Monday, December 10, 2018

Promo Codes for Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines have released some games for you to unlock promo codes and I have been playing last week. My main aim was for Denpasar (Bali) but not sure if there isn't or I have yet to unlock it. Please do share with me if you have it.

Sharing with you what I have got so far.

Prices for return tickets are as follows but note that you have to book by 02 January 2019 and pay using MasterCard. Travel period is 7 February 2019 to 13 June 2019.
  1. Kota Kinabalu use <208TOBKI> - $208
  2. Medan use <158TOKNO> - $158
  3. Lombok use <268TOLOP> - $268
  4. Ho Chi Minh City use <188TOSGN> - $188
  5. Surabaya use <188TOSUB> - $188