Saturday, December 5, 2015

Essential Night Care Milk & CC Oil

I am pretty sure everyone of us will encounter one of these 5 hair issues at some point in our lives.

And you would probably look liked this when you do encountered any of those issues above.

Cruel Combing
For me, combing is definitely unavoidable as long as you have hair. You may have heard of people saying not to comb your hair while it is wet as it will cause more hair fall, but does that mean that combing when your hair is dry can prevent hair fall? The answer is NO because there is also friction when you comb, possibly result in hair knots aka tangles.

Spiteful Split Ends
My hair is long to chest level and I tend to get tangles and split ends. I had to use hair conditioner every day to try to save these old and dry ends. I would say it helps but could do be better.

Brazen Blow Drying
I stay up till late nights sometimes and by the time I get home to shower, I had to use a hair dryer so that I can turn in real soon. No matter how advanced the hair dryer is, it can't prevent the hair moisture from losing. The end result? Hair is dry outside and inside.

Hair Breakage
I visit the gym at least twice a week and obviously I had to tie my hair. I am aware that this causes stress to the hair and scalp due to the pulling of gravity. Ultimately, more hair fall and hair breakage.

Hair Dryness
Most of us work in air-conditioned areas for at least 8 hours and Singapore's weather can be a killer, causing us to head to shopping malls for cool air. And while our bodies enjoy, our hair cuticles weakened and loses moisture.

Essential has invented 2 hair saviours to save you from these hair stresses.

Allow me to introduce the first which is Essential Night Care Milk. This wonderful hair product protects hair from "Pillow Friction" which happens when you toss and turn while sleeping. I didn't realise this until I know of this product.

Essential Night Care Milk intensively repairs and moisturises hair in the wee hours while we sleep. I shall give it a test too see if it really works.

I pumped twice to have the product on my palm and applied it onto my hair starting from my ear length to the hair ends. I try to concentrate more on my hair ends since they are drier and tend to tangle.

You can tell that the product is thick and creamy but rest assure that it isn't greasy.

Let me show you how my hair looked like after I towel-dry it.

Frizzy and unmanageable right? Can you imagine if I try to comb, how many tangles will I get? 

I applied 2 pumps of the Essential Night Care Milk and let's see if my hair does look better now.

I do see very visible improvements especially on my hair ends. Hair is more tame, looks  and feels smoother and healthier. No sense of oil on hair and palms. Pretty amazing right?

I also took a shot the next morning to see if my hair ends are still good. I didn't use a comb before I took these 2 pictures.

My hair ends still have slight shine on it although looking dry. I combed through without any tangles and merely a few strands of hair fell.

If I only use my fingers to comb my hair, no one would be able to tell too.

Other than Essential Night Care Milk, the 2nd saviour is Essential CC Oil. You must be wondering what CC stands for like I did. CC stands for Cuticle Care in this case and it is also multi-functional like the CC cream we used for make up. The product contains Hair Supplement Oil which is similar to hair's natural oil to allow you to have smooth and tangle-free hair all day.

I pumped twice into my palms, pressed my palms together to warm up the product then apply onto my hair working downwards from ear length. The product is watery so do be careful when you pump. 

The product is also lightly floral-scented while providing benefits to hair cuticles.

Let me show you a photo of my hair ends before I apply the product on my dry hair.

My hair ends don't look so bad right? Wait till you see a close-up.

So how does my hair ends look like after I applied Essential CC Oil?

I didn't notice visible differences until I see the close-up shots. Hair is shiner and looks healthier.

What I also realised is that there is not very shine on my palms after application on hair. This is a good thing as I know the absorption into my hair ends are good and leaves hardly any greasiness.

The retail prices of Essential Night Care Milk and Essential CC Oil are $11.90 each and can be found at leading supermarkets and personal care stores.

If you have some time for entertainment, do play the game Essential's Mane Hero available on their Facebook too.

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