Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Review: Shu Uemura Petal Skin Foundation

I used the samples for Shu Uemura Petal Skin Foundation which I saw on Pony Makeup recently and I am excited to share about it.

I obtained the samples from the Tangs counter and the beauty adviser Jonathan first applied the Block Booster on my jawline, followed by the Petal Skin Foundation shade 574. The shade does fit me very well but he advised me to take a shade lighter since most foundations do oxidise.

I was given 2 sachets of Block Booster and 2 sachets of Petal Skin Foundation shade 564 to try and here's how I looked like.

This photo was taken about half an hour after I applied the foundation and set with loose powder. 

Coverage was good enough and felt light on my face. It is matt and not drying.

Let's see what happens after I went to Mandai, sweat quite a bit from the heat and attended an indoor event.

This was taken 9 hours after application and without touch-up.

My face did shine but I felt that it wasn't that bad. I would say that the majority of the foundation still stayed on and I am quite impressed by it. I think it is worth a try.

Shu Uemura came out with a uniquely-designed brush which was already sold out on the date of release. Saddened by it but I have left my contact to be put on the waiting list.

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