Friday, July 24, 2015

Journey to 3A Car Licence

I am now legally licensed to drive although it is just a 3A licence.

Let me share with you my journey to obtaining my licence.

I registered as a student under BBDC on 05/03/2015. As a school student, I am required to attend all theory and practical lessons in the school.

Basic Theory
The first thing I did after I have registered with the school is to book BTL 1.01 & 1.02. Each lesson cost $17.12 including 7% GST.

Once I have attended the lessons, I booked my BTE which cost $5.35. BTE is a must for school students to pass before booking for BTT. Private students do not have to take BTE.

Meanwhile, I also booked 2 BTP which cost $3.21 each and BTE at $5.35.

The questions asked in BTE are from BTP so I managed to pass BTE with full marks and booked my BTT immediately. The test cost $6.00.

I had BTT on 21/04/2015 and scored full marks as the questions are almost the same as BTP.

Final Theory
While waiting for my BTT, I also attended FTL 1.01 & 1.02. Each lesson cost $17.12 including 7% GST.

Upon completion of the 2 FTL, I proceeded to book my FTE which cost $5.35.

After passing my BTT, I booked my FTT which cost $6.00.

I took FTT on 11/05/2015 and got 49/50.

Once I have passed my BTT, I applied for PDL at the Traffic Police Counter at BBDC Level 2. The application cost $25.00 and PDL is valid for 6 months.

With the PDL, I started to block-book my practical lessons. 

Practical Lessons
I had a total of 24 lessons and 1 driving simulator lesson. The driving simulator lesson can only be booked after passing Stage 1.

After completing the 5 stages, I also had 2 revision lessons. I actually had another 2 revision lessons before 21/07/2015 but I fell sick, thus I had to cancel them.

Traffic Police Test
On 10/07/2015, I booked my Traffic Police Test on 23/07/2015, 12:55pm. Noticed that the waiting period was merely 2 weeks? I had to spent $235.72 for the car rental, warm-up fee and test fee,

12:55pm is when the warm-up started which is only about 30mins. I spent another 15mins in the Traffic Police Test waiting room.

Got called by the tester at about 1:45pm and followed him to the test car.

I began with driving in the circuit. From S-curve, ramp, slope, vertical parking, crank course, parallel parking to e-brake. Thank goodness I didn't hit the kerb.

I was given test route 10. The U-turn was completed without stopping as the traffic was very smooth. However, I encountered cyclist on the road and bus parking at the side of the road.

In less than 30mins, I completed the test and returned to the waiting area for the tester to compute.

When I saw him returned with just 1 sheet of paper, I was half-relieved as I guessed that I have passed. Indeed I passed with 16 demerit points. My weakness is mainly checking of blind spot.

I proceeded to wait at the same warm-up area at Level 1 BBDC to watch the graduation video. I knew I was the first to complete the test for my session as I was the only one waiting for the video.

It was only a 10-min graduation video and I proceeded to the Traffic Police Counter at Level 2 to get a queue number to apply for new licence. Be prepared to wait for an hour as the queue is always long.

All you need is a passport-sized photo, test result and $50 NETS payment. You will be given a letter as temporary licence so you can start driving while waiting for the real licence to be mailed to you.

Getting the licence is my accomplishment of the year.

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