Wednesday, December 30, 2015

POP at Marina Floating Platform

12 Dec 2015

This was probably my once-in-a-lifetime experience in attending a POP (Passing Out Parade).

In order to fetch my brother home easily, I decided to rent a Honda Jazz from AKA Car Rental over the weekend. Rental was $258, I think it was reasonable.

The POP was held at Marina Floating Platform. The crowd, heat and dazzle from the sun made me sweat throughout the event. Application of sunblock is a must.

But I got to say the daylight view was fantastic.

After the trained soldiers officially graduated from BMT and threw their caps, that's when all the family members and friends rushed down to meet their loved ones.

Just look at the amount of soldiers, it is almost impossible to be able to use your eyes to spot who you are supporting. I had difficulty and had to find a landmark to meet my brother.

Walked to Esplanade where I parked the car and it was a smooth, comfortable journey back home. 

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