunch at Caffe Pralet

Crispy Grilled Fish Pasta in Lemon Butter Sauce

My blog is turning into a food blog. Realised that I have been talking about what I ate for the day, the eating places should thank me for advertising.

Lunch at Caffe Pralet alone. My craving for the above pasta. When I say crispy, it's really crispy for the skin. KZ will know how tasty the fish is. $13.90 for a set meal. Picked Green Tea Gateau for the desert. Didn't manage to finish the coffee, such a waste.

Found time to watch "Changeling". Shows how big a mother's love for her child can be. Can't understand why those pyschotic murderers have to kill innocent children. If you realise there were quite a number of murdered children for the past weeks, you will take note of child abuse.

Read news about Fiona Xie's official bye-bye to Mediacorp. She can't be any happier without a partner, a very emotionally-dependent (or I should say relationship-dependent) artiste. Her leaving can be a piece of good news to the company. Who knows that she might be irresponsible at her career again?

Attended a fire drill briefing and the fire safety officer 'opened my eyes'. This was my first time seeing a guy with black tattoo-ed eyebrows and maybe he put on pink lipstick too. A little older and he can be my grandfather. Anyway, didn't get to see Mr. Six today. But I saw him yesterday in a neon pink tee, 'flying' out of SGH like a butterfly. What I meant is that his hands were swinging at chest level while walking downhill, shaking his butt from side to side again. Can I see more of better-looking and straighter guys?

My boss spoke to me about my future plans. I can't be and I don't wish to be an AA for the rest of my life. She mentioned about recruiting which reminded me of Recruit Express and shouldn't waste my diploma. I know it's really time to find an answer to "What career is for me?"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Movie December

Went to Far East Plaza during lunch time to pack food. Had roasted chicken rice but not satisfactory. Only the rice was not bad. Should have bought thai been hoon instead. Was tempted to buy fake eyelashes again. Wait till I finish a box of what I own.

Watched "Orphan" as recommended by my colleagues. Freaky but it made me realised that looks can lie. Now I found a colleague to join me for movies if I need company. Got to watch "Storm Warriors 2", "Sherlock Holmes" and "Avatar". I see money leaving my wallet for movie december.

Work volume has increased by much since the management has made some arrangements. Of course, I have more colleagues now. Can't wait for pay day to come and I need to do christmas shopping.

Is it that you trust me that you don't ask, or you can't be bothered?

Monday, December 7, 2009

"New Moon" Tonight

Saw an uncle version of Mr. Six this morning. He wore a pair of black frame glasses, a black tight blouse and black pants. That top he wore seems like it will burst anytime. I could see his flesh if I stood diagonally from him. Why do my eyes always make me see unsightly people?

Watched "Ella Enchanted" and "The Ugly Truth" today. I know you envy me for the free time at work.

To lazy to pack lunch at TBM so I bought vegetarian economic rice at Kopitiam. A filling $2.50 lunch with a Kopitiam card.

Rushed to GWC after work to catch "New Moon" alone. A rather empty cinema. The moment I saw Edward, I smiled unknowingly. There's just something about him or maybe it's Rob himself. I am his crazy fan. Had salted popcorn for dinner, didn't want to finish it up in case I got sick tomorrow. I am independent enough to watch a movie alone, I don't find it that sad.

Even if you were broke, my love don't cost a thing.

Vomit Sessions

Went for hair treatment again. For the 2hours, I was watching 公主小妹 in the salon. A couple came into the shop, a china woman and a local guy. The china woman asked the guy in mandarin, 'How much do you think my bag costs?' Don't you think it's a hint that the LV bag is a fake and she probably bought it from her homeland?

With my siblings, we went uncle's house in the late afternoon. I have more HK drama in my hard disk now. Went dinner at Mac, had our fries changed as they were over-cooked. Then, something bad happened to me again.

On the way home, I was feeling nauseous again. Lucky I was able to withstand till I was home. Quickly, I lay on the floor trying to make myself feel better. Vomited twice, only then that I know that the food in Mac really can stink. So I am telling myself, it's probably time to get fastfood out of my stomach. A reason for me to stay away from deep-fried unhealthy food.

Slept at about 8:30pm right after the vomit sessions. Thank goodness I felt normal enough this morning to be at work. It's most important to be well.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Trip to Kusu Island

The Cruise we boarded

Interior of the cruise

Once onboard

The cute little girl

Another Cheng Ho Cruise

The high tea 'feast'

The scary number of turtles

The Temple

See the difference between the big and small turtle?

I wonder who took this good shot

The lucky turtle and me

Last group shot on the cruise

Went Dhoby Ghaut with CSX. As she went for her interview, I met the tour group at Rendevous Hotel lobby. Found LL, KZ and WF in the restroom, expected because I heard KZ's echo voice on the phone. I am observant, yes.

There were less than 20 of us. Headed to Marina Barrage to board Cheng Ho Cruise which brought us to Kusu Island. Enjoyed our high tea (not so sumptous as you can see from the picture) and lots of photo-taking. Spotted a little girl and the 3 ladies were busy surrounding her.

The cruise went around Sentosa Cove before arriving at Kusu Island. We were unlucky enough to meet the rain. Had to carry an umbrella walking on the turtle island. Prayed at the temple, saw the wishing pond of turtles. Touched the turtle statues as it was believed that they bring fortune and longevity. I hope more for fortune.

Back to the cruise to clean our wet feet, unglam definitely. Had our last round of photo-taking before had our feets stepping back to Singapore.

Went to PS Manhatten Fish Market for dinner. The serving was just too big for us to finish. Took some time to window shop and I bought a pair of white gladiator heels. Injuried my finger while trying the heels, internal bleeding again.

Went to Cosy KTV Lounge with the 3 ladies and WF's online friend by the name of Jonanthan. First impression was bad, dressing does matter. He left us following him like we were his maids.

Ordered a bottle of Absolute Vodka, Sprite and Orange Juice. Guess what? We had to 'beg' him to pay for his $30 share. Don't know what's wrong with him. He even asked for LL's number, claiming that he wanted to know WF better through LL, what kind of nonsense is this? Trying to fish a few at a time? He can dream for the rest of his life. Obviously, the 4 ladies got pissed off. We had to confront him in the lounge, everyone's party mood was spoiled. Thanks to him. After the bill was settled, we without the jerk sat to chat for a while before leaving for home.

Shared a cab home, had my shower and off to meet someone. He must be in a good mood since he didn't persuade me to travel to meet him. A short Q & A session of what I did for the day.

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Phone Is Back to My Side

My Dinner at McCafe

Bought lunch at TBM again. Century egg with shredded chicken porridge, along with raw fish slices. Cost me $4.50 in total. Had gingko with beancurd skin for desert.

Watched "The Da Vinci Code" at workplace. An exciting movie, love to watch those crime-solving shows. My traits being a detective was shown when I was in secondary school. SF and HM should know.

Went to collect my fully recovered Samsung Ultratouch at JP. $80 but no more warranty. Definitely worth it since my handphone is about 6mths old already. Had dinner alone at McCafe and bought cookies from Famous Amos. I have tried very hard not to walk into those apparel shops so don't I deserve a clap?

Got to watch this boy, His pronounciation of blood and the way he said 'not funny'. I believe you will find him adorable.

There is only one today but many tomorrows.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some People Are Just Bored

Packed lunch at TBM with manager. Bought economic vegetable rice at $3.50, consisting of 2 vegetables and a fish. While we were helping our dear colleague to buy hair tie, I saw an indian guy wearing just a long polo tee. You didn't read it wrong, just a polo tee with no bottom, not even briefs or boxers. That tee was only long enough to cover his penis but not his scrotum. Imagine how shocked I was to see a guy dressed up like this in a wet market.

It was one of the weekday nights last week when I saw a middle-aged guy peeing into a drain. He was facing a playground (of course there weren't any kids around) and he obviously didn't aim properly because I saw the wet ground where he stood. It's just my recent bad luck to witness the unglam sights of guys.

Watched "The Sister's Keeper" in the afternoon. Had watery eyes towards the end of the movie, I have great control over my tears.

Took a cab to MOM to settle some stuff until 7:30pm. Was chatting with the taxi driver about the hectic life in Singapore. Had my 15-min dinner at MOS Burger and home sweet home.

Thanks to a guy named Joash who informed me that I got prank. My name and contact number was written on the back of a bus seat on bus 168. Joash being a nice guy, helped me to clear it. I am really curious to know who is the culprit. I believe this person has my e-mail which links to my Facebook and my blog.

To the culprit: You can jolly well write my profile on all buses if you have the time to waste. I don't see what good it has done to you. Try showing your hatred in a more constructive way. Thank you for the advertisements you have done for me, anyway.

Fireworks at Vivocity

Was on the phone with G on my way to work. Hate the noise when the train is underground.

Had Nasi Ayam for lunch yesterday. Thanks to my colleague who packed for us. Delicious! Reminded me of the malay store in my primary school where I would buy it at $1. A cherry apple before dinner.

Watched "New Moon" in the late afternoon. Poor video quality made me can't fully understand the story. I should be happy that I at least watched it before it's officially released in the Singapore theatres. Lots of conversations and more intimate scenes of Edward and Bella. The appearance of Edward never fails to remind me of someone.

Met HM, WF and YJ for dinner at Kim Gary. My usual order, fish baked rice, cream soup and iced yuan yang. HM and WF were updating us with their current relationships. I did notice that YJ was getting bored, listening to our never-ending stories.

Thanks to WF, we get to witness the fireworks celebrating Vivocity's 3rd year anniversary. WF and I can't stop 'wah-ing', no idea how YJ and HM can hold their excitement. Shall wait till YJ sends us the video. The humongous christmas tree at Vivocity really impressed me, never have I seen such a tall one. If only I had my Samsung Ultratouch...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dead Beat Monday

CJZ is sad to leave us

We had to smile for the camera although we were upset too

Shaky hands of the photographer

Had quite an amount of work to do today. Went for my gynae appointment , an hour and I am done. Had 2 toasts for my second breakfast. I added pepper to the bread and ate with jam. Ran errands and replied e-mails.

Went TBM to pack lunch. I bought Fried Hokkien Mee, Beancurd Skin with Gingko Nut for lunch. Bought a packet of cherry apples from the market too. The act-blind shuttle bus driver purposely drove off even though he saw my colleagues and I running towards him. So inconsiderate of him.

Had a cup of hot toffee nut latte in
the afternoon. Thanks to my colleague who bought for me. Grabbed a cherry apple to bite before knock off.

Saw Mr. Six and he had red nails. See how hard he tried to be a perfect woman? 'Good' things come in pairs, saw another Mr. Six in the train. This guy wore a low v-cut top and carried a tote. Is this male-want-to-be-female trend getting uncontrolled?

I am seriously getting frustrated with this ex-handphone of mine. The keypad is not so sensitive to my fingers, I just want back my Samsung Ultratouch.

Will be meeting a few sisters for dinner tomorrow. Catch-up session again.

Monday, November 30, 2009

My Handphone Is Damaged

Heard a piece of bad news from G in the morning and I got myself into trouble in the afternoon. Had a busy Monday morning at work.

Went TBP to pack lunch with a colleague and my Samsung Ultratouch got into an accident. Really heartbroken, all thanks to myself. It got slammed by the taxi door and its LCD screen cracked. Total darkness of the screen from then onwards. I was silent when I realised it was damaged. Yes, I was in shock. And so, I didn't really talked at lunch.

Left the office early to learn to set up a teleconference. Simple and so fast.

Went JP to get my handphone to see a 'doctor'. Needed to wait for the quotation before I decide whether to save it or let it perish. Pray hard that it's less than $200 or else I will need to spend money to get Samsung OmniaPro B7320. Now I am using my Samsung Z240 again. 18th Dec please be here ASAP so I can shop for Christmas!

Hopefully CJZ will be home safely and G will be fine in a week. I am starting to see myself like a jinx.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's East-er

CJZ, CSX and Me

I relate the HK flight CX734 to myself

See the 'Go Li' on auntie's footwear

Went Changi Airport with my grandma, mum and CSX to send CJZ for his flight to Kota Kinabula. Had a cup of white chocolate frappe once I reached the airport. Had a cup of Yuan Yang after sending CJZ. I already miss him when I'm back home, seeing the dark and empty living room. Held my watery eyes for a few times when I see him from far. Just hope that he's safe back home.

Met KZ and WF for dinner at Popeye's. The corn and biscuit were out of stock, business must be too good. Did window shopping at T3 before leaving for Tampiness.

We had a fish spa at Kohong Fish Spa. Unlike the small black fish at a fish spa at Harbourfront, the fish were bigger, fatter and in beige. Not as itchy too. WF was laughing and trying very hard to control the itch. $10 for 20mins of exofoliation.

We were tired of walking and settled at Starbucks again. My third cup of coffee for the day, hot Toffee Nut Latte again. Gossip as usual but this time we shared our relationship experiences. In conclusion, good guys are never easy to find or maybe they have gone bad.

Left Tampiness at 10pm. Saw this fashionable auntie (~50years old) in the train. She was in a dark orange knee-length dress and a pair of wedges-like slippers. Her fats were bulging from her waist and obviously at her age, her skin was saggy just like her assets. Don't have to remind me of karma, I know it myself. Almost half of the journey in the train, we were laughing and joking of her 'Go Li' slippers. In case you don't know what's 'Go Li', they are marbles which the people of my age used to play during their childhood. I managed to snap a picture of those slippers when she sat next to WF. Those 'Go Li' on her slippers were twice the size of the normal 'Go Li' we see. Nowadays, aunties just want to look younger by dressing up like a youngster or worse, a kid.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Photoshoot At Esplanade

Credits to KZ for the hairdo


Christmas Lightings Outside Esplanade

My Sailor Cap

Received 12 sms-es and 18 missed calls from someone yesterday night. Come to think of it, it might be a little harsh because I haven't totally ignored him for ~2years.

Went photoshoot with Antony. Had to wake up at 6:15am. Has been donkey years since I woke up this early. Alycia was there to do my make-up and hair. First time having a hair wig. Waiting for the photos.

Rushed to Marina Square to meet the 3 ladies for photoshoot at Esplanade. I had a chocolate flavour blast from Mac to cool myself down. We had lunch at Inle Myammar Restaurant. I felt like using a needle to poke the waiter, he seems to be unable to understand our english and took so long to take our orders. Is it our problem or his problem? Poor WF had to be patient with him. We only spent $7 per person for a drink, main course and desert. Don't expect fantastic food and you will be happy for a meal there.

Bought a pair of flip flops at M)phosis, same as WF. Stop reminding me that my footwear can fill the entire show rack.

Walked to Esplanade and started taking photos near the outdoor stage. Just for a while and we had to get back indoor, thanks to the drizzle. We continued our shoot at B2 where there's hardly anyone who passed by. To the B1 car park, outside Esplanade then back to B2. We took some lesbian, unglam and gangster shots. Shall wait for LL for the edited pictures. Saw Kok Meng and his friend at the indoor stage. Along the way, we saw Gayathri and her bf. She commented that I changed a lot, indeed I have after seeing the pictures taken last few years.

We were dragging our feet back to Marina and settled dinner at Long John Silver. I was dehydrated and filled myself with a cup of cola. Saw the Winx performance, I have no idea what those fairies were doing.

Had coffee at Starbucks, again. LL, KZ and I had the same order as on Friday. I am starting to like hot coffee, keeps me awake. Saw Ryan too.

Took 106 home, I hope I didn't embarrass myself if I snored. My eyes were tired after wearing more than 12 hours of contact lenses.

Went to meet someone, I always can't find a perfect excuse. Now his cigarette smell has clinged on my shirt. I got a feeling that things aren't good for him and he's not saying for some reason. If he's willing to say, I am more than willing to listen. He doesn't know that I am a good listener. I can't hear his mumbles when I questioned him, don't wish to agitate him by 'huh?' I will have to say, by far he's the only guy I am scared of. There's no explanation to this.

Congratulations to Miss Chia Hui Mian for her first relationship! Truly feel happy for her. Heard this piece of great news from her on FB. I even wanted to call her but forget the idea because it was late night. No matter what, it's something nice to start a Sunday.