Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Shopping at JRunway

02 August 2014

It was my shopping experience at JRunway and I was at the outlet at PS.

I eyed on a denim cotton skirt which led me to buying a nautical crop top printed "Santa Monica".

I also tried a denim pinafore with the same crop top but I looked totally like a school girl so nah...

The shoulder straps can be unbuttoned to wear it as a skirt unfortunately the colour of it really reminds me of school.

Thus, I only bought the first outfit I tried and signed up the basic membership at JRunway for 5% discount.

I was just in time for farewell dinner at Sakura with colleagues from the dental clinic. As expected, there was no quality and little choices. Only the shrimp paste chicken and the ice-cream were considered edible.

One last picture before bidding goodbye.

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