Saturday, November 18, 2017

Khao Yai - Day 2

15 October 2017

Had breakfast by the hotel's restaurant which I thought was not bad.

Took lots of Instagram-worthy photos before check out.

It was my turn to drive today. Still a scary cat since it has been about 3 months since I last drove.

Our first stop was to Thames Valley. We were there for at least an hour to take photos and enjoy the Europorean atmosphere.

Next stop, desserts at The Mew.

This Lime Frozen Souffle was so refreshing especially after you spent hours under the sun. I have not had anything like this before, highly recommended.

This Matcha Lava Cake wasn't bad, just not as surprising.

Enough of rest, it is time to go under the sun again.

Headed for Palio Village but sadly, there wasn't much to see. I didn't even take any photos there.

Primo Piazza is more interesting but you to pay entrance fee. We got to feed the alpacas, merino and donkey. Honestly, alpacas were the most popular and they were the most well-fed by tourists.

That's the barn where the feeding takes place.

One last photo before we feed ourselves.

Had lunch at Birder's Lodge Cafe which I found by accident. I was looking for nearby dining places and found here.

The 3 of us ordered Pad Thai and Green Curry Fried Rice. The Pad Thai was delicious, not because we were hungry ok?

It was my first try at Green Curry Fried Rice, this is something worth trying. Maybe I should try to cook this for office lunch.

Just next to the cafe is the Birder's Lodge Farmer Market which sells local groceries. Only the fresh grapes caught our attention but we didn't buy.

Next was to eat again. This time, desserts at Yellow Submarine.

This cafe is so popular that we waited a while for a table. There were also a crowd outside the cafe taking photos because of the unique container-like structure.

We shared the Black Honey Toast which was oh-so-good. Seriously, I could still remember the taste till date. I would go back for this if I were to visit Khao Yai again.

Finally, it was time to check-in to Hotel Patravana. We had a bit of issues finding it even with GPS. Be prepared for the beautiful scenary.

View from our room.

We lazed for a while before taking a tour of the huge hotel.

I think there were probably only 3 groups of people staying in this hotel so it was all peaceful.

We had dinner at Phu Yai Lee Restaurant which is part of the hotel. It was quite terrible as there were mosquitoes and they were fed by us while we feed ourselves.

Food was not to our liking so if you have the time, I would advise you to get food elsewhere.

Although dinner was not satisfactory, we still enjoyed ourselves by counting stars and chit-chat at the balcony. All we lack was beer and cigarettes.

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