Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fantasia by Escriba

24 August 2014

I was at MBS Convention Hall with KZ to attend this chocolate-y and sugary event.

We were welcomed by a 8.5-meter high chocolate fountain. We could totally smell the flowing belgium chocolate.

We walked into the "Nature Land" where there were displays of animals made of all things sweet.

We walked to the main area of the hall where there were more exhibits to see. 

We had drinks by getting our Fantasia passport chopped and headed into the Royalcake Theatre to watch the show of how Escriba started.

We had more food and here's one of them which I liked. At first sight, you may think it's ham but it's strawberry and white chocolate. There was also a sprinkle of salt on top.

Done with exploring the event, we sat down to chat with a glass of coke and saw the boss of the Escriba, Mr. Christian Escriba. Lucky of us to able to have a photo with him before we leave.

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