Friday, September 26, 2014

YJ's Birthday Birthday at Concetto

24 Sep 2014

Met the ladies to celebrate YJ's birthday in advance at Concetto. It was all of us's first time at the affordable Italian fine dining restaurant.

The ambiance was good for friends to catch up with a simple and casual setting.

We began with Caesar Salad and one of the chef's recommendation, Grilled Octopus which I really liked. The octopus was fresh and the portion is good for sharing.

I picked Prawn Aglio as my main course. Prawns were fresh and it wasn't too spicy and oily.

The rest of them had Allo Pollo (half spring chicken), Duck Tortellini, Cod, Salmon and Pink Tagliatelle.

A Dark Chocolate Tart rather than a typical birthday cake for YJ.

We also had the Pistachio Panna Cotta which is my favourite dessert among all 3.

Get a free tiramisu worth $10.90 if each pax spent at least $25 and you foot the bill by Citibank SMRT Visa Card.

We spent about $180 in total

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