Friday, September 5, 2014

Review: Tsubaki Hair Oil

Ever since my hair length passes shoulder, my hair ends start to tangle and they look like hay. If I don't put more effort to take care of it, I think my hairfall issue will worsen.

I tried the Tsubaki Hair Oil which contains selected Camellia Oil, known for protecting, moisturizing and repairing hair to give a luxurious shine. It protects hair from the damage by UV rays and heat from blow-dryers and styling equipment. And they can prevent split ends and hair breakage, just what I need.

A plus point if you want your hair to smell good as it is lightly scented with floral and green notes. Very soothing.

Here's how my hair looked like when it's semi-dry. You can tell that it's flat and the hair ends are a little frizzy and dry.

A closer look at my hair ends

So how to use the Tsubaki Hair Oil? There are 3 different methods to use Tsubaki Hair Oil depending on what you need. If you want to apply evenly, here's how to do it.

1) Drop a 20-cent coin's size amount of Tsubaki Hair Oil on palm

2) Warm up the product by rubbing your palms together.

3) Apply the Tsubaki Hair Oil onto hair like how I did in the picture..

4) Repeat Steps 1 - 3 but apply the Tsubaki Hair Oil on your the areas that need extra application like hair ends.

If you want to avoid flat hair, you can apply the Tsubaki Hair Oil from your hair ends towards the roots for volume.

But if you want to reduce hair volume or prevent dry hair, you can use the Tsubaki Hair Oil on wet hair then blow-dry. Do drop a small amount of Tsubaki Hair Oil on your palms and apply on the hair below your shoulders.

I applied the Tsubaki Hair Oil on the right side of my hair (left on the picture) and you can notice that there's a volumizing effect and hair looks healthier and more tame.

I like that the Tsubaki Hair Oil isn't greasy and feels light on my hair. It's easy to work through hair and Its instant effectiveness speaks for itself. I was so addicted to feel my smooth hair the whole night. Best of all, no hair-tangling when I combed my hair on the following morning.

Here's a piece of good news for you if you want to win one for yourself and 2 friends. Like Tsubaki's Facebook page., share and tag 2 friends on the post with the picture below. The contest starts from 12 September 2014 so remember to keep a lookout!

Tsubaki Hair Oil is only available at Watsons for $26.90 from 11 September.

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