Friday, August 1, 2014

Day 5 in Taiwan

It was another day when we woke up late. Had hotel's really simple breakfast and continued to shop in Ximending.

WX, YJ, WF and I went for an hour foot and shoulder massage at Paris Royal. The masseurs were very friendly and recommended us pineapple tarts.

After massage, we went to get our hair done at a new salon. The hair wash was pretty good that I fell asleep.

I headed back to the hotel room shortly cause I was having diarrhoea. I was guessing could be the hotel's breakfast that caused it.

I had to take a nap as my stomach was churning so I gave up on going Tamsui with the rest. WF stayed in the hotel room with me just in case.

By the time I woke up, it was already evening. We went to get snacks to eat before meeting the rest at Shilin Night Market.

I bought clothes and smelly beancurd to try. I believe there could have been smellier and tastier ones which I didn't manage to find.

Back to East Dragon Hotel at about 11pm to share the smelly beancurd with the ladies.

Lights out at 1am.

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