Friday, August 4, 2017

UberEats Walker in Clementi - Part 1

So I have stopped being a UberEats Walker for months and yesterday, I decided to get online again. This time, in Clementi where I am familiar.

I was online from 8:30pm at the Clementi Central fountain and playing Pokemon Go.

About 10 minutes later, I received and accepted a delivery request from Pezzo at Clementi Mall. Immediately walked towards it to collect.

After collection, I swiped to reveal the destination which is at Blk 338 Clementi Ave 2. This is always the scariest part as I will find out how far I got to walk.

I didn't follow the directions by the GPS since I know the shortcuts by walking through the void decks. One lesson that I learnt is not to always GPS. Most of the times it tells me to go by the road and that means I spend time waiting for the green man at traffic lights under the Sun.

Below is the breakdown of my earnings for the one and only trip. Not too bad I guess and it was windy during some parts of the journey. It is indeed better to deliver at night, at least the weather is cooler.

The Boost is for completion of 5 trips by this Sunday which means I still have 3 more days, fingers crossed.

If you are looking to be a UberEATS Walker like me, do key in my referral code: XINYIC176UE to earn an extra $100 upon completion of 50 trips. Good luck!


  1. Hi there, from what i checked, the latest change is for $200 to be credited to the referrer's account only upon completion. But they say can arrange on our own to split. Would you like to split?

  2. And i think only ubereats riders and above can have this referral promotion. If you're a ubereats walker only, may not have this $200 promotion.