Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Seoul Shopping Spree

I recently went to Seoul with Ama for a holiday or rather a shopping spree. So here I am share the details.

06 May 2015

Departed on a SQ flight for Incheon International Airport with a recovering flu. I was down with fever before the trip but thank goodness I managed to recover fast enough.

My first movie on the plane was "Women Who Flirt" starring Zhou Xun and Huang Xiaoming. It was a good laugh inside me since I can't LOL.

Slept for a few hours and got woken up at 6am for breakfast. I had baked eggs with pork sausage. The fruits were more tasty to me.

Not forgetting what I woke up seeing outside the plane.

My second movie on the plane was "Still Alice". I only managed to watch half of it as the plane was landing.

We arrived at Incheon International Airport at about 7:30am.

Immigration cleared pretty fast and we took AREX to Hongik University. The journey was about 45mins.

We left our luggages at the RAON Luggage Storage and walked to Hongdae. As we were very early and the shops were closed, we decided to go for a second breakfast at Zoo Coffee.

We had waffles and I was quite surprised that the portion was quite big.compared to those in Singapore.

Enough of food for now and it's time to walk and shop.

Ama brought me to a cafe which had 2 sheep as pets. So white and looked huggable.

The shops have finally opened . Let me show you photos of Hongdae.

My first task was to look for souvenirs for friends. Bought a few pairs of socks as it seems like a must to buy. It was 1000 won per pair, about $1.10 per pair.

I went into VDL and got some lip tints which I had been eyeing.

Please look at the amount of samples the retail assistant gave me. The Lumilayer Primer was bought on a separate day at another outlet but I don't remember getting any samples.

We just had to buy strawberries, just look at how red they were and you can't resist. If I look at this photo from a distance, I would think they are ang ku kueh.

Enough of buying for now although it was considered very little shopping. We collected our luggages from RAON Luggage Storage and hopped onto a cab to get to our rented loft at Chungmuro.

Our views from the loft. We could see the Namsan Tower but that didn't attract me for a visit.

Had a wash up and took a nap till about 5pm.

Took a walk at the Namsangol Hanok Village. There were a lot of tourists and mainly chinese nationals. I fed the koi and sparrows with bread from Paris Baguette while enjoying the weather and scenary.


Back in the loft, we sat at the sofa watching TV till 7pm while waiting for Ama's friends to pick us up.

We had dinner at Han Chu which was a famous korean restaurant in Garosil. We had fried chicken, super spicy toppoki and fried green chilli with minced pork which was heavenly. I wondered why Singapore don't sell this seriously. I am salivating while I uploading this photo.

Spotted Gingko trees on the streets.

Took a cab back to the loft and decided to sleep early since we already had a long day.

07 May 2015

Woke up at about 10am and we had breakfast at Ediya Coffee.

I headed to Dongdaemun Design Plaza while Ama headed to Dongdaemum market.

I was lazy to explore the attraction so merely took a few photos and left for the shopping area.

The first mall I went was Lotte Department Store which was levels of shopping. I was impressed by their clean and high-technology toilets.

Bought souvenirs and the UNIX hair curler which only cost about 14,000 won as it was on sale.

Next up was Hello AM PM. I got a headache when I entered the mall due to the amount of clothes displayed in front of me. I only bought a top for my mum which cost about 20,000 won as I couldn't focus.

Yes I can't focus but I still have to visit other malls. I went into Good Morning City and Migliore. Merely bought 1 outerwear and 2 long tops. Little wasn't it?

I also walked to Dongdaemun market for a look and left shortly as I wasn't intending to get anything from there.

I happened to walk past Tony Moly and bought their banana-scented hand cream. The scent is really soothing to me and texture is a little like mousse.

Received their masks as samples too.

Rested outside the malls and did people-watching. Bored enough to take a selfie.

Headed back to Lotte Department Store for lunch at a vietnamese restaurant. I had shrimp dumpling with pho. Glad that they gave so much beansprouts.

Waited for Ama to join me for lunch and did window shopping at Lotte Department Store.

Had high tea at O'sculloc since Ama was raving about their green tea roll.

We left for duty-free shopping at Shinsegae Department Store. I managed to get a Chanel Lambskin Classic Flap Wallet. See how smooth it looks?

We walked to Myeongdong street shopping area and had dinner at Yoogane. Luckily we didn't order too much as we wanted to get desserts.

With a happy stomach, it's shopping time. Got some hair ties for the ladies.

And course, cosmetics for myself.

We tried the famous tall ice-cream which was only 2.000 won.

Shortly after we were done with the ice-cream, we took a cab back to the loft. Watched TV till late and knocked out.

08 May 2015

We woke up a little earlier to go to Noryangjin Fish Market.

We bought a crab bigger than my palm and 4 abalones. Brought these delicacies to a restaurant at the 3rd storey for our lunch.

The restaurant we patronized

We requested the resaturant to cook fried rice using the eggs of the crab. It was delicious and not too spicy. It's a must try.

After a sumptous meal, we walked to Noryangjin train station and headed to Myeongdong again.

We continued our shopping from last night and here's what I bought.

Bought Laneige Sleeping Pack from Aritaum on behalf of friends and got some samples.

We chilled at a cafe while thinking of our itinerary for the rest of the day.

Went for ginseng chicken soup and abalone porridge at Baekje Samgyetang. Their ginseng chicken soup wasn't as strong as the ones I tried in Singapore.

They also served black chicken ginseng chicken soup but I was afraid it was too heaty so we still settled on the norm.

Headed to a nearby cat cafe and first drink was free.

Pardon me for the scary cat face as it was my first time
We headed to Wang Bijib to enjoy korean bbq. Yes it was a bit pricey but the beef was worth it. The staff recommended beef steak and another kind of beef part which I can't remember.
We also ordered seafood pancake thus I was full to the brim that I had to waste food.

We headed back to the loft with stomach satisfaction and my eyes couldn't bear for long that I slept earlier than Ama.

09 May 2015

We were hanging around in Chungmuro and went to Daehan Cinema to watch The Avengers: 3D.

Rushed back to the loft at 4pm for Ama to prepare to attend her friend's wedding. We cabbed to Gyeongbokgung Palace and I went to explore.

Too bad it was already past 5pm and I could only stay in the main hall area. However, I managed to catch a dance rehearsal.

With the map and guide book Ama passed me, I walked my way to Myeongdong. It took me about 30minutes but I felt a sense of satisfaction.

I had dinner at MOS Burger and a bun made of egg, sunflower seeds and sesame. It cost 2,000 won but totally worh it.

I also bought different tyres of masks for myself and friends.

Some samples that I received from Etude House.

I headed back to the loft to watch TV and rest while waiting for Ama.

Since it was our last night for this trip, we decided to go for supper at Two Two Chicken. We ordered Garlic Chicken and Fried Chicken with Sweet Sauce to share but wasted a fair bit.

Walked back to the loft and rested for the night.

10 May 2015

Had breakfast at Paris Baguette. The cranberry and chicken sandwich was tasty although a little pricey.

We walked back to the loft to pack up and left for Incheon International Airport.

We got to check-in 3 hours before the flight and I immediately go for luxury shopping.

My first purchase was a Gucci black cardholder which cost about S$320.

Last purchase was a Dior lambskin wallet.

Had high tea at Dunkin' Donuts while waiting to board.

Had baked chicken for dinner in plane and slept quite a few hours.

Arrived in Singapore at 10pm and home sweet home.