Sunday, August 9, 2015

Review: Skin Shaper Facial

I have been visiting Skin Shape Club at least weekly to tackle my face pigmentation which has been proven successful on me.

Let me show you how the place looks like first. It is conveniently located in Orchard Central and just opened in April 2015. I like how cosy and welcoming the ambience is.

Skin Shape Club also worked with local and overseas dermal experts to come out with their own skincare products like essence.

I was greeted by my therapist Audrey and consulted by Cherie. I was asked to step on an technologically-advanced machine to interpret my body stats.

After Cherie has explained the procedure of the Skin Shaper Facial, I was guided into one of the treatment rooms. I was impressed that the bed comes with a warmer so I had no worries of feeling cold.

Let me explain what I was here for.

The Skin Shaper Facial uses a combination of light and heat energy to rejuvenate the skin, helps to renew collagen and clear acne. To put it simply, it helps in firming, pigementation and overall skin condition. It is a lunchtime non-invasive treatment of 30mins and there is no downtime.

You may find it similar to skin rejuvenation treatments but Skin Shaper Facial does not require the usage of cooling gel as the energy fluency is lower.

The first step of the facial is to cleanse and exfoliate the skin.

The second step involves the usage of the Light and Heat Energy (LHE) applicator. It will be placed on the skin and pulses of light will be administered for penetration. I did feel warmness during the procedure but it was bearable.

The third step is the application of the serum.

The last step is the mask to calm the skin.

It is recommended to go for the Skin Shaper Facial weekly for 3 months to achieve best results. Subsequently, monthly would be sufficient to maintain.

After treatment, I was presented with a healthy snack in their lounge. The snacks are prepared by their staff. I was impressed with how comfortable they made the lounge for customers. It's a privilege to enjoy the view and calmness.

I had 4 Skin Shaper Facials in about 3 weeks and took a photo after each treatment. From the left, the first photo was taken before starting the Skin Shaper Facial. The subsequent photos were taken after each treatment.

The above photo was taken right after my fourth treatment. Skin has definitely become more radiant and uneven skin tone has improved.

My greatest concern was the freckle on my nose. It has really shrink in size and colour. I do have a chicken pox scar on the right side of my face and it has become less obvious. My forehead was darker than the rest of my face and now the uneven skin tone has improved. The visibly enlarged pores on my nose and cheeks have also improved.

Because of the good results I see for myself, I signed up for their package which which you can find out more after going for a trial.

Each 30mins treatment of Skin Shaper Facial is $120. If it is your first time, you can enjoy 4 treatments at a price of $96, that means only $24 per treatment. 

However, if you have 1 hour to spare, you can upgrade to Skin Shaper Plus Facial which includes exfoliation and a serum-infused facial massage. It is $160 per treatment but only $128 for 4 treatments for new customers.

Skin Shape Club is located at #03-13/14, Orchard Central. You can reach them via their hotline, 6589 8331 or their website.

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